Pit Update March 2017



A “sickie” podcast for new pen pals and old listeners alike.

This is a very newsy and studious monologue. I’ll address what’s going on with the letter-writing method of listening to the series and knowing that many who want to hear this can’t always download or play it via having poor equipment.

Lots of discussions of people I’m talking with lately: Auntie, Jonah, etc.
Identifying interruption fan fiction and how it works with Osheen Nevoy and Lisa Weyenberg’s works as key examples.

Tons of spoilers for The Pit and later on a lot of spoilers for the marriage novel I’m creating in tandem. As per usual, this talk and explanation is quite cerebral, as well as moving back and forth discussion on various show characters being responsible for solutions in The Pit, including Endora and Uncle Arthur from “Bewitched”, as well as Wadsworth, Captain Gregg, Lily, and Morticia.

Plenty of goodies about Doctor Who coming into play for The Pit and exactly why he will.

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And yes, it is downloadable from iTunes, as always...

Legion of Shadows…

League vol one


Many people have talent, many who came before me. The fear of that is a strange concept to me now. I’m not the first to put together something like this, and I shan’t be the last.

league of extraordinary gentlemen and women


As suggested in my first intro, it’s not a cross-over, it’s more a cross-blend League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type thing… (My trouble being those characters are public domain so profit can be made. I don’t have that luxury. Ah, well.)

League Issue two

I’m adding a tag for Rocky Horror Picture Show because it’s in my series in both Episode 4 and Episode 14 (well, okay, just a bit of lingerie in 14…) and what is the most potent point of The Rocky Horror Picture Show fandom? Audience participation… which is precisely what I’m looking for!

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