Analysis OF Analysis of Preferred Pairings of Barnabas Collins…

I obviously hit some nerves on this so I think I should put this out there as to help explain why I wrote my 5th Analysis’ so others can understand it.


Well I certainly wish *I* was as popular as the goddess Julia Hoffman considering how my analysis’ of preferred pairings have been taken in emotional weirdness by at least three fans of hers rather than what it was supposed to be: an analysis not a spew of opinion. Not to mention Dr. Hoffman and I share that mould of sorting out problems and caring about Barnabas Collins whether we get the beloved duffer or not. (If I wanted him I would’a written my own Lt. Mary Sue stories. >:)

As I’ve said in the Victoria Winters pairing note, it was all likely to get misconstrued as a spew of opinion rather than a psychological analysis due to the obsessive nature of the Dark Shadowsfandom in general. What I wanted to put it out there for was to focus on some of the internal troubles a lot of fans were facing in being at odds with each other. Also, many fans preferences fall into where we stepped into the program. I stepped in before Barnabas entered while Jason was giving Elizabeth trouble. When I reached the point where Sam Evans was getting the worst of it that’s when I grabbed a notebook to sort it all out. Then I began researching the entire series as best I could with the little we had from Netflix, and various web pages. Lots of problem solving.

I only got into this to do “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” and find the fans that preferred it. “Margaret Josette Dupres” is a derivative I never planned. Anyway, this is why the Roxanne pairing makes sense to some fans of it because they stepped in around that time. Dark Shadows is over 1,200 episodes so people pop in at different points.


As for Angelique, at first I decided on Quentin because what I knew of him he just seemed to fit her. Then as I watched what I have of 1897 I saw them going for each other, truly. Quentin made the first move. Then as I went along Angelique really wanted him. But as DS is so good at they made it a battle of wits between them with her in a kind of similar “You have to marry me” model as like she did with Barnabas Collins. Then there is another part I saw where she’s actually arguing with Barnabas of all people about how much she loves Quentin and needs him and please to help her. WHY Barnabas would say no to this when it would OBVIOUSLY get HIM off the hook, I don’t know! LOL! Quentin had his eye on some other dame. That’s why I figure Angelique should get Quentin in the 1960’s after he’s done with all his other broads. LOL! 😀

Now I don’t think all Julia/Barnabas fans are the standard make of Julia fans for Barnabas. 🙂 I know they stepped into Dark Shadows later and I stepped in earlier. Again this moves us back to the realm of exposure and how exposure creates certain influences. The troubling factor in many Julia/Barnabas fans is that problem with majority rules. In fact I’m pretty worried I hit a nerve with a couple other writers when I pointed out appeasing their own readers because they know this pairing is so popular. To me that’s very unfair.

According to a number of fans I finally talked to Professor Stokes was interested in Julia Hoffman, whereas, again, I put them together because they fit. The trouble to me is more a personality conflict between Barnabas & Julia as far as romance goes. I didn’t see his reciprocation and outside of the TV show there is a little so, again, I believe it’s an appeasement to fans. Majority rules. But did Dan Curtis want to create Dark Shadows for the sake of conformity? Nope. He wanted something different. So when people make decisions based on popularity it irks me.


Also, the person I quoted who used even harsher words than I? That is a direct result of her having to put up with the Julia absolutists decades longer than I have been interested in Dark Shadows. Fans as such can make a lot of trouble on a thread because they have had to put up with things a lot of us can’t fathom. (I can empathise with this.) But rather than asking questions and getting calmer answers everyone went ape-poo-poo! Believe me. I had to calm them down. Twice. This problem has been going on longer than I have been alive. To me that’s scary and needs some pointing out just to get a more even percentage acceptable.

I LOVE that chik who posted the review on “The Whom of Many” chapter discussing the different elements that have been in place and why the pairing is so popular. I’m using problem-solving, not trying to determine right or wrong about this.


But this sparks interest in the pairing with Roxanne Drew. Why get another red-head when they already had one? Because as Barnabas’ character is he tends to become enamoured toward the personality set of youthful damsel whether in distress or not, with the kind of vitality of a softer gregarious nature. Julia is more analytical (as am I) and also bossy. Admirable qualities but not for Barnabas Collins unless scooped into an Alternate Universe creation which is what most people are doing.

