(June 2020) “I Got The Memo”

2020 June Update1


Another oceanside chat for people who enjoy them. Apparently quite a few people enjoy them!

I get started talking about a pen friend and a phone friend, good stuff and various reasons things in communications have been clogged.

General pep-talk about the current upbringing in kids to the previous upbringing I experienced with pretty crappy distractions that weren’t as bad as now, but still pretty bad.

I make it very clear here that I never wanted a parasocial relationship with my listeners. I wanted a social one. And? I still do!

However much the technology changed to alter anyone’s sociability? It didn’t change mine!

Why letter writing is very, very, important, even now. How the friends I’ve finally made in this have rewarded me with great company. (The whole reason I began this series.)

A little study time with a DS episode, a wee, wee bit of Magda… and then: “*Spoiler*”: The phases of Quentin Collins, very basic: 1969; Evil Ghost (dead), 1897; Playboy (alive), Killed (dead), Zombie (dead/alive), Not Zombie (alive), Werewolf Curse (still alive), Magic Portrait takes curse and then he is immortal (indefinitely alive). Then fun chat about Kitty Soames.

More on the topic of the non-canon romance, Julia/Barnabas phenomenon. Very calmly expressed. As well as my experience with healthy rejections and unhealthy reactions over the years. (A little more Jo March too.)

Sprinkled in this are thoughts on a new “hero” of mine: Tim Wu. (I’m just not sure where all I mention him, pardon.)

I wrap up with sober thoughts over more concentration on maintaining the help, pulling away from commercial sites, and focusing more on personal life, correspondence and friendship.


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Margaret Josette Dupres: Chapter 43

–LINK TO CHAPTER 43: Love In The Half-Moon–

[Adult Content Included]

Love In The Half-Moon Chapter 43

As I work on another May Update podcast and retrospective, in the year 2017, tonight’s offering is for those who await more in the romance of our beloved couple, Barnabas and Maggie (Josette).

This chapter finds a calmer pair as they have learned to live in a world where so many desires are granted, their child continues to grow, and their love blossoms with the same exquisite wonder many readers have journeyed before.

As good book lovers understand, music is a staple in the forming of storytelling and currently my playlist to inspire this novel is approximately 300 selections strong. For this chapter I’ve gravitated in shuffle from Artesia and Narsilion, but mainly I’d like to stress the comfort in a new artist I’ve discovered: Ludovico Einaudi. He composes classical music in our modern times and I listened to a great deal of his soothing structure while this chapter fed out from my skills.

For our couple comes many meditations in present and past experiences, as well as the understanding that their lives have ceased to behold the constant worry they once knew. The desperation is lowered but the adoration for each other is still high. Mainly it is only the two of them, but the end of the chapter includes our beloved butler, Wadsworth, and his old employee, Willie Loomis.

Please hit the link above if you would like to read.

(Post Script: New pen pals might want to dismiss this for now. It’s a long way down the road from the radio drama. Thanks.)

Pit Update March 2017



A “sickie” podcast for new pen pals and old listeners alike.

This is a very newsy and studious monologue. I’ll address what’s going on with the letter-writing method of listening to the series and knowing that many who want to hear this can’t always download or play it via having poor equipment.

Lots of discussions of people I’m talking with lately: Auntie, Jonah, etc.
Identifying interruption fan fiction and how it works with Osheen Nevoy and Lisa Weyenberg’s works as key examples.

Tons of spoilers for The Pit and later on a lot of spoilers for the marriage novel I’m creating in tandem. As per usual, this talk and explanation is quite cerebral, as well as moving back and forth discussion on various show characters being responsible for solutions in The Pit, including Endora and Uncle Arthur from “Bewitched”, as well as Wadsworth, Captain Gregg, Lily, and Morticia.

Plenty of goodies about Doctor Who coming into play for The Pit and exactly why he will.

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Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 41


josettes ghost and barnabas on portico



Some of this has adult content but most of it doesn’t. I didn’t anticipate it to go there but… you know… this couple.  (Very likely that portion will go over most readers heads.) Pardon that it gets wordy. Barnabas and I asked Edgar Allan Poe for a little help. 😉  I listened to a lot of music by Adrian Von Ziegler while writing this. (Also available on bandcamp, like Nave Artificial I mentioned for the previous chapter.)

For this we have the delving into Episode 70 of Dark Shadows written by Art Wallace. As said on this blog, Josette is not an under-developed character, if anything she is over-developed into a plethora of facets. Her ghost is one of these facets and what with Josette’s Ghost manifesting on Dark Shadows during times Maggie Evans has been asleep (or as near to asleep in her activities as makes no difference) we can see how astral projection comes into play. As Episode 70 is Pre-Barnabas Dark Shadows, I hope you delight in the catch-up time our couple shares here. To me their love is a continuous dance, and one I could never invent, only help to heal.

