Added to “About” page

I put this in as a comment on the 8th of November, so I figured I’d create a new entry for it. I felt it was appropriate after all of this time:

Now that I’ve thought of a better way to express the purpose of this online journal, I shall.

Beyond everything else listed, once upon a time I began, per advisement, using various sites to advertise my story and show content, and also to have something to do while I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited for folks to speak up about the radio drama narrative, episodes, and what they were enjoying.

I was also attempting to look for answers of why they had not done so for years already.

As one can see? I was waiting a LONG time. Meanwhile I got to experience the ineffable time-wasting via what is termed as “social media”, which managed to whisk away good friends and companions I’d had for decades, and also the various contacts I began making in 2014, with it’s addictive and dependent methods.

At this time I have had the good fortune that ethical technologists in computer electronics, who are deeply concerned, came forward to form The Center for Humane Technology and I began to get the answers from them that I was seeking for years. (Bless their hearts!)

I also decided, “Sod this for a lark!” and went back to Square One in communication: pen pals. It’s all been a bumpy road with storms mightier than even our good Captain Gregg can conjure. But I suppose ones’ Providential purpose in life is never apparent until they are nearly half finished with their presumed life-expectancy. (((relieved sigh))) ❤

As Annette Henshaw likes to say at the end of every song, “That’s all.”

Angelique Loves Quentin

(Or at least wants him.)

I’d been meaning to share this snippet from episode 794 for some weeks now. It shows a great sign of Angelique making a change in her personality.

There is some information Barnabas brings to her attention to which she is clearly trying to figure out how she can re-establish her hold on Quentin.

For Barnabas her understanding was just manipulating a ton of people in his household in the 1790’s, whereas with Quentin it’s a matter of maintaining something he, Quentin, personally needs. So she doesn’t wish to give away what she knows or has. (Still! That’s different in her understanding of how love works. Little by little!)

Angelique has bargained Quentin into marrying her. When Barnabas realises this he tells her,

“You’re doing this to spite me…”

Which, yes, Barnabas has every right to feel. He’s already been down similar roads with her via his family in the time of his original birth and life, as well as her Cassandra role in the 1960’s earlier according to their chronology. Barnabas has absolutely no reason to trust Angelique.

But then? Angelique confesses,

“I’m doing it because I’m BORED! With you, with the future and the past and the present. I’ve bided my time. I’ve waited and waited, I’m sick of waiting!”

(Yeh, I hear that!)

“Life, even for people like us, Barnabas, was meant to be lived. I intend to start living it and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

It is at this point I say:


That’s the Angelique I expected when we got through all her damn tantrums and manipulations as a clueless villain!

Go for Quentin, girlfriend.

For you?

He’s perfect!