Massive House, Mini-Dining (WTF?)

We just watched episodes 140 + 141 and very much enjoyed them!


As many fans of “Dark Shadows” realise, and have a clear understanding of, this is a BIG place, REALLY big. The estate itself is rather huge to the point we’re not sure how darn many houses and dwellings are actually on it, yes?


Or here is a clearer, in-colour version:

And that’s simply The Great House, by itself.

Big, right?

Where do they have dinner in this hugely, vastly, mind-bogglingly massive home?

WTF? How does this make sense? This is where the STAFF has dinner, not the residents!

Anyone out there still wondering why I incorporate so much humour into my “Dark Shadows” themed show?

(It’s kind of hard not to…)


Anyway, I highly recommend these two episodes of “Dark Shadows”… and if anyone can explain the miniscule dinner arrangements, I’d love to know.

And now: Back to “Doctor Who”… 🙂

The Past In Flux

Going over the mid-to-late 600’s episodes in DS again. It looks like with Madam Findley potentially being saved she may also help to incorporate some clues as to what the ghosts of Quentin and Beth are in this portion of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows: not spirits. Ghosts, yes, but not living spirits of the previous human beings.

If one has heard the demo for Pit episode 23, Dr. Hoffman and Professor Stokes are also facing the hardship that whatever memories they glean keep changing. Maggie Evans may also be noticing this in that there is only so much she can recall about the 1890’s as well. (Much of Kitty Soames’ experience was related to her previous life as Josette, so that a great deal of the estate’s troubles and goings-on would have been more background noise than in her foreground.)

The possibilities in problem-solving I see now for The Pit relief-series is our heroes ascertaining that the past is in flux. There are entities echoing the anguish of past days so severely as to cause a great deal of confusion and damage except that we continually bypass incoming terrors as they fall. Sort of a dodge’em procession, perhaps?

We do have a great deal of help in our reach! The ghost of Sarah Collins, the ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg, Samantha and Endora ought to be showing up relatively soon. (Samantha should have something up her sleeve for Chris Jennings.)

Then there is our other paths on the “QE1” with Bill Malloy’s spirit, Lily Drake (Munster) and Elizabeth Stoddard, as well as what’s going on in The Addams Family abode with Peter Bradford and Victoria Winters.

One of the big delights in “The Haunting of Collinwood” DVD is that, quite often, Professor Stokes is being asked to lend a hand! I am tickling my sweetheart with announcing, every so often, “Professor Stokes to the rescue!” ❤ Whatta dreamboat. ^_^

I do wonder what Henry James would think of all of this at times… Yes, sir. Someone used your book for these portions of a screenplay and further years after that someone else is taking that and trying to bypass all the dilemmas created from that path. I imagine his response would likely be, “It’s all Greek to me!” However, he might be fascinated what other books are blended in and the sense his work was rubbing shoulders with some most interesting choices.

I Am A Woman Who Loves Scott Thompson!

I know, I know I told all’y’all that if you want to believe I am a gay man because it makes you feel better, go ahead, but I am a woman… Daryl Wor is a woman...


But still.. I have been wanting to share this for a while here…

Because I (and my sweetheart) grew up in a different universe. That universe was all about breaking the boundaries in a funny way.

You made your grown-ups uncomfortable with jokes… and you did it because you could. (People in previous generations couldn’t do that.)

So, for people looking for more marriage novel stuff or more Pit stuff, get in touch, because there is a LOT to talk about already! (And I love talking about it. Always have!)

But… in the meantime: I am a woman who loves Scott Thompson:

lots and lots and LOTS of love,


P.S. I love the bit in Paul Myers book, “One Dumb Guy” where it’s asked from afar, “Hey, Scott! Would you like to be a Kid In The Hall?” and Scott turns to them and gets all weepy! ^_^

Bloody Brilliant, boys! ❤ ❤ ❤