Honestly? I’m a little concerned about some of the fans that are thankful for ME (as I am thankful for them) just because I’ve had to explain repeatedly that I wasn’t making my picks based on my own preferences. I made the choices I did because the characters desired them when I’ve internalized them and talked to them. My gift of “Margaret Josette Dupres” saving my marriage is a result of actually *becoming* those characters both in their depth of love and in their pain. (My latest intro explains how I do this.) I’m in this to solve the entirety not to create story after story. My Sailor Moon fiction of the past was fun. This work is painful and has seldom been fun. 😦


And yes, I know several feelings on Josette Dupres’ characters. Many fans of other Barnabas pairings say this over and over and over again: Josette is DONE, she’s DEAD, she’s OVER. Well, not if you interrupt the storyline and bring her back as a reincarnation as the Dark Shadows writers had planned to try and then gave up because it was too complicated. (Hence the earrings: Maggie didn’t get scared, she got spacey and determined about them and then blew Joe Haskell out of her life from his reaction.)

Kitty Soames was trying to fight off her reincarnation as Josette, I’ve watched those episodes several times. But as Josette, Kitty saw the wider realm of happiness that was set before her and could not say no. This was after leaving behind Edward’s massive engagement ring that she could have pawned for her snooty sensibilities, but Kitty/Josette cared enough to be honest about it. Then she goes to The Old House because as Josette she knows she has to confront these issues. Barnabas is there, he proposes marriage and she says yes, immediately. No question. 


So that’s why in the 5th analysis I go over why the Maggie/Kitty/Josette fans are so complex. Their needs are not met because they want interruption stories and everyone else in Collinsport being okay, too, not just their preferred pairing. And who is complex enough to sort it out with all of the reincarnation? 🙂 Well, you know me… at least… I think you know me… *confused grin*

I hope it’s understood that I do care about all of the set in my nursery and not just the Barnabas/Maggie=Josette pairing. I REALLY want to get back to “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” so I can explore the other pairings as well. It’s just that Barnabas Collins is the big cake when it comes to Dark Shadows. So I don’t want to invalidate anyone. I’m an analytic therapist, very much like Julia. And I think her & I don’t mind only being Barnabas’ best friend on that point. I hope this explained everything enough. It’s more a complexity case then a preferences case on my end. 🙂


Thanks for reading… (if you could… I don’t get wordpress text weirdness sometimes…)

[Edit: Now I believe y’all can read this better since I changed the format. ❤ ]

Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins # 5


5) Josette Dupres/Kitty Soames/Maggie Evans


Again, quite some call for it and more than one might think, but not so much that many people have ever made a creation of it. Josette is often seen by many fans as the sweet adorable girl with no attraction due to a lack of feistiness. But then there is the Kitty Soames reincarnation of her where she strangles Angelique with a vengeance of knowing what happened to her in her previous life due to several curses. Also there is her ghostly persona helping people in the early days of Dark Shadows. Hmm…

Like fans of the Victoria Winters pairing with Barnabas Collins, Josette fans are a rather sweet and wholesome bunch, or well, in words via one fan of this pairing who posted a photo of Josette and Angelique wrote the caption of our beloved witch, “What a hater! Get your own man!” Ah-ha-ha, truer words were never spoken.  Of course Josette is the one who forces Barnabas to stay with her because she’s so damned in love with him that he’s in agony as a vampire trying not to harm her. Does she know what that is? Not really. Does she care? No… that is not until Angelique shows off a horrific version of it to her that might not have actually been so bad considering all the evil in the world one could siphon off and toss out. And then there’s always livestock. They have to be bled anyway and meat was pretty much all any plain old humans ate at the time. Ah, well.

Josette is, of course, Barnabas’ one true love and he goes on about her so much that it sickens people. They want to hear him stop complaining and I am no exception. But rather than let them have each other the popular response is, “Get over her! She said so herself… in that… later… episode… from… a… horrible… storyline… I can’t… stand???” Hmm, there seems to be some confusion in the fandom over this woman.


