The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)” [Note 5]

Actually there is a little more going on than just surfacing over enjoyable reviews on the pleasures and pains of marriage. I did do some editing of Episode 14 yesterday and got stuck at the “rushing feet on stairs” part. Ugh! Sound effects… And I’m not sure if I need to do that rushing myself. I remember I did make a recording once but I’m not sure where that recording is of such a sound effect. Either way, I’m still waiting for the responses to come in before releasing Episode 14.

So I put out a new podcast for The Pit… called “Happy Talk”. I had enough entailing various fandom characters I passed it around everywhere. Oops! It made some confusion with The Ghost & Mrs. Muir fans. I felt bad, but since I’m a humourist I managed to lighten the discussion with a banner I’d been wanting to create for ages:

ghost of ultimate banner

I love his steely-eyed gaze in a determination of steering Collinsport to better shores.

Then I picked up a bottle of Madeira and suffered some strains for that the next morning in the lavatory. ūüė¶ So I’m taking it easy today.

Meanwhile in the world of The Addams Family, with all the love Gomez and Morticia share, many fans get irked by those almost-on-the-lips photos. I felt I found a few that were close enough for me. However, someone posted this to a page today and I shall repeat her words:

Gomez and Morticia on the lips

“The Holy Grail has been found!”

‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

Good segue to our next stop. Margaret Josette Dupres, chapter 7! Yes, the one written in first person by:

Wadsworth smiling

Wadsworth! ūüôā

Once upon a time I supposed¬†Wadsworth would leave The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows when all was sorted out. What was I thinking? Well, something bittersweet, I guess. But in a better Collinsport, what community could love him more? Where else would he fit in barring vacations and other adventures? I’ve been taking a lot of screen shots of House of Dark Shadows and saw visual elements that blended even better in a Clue way.

It’s an amusing chapter in which he details how awkward being around this married couple could be for him and his friend, Mr. Loomis. They overhear some romantic sounds from upstairs, become fairly embarrassed and must venture away, only to be stalled by Doctor Hoffman just outside The Old House. Uh-Oh… How to describe this?

myhrr chapter 7 . 
So so so¬†deliciously¬†appetizing…so¬†Japanese¬†per se…almost hiding behind the eight fold fence. I didn’t get what “they” were up to¬†until¬†half way thru the chapter! Can’t wait for the next one. I am kind of reading these vignettes at random but will go back and read them again properly. Blood great job, guv!

Yay! I wonder for the chuckles but when it comes to words of encouragement my Myhrr stands out. Also love the British element added since that is Wadsworth’s background. (I hedge that it is but he never spoke of being there in Clue, btw. Accents can be handed down, etc.)

Helena  chapter 7

That was a funny chapter, Daryl ūüôā Imagine the three of them having that conversation while hearing the banging and moanings from above. Lol Yep, going into town is far enough to get away from the thought of Barnabas and Maggie/ Josette getting it on! So will Maggie’s previous life as the German guy be explained in this story from “Pit’? I nearly forgot about the guy!

LOL! Yes. That hits the nail on the head. Bless you. Well, Hansel Bachmeier I rather look at as a previous life in which Josette is relieving herself of some of her angst as her first incarnation and her Kitty incarnation. I don’t delve too much into Hans so far. But Julia had to mention it!

Not a whole lot for this one, so let’s go back to a review of the old draft of it in 200 Years Away.¬†The M-rated version really needs to be finished first before I re-start 200 Years Away. (I’ll miss my old reviews by deleting that one and starting again. ¬†And it needs to be re-started afresh because it’s so scrambled the reviews per chapter aren’t in alignment.)

Osheen Nevoy chapter 3 . Feb 4, 2014
Hey, I’m glad I’ve finally gotten a chance to read some of this. I have a confession to make – from glancing at the first chapter, I thought that the whole work was a songfic! Which isn’t my thing particularly … But at any rate, having now discovered that it is, in fact, prose, I’m happy to be reading it. Fun interactions between Willie, Julia and the added butler. Willie and Julia definitely sound like themselves – though knowing the condition of the furniture in the Old House, I wonder if David really bought the line about jumping on the furniture – he’d probably know that the furniture wouldn’t stand up to that kind of treatment! I loved the line about prescribing a sedative (Touche! Considering Julia’s usual modus operandi), and I’m very glad she’s going to take the guys out for a beer.

