I found it!

I remember in my podcast of 2020 June, I wondered if there were any non-canon romances that really interested me beyond Jo and Laurie from “Little Women”. Well… I finally remembered today there definitely was one for the two original seasons of “Twin Peaks”. Here is an image of it:

Audrey Horne and Special Agent Dale Cooper

Yep! That was THEE one for me! Of course, with this style of image, one can certainly get the impression this is a canon couple, right? Just like some of the Doctor Hoffman and Barnabas Collins images. Either way? Both couples on the original television series’ were one sided. She was interested, and he was not.

Sure, one can come up with the idea that *maybe* under much different circumstances perhaps an older Audrey Horne might have been to Dale Cooper’s liking, but, for all regards, in the original “Twin Peaks” series, no, sadly enough. I would not be opposed to reading some fanwork that got this couple together, but I wouldn’t pretend it was canon, simply a fancy I’ve had in the past.


With this I feel I may be able to identify a little bit more with preferences for non-canon couples. Took a long time to remember, but I am relieved I finally have.

Stay safe and be well,


Angelique + Quentin

I have set my more current sights on this pairing.


Because it’s kickin’

Think about it.

You get to 1897 and of course Quentin is wondering about Angelique as he wonders about all women.

The thing is with this one is that…

She returns the interest!

And throughout the madhouse that is 1897?

Who does Angelique request help from in gaining Quentin Collins love?

Who could Angelique possibly want to help her in this escapade to win Quentin towards her matrimonially?

The last person you would expect Angeilque to request this help from..


Barnabas Collins.

That’s what showed me:

This IS the answer.

So I am aiming my sights on episodes in the mid 700’s to 882 right now.

What Quentin decides to do in the interim before reconfirming his interest in Angelique by the 1960’s?

I’m not sure.

All I know is that there is both a mutual attraction and chemistry.

The other thing I know is the amount of their previous lovers are a bit, well, uncountable.

The experience these two share makes them quite compatible!

I am looking forward to the challenge!


Off I go to 1897!