Pit Retrospective: Episode 15 (January 2020)



And now, finally, back to the story… (I’ve been building this podcast since March 2019, so bare with me.) After mention of the dedication we get to what happens during Episode 15 in ‘The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows’, the annotated version, of course.

The hilarious gin-rummy game between Nicholas Blair and Vampire Angelique, continuing on to the scene with Roger Collins, V’Angelique and Lily Munster. Next, Grandmama Addams and Morticia’s foray into Victoria Winters’ memories of Reverend Trask. Later, we cut from Josette’s room to a Willie and Sarah scene to David’s surprise and back again as Wadsworth enters, which leads to The Great House, Elizabeth’s announcement(s), and Barnabas meeting Lily Munster. (Is Lily’s vampire side helping out too cheesy or corny? Late 20th Century: Yes. Early 21st Century: No.)

How the Willie and Wadsworth scene reveals why Willie Loomis has been affected by the nurturing touch of Professor Stokes and others.

Barnabas, at last, encounters the ghost of Caleb Collins. Why Barnabas IS “So Mr. Darcy” and other “Pride and Prejudice” influences. The importance of Maggie/Josette that Caleb understands, leading us to the ending in which Tom Jennings meets Vampire Angelique that night, and why the song fits.

My feelings about Heather O’Rourke and inviting her admirers to reach out and discuss her short time among us.

Then we wrap up with one of my lectures about better manners to which many listeners will likely fall asleep.


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Remembering John Karlen And Terry Jones

remembering john karlen and terry jones1


Just a little something I wanted to put out there prior to my release of the Retrospective in Episode 15.

For Terry Jones and John Karlen: I don’t know who I would be if it weren’t for you…

And frankly? I *don’t want* to know who I would be without either of you!

This is for you, for us, and for me.

Thank you and fare thee well.




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Show News (January 2020)

Hello and Happy New Year All Y’All!

I at least know a couple people who venture over here now. Of course I only have two in my grassroots, three if we count the very lovely Helena, that are hungrily asking for episode 21 in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Just think  how much faster I’d be going of all the lurkers were as chatty about it? Just think.

But I am also very happy with my band of pals who are still in the grassroots and also those who are catching up with getting close to being in the grassroots team. (a.k.a. Our Pit Crew. Yes this is meant to be a racecar driving pun.)

Now with those who are further ahead in the slowly growing new episodes of 21 and 22 in notes and demo bits, it is coming to pass that I’m getting good talk over what shall occur with our dear Doctor Hoffman and her paramour, Professor Stokes, but more about her, really. There is the little kids séance and then there is the big kids/adults séance. For the latter we are coming to a plan I’d had for YEARS, at least since 2013 if not earlier: Hoffman’s flashbacks from a life in 1897! [Dah-Nah-Nah-NAH!]

Well, the real idea is that, what with reincarnation swarming all over Collinwood, as several of us could gauge from watching the kooky antics of our Collins Family and Friends on telly, in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows many of our characters, especially our Kids In The Hall hosts, are blatantly aware that this reincarnation stuff is going on, to the point in Episode 13 Doctor Hoffman assured Maggie Evans that she had missed the squirrel on the road, then added, “He’s likely a Collins too, knowing THIS G.D. town!” (Osheen and I assessed that this squirrel was probably a reincarnation of Gabriel Collins, or we at least joked that this was the case.)

It was brought to my attention, by one well-versed in the supernatural, what the repercussions are with a spirit jumping into a person during a séance, as well as the after effects. I was very grateful, but this led to a wonderful question: “If the spirit speaking is from your previous life, what then?” It’s a good question! Then I mused that perhaps this was an accidental past-life regression. Either way I shall look forward to her answer.

The other thing I am loving is that, while my grassroots buddies are awaiting Pit 21 to be done, I can keep them company with chat about the characters. We can discuss new formations, creations, what will Darrin Stephens think, how great for Maggie Evans to show her ability to speak with other spirits by her new understanding of both being Josette duPres and what her astral body was up to all those years in the confusion. How amazing of Gomez Addams to be both helpful and rather protective of his new guests, but this is the way Gomez would behave given this situation of assisting Peter Bradford to become a legitimized resident of the 20th Century.

In short this is known as: FUN!

Remember everyone? The entire reason most of us delved into fanfiction at all? FUN?

You know, you weren’t getting money, you sometimes had to hide what you were doing to keep most people from picking on you for wasting so much time, readers weren’t too harsh in the review boxes because no one is going anywhere with this stuff… So? Have a ball!

Remember those days? I do. And I aims to be having those again.


In the meantime I’d like to answer a question that has likely been creeping into the minds of those who’ve known me for years now.

“Daryl, if you’re saying that many of these social media companies are so terrible, why do good things happen from them on certain occasions?”

My answer:

It’s why I have been calling them “social-casinos” because the addictive designs are built in extremely similar structure to casino slot machines.

On commercial social media you take your social life into a casino format instead of a face-to-face, telephone call, or letter writing format.

And in many a casino,

all over the world,

every once in a while:

You win.