World On Hold (2020 April) -podcast

april 2020d


Personal current events, we re-observe recent troubles compared to the old ones that maintain their hold on us.

Finishing the demo for 22 and what came from that for Doctor Hoffman and Professor Stokes’ romance. (Delving into the relationship they may once have had as Magda and Sandor.) Plenty of fun.

Reminder: Daytime Dramas are *not* built on resolution. (Which is why The Pit is built the way that it is.) Continuing on with what is coming up in Pit 22.

Switching over to where we are in our 4th Doctor “Doctor Who” viewing with “Underworld” (1978). Getting bored of villains and who I explain that to. The defeatist response to kids wanting to solve problems and how extensively unhelpful that response (from grown-ups) has been.

Viewing early Laura Collins episodes of “Dark Shadows” and how, in those episodes, Sam Evans has clouds of mystery.

Doing what I can to explain my personal calm in this time of crisis. (I already watched droves of crisis no one else could see for years.) More love for John Karlen and his personal choices that so dearly resonate with me continually.

For those who have lost their ability of voice: I still am concerned for you above and beyond any “haters”. You still matter to me.

Thank you to all who are helping me and for those I am helping? You’re welcome.


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15 April 2020

Howdy all’y’all!

Just writing this to, well, help anyone helplessly wondering?

Currently I’m attempting to go with whatever next step looks the most promising. I am getting to my letters so if you haven’t heard from me feel free to inquire. (Some mail does get skewered betimes!)

Got Pit 21 almost finished ALMOST. (Demo for 22 done as aforesaid.) Retrospective for 16 might need some redoing. (Also plans for another LV chapter.) DS movie sequel story still percolates in my head at times, too.

I also gave a go back to original Dark Shadows viewing, in tandem with the off-to-the-side hobby, to digest where to take The Pit (23+). I believe I left off at DS 643-647 episodes. One nice bonus is the Chris Jennings/Carolyn Stoddard stuff allows me to go, “Welp! She’s staying with Tony Peterson in The Pit so I don’t need to worry about THIS D.S. scene! (((happy sigh)))”

One thing that is giving me some fun as I view these 600’s episodes is so much Roger Collins! Talk about days and days and days of great potential humour! Wherever I’m at; I see someone’s dropping some book with an old letter to Jamison Collins or from Jamison Collins, and then I know for sure there is someone writing the name “Jamison” on a mirror coming up. What to do with that?

I’m thinking at some point when Liz and Lily arrive in England, Liz can make a very expensive telephone call back home and Roger can let his sister know, “Oh, guess what ghost is knocking about the house now? …Father!” Of course this could bring Liz concern that the ghost’s story is about her out-of-wedlock relationship with Leslie in the 1940’s and, whether or not Jamison was alive then, he likely wouldn’t have been happy about it. Next Roger could reassure Elizabeth that this story has nothing to do with that, and she may count herself lucky that she IS so far away and not having to deal with any of it. Classic Roger Collins! ^_^



T’is disconcerting, though, to keep wondering if any silent enjoyers out there will regain their wits. Even in these troubled times, it still appears that “the lights are on but no one is home” among dozens of noggins.

So you can get in touch here, by email, at the fanwork site, something two-way that isn’t a big commercial social-casino (social network).


Is there any particular interest in anything? An MJD show, a blah-de-blah show, a “viva la resistance!” show, an answering inquiries show? Let me know if you can.

Happy Home-Dwelling!