Kitty Soames? Well, I’ve never seen a story where someone nips that weirdness out. Seemed to have great potential. Why marry Edward, girl? You could have Barnabas Collins and runaway in a dazzling 1897 world in which this vampire is now redeemed. Ah, well. Too easy a story? I dunno.


Then there is Maggie Evans. Is she the reincarnation of Josette Dupres or not? There’s lot of evidence to support it even WITH Josette’s ghost floating around and not getting back inside Maggie’s body for keeps. The fans of this pairing are equally as sweet and shy and likely to get bossed around like underdogs via the harsher fans who insist Julia is an underdog. But still there is that pesky kidnapping problem from the beginning with Barnabas. So, why not a nip in the bud story before the kidnapping?

Now we come to the psychological element in these fans. They don’t want Alternate Universe stories or nip in the bud stories. They want something many Dark Shadows fans are rather unaware of: Interruption stories. Why? Because they want an accurate representation of Dark Shadows which includes so much of the reincarnation swarming all over the place. This is hard to isolate into believability and always has been. They also happen to LOVE Barnabas Collins and actually love him in an altruistic sense by which I mean they care about his happiness above the other pairings. They don’t shrug off or invalidate his deep romantic yearnings for Josette, which is also true of Victoria Winters fans.

People of this generous nature tend to get chewed up and spit out like so much rubbish. Often they are far more likely to get the treatment everyone claims Angelique got when they side with her vehemently. They are often abused and lonely from this selflessness of being. In this case they are more likely to step back into the shadows so as not to make waves.

So when someone like Daryl Wor shows up to defend them, Barnabas Collins & Josette Dupres, who is as crazy and determined as all-get-out from the same chewed up and spat out treatment, it can be a bit intimidating. But I tell ya, I want to be pushed. That’s why the need for commentary of enjoyment, and as you can see they’re starting to come out. ^_^

The other unique thing about these fans is their humanitarian nature also desires everyone in the creation they want to be better off. In Collinsport? NOT an easy thing to do.

So my friends we are in this together and your skills to post commentary might be a bit rusty, but remember this: I didn’t pick Maggie, Kitty or Josette Dupres.

Barnabas Collins picked her. I just listened to him.


Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins # 4

4) Carolyn Stoddard???


Yes… oddly there is a little bit of call for this… mostly from what I’ve seen in Marilyn Ross novels. However, I haven’t met any fans of it. I believe it was a flight of fancy because it’s even MORE blatantly obvious she’s a cousin and many of us go “GROSS!”

Would it even work? Well, they do say at unleash your imagination. However, I think one would be pretty imaginative to get this to work out to anything resembling happily ever after.

Moving on…

Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins # 3

3) Victoria Winters


The sweetpea of the bunch! This girl has grace, pluck and HEY an interest in history. And she resembles Josette Dupres. Win-win, right? Perhaps. It depends on how close she actually is to being a Collins herself as maybe the daughter of Elizabeth Stoddard in the writers mind or even if she is, what’s the big deal? People married their cousins all the time in Colonial days and it’s a gap of 6 generations, so who cares, right? Well… there are a few of us wobbling over it anyway as many primates tend to do in cases of marrying relatives. *shakily raises hand apologetically* :/

Still this is a workable pairing for Barnabas. Not one of my favourites, of course, but this is an analysis, not a spew of opinion. This will all likely be misconstrued that way by someone due to the obsessive nature of the Dark Shadows fandom in general.

Victoria Winters needs a home, wants a family, enjoys dreaming of living in the past and enjoys Barnabas’ company even to the point of agreeing to his proposal of marriage before…  “AH! There’s that guy who saved me in 1795 when I was going to be hanged as a witch!”

wanna buy some t shirts

So depending on where the bud is nipped in Victoria Winters becoming Victoria Collins I can see this making sense for a lot of the gentler fans who lovingly adore the romance that’s already there. And there is that longing for Barnabas to be happy and well-off. Then, of course, Victoria is usually popping out babies galore from our well endowed Mr. Collins and we can finally bring up some original characters to get the ball rolling as the saga continues.

