Pit Update March 2017



A “sickie” podcast for new pen pals and old listeners alike.

This is a very newsy and studious monologue. I’ll address what’s going on with the letter-writing method of listening to the series and knowing that many who want to hear this can’t always download or play it via having poor equipment.

Lots of discussions of people I’m talking with lately: Auntie, Jonah, etc.
Identifying interruption fan fiction and how it works with Osheen Nevoy and Lisa Weyenberg’s works as key examples.

Tons of spoilers for The Pit and later on a lot of spoilers for the marriage novel I’m creating in tandem. As per usual, this talk and explanation is quite cerebral, as well as moving back and forth discussion on various show characters being responsible for solutions in The Pit, including Endora and Uncle Arthur from “Bewitched”, as well as Wadsworth, Captain Gregg, Lily, and Morticia.

Plenty of goodies about Doctor Who coming into play for The Pit and exactly why he will.

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Episode 15: Intro With Automne Archer

Intro to 15


Lurch’s harpsichord entreats our venture toward a new avenue of this radio drama. The troubles collide and the gratitude extends in name and detail. So much celebration to be had between our faithful listeners who speak, and then? Our Addams Family prodigy reveals why she adores The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, as well as the golden age of cinema.

Discussion in the appreciation of canon, romance, fandom interests, emotional fortitude, our deeper meaning, exploration, friendship, Facebook disconnect, character study, and who we are.

Four alternatives to Facebook and its “Instant God”. Why correspondence is important and the donation account details:


Explanations about knee-jerk reactions from people who can’t see past fanfiction in “text” and never understand this project equates to major effort and money for bills to the post office, podomatic, archive donations, DVD extras, research books, moral support, and the drive for a higher purpose of being.

(By the way, Lurch’s harpsichord is actually from a piece that Emilie Autumn performed to celebrate “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” film. Also the ending clip song is by Nada Surf’s “I Remembered What I Was Going To Say”, which metaphorically works better than I could imagine since I believe many are wanting to tell me what they like but forgot how. So that’s my nod to where I’m lifting goodies. i.e. if you like them go and BUY THEM! ^_^ )

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I Stagger About The House… in Tremors of Love…

Inspiration is everything in our home right now… No… we don’t role-play… there is no need… It’s all rather lovely… we are ourselves… as these two couples are…

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And my knees were like reflections of knees in rippling water… – Vladimir Nabokov, “Lolita”


“I know that you are dead but still you are alive. I’m not afraid of death, only of living without you. I’m yours. There’s no ceremony that could make me more your wife.”

“You are my wife, yes, as you were always meant to be.”

Josette Dupres & Barnabas Collins


 I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss. – Gomez Addams

dont ask just take

“Even if I were to leave Collinwood tomorrow, I know that my feelings would not change. Wherever I go I would think of you. I would always have to fight that urge to come back to try and find you. That’s why I know it’s useless for me to think of leaving… you could not stay away because you know our destinies are one. That there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can keep us apart. … I’ve dreamed about it for so long. I don’t care about those things that I don’t understand. Those things you said about our new life together. I only want to be with you. Don’t let me go. Please, take me with you… Barnabas, please take me with you.” – Josette Dupres


Gomez: To live without you, only that would be torture.
Morticia: A day alone, only that would be death.

almost kissing the kiss

“Too many have wanted me and never heard, too many have made me curious but not enough… and all I wanted was you… and all you could achieve… all we could achieve. My hopes were so high that I’ve feared you to fade in the many mists you have in the past. My cruelty, my truth to think perhaps one day I would know what we were. Oh… We have that now and,”

I shuddered and we halted as Barnabas took my hands to his chest and continued to tell me,

“I can’t let you go, Josette. I won’t let you go. But the uncertainty of over a century still lingers in the shades of fear within my heart. Each day and night I welcome you to me, always having wanted you for yourself through all of my misguidance and now…” 

“Margaret Josette Dupres” Chapter 30

Oh yes

Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again! – Morticia Addams

Maggie and Barnabas

She was all that was sacred to me, all that I held dear, all that I could allow myself to be one with. In spirit she protected us and corporeally we protected each other with sanctuary… 

“Margaret Josette Dupres” Chapter 33

I have likely been up for two hours ruminating all of these things in my own wedded bliss, as my paramour sleeps nearby, and I, sliding across the plush carpet beneath my toes… in a celebration of understanding these two loves beyond comprehension blended into our own.

Perhaps someday these Gothic pleasures will find others to heal them… but tonight? They heal us… and hopefully will continue to do, so long as the sun and the moon shall endure…


My heart seemed everywhere at once… Never have I experienced such agony. I would like to describe her face, her ways– and I cannot, because my own desire for her blinds me when she is near.  – Vladimir Nabokov, “Lolita”

Goodnight, my tender, silent ones… and perhaps someday soon you will speak, and we all will stand a chance of harnessing the wealth of human talent that has been ignored for millennia and is now eager, all around the world, for release.

Barnabas Collins: I didn’t say perfect, did I…? I said divine

Morticia Addams: She… she… she has the gift!

The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows: Episode 13 “A Balancing of The Humours”