The Tandem Is Back! (Halloween 2018)

Tandem is Back 2018c


Enthusiastic history and future of this show. Why the Q & A works so well. Thanks to pen pals and encouragement to folks who want to get in touch. How the like-button is very harmful. Advice as to how to get your own tandem and skills to return.

Variables in the growth of The Pit series, including how Helena Clara Bouchet and I became friends.

Silly gossip versus good gossip. How old and new episodes are built. Reaching 21 due to what’s happening in 20, a scene with Maggie Evans and Carolyn Stoddard. Working with memory and reincarnation.

How small things can cause major problems such as The Northeast Blackout of 1965.

Finding the right people, much appreciation and fun stories.

A little discussion about the novel in terms of embracing the darkness.



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Happy Halloween!


Pit Review Highlights

Well, they say, (whoever they are,) that “Teaching by example isn’t the best way, it is the only way.” So? I’m going to relieve myself here by sharing with my crowd some of the delightful commentary I finally gleaned for most of my series so far. However it’s a lot, I worked hard to retrieve it via the right people, so I’ll try to stick to one or two reviews per episode. Here we go:


HCB (Helena):
Old Wadsworth’s “Can you keep a secret?” joke definitely added to the feel of him transitioning from Clue’s Hill House to Dark Shadow’s Old House. Cool! Wadsworth would normally be consider a threat to Barnabas for having knowledge of Barnabas’ “double bass case”, but since everyone can keep a secret, then why not, right? Nice on Roger’s usual sarcasm, making me imagine the usual cut eyes and sighs and “Why do I bother?” look on him. And as expected, when wasn’t there a problem at the main house? Smh

Ha! Vicki’s and Barnabas’ reference to the past. Spotless on the comparison of Roger to Naomi. And this time, I guess he remembered Vicki being back there, hmm? (Unlike on the show.) Seriously, I didn’t think of Slimer being the entity when I first read this until the big reveal, so I was kind of slow with that. Yes, Barnabas is a regular, family-friendly version of Christian Grey. LOL “I’ll lock up Maggie Evans until she becomes Josette. If not, I’ll take her to my ‘Cellar of Pain’. Ha ha ha!” And yes, we must include a DS blooper and Slimer, too 🙂

Well, what can we say? Barnabas did have an extensive lie-down, didn’t he? Mmm-hmm. So, Mildred Mayhem can spot a cross-dresser on spec? Gossip monger!

The moral of Maggie’s looks? Well, she doesn’t remember her kidnapping, and she did have a genuine liking for Barmabas at the beginning anyway. And to combine with the last question, I enjoyed the outré song very much since the events at the main house were comedic in its spooky scandalous way 🙂

I have referred to Helena in a previous entry as “my angel” and she still is!

Osheen Nevoy on Feb 11, 2014:

You know, one thing I love about your work is how much the characters really sound like themselves, even when they are saying things that, naturally, they only say in our dreams, fantasies, semi-hysterical musings, etc., not in the show itself! Things that we wish they would say … Very fun, and I’m going to enjoy exploring a lot more of it. Loved, among many lines that I loved, the line about Burke’s mountain of machismo … That really does sum the guy up, doesn’t it! (That chin …)

Tingler . Jun 15, 2015
Now the hosts did indeed do a marvelous job glazing over the slow, ever so slow, show to bring us up to date. Plus they gave good humor while doing it.

Now if you might allow me to postulate on Willie & Barnabas, relationship. See when I think back I always saw Willie as the angel for Barnabas. Liken to Jimmy The Cricket was. If you look at their talks Willie always tried to steer him to the right path. While Barnabas himself had just the “evil” devil in him. Now one thing that I see as part of Willie’s problem with accepting the change is he never saw the angel in Barnabas. Never knew he had one. Just a thought.

The jokes were rather, shall I say, almost as bad as mine… Yes, ah oh you need a doc? Well guess what? I have been lying to you all, I am a doctor… Really, truly. Here watch this object you will all believe me…

Oh those chamber pots oh how I remember them. Really my mom’s parents owned one of the first houses built when the pilgrims landed. With no running water or electric. The well was three hundred feet deep all hand dug. I remember staying there and either having to use the outhouse or the “chamber pot” boy they were bad.

The music was good and how The Time Traveler and Victoria saw each other. You forgot the water question. It is amazing they lived through that back then. Of course being forty you were an old man. Again with the Postum well here if you must have it. Postum dot com where you can still get it…

Hoffman and Wadsworth are having fun poking at each other and then taking out the trash song might have been fun… I caught the I am gonna kill you screeeeech no put her down… Whose Peter Bradford I remember no one of that name. “Evil”.

Yes, coffee is supposed to relax calm us get us ready for bed. Drink more more more. Relaxed yet? ha ha.

Let’s all look at our magic mirror. Mirror mirror who’s the evilest of them all? Now you have Wadsworth knowing so very much. Then we have the cane and some unsightly Willie on it and a mention to thee olden days when servants could be beaten. A lot here one must slip under it to see it all.

Yes, Carolyn being controlled as it started on the show then as if on cue. Poof! She was free of his control. The jokes were great and info better. But just one question. Why if she was just given back her own will does she defend and keeps safe his true um condition? Also the stories they noticed are … Slightly different.

Oh your gonna make me think aren’t you? Let me see yuppa sun comes up from the west and sets in the east and then you put in a bay. Thanks you. I got the lesson. Plus you started your fore shadowing with Maggie. Oh and cream and sugar what are not civilized we have crumpets with our tea thank you very much…

This was a very inclusive episode. Lots going on and very well traversed. So till next we entwine our ears be safe and stay away from “evil” coffee. Drink postum.