I do have little knowledge of these fans as they seem to come around less of the time. But as I’ve said before I’ll support almost anything other than the Julia ONLY idea that’s made this fandom so inflexible. Let Barnabas have ELIZABETH if it’ll make him happy. Heck, let him have ROGER, TOO! Whatever!

Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins # 2

2) Julia Hoffman


Yes, the strong capable woman who can handle Barnabas by driving him up the wall into urges of strangulation as he’s been so good at. Then again perhaps this need for a strong woman is there with Barnabas, as like in the prior case with Angelique Bouchard. Still, is this the woman of his longing and affection in the realms of passion or marriage? From what I’ve seen of Dark Shadows and studied, not bloody likely. And why? He’s too busy moaning and groaning over his lost Josette and trying to seek out a replacement copy of her. Julia Hoffman doesn’t fit the bill for him.


However, it is one of the most popular pairings in the Dark Shadows fandom as a whole, which I think is a secret reason many fans were beyond pricked with the 2012 film in ways I can’t begin to calculate. Unfortunately it looks that many writers will choose this pairing out of pity for Julia Hoffman and from the fact they see this popularity and want to appease their own fans regardless.


For me, Dr. Julia Hoffman is a BIG girl and can hold her own, especially if she found a man who was so interested in her she wouldn’t fuss with her best-friend, Barnabas Collins. To pity this woman and throw her into the arms of a man who only shows bare shreds of that kind of love for her at the tail end of the program puzzles me greatly. [Note: I’m saying puzzled, not made hysterical.] Many photographs conjured up for this longing rarely show Barnabas even smiling at her, much less getting his lips anywhere near her.


I have a rather grand ability to visualize things to the point where I sometimes would prefer I didn’t. I have made concerted efforts to visualize Barnabas and Julia together. It was very difficult to get anywhere close and after the tenth attempt I decided to give up. It was like pointing two magnets of the same polar direction at each other. He would lean in for her neck, or hug her, or kiss her forehead in friendship and that was the best I could do. The last time it came to me I was falling asleep and I saw her moving over him on a bed with a red velvet blanket. I thought, “Oh… am I finally going to see this?”


NOPE! As soon as she was about to reach the lips of Barnabas Collins he suddenly became Michael Keaton in full Batman regalia. It startled me so much I awoke with brilliant laughter at the scene.


With this pairing I often see a “Mommy knows best” attitude toward Barnabas, an authoritative take on how he should feel and what he should do. In my own life I’ve mainly seen the opposite in which someone is with a person who isn’t good for them. I haven’t been in the situation of wanting to force any relationship together, though. Still, there is also the idea of Julia Hoffman being an outcast or an underdog which also puzzles me.  As well as the idea that she’s the only one for him from their friendship solely.  One fan I asked explained it this way:


“I think Julia Hoffman represents the old maid type of females, or unpopular girl that many can identify with. They all have this dream that THEY are finally going to get the Choice filet cuts of men instead of the chuck steak that they would have had to settle for. So, in Dark Shadows they can live out their unrealistic fantasy and get the hottest guy no matter how unlikely that is nor the fact that Barnabas simply has no physical attraction to her. Poor guy – Cant he just be a loving friend to her? Nope, female ego insists he HAS to think the ugly duckling is beautiful to satisfy their unrealistic fantasies.”


Well… *I* would not have said it that way… and I did leave out a few harsher statements by her, but she did say I could quote her. I told her I saw it more of a conflict of personality than simply physical attraction.


A very knowledgeable fan gave me some good explanation on this and I’ll paraphrase it as a quotation wasn’t requested from me. I was told: it was probably that Julia fans may be living through the characters and hang on to the unrequited love aspect whether or not they’ve encountered it in their own lives. Barnabas cared for Julia deeply but not in that way and did not reciprocate her affections. So they may be aware or unaware that their focusing on that longing she has for him and want to make it right. [End of paraphrase.]


