The World Needs More GEORGIE!

This Halloween I got on a major Georgie kick after picking up the first book, used, at a library sale for ONE DOLLAR!

Apparently this is a rare find. Of the 13 marvellous tales published about this little, ghostly hero it is seldom one can find anything available for purchase at a reasonable price.

For anyone not familiar with this character, well, you may be surprised to either find out about him, or discovered you already knew him but the memory was buried under all the burgeoning muck of attention-seeking information plaguing you for decades.

I am recharging my batteries with these stories. Perhaps it’ll attend to any needs you have in the same vein.



George To The Rescue:

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Georgie’s Halloween:

Georgie & The Robbers:

Georgie & The Noisy Ghost:

Georgie’s Christmas Carol: