Pit Update March 2017



A “sickie” podcast for new pen pals and old listeners alike.

This is a very newsy and studious monologue. I’ll address what’s going on with the letter-writing method of listening to the series and knowing that many who want to hear this can’t always download or play it via having poor equipment.

Lots of discussions of people I’m talking with lately: Auntie, Jonah, etc.
Identifying interruption fan fiction and how it works with Osheen Nevoy and Lisa Weyenberg’s works as key examples.

Tons of spoilers for The Pit and later on a lot of spoilers for the marriage novel I’m creating in tandem. As per usual, this talk and explanation is quite cerebral, as well as moving back and forth discussion on various show characters being responsible for solutions in The Pit, including Endora and Uncle Arthur from “Bewitched”, as well as Wadsworth, Captain Gregg, Lily, and Morticia.

Plenty of goodies about Doctor Who coming into play for The Pit and exactly why he will.

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Pit Update October 2016



In between Victoria Winters and Caleb Collins studies we have a somewhat studious ramble to keep you company until the release of Episode 16. Also, why Episode 16 hasn’t been released yet. (Plenty of spooky background music is in this podcast…)

Finding where Dark Shadows characters Chris and Amy Jennings are coming into this radio drama and how they might be blended in via how they already are from the original Dark Shadows.

Bits of what’s already been assessed and written in scenes for future episodes. Comparisons of working on original material versus fanfiction material.

Going over old and new studies for Victoria Winters and Caleb Collins back history according to Dark Shadows canon and a few irritations involving those studies when it comes to bad variables in communication about it. Still, the studies are revealing and well worth a listen if one is concerned with those particular characters.

Some meandering discussion about what The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is and also touching upon Mary Sue characters and Marilyn Ross novels. Knowledge in variables that are important for creating more audio drama episodes depending on all the television shows and characters involved so far, and who might be involved in the future.

Pointers of why profit can never be made from this series and how glorious that is. Encouragement to letter-writing and correspondence of enjoyment, whether it’s to this series or for the betterment of ourselves. Why online drama is truly of little relevance to our community.

Pit Update October 2016 (podomatic link)

Pit Update October 2016 (podbay link)

Pit Update October 2016 (archive.org link)


Background music for this podcast:

“Night in a Graveyard” – Haunted House Music Co (1985)

“Cristofori’s Dream” – David Lanz (1988)

“Magic” – Mick Smiley (Ghostbusters Soundtrack Album 1984)

“Lament” – Assemblage 23 (2004)

“Cathedral of Death” -Autopsia (1993)

“House of Silence” – Bad Boys Blue (1991)



Happy Halloween!

Episode 15, Editing… One Step At A Time

Might as well make another blog entry about how time consuming this creation is for people who probably listen with total aloofness. (I can only speculate on this since barely anyone will talk to me about it.) Why am I so cranky? Well I tend to only get to talk to people who let me down or say cruel things. When I get the rare feedback I’m often told I’ve been doing “professional” work as far as sound-quality, acting, writing, etc. But I’m not getting paid. So for me to mostly deal with invalidation while doing what is often quoted as professional work? Yep! You’re going to get someone who is major peeved most of the time.

My husband left off at episode 11 part two a number of weeks ago so this last weekend we listened to Episode 12, “Dark Therapy” together. He kept pinching bits and fragments of refuse off of the carpet to put into the garbage with a nit-picky nervousness. I just thought, “Hell… if this is what people do when they listen to the audio? Get out a note book and stare at it while you listen, and then write down some comments to send me. Better than getting all antsy.” I thought of this especially when he got up during the episode to peruse the kitchen and then calling out heckles at Tom Jennings. Dude! Save the heckles for Tom Jennings to put in the comment boxes!


Moving around all of that crap in Caleb’s House? Tom Jennings would enjoy receiving your heckles.

So today and yesterday, between fits of temper, I managed to enjoy the hilarious antics of Nicholas Blair and Vampire Angelique playing gin-rummy. I said we wanted to find a redemption for her we could digest, yes? Well, it’s slow going but right now she’s whipping Blair’s butt at gin-rummy and has just won seven games of it in a row. She’s also trying to remember who the hell was talking to her (,it was the ghost of Jeremiah,) when she was dead and what the point of it was. Good Girl!