This would be a valid desire for this pairing and more so than the desire for him to be with Angelique as far as kindness might go. Although in the stories I’ve usually seen she is still bossing him around. So I’m wondering if it’s a desire to have the choicest cut with all that power and have him under her thumb. That authoritative requirement still rebounds in some Julia fans, but thankfully it’s not the koo-koo obsessive Angelique Bouchard.

Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins # 1

1) Angelique Bouchard


Considering all I can find is a one night stand with Barnabas in lieu of his concern that Josette Dupres was not going to marry him, Angelique’s reaction of falling beyond heels over head in love with Barnabas to the point of becoming violently destructive to both his family and himself this is the pairing that blows my mind as being preferred. I must presume Barnabas Collins was drunk and of low spirits in this escapade considering how much booze was imbibed during the Colonial timeframe given.


However there are stories that contain an Angelique Bouchard prior to being discarded by Barnabas. Not a bad idea.


At the same time he did want her and then would push himself away which I’ve analyzed as a lust he discovered in himself that he was not proud of and couldn’t figure out in his own psyche. I see his marriage to Angelique as feeling that perhaps he could do right by her after all and he could have a happy life now that Josette was gone… until of course he discovered what Angelique was up to the whole time via Ben Stokes, etc. As I’ve posted in a recent thread about her, “I would’a done MORE than shoot her. Every rusty piece of weaponry the colonial days could provide wouldn’t be enough.”


What I’ve gleaned from a few of the Angelique fans is a playful (I hope) yearning to be diabolical in power and determination, someone who gets what she wants at all costs, including causing harm to the innocent. Sarah is the biggest reason people in the fandom won’t stand for this pairing. That one is the final straw. (Although we all seem amused by Joshua Collins being turned into a cat. He was a pretty annoying guy.)


The other portion I see is that concern over Angelique being discarded. The man should be able to handle himself with women… yes, sure, like every other guy around in ANY day and age, right? No pressure on the gentleman… I guess!


But in that there is a good matter of wonder in what these fans see in their own lives as being right and wrong. Don’t throw a woman over, especially a hot and devoted one like that. So there are some dark aspects of psychology we’re dealing with in this one. There is this ongoing theme that they deserve each other as Barnabas is so wretched… except he becomes wretched after he’s cursed by her more or less. He didn’t exactly have the kindest of fathers in the world so he likely took after Naomi in his earlier aspects of generosity and kindness.


(I can easily empathize with him here. I have been both and have had that taken advantage of and in this fandom very much so. Wonderful to find an improvement recently. If you’ve seen the review pile for Margaret Josette Dupres that didn’t come out of thin air. I sought help and sought it vigilantly. )


So with the Barnabas/Angelique pairing I see some deep seeded frustration in a woman’s plight, especially that of a servant. This is confusing considering her powers and abilities. She could have shuffled off to better things much sooner. So I’ve had to deduce that she’s just plain koo-koo. The fans of this pairing aren’t, of course but there is something in the story that’s either upsetting them enough to feel sorry for her, or it stems back to the playful deviousness. Again… I *hope* it’s playful.

Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)

Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)

Ah, I see I have a couple new followers. *BIG GRIN* Not sure what that means but I think it means support. I’m currently excavating the T-rated version of this… that oddly allows more violence than intimate encounters of the more loving variety. I can get that up at some point after this one is done. But if you’re curious about what my very first published in print book shall be… here it is:

And reviews/comments aren’t just to boost me. I am actually *VERY* curious about personal insights. After all, I’m a caring person. Why would I ever consider your enjoyment or perspective invalid? Take care. ❤

Why “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” project will take years to complete:

I was recently asked why “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” project was going to take years to accomplish. Considering it’s a creation interrupting and condensing the original story line while adding bonus elements from several different fandoms both Dark Shadows and those characters and storylines require careful analysis. Currently only 15 episodes are written, 9 are performed and finished. 16 & 17 are mapped out and 18 came to me in a flash after my previous podcast of trouble was “aired”.

By Episode 18 of “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” The Jennings time period is necessary to focus on bringing the 1897 time period of Dark Shadows forward after their Turn of The Screw storyline completes. This is the part we have little knowledge of due to the fact Netflix’s available chronology was fragmented and youtube could only give us so much.