My ¬†husband chuckled and I howled with laughter to see Osheen’s take on this improved Collinsport! At last! Someone else who wasn’t afraid to simply book-club it with discussion. All the little details to it I was dying for. Plus that helped people to know it wasn’t a songfic. I started it as a one shot and then realized I could take 200 Years Away and create a T-rated romance from the M-rated material. Which is strange because to get the healing chapters back in there I had to use more violence and less sex. (Why do we do this when it comes to censorship? I even question myself there.)

But yes! The beer and Julia taking the guys out for one. It just came so naturally. Now we’ll be wondering if Bob The Bartender is gonna get the scoop! LOL And I deeply appreciate how she sees the characters personality in my work. That validation is never taken for granted. ūüôā

Anything I picked up for 8 was more discussion about the notes and I think that can finally be laid to rest. Chapter 8 came out of me on Thanksgiving when I had that cold for over a month in 2013, so going to a family gathering with a cold wasn’t going to be gracious of me. I was tapping into more of Barnabas, and seeing certain elements of Humbert from Lolita available with Barnabas. Humbert is diseased from missing his Annabel who died of typhus. Barnabas is heartsick from missing his Josette, and becomes deranged through that loss and his curse. Similar, hmm… I looked over that, and saw other elements. So Chapter 8 “The Whom of Many” came out as discussing the blend of Kitty with Maggie and Josette, but also addressing the Julia Hoffman issue. (Barnabas gets about as smug as Humbert here.)

I’d been studying that and making theories as to why no one was coming out and discussing the romance I found in this reincarnation, much less my multi-fandom radio drama. The more I studied the more I found a sense of alienation those fans would have via feistier fans of Julia/Barnabas, or Angelique/Barnabas. And I still get messages from people who believe they are different or alone in this. I think we need to have a convention. And I think we’d need a place with high occupancy. I’m not kidding. ūüėČ

But why Josette or Maggie? Not much special about her? I’ve found too much that is special about them both, particularly combined. As for a number of fans for who performed these characters…

KLS in a bikini

Oh my! I see the attraction in other regards. ‚̧

But the good news is that sense of alienation I studied and wrote notes about with regards to knee-jerk reactions from a creation where Julia does not get Barnabas? It healed a dear friend’s writers block and with that understanding in the notes she started a 1960s story that is¬†Julia/Barnabas as well as a bit of Julia/Eliot. Now that is something to be happy about.

There aren’t a ton for some of the later chapters, but I think part of that is we’re beginning to delve into the hurt that is to be healed with the couple. Troubles that have to be faced, and that insight is likely more difficult to give consultation about. But I do appreciate that in reviews for Healing: Parts 1-3. Getting the characters down and how their hurts can be healed is no easy task. With Maggie being the reincarnation of Josette, and the kidnapping having happened, forgiveness comes at a price. And Barnabas Collins would be willing, even to encourage her towards harm on him, so he could pay that price. ūüė¶

maggie barnabas wrestling move

The Purpose…

It pains me greatly when I hear that people believe I want popularity for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. I never did. Just 25 people, with maybe 5 perspectives per episode. I had more than that in terms of numbers, and I could not understand what was wrong after 19 months.

I worked harder to get the perspectives, the laughter, the insight, and the more I didn’t get it, the harder I worked to find out why. Then I found out why and all Hell broke loose in my soul. I never wanted high numbers, I wanted discussion.

Has anyone ever watched Sherlock Holmes, and seen him tearing through his files, making crazy messes, going mad because he can’t find the data for his research, or he discovers even more sinister things afoot? That’s me. That’s what happened. That’s why.


Words to a fellow DS creator… the extent of creativity…

Revealed is a wonderful expression of all that we’ve been going through in this odd world… a missive to another hard working entertainer:

I’m intrigued….My being in the realm of humour… well… the stand-ups get on stage for the reaction. Gettin’ numbers and like-clicks is the¬†equivalent of having a grandparent pat you on the head for a crayon drawing or the equivalent of… ONE CLAP!

Especially droppin’ off links to major¬†works in audio, one of which took over a month! “Oooo, a like-click. I feel SO ACCOMPLISHED!


All that crying and screaming I performed really touched ya, eh?”

