Episode 22 is released!

Yep! I just thought it out, don’t have *quite* the needed commentary yet, but I figured, “Why not? It’s Halloween! ! !”


(But I’m too pooped to put it up on the other WP right now.)

Man… I’m so happy I finally got to say, “To boldly go where EVEN Bella Heathcote’s Josette has never gone before!”

That chik had the moves and pulled it off, gave us the key to Josette having astral powers too, as did Seth Grahame-Smith, etcetera, and now look! We can let Maggie Evans test the astral waters! How damn cool is that, folks?


Also, dude, I told a friend today about the Rollins/Danzig pairing and she tripped-out laughing! “How was that even possible as a comic book?” she wondered.

“I don’t know!” I told her, “But it makes the fricken case for MOST non-canon pairing. Those men are straight as boards and have NO warm feelings about the creation.”

(I got some good giggles out of another friend, Clover, who remembers the comic, too! She affirmed to me, “Yep! Those two *are* straight as boards!” XD)

Why Julia/Barnabas was never “weird” to me:

So, yeah… why was this non-canon pairing not scary to me?


I witnessed something MUCH scarier earlier! Here it is!

AHEM! Yeh! I witnessed something WAY WEIRDER! EARLIER! And I kinda like that Danzig asked, “WTF??” and Rollins was all like, “Heh… hmm! Well, whatever!” And that was it. Kinda similar to how Hall and Frid reacted, you know?

Anyway, that’s my take.

Let it go.

Let it be, (as The Beatles might say…)



A Conversation With Tito (October 2021)

You wanted it? You got it! This podcast is marked [EXPLICIT!]

We know Tito from my husband’s high school days… Tito very much enjoys the Dark Shadows 2012 film because he doesn’t know the old show and frankly, doesn’t care! He came over as my husband and I were playing dominoes. It was pretty cool!

Instructions on how to differentiate real hate from “manufactured hate”. (It’s actually pretty simple, fellow fans…) Then my consultation with Melissa about the “confusion” about the confusion itself. 😀

Tito’s 1960’s Nostalgia is good enough for me. We begin with a “garbled” discussion between my husband, Tito and I. ^_^ Next we start with “The Kids In The Hall”, then “Clue: The Movie” (with a segue about “Murder By Death” that hopefully wasn’t too long). Proceeding with “The Time Machine”, “The Golden Girls” and other cameos in The Pit narrative, a likely a too long segue explaining who Edward Mulhare played on “Knight Rider”.

Then “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”, a Prisoner cameo scene, “The Addams Family” (lots of conversation here including Charles Addams original drawings in The New Yorker) and “The Munsters”. (Bonus Points to Tito for knowing Fred Gwynne from another production!) MAS*H and Beetlejuice mentions. Almost neglected “Bewitched” but caught myself in time! (Some focus on Paul Lynde.)

Finalizing in bringing out the “Dark Shadows” box set to place on Tito’s lap. ^_^ Determining how one could ‘marathon’ the whole of “Dark Shadows”. Darrin Stephens hanging-out with Roger Collins ideas…

Then I wrap up with various potential scholastic pointers including:

Don’t focus on the negative and, dare I say it? Don’t focus on the positive?

Focus on the NARRATIVE.

Themes for this show: “Katip Arzvhalim Yaz Yare Boyle” by Mogollar, “waltzinblack” by The Stranglers (a favourite band between Tito and my husband) and if one enjoys the background music on the stereo while we chatted? That was a compilation called “Beautiful Noise” by Sunday Records. BUY ‘EM ALL! *wink*

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And available at iTunes, as always…


Just letting y’all know: if you enjoyed my Dreamwidth entry “Adventures With Tito”, I’m working on a podcast in which we share all the hardcopy productions of the bonus helpers with him before he left. It’s taking a long time to edit, but if I do a “regular” October show, he should be in it.

Feel free to let me know you are looking forward to it. In the meantime: Everything takes “forever”.. I wish it didn’t but here we are.

For the DS 2012 Fans? Tito really enjoys that movie. We are not alone. He is actually pretty snobbish about movies but he definitely enjoyed that one, so there ya go. 😉

I am resting my laurels on the fans of that movie because, as I told someone at AO3, I’ve found fans of that movie are the nicest and it’s true. So far they have been and I don’t hold with manufactured-hate, much less any other hate. Forget it. Seriously…

As Tito might say, “Let’s burn a dollar bill together,” *wink*