The hope with this project is to reach The Leviathans time frame during Kitty Soames retcon existence as Josette Dupres. (Maggie Evans will retain both memories in the same way John Sullivan retains his various life memories as shown in the film “Frequency”.) Then working in Dr. Who to wipe them off with his unique abilities which are *obviously* up to the task considering THOSE GOONS! ^_^

Meanwhile all the other characters problems will have to be dealt with accordingly: Elizabeth and Victoria, Quentin and company in 1897 (Heaven HELP US!) as well as how to find redemption for Angelique and get her mind off of Mister B. By the time of the Kitty/Josette retcon the plan is the mould the story back to the 1960’s wherein everything will begin to calm down and we can see these people in a renewed splendour never before known but glimpsed at in “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)” or “200 Years Away” (T-rated version of Margaret Josette Dupres).

In order to accomplish this many, many, many episodes will have to be devised and mapped out in the same manner as the original 15, similar aspects and problems in Dark Shadows, but explored and solved with the help of the new band of Shadows they have acquired and what they’ve learned in the interruption from their guidance.

In order for this to really take off I will need the power source by which much creative inspiration stems: enthusiasm from the audience. This is not only for my own personal needs but from what I’ve seen has happened to deform our humanity in the last decade from interpersonal communication: this is something many people need to learn or re-learn so it could help others step back and take control of their own abilities.

I would not consider myself a conscientious human being if I let this fold under the option of “Just the way things are”. The mere ideology of that motto has never improved life on this planet and just the opposite is in many cases the reason we enjoy the conveniences we take for granted in this day and age. I also believe that if this change in complacency is not dealt with we as a species will continue to allow ourselves to be distracted and distractible with what’s already been put in place for us to absorb in a rather automatic fashion, as if we have no will of our own to shut off what we don’t like and tune in to what we do or what helps us.

The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is about solving problems, after all. 😉

 I’ve already been told by the few fans of my work that have been willing to speak that workshop intros will be a good idea along with updates on the story and plugs for other stories and insights. I trust my audience & am pleased they like the idea of these workshops and appreciate the intros.

The other troubling aspect is how much podcast space costs. It can be increased but for 100 or more episodes of “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” I’m not sure how much that will be or how much the site can hold. Back up options are already considered but not necessary right now.

Meanwhile, I’ll be in the works of completing, “Margaret Josette Dupres” & “200 Years Away” for publication which may also spread the word via book buyers and what not or perhaps any opposition I might face in that endeavour could also spread the word. I’d rather it be the success rather than any opposition.

So for the question: Why would it take years to complete “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” project?

Well… how long did the original “Dark Shadows” daytime drama take anyway?Image

Chapter 12: Willie’s Wounds (from “Margaret Josette Dupres, a novel”)

Chapter 12: Willies Wounds

This came out of some re-investigating I did on Willie Loomis’ experience trying to warn Maggie Evans in “Dark Shadows”. If anyone recalls, he was worried for her safety and ran to the Evans Cottage to warn her. As a result he was shot by the police who lay in waiting to discover her kidnapper. (And shot at least five times. Yikes!) He was in the hospital quite a while from these injuries before moving on to Wyndcliff Sanitarium. When he returned on the original program, to my knowledge, it was never discussed.

(Warning: This chapter is T-rated, most of the rest of the novel is M-rated, but very unusual for all of that. No vulgar word usage and changes in POV throughout. It delves into what happens after, and possibly during, The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows)

Barnabas Collins loves Josette Dupres…

“Even if I were to leave Collinwood tomorrow, I know that my feelings would not change. Wherever I go I would think of you. I would always have to fight that urge to come back to try and find you. That’s why I know it’s useless for me to think of leaving… you could not stay away because you know our destinies are one. That there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can keep us apart. … I’ve dreamed about it for so long. I don’t care about those things that I don’t understand. Those things you said about our new life together. I only want to be with you. Don’t let me go. Please, take me with you… Barnabas, please take me with you.” – Josette Dupres

(DS Episode 420, Written by Gordon Russell)