Some April News

A-a-a-a-a-and it’s none of your darned business, but I’m going to tell you anyway…

Hi, everyone! Hopefully more good pen friends than not. (I still welcome the old runaways who I miss!)

So nothing is perfect, but if y’all heard the February 2018 update podcast, the better life qualities still stand. I had a traumatic accident pressing a link and feeling drowned by all the social media targeting to my brain that, yes, I left a few posts of my traumatized reactions and managed to finally log out of that beastly creation! (FB) I also got the opportunity to vocally explain to (real-life) friends why it happened, and you know something? They had enough information from me to understand the situation completely. (As opposed to having so much *less* information and making up some random falsehoods about me.)

I have also decided that I need more “Kipper” shows in my life. I missed that pup! I still have the cerebral stuff (“Connections”, “Sherlock Holmes”,) and The Pit stuff playing, but living life is also nice!

I am loving my pen pals and letters and thank you for keeping me company if I haven’t already told you.

I’m editing more of Episode 18 “Braving The Waters” and allowing myself to enjoy that creative endeavour in private. I wish I could share more of the Pit show but the commentary for later episodes is not forth-coming so I have to continue to take care of myself and leave it be. (There is plenty to do in the mean time.)

I’m also editing chapters for new audio books which are very important. I’m rusty but it’s very good for me and books are so wonderful for simply making observations of life that help in incredible ways.




“And who shall say that inanimate things do not answer to our love of them, and diffuse, between our four walls, a certain gracious spirit of kindliness and welcome?” –Myrtle Reed

Isn’t that splendid?

Another portion is we’re soon finishing up “The Hand of Fear” on Doctor Who and I am way bummed because this is the last set with Sarah Jane Smith!

It’s really good, the special effects, anyway. Making jokes about this hand crawling around like Thing versus The Hand of Count Petofi. I think we made a joke of “The Hand of Count Peto-Thing”.) But whoever did the special effects on that was really good for their budget! (No bubble-wrap spray-painted green with that one!) Plus Sarah Jane’s oufit is such a twee like anime type thing! I gotta get some pictures!) And it’s got stars on the front which reminds me of a Dr. Suess story…

But with Sarah Jane’s departure that means K-9 should arrive soon, so that cheers me up. (I have hired K-9 to help with The Tardis while Barnabas is on board. Don’t worry, it’ll work!)


I’m also seeing stats for the podcast are low so that makes me smile a lot! ^_^


Helena mentioned finding Kathryn Leigh Scott’s books about Dark Shadows available through e-reader library means, so give that a run if you enjoy those. (I do and I thought most fans did!)

Speaking of which… or witch… I saw something big all about “Bewitched” that I’m itching to get. I could sure use a big volume like that. “The Bewitched Continuum: The Ultimate Linear Guide to the Classic TV Series” by Adam-Michael James. (I get lost with Bewitched more than Dark Shadows because Dark Shadows has compartments and Bewitched just keeps going.)


Getting a bit of an itch to get to more of Sarah Collins DuPres’ new life as a kid in “Margaret Josette DuPres”. I don’t know; maybe I was worried about her growing up too fast. But it’s hard to work on that novel without chat about it. If I don’t know quite what previous readers enjoyed or were looking forward to than how am I to contemplate where to take it? I get asked for more but that’s all I get asked for “more”. (Would readers like me to write the word “more” 3,000 times as a chapter?)


So yes, I’m still working on creative pursuits, cleaning up the house, doing audio books (while I shake my fist at technical problems) and somehow learning how to live with this new layer of PTSD I gleaned from sharing this project when social media schemes were ruining our social skills. (I already had enough trauma from before so now? More therapy for me… *sigh*)

Well, if you enjoy the work so far and have any questions I’m here at the web-log, by email, and Google Plus. (That social media site is so delightfully dull!) 🙂

Feel Free To Ask Questions

Hello there, Pit Crew. It is a new month and I decided I should express something very important about living life as human beings: Asking questions. Honest questions, questions about what you have a curiousity for, or what you are wondering about.

I believe we have learned through this tragic Morning-of-the-Internet that using a search engine (or “googling”) our questions doesn’t always lead to the answers we are looking for.

I get some very interesting statistical hits of people asking their search engine questions such as,

“Was Maggie Evans the reincarnation of Josette duPres?”


“Did Dr. Hoffman ever get Barnabas’ love?”

These are problematic questions to ask a machine, aren’t they? They are questions about fictional humans and oddly enough fictional humans are much closer to real humans than computers are. It might be better to ask a living human these things. I just did that today over the telephone with a person who works at a restaurant. I also got the answer to my question from her.

I asked a search engine rather recently, “Where are people having conversations?” And the website list I got showed several articles about how today’s’ youth are rather incapable of being able to have a conversation. So, as it turns out, I had the answer and the computer did not.

Conversations take place in the physical world between people, whether it’s on public transportation, places of business, eating establishments, places of worship, community centers, libraries. People also have conversations over the telephone, voice calls, and on the written page between letter-writers. (I’d also add saloons but I don’t frequent them. For all I know bars just serve drinks while people stare into their mobile phone screens. I’m not sure of the answer to that one.)


I recently purchased my first sheet of Mister Rogers postage stamps and I plan to get more. He’s really made me think about how much quality programming on television I actually had in my life and the effect it had on my upbringing which could have been much worse without shows like “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”. He was pretty darn good at figuring out what kids needed to know and also what questions they might need to ask of themselves, like how they feel about what they experience, or how they feel about their own feelings. If he were alive today and asked me how I felt about him being on a postage stamp my answer would be, “It’s about time!”

I have come to realize I am living in a world where many of those younger than I am did not grow up watching Mister Rogers. They grew up in an internet world, supposedly “sheltered from harm”, but in actuality more expected to criticize everything without much life experience, skill, or even the need to criticize it all. There is also the sudden shock of rather explicit content and fairly “hard core” pornography that is a bit too easy to find. (I saw a ton on tumblr and I sure wasn’t looking for it either! It was rather thrown at me in simply placing my cursor on another users’ icon.)


As Mister Rogers might say himself? “MERCY!”

Anyway… I wanted to get back to some basic conversation skills now that I have permeated so much social media website toxins out of my system. I felt this needed to be stated with a log entry, too.

Do you have questions for me? I am a person, most of you know this having heard recordings of my voice in which I am at first being very patient, and then losing patience, and nearly losing my own mind.


That can sound scary, can’t it? It has certainly scared me, but then again watching basic conversation skills degrade in favour of mobile gadget addiction in companions I’d known for decades was also quite terrifying. It is sad that I went more public to share a series to relieve and help fictional characters and now it definitely seems like I am in the role of helping real living humans to work things out, too. For now, yes, I am here for that.


Do you have questions about Dark Shadows? Do you have questions about The Addams Family? Do you have questions about The Ghost and Mrs. Muir? Do you have questions about The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows? I can, at least, give answering any of them the old college try. That is what the comment boxes on this wordpress web-log are for. I will try to be patient if the questions sound odd to me, and it will take a little time to find them and answer them when they are asked.

So, if there are questions you want to ask in a genuine sense of curiousity, feel free to ask them here or on other log entries. Thank you and you’re welcome.