Margaret Josette Dupres: Chapter 42


Here is the installment I talked about during the January Update 2017 podcast. It involves getting little Sarah’s schooling started as well as child Caleb really meeting her for the first time. Characters included are the parents, Barnabas and Maggie, Roger Collins, David Collins, Angelique, Quentin and Wadsworth. I hope you enjoy and I’d love to know what you liked.


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Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 41


josettes ghost and barnabas on portico



Some of this has adult content but most of it doesn’t. I didn’t anticipate it to go there but… you know… this couple. ¬†(Very likely that portion will go over most readers heads.) Pardon that it gets wordy. Barnabas and I asked Edgar Allan Poe for a little help. ūüėČ ¬†I listened to a lot of music by Adrian Von Ziegler while writing this. (Also available on bandcamp, like Nave Artificial I mentioned for the previous chapter.)

For this we have the delving into Episode 70 of Dark Shadows written by Art Wallace. As said on this¬†blog, Josette is not an under-developed character, if anything she is over-developed into a plethora of facets. Her ghost is one of these facets and what with Josette’s Ghost manifesting on Dark Shadows during times Maggie Evans has been asleep (or as near to asleep in her activities as makes no difference) we can see how astral projection comes into play. As Episode 70 is Pre-Barnabas Dark Shadows, I hope you delight in the catch-up time our couple shares here. To me their love is a continuous dance, and one I could never invent, only help to heal.

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(Same author’s notes are in bold before the chapter begins.)

hug and ghost

chapter 41 MJD

I couldn’t decide which image was appropriate to celebrate this one, so I’m using three that I created for this entry. ‚̧

Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 of ‚ÄúMargaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)‚ÄĚ. Little Sarah, just over two years old, is growing and her parents do their best to take care of her in all the love they can provide. However, Sarah is about to re-live a time in her previous life (during 1795) that is very emotional, as her acting it out will be for Barnabas & Maggie. Please hit the link above if you would like to read it.

(Author’s notes are in bold before and after.)

If 50 Shades is So Popular… How About 50 Shadows?


Ah, I see I have a couple new followers. *BIG GRIN* Not sure what that means but I think it means support. I‚Äôm currently excavating the T-rated version of this‚Ķ that oddly allows more violence than intimate encounters of the more loving variety. I can get that up at some point after this one is done. But if you‚Äôre curious about what my very first published in print book may¬†be and you’re groovy¬†with drop-down menus to switch chapters‚Ķ here it is:

I have some lovely reviews/commentary. The ones I adore are the helpful style that either treat the novel per chapter as if watching the original program, or giving insight as to what was enjoyed. Of course, this version of the original program would likely only air on stations¬†like Showtime, Playboy or perhaps the wee hours of HBO. I’m thinking more of a meld, really. Because I generally do not enjoy pornography I had to get around certain shynesses of my own when this couple took me over to arrange a rough draft of what they would experience after almost 200 years of repressed romance.

I managed to steer clear of any vulgar word usage to deal with that aspect.

This time around it blended beautifully for me into a tale of ups and downs. This is the end result of our hope and horizon to The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. (I express that in the summary.)

And yes, it has healed our¬†marriage as mentioned in my previous journal post here. I truly believe I have never put together anything so good in my entire life… but I still blush. These two took me over, as well as Willie Loomis. They did.

The only flaws I’m looking for are possible needs for descriptions in setting, costume and physical persons. Otherwise, enjoyment, pleasure, “Thanks for the lovely evening”… words to that effect would be marvelous. (And directly here, on facebook, or via email is fine if that is preferred.)

It currently has 32 Chapters, including an authors’ note as to how it all came into being. It’s all in first person but that first person switches per chapter and I have been cautious to clue-in who is speaking in the first paragraph of each. Still, one must sip and not rush through it. I was told it’s like a fine wine or cognac; to be taken slowly. As it is partially inspired by the writings of Vladimir Nabokov I suppose it would have to be.

Strangely enough¬†they are vampires, but less sun-fearing and no sparkles. Also they do have sex, and yes, they are having a baby. But just one… a very important one. ‚̧

Enjoy… ^_^

Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)