Margaret Josette DuPres

Margaret Josette DuPres

“There may have been no Maggie Evans at all, if I had not loved that Miss Dupres, and met her again over a century later and known this fiery devotion for both. Ha! Of course, is it not like a man, to want more than one woman? And is it not easier for one to enjoy the pleasures of two at once, like this?

One might resent me for enjoying this so thoroughly… but thankfully, who I was with… both in spirit and in body and with intensity… loved me… and even if she wanted to chain me down, or lacerate me with either a branding or perhaps simply her exquisite cuspids, I cared not… as long as she stroked me, as long as she loved me… as long as she lovingly hurt me with a pain so unyielding as to set my sinews aflame.”

— Barnabas Collins

(“Margaret Josette Dupres” by Daryl Wor)

2 thoughts on “Margaret Josette DuPres

  1. Melissa says:

    Beautiful, Daryl!

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