With Archive of Our Own, yeah. It could be better but the people running it certainly don’t care much to take advice from the users even if they have,¬†I dunno, donated money to the bloody site? ūüėõ I notice that another beloved writer¬†looks like she gave up on it.

bills hearts

Hint, hint…

Most of my comments for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows at A03 was my husband at work trying to get the conversation going since people forgot how to fricken type responses ten years ago when they went from computers to device tech. *raspberry*

And what’s irritating is with Archive of Our Own¬†you can¬†copy and paste favourite lines to your comments, whereas¬†on fanfiction dot net you can’t. Someone commenting would have to type out bits. Then one dame I asked for help had the gall to review my writing¬†style techniques. It’s like, “Lady, I asked you to tell me what’s FUNNY! You know? Like, Ha ha! This made me laugh?”

Whoops! For whatever reason we like our entertainment vested in human resources while showing we have almost no humanity left in us.

As if so happens,¬†I weird others¬†out by just wanting my people and the discussion while I get downloads for¬†the radio drama episodes and podcasts every single day. And I only have 13 episodes with extras. On top of that I had that damn book editor, Madam¬†Angelique troll, having 7 months of a cow because she couldn’t control my work or me, nor make money off of it, then that film-director trying to¬†order me around.

What kind of a film-director, who is outdoors for his own work, is so agoraphobic to insist I not make tactile advertising??? Just stay¬†online only? Meanwhile people are laughing their asses off at my work and telling me, “You have to do it for you.” or “Sounds like you’re having fun!”¬†Yeah, um, you’re welcome?

money money moneybrit cash


Three years and four thousand dollars later… ?


Take your negativity and shove it!

Not to mention the Julia/Barnabas absolutists are RIDICULOUS. I was looking for people who wanted the pairing I uncorked for Barnabas because, from what I could see,

maggie pinstripe

Maggie is…

kitty hampshire

and, ugh, Kitty too, *rolls eyes*


a reincarnation of Josette

She and Barnabas wanted each other like crazy. If someone doesn’t like or¬†approve of that? The rest of the people I found who do like it couldn’t care less if others don’t.

But the Julia fanatics? THEY are the ones shoving that idea down everyone else’s¬†throat. I can not tell you how many people have approached me and confessed that they have been harassed by Julia fans, to this day,¬†trying to convert¬†them or win them over. Seriously, what does that say about these women?


(A visual aid in answer to that last question.)

To me; it’s just so weird. Quite a few people want “Margaret Josette Dupres”. They’d been waiting decades for it… but… it’s… erotica. They praise it but don’t¬†always give much in the way of book-club insight. Whereas the radio drama goes EVERYWHERE with all of those fandoms and I’ve had to yank out the¬†discussion from people about it. Still,¬†for the most part, fans of the pairing are continuously discussing the angst they’ve been under for how they’ve been¬†mistreated, when to me (AND a number of Addams Family lovers) the pairing was just plain obvious. That’s why I lash out in inebriation and isolation. I’m¬†like,


“Oh… stealing my laughs from me by scaring all these people?”

“I got some Groucho Marx for ya, right here!” lol

Julia sympathizers are chill, usually. They like the Prof. Stokes idea. I was asking one of them which line I should edit for episode 14 (still in production) because¬†I noticed one of the things I did in his lines sounded sexy, and another version was more a statement, “You seem rather fulfilled, Julia.” Of course one Julia¬†sympathizer said, “Yes! Use the sexy one for Stokes!” And so far it’s been the people who are in theater who have a better understanding of all of this. Whereas¬†many DS fans write fanfiction, LOVE Julia, and invalidate everything else. Hmm… here is this iTunes link for my work.

iTunes link for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows

Do y’all know what audio is??? Whoops! That¬†would be admitting it isn’t text. They already invalidate who Barnabas reciprocates, might as well call audio work simply text to top all that off. In my intro to¬†Episode 13 I finally asked everyone,

oscar the grouch

“Why do you all want this Barnabas guy if you think he’s a piece of garbage?” lol

Whereas Victoria, Maggie and Josette fans do love Barnabas a lot; flaws and all. It would be nice to stretch my audio work and reach more Hoffman/Stokes, Willie/Nurse Jackson, or even more Tony/Carolyn, but boy! This Barnabas issue seriously stalls my radio drama! What a mess!