Please hit the link above if you would like to read.

(Same author’s notes are in bold before the chapter begins.)

hug and ghost

chapter 41 MJD

I couldn’t decide which image was appropriate to celebrate this one, so I’m using three that I created for this entry. ❤

Reincarnation & Lovecraft

reincarnation lovecraft 3


Originally a “minicast” but since that experiment showed unworthy, this is now a full-on podcast. I still await discussion for Episode 14 so I remain creative while we all “wait”. (If you have time for this how do you *not* have time to answer the Q & A for Episode 14 of The Pit?)

Updates in my creative pursuits. Explanation of the importance in help from others while trying to learn and maintain accuracy. Reincarnation research via Dark Shadows, Maggie Evans as Josette, and Sam Evans as Andre in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Episodes of Dark Shadows are delved into with various clues for why The Pit works toward what it does. (DS Episodes discussed are: 422, 697 & 853.)

There is a short reading of H.P. Lovecraft’s work while analyzing how The Leviathans in Dark Shadows came about. An offering of review-swapping for other radio dramatists and podcasters.

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I hereby declare that anyone who is part of the audience is no longer allowed to discuss “the audience” with me. Doing that is incredibly redundant and doesn’t help me, your entertainer, in any way, shape or form. Thank you.

The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)” [Note8]

I rather wish I’d titled this correspondence or insight, but I suppose praise is fairly accurate. You know what is scary? More and more people have snuck me little tid bits of what they’ve had to endure in all of this waiting. Almost every Maggie or Josette fan for Barnabas wanted the reincarnation. Several didn’t do it or tried and then couldn’t identify to how that experience would avail itself. Here’s where I step in. Not only have I explored many fictional characters and blended my psyche with theirs, I’ve also studied reincarnation a great deal and for this project I did two years of heavy study into it. With channeling so much, taking what my cousin suggested, “Be them at 85% but keep %15 percent of yourself so that you can come back to reality.” Little did she realize I was doing that automatically, but it’s good advice.

Sadly, it doesn’t come into the realm of blasted audio editing. I barely got a scrap of that done for Episode 15 today. A needed phone call, sun hitting the screen, whatever distractions drive me batty, but thankfully I posted some original work for fun on fictionpress and have received the great commentary from my new buddies. ❤ I love me some new buddies, kindred spirits. That’s what I’m all about. ❤

View my Bloody Mary tale here

Now onto the happier things.

Hmm… this is fascinating. Chapter 16 of “Margaret Josette Dupres” is the altered poem by Edgar Allan Poe. I just went to find a link for that to place here to show the difference, but as I did I found an old book on gutenberg.org from 1903 about a friend named Annabel Lee. In fact it’s the title of the book by what looks to be a Canadian author. Ah, so many darn books and so little time. I hope I remember this one. A passage of it speaks to me deeply:


“THE MESSAGE of a tender soul,” said my friend Annabel Lee, “is a thing that will go far, oh, so far, and lose nothing of itself.

“When all things in the world are counted the beautiful things are in the greatest numbers. And when all the things in the world are counted the message of a tender soul counts greatly more than many.
“A tender soul receives back no gratitude for its message, and looks for no gratitude, and does not know what gratitude means. And the tenderness of the message is all unmade and all unknown, but is felt for long, long years.

–Mary MacLane

This goes on for some time. But therein lies the truth of what I’m looking for in “reviews”, “commentary”, and correspondence. (Mind you, it has to be written by the person. Memes don’t count. 😉 )

I wasn’t sure how well I’d altered the poem of Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe as far as things like meter and form, but getting to that which was similar in the conception of Lolita with her first incarnation, Annabel, by Nabokov. What Poe described in this loss and the “kingdom by the sea”, and watching the growth of Barnabas and Josette reaching each other through her reincarnation, the pieces truly fell into place one day. As I express in a podcast, “We all deserve respite from evil and it is this constant that is worth pursuing towards a permanent and enduring peace.” — Michael Nesmith.

For me, with my sour and abusive history, I looked for spooky, but I also looked for what would enlightened in fiction. Whatever media entertainment might throw at us isn’t what I’m interested in and I feel it’s deeply important for each of us to understand ourselves rather than giving in to any kind of peer-pressure, asking oneself questions to find their own deeper meaning. What do I like and why do I like it? (I’d add “what do I hate”, but I think we’ve all been doing that too long and too plentifully.)

But of this taboo: reincarnation… I dunno, I’d think some forms of vampirism are likely worse, so some of us reach for more down-to-earth styles of it. But here is the tale awaited for decades with Barnabas and Josette, they struggle for nearly two-hundred years and then finally?

We’ve found one another, and here she is mine,

Reborn to me now,

dare I question how?