If this didn’t bust me up so much it would be much harder to edit and get done. I remember doing a performance of this scene for my husband and we pretty much “wet-’em”. Then I’m splicing in lines for Barnabas which are at a higher pitch in performance to try and get Jonathan Frid’s voice more accurate. I really like this change. The Roger lines I’m cringing to pick. Yes, Louis Edmonds would more likely inflect this word in this manner but it’s sooooo hard to let go of the old demo version!

“Cassandra? Really? Seriously? BLONDE?

It was quite husky in the demo which is funnier but not how Roger would say it, so I had to accept the alteration.

I also re-performed Lily Munster’s lines to make them less high-pitched and more accurate to Yvonne DeCarlo’s performance of her. It seems the most difficult thing to decide on when multiple female characters are in the same scene and making sure they’re different enough. I am a woman. My voice is a variance of androgyny, and it really is the female voices that are harder for me. But I hopefully did well on this scene between Lily Dracula Munster and Vampire Angelique.


Lily thought she sensed a kindred vampire around… nope. Vampire Angelique is a bit different, so she’s having a little “chat” with her. 😉

Thank God! The sound effects for this scene are already placed in there from earlier. Oh goodie! Now time to splice in some Roger lines. I remember asking Osheen if she knew enough about Roger and Elizabeth’s parents to get this scene authentic. Osheen expressed her knowledge of their parents and said this scene would work for authenticity. Yay! So here is what Roger Collins deduces about their cousin Lily…


“Hmmnnn… Mother really should have told us more about her side of the family… but then… she did always say that it was complicated. And if it’s more complicated than our lives have been, I don’t blame her for not trying to explain it.”

Not sure if I’ll keep going today. Wish I had some correspondence to attend to, but that’s the update for Episode 15, “A Blundering Succubus”.


One More Try…

Vic and Mor 1

I just don’t understand. Usually when someone makes a person laugh that person tells them what was laughed at, or when they are touched they express that. I want to give more, I want to do more, and I want to get through it.

If anyone tried to post comments on podomatic that didn’t go through please let me know. The only comments that I didn’t let through were double postings of the same comments.  (Helena and I are discussing email traffic so I can post her comments when she can’t get in.)

I’ve worked so hard, I’ve spent so much, I’ve given so much and I just want to go on. I remember a day last year when two writers were so excited to be posting their new chapters… I was happy for them.  They were looking forward to what their audience might say. Then I went to my kitchen to eat my lunch..  and I couldn’t.  I was in tears. “This isn’t fun for me anymore. This is a slow death because people can’t talk to me about what they enjoyed.” And I just kept crying.

I don’t understand. Most of the people enjoying this are writers and artists. Why is it so hard to type up a synopsis of what was enjoyed then copy and paste it into a review box? Of all that I’ve done, of all that I want to do, how is it people have become so inhuman?

In any case, here is the text link to it. Episodes unfold in various buttons and drop down menus. I doubt this will do anything but as many have said, “I have to try.”

Episodes One – Thirteen

Pseudo One Scene A Day, Ep. 13

Bleh… I can’t pick out which lines for Barnabas and Maggie at the end of this episode. It’s all a pain in the rear. I just went through and pasted in lines so I could decide later from one file to another. That’s what’s so tough in performing Barnabas Collins: Which inflection sounds the most like him? And then Maggie, too! There is also a line where she stops using contractions because at that point it’s closer to Josette talking. Old Colonial habits die hard?


So that file is saved and then the postman dropped by asking if I had more packages to send. I told him I had to get more stamps as I’m all out sending to one pen pal and then another to our Auntie. The facebook visits in between is a fluctuation of ups and downs. Over here more evidence of bummers to fix, over there groovy, hot photos of Don Briscoe, short discussions with the Gothic types, little questions from The Monkees people, and which DS pages do I post my re-runs to? And where are The Ghost & Mrs. Muir people in the reruns? Any other college DJs to talk to? Crap! Sharon Smyth Lentz is in a world of pain and getting ready to embark on a journey. Is anyone doing well out there?