And I’m sure I’ve made LOTS of Julia or Angelique fans grind their teeth when they find out this whole thing healed 8 years of frigidity and my marriage.

No,¬†I actually do NOT beat off to this work. ūüôā ¬†In all my woes, I have a happy marriage with a partner. Betch’ya NONE of those people wrote stories that helped them¬†like that. (But… one never knows…) And…? I never INTENDED to do the damn thing! lol


That’s what tapping into Barnabas/Josette can do.


No wonder the Gomez/Morticia types get-it.

I know about one needing a thesaurus. When I channel Barnabas? Damn, that old man is PICKY! Pushes me to get every fricken word as he would say it. But repetitive word usage reminds one of The Book of Mormon.

check it joe

They could make, “And it came to pass” into a drinking game.

I’m glad to hear of others¬†working in other fandoms. I notice people who do DS work but also work in other fandoms are better grounded to the characters. Really¬†ticks off the old DS rules. “You’re just supposed to tack on the names of the characters and do whatever you want.”

star trek old

P’shh! Try doing that in Star Trek


or Twin Peaks…

Ya ain’t gonna get very far! And other writers know what I mean. They have to deal with, “Huh? You’re not supposed to use historical accuracy, get the characters right, or do any happy endings in Dark Shadows.”

Oh, yeah? Watch us! ūüôā

Oh, good LORD! If you’ve heard GOOD things about my audio work, PLEASE let me know what you can! People barely tell me jack-shit! It’s like I need a fricken agent¬†or something! lol (And I do have plans for about 170 eps, maybe. I just want the feedback for fuel to get it all done and over with.) I must have¬†about 500-1,000 listeners
by now.

lookin’ for the lonely,


Hittin’ up the Goth-Kin… As Well as The Ghost And Mrs. Muir fans

I found a few new Goth sites and got Episode #3 to them. A number of like-clicks, of course, but one chap was¬†quite¬†enthusiastic. I’m so glad. It does usually seem to be that third episode with “The Lost Boys” music presented at the intro truly¬†gets a number of people to open up. YAY! ¬†His words for this Dark Shadows/Kids In The Hall/Golden Girls/Freddy Krueger/Twin Peaks episode?

I love it! I had a few really good chuckles and the production is fantastic! Having done a bit of internet radio, I know it’s not easy. Nice work! …¬†Well, you have a fan! I’m intrigued to see where it goes from here. ūüôā ¬†…¬†I have the utmost respect for those who contribute to the culture in any way they can. As long as people continue to contribute, we’re ensured that our culture will continue. I know I sound like an idealist, but I firmly believe that anyone who can contribute, even in the smallest way, should.”

Yes, I finally recognized:

satan like the golden girls

Even Satan likes The Golden Girls



Just kidding… but… you know… ūüėČ

Meanwhile… I had some time to go through the 3rd Episode of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. That was fun and I took a number of screen shots, coming up with this consideration:

communication with scruffy

Ah… it’s hard to look over the program and not find all kinds of unique flexibility with the ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg to be inspired by. I believe this is from “Treasure Hunt”. I became intrigued on my second watch of the series when Madeira was drinkable. However, I remember the idea of spirits and libations, so this made sense to me.

Here we have even bigger examples of prowess. He’s creating the faux treasure map, so physical objects aren’t a strain for him to manage. What’s groovier? Communication with Scruffy.

No wonder so much is written as the two year run did have the potential for further tales. (Same as The Addams Family’s short-run.)

So as I presented this to The Ghost and Mrs. Muir fans, one called out, “Keep posting the great images!” Oh, yes. That got me alight. So as I went through the episode “Treasure Hunt” I screen capped plenty. There were a lot of scenes with Claymore, and I remembered them fairly well, so I had a good time weaving through that and finding goodies of Carolyn Muir and Captain Gregg as well as Martha serving coffee to her “mistress”.

treasure hunt coffee

Someone adored the Blue Willow china and I agreed: “She had that cup and saucer and it made me feel good about myself. I grew up seeing so many people collect tea sets or cup and saucers for show, but never use them. Almost any time I could, I’d buy up tea things for use. I have one set stashed but, for almost all my coffee and tea needs, I use everyday cups and saucers, usually from IKEA or an Asian market. Blue & white. Even used one today. I may be all messy now, but blast-it, I use a cup and saucer.”