I don’t, I can not care any less

For our love is sublime

And we have all the time

To enjoy ourselves, ah, I am blessed

As the ocean waves roll

and the rocks take their toll

I turn away from them and what do I see?

Forever, my bliss

The fair woman I missed.

The Beautiful ANNABEL LEE.

Since I was using Nabokov for inspiration on this novel I went back to one of his own inspirations, fitting for a gothic story, Edgar Allen Poe. I thought over the poem and saw so many elements that touched this story too.

So in this strange way, again that number three, all these relationships might have peace.

Barnabas has his Josette in Maggie.

Perhaps a redeemed and better Humbert has a loving, willing (& older) Lolita, not necessarily Dolores Haze.

And Edgar Allen Poe may have his Annabel Lee. (Who was named the first incarnation of Lolita.)

This is not the end of the story, there is a great more to come, both in healing, passion and love.


Helena  chapter 16 . 
That was soothing for this occasion. I am not a big fan of poetry (although I appreciate some), but this version of “Annabel Lee” for Barnabas and Josette was fitting. You did well on this Daryl, and I’m looking forward to the aftermath (mostly positive) of this chapter in their relationship. 🙂

Yay! Thank you. I wasn’t sure where to put that darn poem in the rough cut and then when I had to re-live the Healing chapters, I knew it was time. ❤

Helena, you’re likely the only one to review the poem because I grabbed a smooching shot of Barnabas and Maggie with the text of the poem, as well as the link and splashed the post of it all over the DS group pages. It was sort of, “At last! I’m done with the horror! YES!” spell of relief.

Uh-oh, this next chpater got rather intense… in fact… um… it’s likely the chapter that people go back to the most often. I remember I asked on facebook, “Everyone keeps hitting the sex-on-the-floor chapter. Can folks please go back and review it to tell me what they enjoyed about it?” A few like-clicks ensued… which could mean anything! Of course Osheen was the kicker with the question, “Okay, which one is the the sex-on-the-floor chapter?” Still, it didn’t garner me anymore reviews as to why people keep returning to it. My theory is it’s Barnabas in the more “masterful” view most people likely write him in. I just figured at this point our reincarnated Josette was simply wiped out from taking the initiative all the time.

Going back to when this was during my troubled rough-draft “I-don’t-understand-what’s-happening-to-me” phase as I couldn’t find any fans of this pairing at the time since they’d all given up even looking for it, I asked a few friends for help. As it so happens some of your best friends of many years can be just as lazy at commenting on what they like as everyone else who enjoys it ten times as much. I just figured they weren’t reading it at all. Well one friend came to visit and I showed her a  few chapters. She nodded to say she’d read them. “Um, and you didn’t put down a review?” This was after she was complaining right along with me of the laziness of people online. Oopsie!

I told her, “Well I tried to get ‘The Boys’ into it. [Meaning the artsy fellows we know who press and distribute zines and underground comics and have for decades.] I’d been shouting out, ‘Come on, guys! Help me out here! Say something! Say anything! Be dirty! Say you got a boner! I don’t care!'”

After our rare visit together she went home, and later that night I found an odd delight in the review pile of the original draft for this chapter:


I adore the words you use. It gives such luxury and great detail to your story. I’m rather bashful to say I had a dirty grin while reading this one. *cough*ladyboner*cough* Thank you.

Hmm… was this the friend who just visited or was it Nikki? Hmm… Well, knowing me I can hardly get a hold of any old friends or loved ones much in the last two years. I asked around and got nothing but people who wanted to claim this odd phrase.

Time passed, the work was taken down for the re-write. When I got to this chapter it was decided to throw in the shout-out:

“Okay, the LAST time this was posted SOMEONE reviewed with the phrase *ladyboner*. Was that YOU, Nikki? Everyone I’ve asked wishes they *could *claim that phrase! Nikki, if that was you, you better sign in to FF dot net and say so or I’m going to be ringing your cel phone until the battery dies!”

And then:

nikwil chapter 17 . May 4, 2014
It wasn’t me! It must have been the one armed man!..or Mark!

hilairous sticker

Could a Dark Shadows project get more hilarious?

Okay, it was likely the gal who came to visit and then went home after confessing she recognized the chapters I was showing her…

Hee, hee, hee, moving on…

Chapter 17: To Love, To Speak, To Name

Josette is preparing for a romantic evening at The Old House while the staff are away and has set up an area with cushions and blankets in front of the main room fire. I still feel some of what she talks about is roughly out of character, but again, much of the original draft was created giving Maggie the fast-track on what being this reincarnation of her and Kitty Soames would be like. (I’m still hoping to explore that better in the radio drama along with everything else.)

Eventually the man of the house wanders in and gets the drift of what this means. What his mood is or how he would become masterful so swiftly? Well, maybe I’ll need another re-write. For now let’s just say he locked the door saw the scene she laid out and thought, “Mmm-hmm!

