Episode 21 is released!

Yep, I got the notion the other night, “Hmm! The year is ending soon. Didn’t I hope beyond hope I could release TWO bonafide Pit radio drama episodes this year?” So I got crackin’. I don’t quite have all the grassroots discussion I need, but I was close enough to accomplish this goal!

So, off it is on Internet Archive, and podbay and iTunes, and podomatic (and likely Google Podcasts which I didn’t know about until rather recently)! And I finally got the page for it on the other wordpress site, thepitofultimatedarkshadows.wordpress.com so you can see the big collage, that I think came out a bit better than the one for Episode 20.

Let me know what you liked if you can.

Happy New Year!


Demo for #23: Done!

Howdy all!

Still having technical woes but working on them.

One test for this was to release, briefly, the demo for episode 23 at the higher end podcast sites. (Meaning, not Internet Archive or here.) If you have the iTunes and podomatic and podbay, etc. subscriptions, you shall have it for a little while, depending on if it’s a download, a temporary download, or a play.

(Apparently iTunes insisted on calling it “Episode 83” for whatever *other* technical reason. G’ah!)

So? If you want it, it is out there, but presumably only for 24 hours. (With a picture of my jack o lantern on it.)

Take care!