Tell Me What Was Solved

Good Evening, fellow fans.

I have a new idea.

I realise it has become virtually impossible for my listeners to tell me what they enjoyed in my episodes (minus a very precious few; keep it up)!

So, what I wish to tell all the tongue-tied folks, who might not be in touch with me, this second format:

Listen to an episode in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, listen carefully.

Find what problems were solved from Dark Shadows itself.

This will mainly be good for fans of Dark Shadows who know and remember the details of the television program very well.

As you list the solutions created in a Pit episode let me know by email, or here on this web-log, or in a review box where there is a script for it. (I’d suggest podomatic too, but I didn’t want the options to become too lengthy.)

After that? Listen to the following episode and go at it again!

I think that should be simple enough.

Don’t forget to have fun!

(And hopefully in the least negative way possible.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!