Helena chapter 17 
You already know what’s coming, Daryl…*cough* LADYBONER! LOL! This chapter had my imagination and desire to see JF’s half-naked pics again 😀 Wadsworth and Willie POSSIBLY at the strip club? I hope they have plenty of cash for the lovely dancers 😉 And Josette/Maggie referring to Angelique as an “old friend”? I’m curious to how she will reach out to her “former” nemesis. Hmm…Loved it, Daryl 😉

Ah, yes, there was that mention of Angelique. Still working on her redemption and likely seeing it somewhere in 1897 for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. That’s the thing about Josette and Angelique, they were friends, so as bad as Barnabas got Angelique’s foul treatment, Josette getting maligned after being so warm to her really is a major component in creating a relief series. We also get to hear some love for Jonathan Frid’s winning charm, however much he wondered why on Earth everyone wanted to have sex with his character. But the thing about folks who dig this pairing is they are very often sweethearts with the adoration of, “Hey, Barnabas happy? Why not? He does look rather lovingly at this woman. It sure is turning me on!”


Agreed. ❤

myhrr chapter 17 
Beautifully written!

Sandra chapter 17 
Very nice, Daryl :-). Love the romance and depth of love.

Thank you, thank you! Some of the words he was telling her was giving me the chills considering what was happening.

odiness chapter 17 
THIS is the most eloquently written, highbrow, classy porn I have ever read! lol 🙂

Oh, hey, another pal I rarely hear from, at least I think that’s who this is. Groovy, and fitting. And I do appreciate a number of these great smiles, especially considering that the trolls were about to come in droves, which I’ll save for a separate entry. I have a stack of about 20-30 troll reviews for this work. What the point of that is, beyond wasting time, is rather lost on me, but anonymous troll reviews have been expected for this marriage story for decades which is why no one put it together before nor posted it online to easily find.

You’ve heard my Roger performance, right? All the other words that come out of all the other characters? I’m hardly doing all of this on my own. What my adopted kids want I try to find their way to achieve but I let them speak. A three-in-one woman is a difficult undertaking which is why I’m having trouble with it, but then again, who else has done that with Josette Dupres and Kitty Soames as Maggie Evans?

triple incarnation of josette

Margaret Josette Dupres continues…

Barnabas and Kitty

[Adult] The baby is asleep, but this couple is not. Well, it’s Winter. Is anyone cold? This part is rather intense and I’m told one had to roll in the snow to cool off. ❤ Here is the link to chapter 37:


new bed

Wedded Bliss

In Search of… Josette Dupres (A Hard Study in Reincarnation)

254px-Josette_Collinskitty soamesI am here

I saw the signs that Maggie Evans was Josette Dupres rather quick. When Victoria Winters went into the past I was predicting she would automatically become Josette. Nope! Well, there goes that idea. And so I didn’t plan for Victoria and Barnabas to be together. Peter Bradford, however much people diss on Roger Davis, is the one who put himself on the line for her. And on top of that, there is her potential relationship as Elizabeth Stoddard’s daughter to work out.

Ideas for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows don’t spring from my own imagination alone. I adopted these people to help and work things out. I listen to them, I watch the programs. I’m not the usual fanfiction writer blending up some studious contemplation and then throwing it down. Each character, Dark Shadows, or bonus, gets analyzed, spoken with and listened to. For Maggie Evans? She was the one, she was Josette and is Josette, but she’s also Kitty Soames, as well as herself.

Do I believe in reincarnation? Like many things I’m open ended, but it’s completely fascinating to study. In my analysis I found Bridey Murphy. I saw it as a total fake until I looked further. The woman who went through hypnosis and told her past life tale was not in it to do so. She wanted to quit smoking and was hoping hypnosis would work. As a result the tale of Bridey Murphy was littered throughout the globe and she received the worst treatment from it most of her life. She wasn’t out to make a name for herself. She just wanted to quit a bad habit. That’s when I questioned the claims of it being a publicity stunt. I also altered how Mrs. Johnson felt about it in my third episode of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Mrs. Johnson had been much harder on Bridey Murphy in episode three. I decided to let her mention it dismissively but not as an outright lie. Showing a little compassion for the lady whose life was made worse.

 Bridey Murphy 2

Bridey Murphy

I did more extensive research to online websites, watching videos galore and came upon a much more recent story of a little boy, James Leininger, who had nightmares about being a WWII pilot who died after his plane crashed into the ocean. (A link-up to Maggie’s night-terrors, perhaps?) James convinced his father who had always flatly refused to believe in reincarnation. He was dead set against any need for it as guided by his faith. James received closure by visiting the approximate vicinity of his “previous death” on the ocean near Japan and performing a ritual of farewell.

And as many children who have these experiences of knowing their past life so early, the memories began to fade for James around puberty. For Maggie Evans, however fictional, this is not the case.