So what next? More CDs burning, the cases from the thrift store are in good condition and getting used. And then starting all over from the beginning of the episode without any sound effects or music and finding which lines of whom need to be completely re-performed. I know there was some microphone popping for Wadsworth, and likely Sir Simon Milligan. Oh, hey! I got a couple comments on podomatic. Just the “this chik is awesome” kind but it sure beats negativity. What is the cent price of the basic postage stamp now? Higher than I thought, but at least we’re still in the cent-range!

Stats are weird over on the text versions of everything. No word from the church people nor the co-workers. Got a few “LOVE IT!” exclamations and sticker-icons on fan pages. That’s nice. I think what’s worrying me is these folks aren’t talking because they have carpal-tunnel or something worse. Then I am totally baffled at one lady who like-clicks me intensely, never says anything but then speaks to everyone else about their work. HUH? Phooey! Where are those goth kids? They’re fun.

Actually one person said something wonderful to one facebook page about a blog post from our anniversary. She was really impressed at how much I had to go through and mentioned seeing a larger consideration at how much of a burden it was to create something. She seemed far more aware in her take on it and also was careful to word it between writing, acting and audio. It felt like someone was really awake! I loved that.

Then I decided to plunge through my e-reader and finally figure out how to delete old documents I didn’t need anymore. I got the text to episode 15, what there is of 16 and looked over them, longing to get back to the newer work as a whole which I haven’t done in almost a year! Going over discussions with my cousins from the night before last, and getting their take on the situation. Looked over my podcast stats. It seems one town that got a number of my postcards keeps checking the site to see if a new episode is up, or finally downloading ones they had sniffed at before and likely didn’t really listen to completely. Well, folks, ya can write to me and chat. I ain’t shy. I used to be shy but this world of almost completely living online, when I prefer more of the opposite, and then watching the behaviour I’m just thinking, “Whoah! Let’s slow down a bit!”


Since tomorrow or tonight or both I’ll be going through Episode 13 all over again I might finally get to writing here and displaying the CD insert to the Clue soundtrack. It has all kinds of information about the film I wasn’t aware of. Really neat stuff! I meant to do that before but I got into promoting to find more communicators. I’m not sure if anyone is looking forward to more episodes. I know I am. I’m so curious where all this will lead, especially getting Chris Jennings into the mix as well as Amy. Plus eventually Victoria and Peter will have to get back on the road. How will The Addams Family venture to help more? I know they will. I know they have to. I can see that they want to as well. ^_^

One thing I loved reading about in my rough drafts are Elizabeth and Lily packing up for their trip! They begin behaving very sisterly. Plus Elizabeth points out certain things as to why should a mirror reflect Lily any differently than other people, and Lily tosses out a remark about her being so quaint then quickly moving to another subject. With all these spooky characters encountering each other it is the direction one has to go. Just like in Dark Shadows when Roger tells Barnabas they were wondering where he was staying since he couldn’t find him via the Collinsport Inn; Barnabas just ignores this and inquires if Elizabeth is in.

As the DS Annotations caption reads on that scene, “Smooth, Barnabas.”

One Scene A Day: Willie Meets Wadsworth, and creating episodes…

I’ve gotten the basic scene done without music or sound effects. I hadn’t gotten it done because that new chapter of “Margaret Josette Dupres” was coming out and I figured, “Okay, that’s enough work, so let’s go back to that editing one scene a day on Monday.” I had to go through several changes in pitch, speed, and repeats of Willie’s lines to pick the best ones.

That’s the deal. It all takes so much work so the least I could expect is one joke per episode that makes someone laugh. There was some discussion about waiting for the feedback before uploading more. I realized people just don’t understand how difficult the episodes are to produce. They hear something that sounds simple enough, I guess, but in reality it takes loads of time to go over all the dialogue, research, listening, re-listening, editing, picking out which are the best inflected lines from three to five attempts, sometimes more, then finding the sound effects, finding the music, altering everything, mixing the tracks. I’d told one of my helpers, “After all I said in my fourth intro about losing weight and sleep? Plus asking if people wanted ‘The Time Warp’ song to get Barnabas to 1897?! You’d think I’d have people berserk trying to reach me!”