Then I posted the rest of what I’d “caught.” This is just a sample:

treasure hunt late night talk

Here are the rest I grabbed from “Treasure Hunt”, hopefully in order. One thing I noticed that I love about this program is the same gentleness of some 1960s films when I’m looking for comfort-food. Everything’s cleaner, there is less clutter, and the mixture between the 1960s blends well with things from even further in the past. Also the nautical aspects. (I studied that and pirates for a long time. We can thank Astrid Lindgren for that, though.)

And the response?

“Well said!!”

Thanks. ‚̧

I hope when¬†the retrograde ends, this radio series speeds into action. After all the a-holes, I think it’s about time to hear all the love. Don’t you?


Blemishes of Discouragement… BUT… Plans for The Future (And How One Can Help)

Well, I’ve been through the ringer and back and here I am. It’s gotten to the point where I’m so close to restoring the magic but what will it take to get there? Discussion. I posted how empty and lifeless I was feeling, hoping that February would kick start after the Hell of January was over. Looks like the Hell still isn’t over. Almost everywhere I look people are still distracted or they’re falling to pieces.

That makes me wonder what sense of suffering my listeners endure and due to that suffering they understand the major pairing so much more. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re suffering and therefore let me know, “Um… I haven’t listened to the episodes yet.” Great, so who did enjoy all that dramatic crap I had to go through for Episode 12, anyway? I know 13 reached some people who said a bit and knew it was coming, oddly the scream match from the first scene in 13 was a high prize indeed. So… did the points of it come across or was it just the dramatic essence of it? Actually, I’m slightly aware that one portion carried through. Ah… bookclub discussion. What a concept. Anyone know any bookclubs out there? Maybe they could pick up on this.

Finally had a good weep last night and likely long overdue. Beats all the rages I’ve gone into for the last year getting harassed and dealing with the DS clutter, heck, a lot of the clutter from all the fandoms. An online entertainer looking for the chat to refuel the energy¬†and then being told not to ask for it, or just having my questions ignored. It’s humour and tons more. Then tweaked out haters posting crap about me where I can’t see it anyway. So address me just randomly where I can’t see it when my email address is… I dunno… EVERYWHERE? Talk about twisted. Free advertising, yo! I was wondering why my downloads got so high all of a sudden when I wasn’t posting anywhere. DOY! How many people got that free advertising, took a listen and thought, “What the hell are they complaining about? This is entertaining and sounds like hard work, too!”

Then people invalidating what I’m doing and my research and then wondering why I blocked them. Double-duh. “Huh? Where’d she go?” Away from your sorry sight. And I’ve seen it all before, too! In school. And then, “Oh, just ignore the negative.” Um, with no positive towards the work? Not bloody likely. Any one around here remember people saying ignore the bullies at school, and then… the¬†same people¬†send you back to said school to endure them? WTF?

Actually one guy who mentioned how the 1840 episode of Barnabas really loving Angelique made him worry his head would explode? I mentioned to him coming in to so many freaky fans was like a psychologist’s dream… or nightmare… I’m not sure which. He seemed to dig on that. I remember him saying a while back, “This is pretty heavy, but you should see some Tom Waits fans.” LOL! I know a few, never saw behavior like this… okay, maybe a little. (Actually there is¬†a Tom Waits song I’d like to use for a podcast.)

I think one of the troubles is the catch-up from 19 months of material and then creating the audio, then the technical aspects and not getting the help, except from Written In Blood, Hallelujah! Making it easily accessible was not easy. But audio is more attractive to a lot of people than text. Plus, as the previous post mentioned, this reaches vaster realms and a DS series with so many fun extras? It’s gonna be the youthful, gregarious¬†girl Mr. Big Cake gets. Those shows wouldn’t go down the usual lines of DS work. So we’re hitting up those types anyway, the Dark Shadows lovers, which was what I wanted, not the Dark Shadows junkies. The people who love the characters rather than all of the bickering. And they love the spooky, and the humour Dark Shadows does naturally have. It’s there. As in an earlier episode where Victoria and Carolyn wonder where one could go on a date. They laugh, “Well, you could go to The Blue Whale and get mixed up in a fist brawl.” LOL (I’d watched soap operas before. I never saw humour like this in any of them.)