A longer lived example is Barbro Karlen, who explains herself as once being Anne Frank. The text to The Diary of Anne Frank was so familiar that she questioned why everyone was reading her private journals in school. Anne Frank’s remaining cousin, Buddy Elias, got in hot water with the public when he expressed, “If anyone is Anne, it’s Barbro.”

More can be read about her here.

There were gobs of videos I watched, the best being the one claimed to have been banned but now it’s on youtube.


In one of these there was a woman who drew something in an old home she “knew” through hypnosis, but when they went out to investigate the grounds she “remembered”, she drew something else with the opposite hand. One commentator on youtube pointed this out and the program didn’t. (I often wanted a joke made of this on Dark Shadows when Professor Stokes writes out a message from Benjamin Stokes, but alas…) Also some people tend to speak in other languages during regression-therapy. Which is what Maggie Evans does in episode 12 of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows.

How many people do this much research for one character in fanfiction? I’d wager not too many.

And so, as I was only writing the text I wanted to make bloody sure there wasn’t some other character played by KLS that might have some Josette lodged in her too. I did look up Rachel Drummond but I wasn’t seeing a straight reincarnation. I believe there was some idea to create that in her but it fell through. Later on I found out more about Kitty Soames, also known as Lady Hamphire, from England but also from Pennsylvania.

Kitty haunted


I looked over what evidence about her I could find. Crap, she truly is a reincarnation. So I wrote her in simply but I was so damned frustrated that in order to get it all accurate my job was made this much harder I said, “SCREW IT! If I have to unravel the life of three women in one I’m going to throw a man in there too for good measure!”

Ah yes, one of my rare original characters in this series, who I picture looking like Cary Elwes, the World War One double agent, Hansel Bachmeier:

hansel bachmeier

And, of course, with the gap between Kitty’s existence and Maggie’s life, and with my studying The Great War like so much else because no one would talk about it, Hansel is from that time period in between. I also made sure there were no Hansels, and no Bachmeiers in Dark Shadows to get in my way. I also wanted to give him the nickname Jaegar after the beverage Jägermeister. I checked for a Jaegar in Dark Shadows. There was a Yaeger but with a Y, not a J. So that’s fine. With Bachmeier I looked up a name I was barely seeing anywhere. So if you type “Hansel Bachmeier” right now on google search you won’t find much but my work.

And this all shows how hard I do work. The oblivious invalidation I receive as a result is beyond irksome. This is major research into tough regions, not making my own decisions but letting the characters decide, using multiple fandoms and researching those, acting all of the parts, paying through the nose to get everything done including the postcards, editing audio, adding sound effects and music and getting so little in return for this program as it continues to be downloaded. So much effort just to go into the waste-zone of the internet. Really, why not go to college radio after that?

Is it because for so many decades this pairing with Barnabas to a reincarnation of Josette has always been a taboo in fanwork? Reincarnation itself is taboo. The Dark Shadows movie of 2012 is a bitter type of taboo and has such a story. And now, for some reason, discussing The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows with its creator is the latest taboo.

Tilda Swinton expressed to Charlie Rose that loneliness is a big taboo and no one wanted to solve it because it wouldn’t make any money. If people were together sharing their lives that cuts into money spent shopping for something to do, at least I gathered that from how she put together her explanation.

I’ve heard a ton of excuses as to why no one is filling The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows with the commentary it deserves. I’ve also heard plenty of reasons why I should be giving it away without that commentary regardless of how much it makes me lonelier and hurts to the point that I wish the whole thing would be over. These reasons are not only unwelcome to me, but I don’t believe them and I don’t believe they’re right. Is the true reason total awe or utter laziness?

Like much in the radio series itself, and this character of reincarnation, it’s likely a blend.

The Promise What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)” [Note 3]


In chapter 3 of “Margaret Josette Dupres” there is some trepidation for our groom and some rather winning allure from one bride, who is often seen as so sweet to be undeveloped. Well, Josette Dupres has been a lady of refinement as well as kind to others, even to one who did her the worst of wrongs and would normally not be friends with someone of her class. But for Josette, even a servant could be a friend. If Angelique couldn’t show that kindness in return to Josette this would be straight Dark Shadows, and not part of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows.

In this combination from Josette Dupres to Kitty Soames to Maggie Evans, much can be seen, as well as a lady who uncorked not only her own mysteries but the mysteries of everything in Collinsport. View this woman coming from her island home and  more or less Parisian lifestyle embarking on a journey of three lives. First she travels as a French mademoiselle to step down in Maine, and next a widow from England, previously from Pennsylvania, setting foot again on the same shore and then finally she is born there, but does this woman know boats and nautical terms? As it turns out she does. Is it simply from this third life in a shipping town or having been familiar with ships so much before? And as for the man she finally marries in this novel. Oh, does she know him, and know him well. Perhaps her level-headedness and her determination to have her husbands’ knowledge increased by his servitude to her is what makes him so nervous.