Damn, just checked podomatic again for comments. ZILCH… but! Two more followers, and one is a guy I found on a Horror Classics facebook page. He seemed like someone who didn’t touch fanfiction either. I’ve never seen him on the DS fanpages. That’s truly what I’m looking for. As this other comment states: “Normally, I avoid anything smelling even remotely like fan fiction,” Yes, that is who this is really for, so I have to find those people. That’s the problem with all of these Dark Shadows fanpages. They all know the standard realms of it. Mad Margaret is the only person I’ve ever heard say the 2012 film was fanfiction. With how people discuss that film, I’m sure no one else considers it that from what I’ve seen. And that’s why if I get more college air play, The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows falls into question. Plus, with all the gothic books Dark Shadows uses? It, in itself, is fanfiction too, as many things are.

In any case, I’ve opened so many avenues for people to discuss the show… it’s just silly that they don’t. I mean, if a celebrity entertainer, Tim Curry for example, asked people to write to him or her, that person would be expected to get gobs of fan mail already. I listen to that crying from Josette in the regression therapy, with the music and the over lace of Sam and Dr. Hoffman’s voices and I just think, “I’ve proven myself that far and I’m still getting barely anything? That was incredibly hard.” And I was trying to discern if I even should blow my nose in some of it to clear up other voices. Sam sounds like he was in tears, too.

I hate it when I’ve heard, “Oh, you’re having fun!” Since October 2013 creating this radio series? Bullsh*t! I’ve been in agony with so many too timid to talk to me about the radio drama . The best fun I have is in chatting with my helpers over the work. And then there is “Margaret Josette Dupres”. That’s a little fun, but passionate and deeply touching. Definitely worth all my channeling now. More people respond and comment on that so I push myself in that direction, of course.


This morning I looked over what I had before me. Yes… it’s true. I do love The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Creating it could be fun again one day. I like it. It’s my favourite show right now, and “Margaret Josette Dupres” is my current favourite book, however unfinished. I read and re-read the chapters continually. I adore thinking about my adopted love-bats spending time together, holding each other, finally finding each other and being so happy, like Gomez & Morticia are so happy. And now I’ve got material of them in bed together hearing their cooing infant, the re-born Sarah, in a crib nearby. All is coming right for them. They’re still so in love and with all the struggle, they’re thankful, as many of us could and might be. I know when I’m laying with my own spouse, I certainly am.

But what I hate? What I can’t stand? Spending the money, uploading the episodes, getting hundreds of dowloads, and hearing virtually nothing. That’s what I hate.

Not a compliment

With so little communication, this number is not a compliment. 701? This is confusing as hell.

And that’s why I don’t plan to do that part of it anymore until things improve. And I believe they can. The fellows Goths and Spooky kind I went in search for have their own pains. They understand. They recognize being different. They have art that gets little attention. They visit graveyards with a kind of wonder and inner beauty to the mysteries of what is and what could be. Some poke fun at their own hurts. They’re like The Addams Family in real life. And they haven’t said too much, but they’ve said, in so many words, “I love this show!”

Wicked… ^_^

So I still produce and make the show the best that I can. But what for? Now? College radio air play. I used to think it had to be the best so people got something good. But for the most part people only care so much. The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is as repeatably listenable as all those shows and films are re-watchable. This is for people who gave up, gave up on Dark Shadows getting better, or gave up on fanfiction, or gave up on all the films and TV shows they keep whining have awful stories. I have a good series and I know it.

And I respect myself enough to wait until others can let me know what they liked. No more contemplation of going to the hardware store to get razor blades or poison because I feel so alone, used-up and neglected in this. That’s the truth of it. Let episodes 13 & 14 out of the bag again without enough feedback for the rest? I’d kill myself or try to. That’s the truth. I promised myself and I promised Willie Loomis, we’re not going down that road again like last October (2013). He and I can wait.

