Demo For Pit Episode 22 is completed!

Hello all!

I hope you are all hale and hearty. (So far so good out here.)

Worked on Pit 22 “The Endless Night At Collinwood” quite excitedly to keep things moving, even if I am slow moving on the audio for Pit 21 “Up The Damned Staircase”.

My sweetheart was surprised at some of the results. (He’s my first audience member.) We are *definitely* moving in the direction of Maggie (Josette) taking more interest in her supernatural powers. (And I often think of Bella Heathcote’s performance in the film version to get cosier with this. Bless that woman and the writers!) I hope to keep it in good pacing with how far Maggie gets in the novel, though.

Also good fun with The Addams Family, and Gomez especially. (My sweetheart seemed most tickled at that.)

As well as seeing further blooming between Julia and Eliot. Like I keep saying, it’s more on the intellectual level, but Julia is learning to have a little fun with our Professor and he’s showing himself to be a bit more eager and a wee bit playful with her prompting! ❤



However, a bigger reason I’m writing is this:

I am MOST pleased to see more listens to the Retrospective for Episode 15 and a few listens on the first MJD podcast again.

This shows me people are preferring to focus on the narrative, on the good things, and on the purpose of me sharing it all. Well done, folks! Good show! ^_^

Be well and take good care of yourselves!



2020 March Spoilercast-Update

March Update 2020c


Beginning with my understanding of what is happening to most listeners of this podcast program. Why direct communication is important and the examples of mishearing what I’m saying. My concern for our current sense of isolation and how I was told, “You saw all this coming.” Pointers of how to use the narrative site. Discussion over the previous web-log and what folks have been viewing. (Fun stuff.)

Why “Dark Shadows” is a TV show that constantly reminds you that it IS a TV show. 🙂 Then off we go into technical aspects of Pit episode 21 and further spoilers for that. (Bill Malloy’s ghost as an ‘Honourary Widow’.) Blue Whale bits, West Wing bits, Old House bits. Focus on Maggie Evans as Josette duPres; How I understood why that was probable. (Sailor Moon comes up in this and reincarnation research.) With Andre and Josette returned: Barnabas easily feels far less alone. ❤

A tad of Bewitched. More West Wing, and more about Roger Collins = The Perfect Fifth Wheel. Continuing on to the rough draft of Pit 22: ‘The Endless Night At Collinwood’. Further developments for Maggie Evans as the reincarnation of Josette. (More fun stuff.) A little Sarah and Barnabas. Active details with Carolyn and Maggie. Victoria/Peter and Addams Family goodies. Ways that Willie Loomis is able to digest what’s happening overall. Moving on to yet another séance and why Magda’s presence creates further union in Dr. Hoffman and Prof. Stokes’ romance.

My concern for everyone possibly depending on commercial social sites during isolation, while I maintain my ability to carry on without them. Hopefully what I say here will do more good than harm. (Without direct communication we can only speculate.) Why the chips fell where they did years ago: Criticizing to emptiness to rewards-for-hate. Why the like-button, and all it’s ‘offspring’, gives growth to the negative and depletes the positive.

How I keep working to re-grow the articulate response in the positive. Directions on how to use for that. If this show makes you feel better? Don’t turn away from it. Return to it, like I did.

I hope this show has helped to welcome you back to your old preferences and let you know that you do have the ability to choose for yourself, however lost that became.


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Yes. I know. ^_^

Hi Everyone,

I am still here and I understand a lot of you may have become socially isolated. I am too, but so far it’s pretty close to how I usually live so I am probably able to handle it better than most.

If you are thinking about listening to the radio play episodes and discussing them while stuck-at-home, I am more than happy to welcome you to do that. Always have been. (Although these current circumstances might make it more inviting. ❤ )

If you go to the left hand side bar there is the listing of “Radio Drama Episode Links and Discussion Questions”. After you hit that you can scroll down to the Episode list under the collage. After you pick you can scroll down a second time to get all the information for that particular episode.

The questions (after the summary and links for each episode) are provided to help enhance your chat skills. I realised years ago that discussion skills were becoming scarce and far more difficult than ever before. So it’s to get you started and/or keep you, the listener, better equipped to hold the linear time-flow of each show. (The summary can also help with this as well.)

Right now I’m working on a little something in audio to potentially keep you company and updated. Hopefully that is enjoyed if I can get it finished and released.

So, yes! I welcome focus on the radio drama show. Absolutely.

Take care,


P.S. I also put some inquiries on the later chapters of the marriage novel to help with that, if the novel is your preference. 

Kathryn Leigh Scott Interview (2011)



This interview is from October of 2011, but it is absolutely wonderful and I am in love with it. I needed something to take me back to the way the world once was. To me it’s a precious healing moment stretched to an half hour. (27 minutes to be precise.)

Kathryn Leigh Scott talks over the phone with a gentleman from WKAC in Athens Alabama. I keep listening and thinking about the time this aired when we were much less polarized.

Wonderful story of how Kathryn Leigh Scott left the Playboy Bunny job, too funny. Her “Dark Passages” book was just released and there is even fun enthusiasm for the “upcoming” movie, “Dark Shadows” 2012, a movie I still love! (I am not caught in the hate-machine for it.)

There’s a pleasant explanation of why some mistakes came about on Dark Shadows, very human details. Great enthusiasm for so much to enjoy and the work that goes into it.

Perhaps listeners to this now will allow it to help them remember how to enjoy life the way we did not that long ago. Thank you, WKAC, the interviewer, Kathryn Leigh Scott, and the up-loader. ^_^

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Love & healing,