Does Barnabas fight this allure? Oh, no.

I didn’t sit through hours and days and months and years of fricken Dark Shadows listening to that infusion of walking melancholia whine and bitch and moan over not getting this chik for nothing! Unlike other people who wanted to smack him for missing his sweetie, I saw the reincarnation (and I’m not the only one who did) and told him, “FINE! HERE SHE IS! SHE WANTS YOU, TOO! OKAY? Now go for it!

Aaaaaand… oh, dear! Cupid’s arrow struck me in a whirlwind of confusion channeling these two. Suddenly a surprising one shot organically sprouted into an ongoing novel. Will my other couples be as extreme? (Tony & Carolyn woke me up a bit, but not like this!)

So there Barnabas Collins holds his bride in that bed after already experiencing her in the absolute for the first time, and he is still dazzled. Finally having this one he’s ached for (and woe-as-me and sad tales of loss, blah, blah, blah), “Now I get to actually have her?” Think about it. If he got her? After all of that? He better be a combination of grossly terrified and extraordinarily happy!

But, who of us took a peep into the bedroom?

Whoah! Osheen? Wow!

Osheen Nevoy chapter 3 . Apr 28

Beautiful. Both the physical aspects and the non-physical. And I love the line about her own ghost calling to her.

Oh my! Very nice! I’d love to have her review more! And yes, I felt both Kitty and Maggie would have that trouble on the inner turmoil of Josette.

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 3 . Apr 12

So how did they wake up the next morning? 🙂 This was romantic in their bonding and reminisces of the past. And sensual!

I thought so. ^_^ I think that’s why this erotica is so different. It leans towards more sensuality than sexuality. Every part is glorified rather than the baser areas normally seen in work of this kind. Loved notes of romance and bonding which for them should be celebrated. And waking up the next morning? That is asking for more. Always welcome!

myhrr chapter 3 . Apr 23

Can’t stop reading it…this should have been in the movie, but I guess it would have gotten an R rating in 1970…you write exquisitely, and the reader hangs on to your every word to see what is going to happen when we turn the page (so to speak) and happen upon the next chapter.

My dear madam, such a delight. Perhaps I don’t write exquisitely, though. Perhaps Barnabas does. And I tell ya, channeling that man; the thesaurus gets some overtime use. He is so picky.

And so we move on to Chapter 4, when our bride awakens a married woman to speak for herself, albeit a little fumblingly.

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 4 . Apr 13

I think the chapter is alright. It’s sweet to show Barnabas comforting MJ’s fears and reading of the intimate thoughts of the world-wise (or centuries-wise) Josette Dupres. And perhaps you could replace Heaven with “Paradise”? It’s a glorious setting, too, but it’s just my suggestion 🙂

The suggestion I took! It is perfect. Thank you. That one’s always been a little uncertain. And the comforting is sweet. I can’t see him being any other way with her. This couple is satisfied. Thank you for the insight!

Liz chapter 4 . May 9

Praise be to the Collinsport Afghan! Dark Shadows characters, besides Jeff Clark, are finally acknowledging their past lives. Now why couldn’t the show’s writers have penned such a simple idea? It makes me want to rent a time machine, barge into Dan Curtis’ office, and scream, “If you introduce a plot point like reincarnation, follow through and finish it!” But no, that would’ve been too easy. Instead, they thew Maggie aside as Nicholas Blair’s love interest! Was there ever any long term planning involved with Dark Shadows’ writing department?

Now this is something I love about making these new friends online. We all know exactly what these items are and who the characters are. We all just get one another almost instantly. Another reason why I wrote the pairings analysis. Like greets like. And again we have one of the few listeners I found. We just felt the pairing made sense and didn’t besmirch the 2012 film of humour for at least trying to get the Josette issue squared away for once. And yes, Nicholas Blair… huh? But then there are more “huhs” in Dark Shadows than one can shake the proverbial stick at.  I think Dan Curtis did want this with asking K.L.S. to reprise her role so much but considering it was a soap-opera would it have gone down well?

ring pop art chapter 5 . Apr 29

Ooh La La!
Very sweet and romantic…
Also, I was quite amused with the bit about fake pockets.

Yay! Someone new comes in to review, and a non-bedroom scene. And yes, that fake pockets thing gets on my nerves, too. I can see where Barnabas was coming from. What I felt was the sweetest and most romantic part was where she squeezed his hand on the bench making him ask why. She was thinking of the previous night and her knuckles crept in blushing remembrance to her face. Maggie was correct; if one thinks of these memories and writes them down? More splendour can be enjoyed and it grows.

katie chapter 5 . Apr 24

Tender, sweet, romantic and oh, so poignant. You channel the Josette and Barnabas that should have been. Those who will never be separated, by time or what life has dealt them. Bravo!