Another trouble is… *sigh*

Willie pretty

Mr. Loomis

He’s a tough one, but I have missed him. Writing him in text isn’t nearly as fascinating, scary, difficult, nor as rewarding as the tandem we shared over a year ago as I learned to have and to hold with both channeling, writing, and acting his performance. It is truly another world when this man takes over your being. I don’t think I ever would have fallen in love with him if it wasn’t for tapping in to his character so damn closely. But it’s hard to adopt this baby and then send him forth with no caring words as to how people feel in what comes out. (Two scenes are out now and so little has been voiced for him already.)

Strangely there is one point of motivation, and it’s not Episode 14, it’s Episode 15. It needs work in the writing, but not much and I feel like that is the final step in getting the magic to return to this series, finally. Episode 15 engages more character changes, with Willie looking back at how Professor Stokes treated him in his calligraphy work and what effect that had on him, as he relates it to Wadsworth. Episode 15 has Angelique returning as a vampire, and even beginning to question herself after some humourous foibles. Things aren’t working out as they once did. Why aren’t they? And now that I’m thinking about it, who am I, anyway? And what have I been doing all this time?

Also this is at the point I’m going to try and narrow down the length of time via word count as best I can by Episode 16. (I do remember how I developed the lay-outs before in text, but I realize I’ll be a little rusty before the inspiration returns.) If 14 is done 15 can get into full swing, as well as the whole series again. ūüôā

Episode 15 has announcements and plans, people meeting who haven’t met before, things starting to change both for the better and for the worse. And after that? With enough support? Well, look at what I’ve already done. You think I’m not capable of that magic again? Remember, when Helena stepped in I went from writing one episode a month to writing four in October of 2013. And when I chunked the text in exasperation of neglect? (I was positive with the audio I’d get the support easily. No. Oops.)¬†I created six podcasts by November of the same year with the radio drama episodes attached. ¬†I told everyone how this works in my seventh intro. Does anyone¬†want it to go faster? That’s the question.

So looking over the commentary for Episodes it looks like just enough for Ep. 5 has happened! Excellent¬†to see the kind of slice I’m looking for:

ep 5 review

I looked over Episode 6 and it appears to have just squeaked out enough. It is Episode 7 that’s lacking one fairly chunky discourse, but of course, I must love this for Episode 7: “The Blair Warlock Projected”

ep 7 blair warlock projected

hilairous sticker

Comments such as, “What the Hell? Hahahahaha!” well… you have no idea how this alone has cheered me up. People who can’t say much can always throw in bits like that. They’re delicious appetizers. And are so repeatedly. This is why commentary is good. People like me re-find them and get tickled all over again. (I’m rather certain this was in response to the episode title. I told ya it was funny!)

Ah! Back to the point. So it’s Episode 7 that needs one more big hug. (Episode 8 seems also to have squeaked by with the needed five.) Episode 9 “The Wisdom of Mayhem requires one more on the details of it’s delight. Episode 10 “The Kids Are Alright” requires one more. Episode 11 is split in two parts, so part one requires just another good comment, while part two still requires two different ones. (Man, I guess the ghost of Caleb Collins truly is that scary.)

However the one that requires 3 sets of comments is Episode 12 “Dark Therapy” which is the darkest one so far but still has quite a bit of humour, especially in that huge list of inventions between 1795-1968. (That was a ton of homework for me btw.) I’m curious if anyone felt completely sunk by that last line and the ending song. Verne Langdon actually singing it is pretty heartfelt and depressing¬†when I’d only known instrumentals of it for so long.

Also Episode 13 requires 3 sets of comments. That one was TRULY a pain to edit. Good night, Irene.

A-ha. The damage for lack of just enough commentary isn’t so bad as I thought. With 13 Episodes finished we just need 11 to:

gothic council logo 2

Simply put to solve the trouble, bookclub commentary, or even bullet lists of what was laughed at, are needed for:

Episode 7: The Blair Warlock Projected

Episode 9: The Wisdom of Mayhem

Episode 10: The Kids Are Alright

PART ONE of Episode 11:

PART TWO: of Episode 11:

Episode 12 “Dark Therapy”

Episode 13 “A Balancing of The Humours”

All links provided allow for anonymous commentary. And then what shall we get?


Hellooooo, Handsome

Thanks for your support. ūüôā