I’ve often heard this song when I’m out and about, as if it’s another sign for this show, as many signs as there has been. But the words, “Home… home… Where I wanted to go… Home… home… Where I wanted to go… Home… home… Where I wanted to go…”

As Barnabas proffers to Mr. Loomis in Episode 14 of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows:

“Would you like to come home, Willie? To Collinwood?”

“Ya, ya… ya really want me back?” Willie asks.

“If you want to come,” Maggie answers, “I know what you were trying to do for me. And things are different now.”

“Well,” Willie affirms, “all this I gotta see.”

Meanwhile, a small voice at my shoulder says, “When you create those episodes and don’t give them away… everything will get better. I promise… I promise, Daryl. I promise you… they will.”

Maybe I’ve Been Looking In The Wrong Places

Just got a little feedback from a group called “Gothic Creations”. It took me a while to realize that many Gothic types, such as myself, are looking for people to talk to about what they’re doing. Well, I’ve done my bat embroidery, and then there is this BIG one… spooky, Gothic… audio and thought provoking… Hmm… I wonder where they are? I think I’ll start looking.

One thing is certain… a person who really loves my work gave up on DS… I think it was that desire for an upswing that just never happened… And so… here I am.

I was perusing Gothic photos and found one of those photos with a slogan. It said, “Happy Goth… Less Conformist Than Normal Goth.” I had to burst out laughing, “That’s me!”


I adore that cheery bloke in the background!

So, what I have here is a project and one I’m hoping you will enjoy. However, having internet woes, transportation woes, and loneliness woes, I started to become very frazzled as I continued. I just had so little help in creating this and I want to create so much more, but without dialogue over enjoyment, coupled with some severe haters and manipulative types, it’s just tough to keep trying. But it’s a labour of love, involves a ton of recognizable characters and has had thousands of dollars spent on it. With almost no help I managed to reach this podcast and radio drama to iTunes.


It is a huge mixture of old spooky shows and movies. All the characters help each other out and there are currently 12 episodes of it. I’ve worked over 2 years in creating it and it’s heavily downloaded. I discovered one of my problems is the romantic pairings in one of the fandoms. That fandom, Dark Shadows, is better now but has been an absolute nightmare for the shy fans of it for forty-years. The internet decay in communication that began about 2007 made that even worse. Now I have to encourage them to speak. I know they can, they’re just afraid. (Someone in across the Atlantic contacted me today. Very shy fellow.)

So, here it is, Wadsworth from Clue steps in first to help, Slimer shows up briefly, The Addams Family is included, Lily Munster also, Norman Bates has a cameo, Freddy Krueger is mentioned but not by name, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir are very involved, and it’s all hosted by two spooky characters from The Kids In The Hall: Sir Simon Milligan & Manservant Hecubus.

Please have mercy. I have been through Hell… truly



goths39_20070401_1227556692 Peter-Murphy


Gimme the ring, kissed and told
Gimme something that I missed (Gimme the ring)
A hand to hold, wild and what it seems (Gimme the ring)
Kill the king when love is the law
And the wheel turn round… (Gimme the ring)
Gimme dream child
And do you hear me call? (Gimme the ring)
On the loan and on the level
…Still on the floor (Gimme the ring)
Sing dream child
And do you hear at all?

Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing…

Gimme siren, child and do you hear me?
Gimme siren, child, and do you hear me call?
Sing, child, of right and wrong
Gimme things that don’t last long
Gimme siren, child, and do you hear me call?

Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing…

On days like this
In times like these
I feel an animal deep inside
Heel to haunch on bended knees
Living on if and if I tried
Somebody send me… please…
Dream wars and a ticket to seem
Giving out and in
Selling the don’t belong
Well, what do you say
D’you have a word for Giving Away?
Got a song for me?

Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing…

I got nothing to say I ain’t said before
I bled all I can, I won’t bleed no more
I don’t need no one to understand
Why the blood run hold
The hired hand
On heart
Hand of God
Floodland and Driven Apart
Run cold
Like a healing hand
Like a healing hand
Like a healing hand
Like a healing hand

Gimme the ring:

gimme the ring