Thank you, Katie! Another new friend who’s come to mean so much. A that’s the funny thing about fanfiction, isn’t it? Since it’s based on fiction it’s either nearly as believable or more believable for where we see the most sense of the story going. I realized this when watching an episode and noticing Tony & Carolyn separated for some annoying reason. I found myself not worrying about it anymore. I’d fixed it already. ^_^ And thank you so much for using the word channel and how they’d never be separated. Josette said it herself, I mean, you know, back when the show had less continuity flaws. 🙂

myhrr chapter 5 . Apr 23

Please dont stop at this chapter…leaving the reader hanging, is in some ways, a good thing, and brings us back wanting and waiting for more. Yes it has brought a certain peace to my psyche, knowing that Barnabas and Josette/Maggie can experience some of the things that so many of us take for granted. The simple things that make one’s life complete. Thank you for writing this for us, the readers.

You’re welcome! Finally, to FIND some readers! It was rather dismal during the test run. Later on, WOW! Did I have readers! I’m not sure the first run of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows did this well! No worries on more chapters, though. Where are we now? 33? I don’t think any of us take this for granted. Still wonder why it is our stories get the flames. All I can figure is there is a taboo truism some people are threatened by. For this Dark Shadows there are about 409 stories at that site now. One would think that would retain the needs of such rude people, but I guess when you’ve got something convincing it shocks the meanies into action.

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 5 . Apr 14

Seriously, I thought that Barnabas and MJ were going to get down and dirty in the mausoleum when she loosened his collar, but I don’t know how I would had reacted if they did in front of Naomi’s crypt (or on it :D). Second, I can only imagine Tony Peterson, Carolyn, and the other family members and friends watching them and thinking, “They make such a cute couple, but why is she wearing THAT outfit?!” Wouldn’t you ask that, being on the outside looking in, Daryl? No criticism at all, but just an immersed observer. It was sweet, lovely, and it was…don’t know how to say it, but it was interesting that MJ also saw their journal writings as resourceful for future, possibly troubled couples. That’s actually pretty interesting andd progressive of her (if that’s the right word to use). I liked it. What’s next? 🙂

Nope, he was getting nervous and yes, the whole family crypt thing. They were considering the secret room but later on we discover that doesn’t have the greatest of memories for this particular couple. Some confidence is lost in the fear.

I was seeing this dress from the late 60’s on her. She kept showing it to me and I was like, “Okay, yes, that’s one of those old Simplicity or McCall’s dress patterns from back in the day when women started wearing those revamped pioneer style dresses or whatever.” I guess Carolyn might raise an eyebrow to it but only because I can’t see Carolyn wearing one herself.

As for “Margarette’s” wisdom, that rather came out when I saw what was happening to this book. I’d read it more, and more would come out. Then THEY’D want more and that would come out. Now it’s suddenly spiraled out of control and I’m planning on selling it! Those two Love-Bats did me in, but good! I figured if it worked for them, then worked for me, maybe that could work for a lot people’s love lives. Heck! I think some couples even make videos of themselves and watch it for thrill! (Not me!) But yes, write it down when it’s good. Re-read that when your hungry, go have at it with your lover, write that down, read it, get turned on again, make some more love, shower, rinse, repeat! Good advice. 🙂

What’s next? Should be an enhanced version of busting up the bed again, unless they send me another curve ball. (That’s why she asks if it’s time to go home. So far they’re rushing back to The Old House in Chapter 6.)

Thank you all, including this couple:

stop that

The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)” [# 1]


So, as you’ve heard me go on about what I’ve needed to not wipe out on the radio drama I will present you with my unusual but absolute delight in how we come to what the results could be: A passionate marriage that starts our story on the wedding day? How odd! Don’t these stories usually end in a wedding with a curtain close? Well, I suppose you’ve heard the intro to my first podcast. I sure wanted to look behind that curtain… but I never thought I’d get so much when I took a peep!

The good of chapter 1a

From Liz I even got some surprise and beauty on the radio drama! “I am not the biggest fan of cross-overs but I took the plunge and listened to the first episode. To say I enjoyed it is an understatement.” YES! At last! Still, I maintain it to be multi-fandom as cross-over usually means two lines coming together, but even when I’ve heard things from people about it and the details are a little off? I DON’T CARE! *smile* I love to hear ANYTHING! I listen to the episodes repeatedly and I’ll know which line comes from where. Even enjoyment of the voice acting. Anything at all.

