Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapters 11- 16 (May 2020)

MJD 11 through 16b



Again, “Explicit” while being fairly clean in all my description.

This entry is the third podcast about the marriage novel, and exploring the chapters of it; eleven through sixteen, as I add to what we are all going through via the tech obsessions.

This audio program goes through, step-by step, discussing what occurs in each chapter, my personal struggles, and the wonderful discussion from readers.

Chapters discussed are as follows:

Chapter Eleven – “A Tender Retreat” (Maggie facing old haunts as Josette with her kidnapping.) [+ comments]

Chapter Twelve – “Willie Wounds” (Shared time between Willie and Maggie.) [+ comments]

Chapter Thirteen– “Healing Part One: Shackled” (Barnabas is the one shackled and Maggie is the one who has enforced it. [+ comments]

Chapter Fourteen – Healing Part Two: Punishment (As Barnabas endures the worst discomfort and pain, Maggie can be in all comfort while they discuss their past about her kidnapping.) [+ comments]

Chapter Fifteen – Healing Part Three: Redemption (After all the physical pain there is one emotional point that Barnabas would be vulnerable to that only Maggie, as Josette, would understand.) [+ comments]

And the poem of Chapter 16, Annabel Lee: Reborn

Background music (which I would love to know that you purchased) for this podcast is:

“Les mémoires blessées” – Dark Sanctuary (2004)
“Therasia” – Sephiroth (2005)
“Missing You” – Imperia (2006)
“Once Upon A December” – Sally Harmon (1998)


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20 May 2020

Hello everyone,

I wanted to write a little something in case anyone was wondering or checking. Got in touch with a dear friend, at last, and was relieved to discover all-is-well for her. I’ve been working on another MJD show, but I do get curious if anyone would like a random one for May. (Let me know.)

Voice acting for episode 22 is done, more or less, discussion gathering has begun for episode 21 in The Pit, but the gathering for episode 20 is still in progress. (Remember, I need five responses in order to release an episode proper.)

For the marriage novel, chapter 44 “Scholarly Achievements” is up and has been for some time, whereas chapter 45 is more or less done but we’re working that on the private channel level first so that I can be assured of at least three responses for that. (I’m giving discussion prompts for later chapters now. It’s not necessary for some people but it helps others.)

I hope anyone interested in these works are safe and doing well. I am very sorry and sad to discover how manipulated a lot of pretty decent people became and still are at this point in time. (Whether it’s from fandom politics or big tech monopolies, the results are quite similar.) I’ve been doing the research and the studying and making the unpopular choices for the sake of caring about what direction our world was going. (If all my extracurricular podcasts show anything it is that I did my very best with the bad advice I got and was heavily maligned for my extremely natural reaction to both that, and everyone being treated so horribly. It also shows that I found solace in following my own good advice and intuition.)

On the bright side, I am very much looking forward to more work with Stokes and Hoffman, and as we go on, I’m really enjoying the next goal of reaching Madam Janet Findley! If you watch her precious few episodes on Dark Shadows you can easily imagine how incredibly fun it will be to allow her a sense of humour and the right influences helping her towards a better outcome. (Especially if she has Roger Collins to talk to instead of Elizabeth Stoddard.)

I guess that’s all the updates I can offer this web journal and those interested.

Pleasant dreams. ❤