Next Liz writes: “Cue my confusion at a repentant Barnabas and Maggie voluntarily referring to herself as Josette! Things I always wished for but never hoped to read, especially this line: ‘I knew they’d worked a long time on recreating Josette’s wedding dress and considering its sinister history, I was happy for a re-creation… such as my bride, Maggie Evans was.’ ”

What I know of this reviewer is she has an intensity at scholastic skills and takes pieces of this entire relationship in The Dark Shadows saga to the point of blowing my own mind. For me? I listened to the characters. This was what came. I don’t make a lot of personal decisions for them. I ask them what they want. That’s why when I saw all the hell they were going through, I thought, “Okay! We gotta call for some BACK-UP!” Hence all the bonus characters… and oddly many from the same time period. I still wonder why these gals are so hesitant to speak, there must be more, but we have two passionate and younger types who also saw this specific triple reincarnation. That’s better than none!

Next up we have Taryn:

“I adored this! This is exactly what should have happened, and I’m so glad you’ve posted this. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more. Keep up the fantastic work!”

I knew she had had more to say because we found each other on another site I’d posted to and she saw my rant after saving my husband from that cold walk home. When I hear “This is what should have happened” that’s where I finally exhale, “Yes… I have found one. At last!” She had also told me on another site: “To me… this is what DID happen.” Even better! I firmly believe the original daytime drama (which calls for downfalls left and right) having a weaving into a mini-series that allows humour and more characters over could produce something of this nature. In essence The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is a series, but “mini-series” tend to have an end goal. In North America we often drag it on unnecessarily which gets in the way of good story telling for that obnoxious need to advertise junk.


Guest chapter 1 . Apr 6

“Great first chapter, look forward to reading more.”

No need to be a stranger, upon writing this I’m certainly not shy! But if it makes you more comfortable, I understand. Either way? AWESOME SAUCE!

Now for the long one by Osheen:

Osheen Nevoy chapter 1 . Apr 6

—Very well done indeed. He completely does seem and sound like Barnabas – like the sweet, concerned, honorable and loving man that we know from his most positive moments in the show. Both of them are strong, fully-developed characters in this, completely able to make the right choices based on the knowledge and acceptance of all the wrong choices they have previously made. I loved Sam’s line about neither giving away nor losing his daughter; that was definitely the right thing to say, it completely does sound like Sam as he is at his best moments in the show. Lovely to see Sarah there, too. In answer to your question of what (if anything) there should be more of, I suppose I would like to see more mention of the people who were there – I mean, it doesn’t need to be some huge, clunky cast of characters listing, but I would like to know – Roger, Liz, Vicki, anyone else? Considering the close interaction of all those characters with our hero and heroine over the years, I’d like to know that they’re there and to learn something about the looks on their faces, as they’re watching the ceremony. As for the question on the minister – all I know for certain on that is that when Liz was about to marry the vile McGuire, it was a “Judge Crathorne” who was going to perform the ceremony, in the drawing room at Collinwood. Suggesting of course (as do the facts that we never hear them mention church or really anything religious at all) that the Collinses are not a particularly religious family; though of course Liz may have also felt that marrying Jason should not be sanctified by taking place in a church. Josette, of course, certainly was religious; she presumably was Catholic, and we see her with those saints’ medals and so on. But maybe what would make most sense would be for them to get married in a Unitarian church – Unitarianism is very strong in New England and has a long history there, and the somewhat more open and accepting attitude of Unitarianism as opposed to some other denominations would seem, to me, to speak well to Barnabas and Maggie considering their multi-faceted and multi-troubled histories! A lot of Unitarian churches in New England (well, at least in Massachusetts, but I presume there must be at least something of the same history in Maine) are the direct descendants, often in the same buildings, of the original town churches. So if the Unitarian church in Collinsport is in the same building as the church that was there in the 18th century, that would give another powerful reason for Barnabas & Maggie to choose it as their wedding location.—

This one helped me so much! And there are more I’ll go over in my notes. Anyway, I was deeply impressed with Osheen and she helped me to see that it did sound like him. I was coming to realize no one had done this before. Like I say, I channel these characters and become possessed by them.

Osheen saw this chapter when it was still up for rough draft comment. I had also been considering a Unitarian holy man and she helped confirm my suspicions. I laughed heartily at her, “it doesn’t need to be a clunky cast of characters…” Just the way she conversationally describes things. She even came back later and had to say she loved Carolyn belting out, “Get them married already for heavens sake!” ^_^

I appreciated she heard Sam speak in his own lines. I keep wondering who saw Sam speak in “A Candle For Sarah”. It was very hard to write Sam Evans in first person. I did get one tip that it sounds a bit like Andre Dupres as well. From that person with “A Candle For Sarah” I heard, “Yes! It was deep. Very deep. I loved it!”

I told her, “Oh good! I had this terrible feeling everyone read it and thought… “uh… I feel too w-e-i-r-d about this… I don’t wanna write anything…”

LOL! Anyway. If people like this, or like-click, whatever, I’m up for doing more. It’s nice to see the good stuff for a change, right? ^_^

Maggie and Barnabas