Okay, it was a hard pick for episode two, but Tingler’s hit my funny bone with pointing out the “ever so slow” ness of Dark Shadows. XD Hee hee hee!


midnight-lady . Feb 9, 2014
Just listen to episode 3 of the podcast and I just want to start with OMG THE LOST BOYS! One of my faves from the 1980s, and I think, one of the best vampire films. And an episode entirely devoted to the one and only Mrs. Johnson! You did a fantastic job with her. A nice simple episode of two ladies talking. And man, too bad Adam didn’t have her to teach him how to adjust to life. I always thought it was weird how his exit on the show went out more of a whimper instead of a bang considering the massive role he played in the 1968 period. I actually have a more favorable view of the character as well as his actor so I’m glad you gave him a happier outcome, even if it is goofy.

And poor Peter and Vicki being stuck in that crazy Twin Peaks town 😦

S K . Jan 10, 2017
Hey, girl – thank goodness for the Pit CD! I listened to it on the drive and the separate tracks make it easier to listen in multiple sittings, easier to find my place. Today I was on my way home and didn’t even realize traffic was at a standstill and backed up coz I was so into the CD! Then it ended and I was like, “What’s going on here?!”


PLEASE do more Rocky Horror songs! They are totally delightful and funny. My fav RH: Magenta and Riffraff.

Free will Rules! But Tony’s still stuck in Collinsport World, so good luck with that, bud. How exasperating to have free will, yet be stuck in crazy world!

My favs: WADSWORTH! Hysterical-definitely want him on my side! I enjoy how you do Carolyn and Roger. I love the idea of aging Angelique’s portrait. How devious! And “rough brush”. Hee hee, evil!

You have Carolyn down pat (breathy, innocent). I have no trouble discerning the characters. I can feel you settling into this more. Keep it up!

Satisfying to Barnabas that Sam seems to recall a bad feeling towards her. I was sure hoping Sam wouldn’t get and drunk and forget!

I used to LOVE Ghost and Mrs. Muir as a child! I’ll have to revisit it once I finish DS.

Good research! I like how you do Roger. You got him down and he’s such a scamp. He’s funny.

I was so tickled at the Rocky Horror song mingling with “Cassandra’s” freaking out! (come-uppance) You sang it perfectly! And YES, do more RH! Please! Hysterical!

Awww, I was enjoying Angelique’s predicament… and Sam was enjoying it too much!

I just love the sound effects. Please keep up with this – you will be glad you followed your muse when she called you. But please don’t burn out on it—it would change the tone. You have such a happy enjoyable tone of joy with it. Yeah, that’s it—it’s JOYFUL! Ride this mule, baby!

Can’t wait for more!


I’m working on 18, 19 and 20, and I still agree! I can’t wait for more either.

JKB  . Oct 14, 2015
I liked the discussion of why Carolyn hasn’t gone off to college, and I especially liked the idea that he thought she should write detective novels. But if there was some meaning to the way that she didn’t like multiple choice questions etc. I didn’t get it.

Stokes and Barnabas cracked me up. I did hear that sometimes you got Barnabas’s intonation down. A few times I did have difficulty telling Stokes and Barnabas apart, though. I loved the Ovaltine Secret Decoder thing – and the bit about whether Barnabas has a vitamin deficiency. I found myself wondering whether there *is* something hidden in the part of the stove that Willie mentioned. Adam went off to pursue a career in cleaning products – is he going to be on another soap opera?

I just like the way that Sam is always there for Maggie and supports her in whatever she wants. I was glad he suggested she try out both jobs and see how it goes.

I liked it when Sam was possessed by Andre. Excellent. Interesting that Captain Cregg knew him. I’d like to know more of their back story, if one could be summoned up.

Wadsworth drives Barnabas to The Coffee Shop: I loved the part about the Poetry of the Day. Frankly, I wish the real show would do more with the cultural differences Barnabas notices and the things he misses about the 18th century. The only time he’s specifically made reference to it that I’ve seen is when he told Dr Hoffman that maybe modern men like wilful women, or some such, but that he doesn’t. I don’t like the stereotype that an intelligent woman must also be grating and un-feminine, so if Barnabas is going to be “old-fashioned” in that way, fine with me. But I wish they’d do more with it. I like your lines in which Barnabas reminisces about people memorizing poetry. Maybe he’s memorized some himself which he’d like to recite some time. 🙂 But yes, more of Barnabas missing the graces of his own time – wonderful. Though he’s also open-minded enough to recognize some of the same values in popular music. That was a nice touch.

I like Barnabas trying to learn sarcasm. Lots of luck. Were people into Kona coffee in the 1960s?
OK, now we’re at the part of the ep that I absolutely love. All this Barnabas and Maggie schmoopiness. Maggie remembering a music box, and looking into Barnabas’s eyes, and him taking her hand – oh my. I adore it. (I assume that in this reality, as in the real show, he kidnapped her and did the whole brainwashing bit, etc.? And yet she has *good* memories of a music box too.) Wow. They should just get a room. Not to be crude, but – wow.

And Peter and Victoria continue their road trip and landed…

Oh. My. God. That’s all I have to say.


Lots of goodies, and even a few uncertainties, but I remember Episode Five was a very tough one to finish. I hadn’t hit my stride yet. And I’ve learned it helps to have the script for some people as I’m only one person and I can’t do it all precisely, particularly under so much stress! However the enjoyment of the story itself is what I’m loving in this one.


Tito, May 1 2018:
I finally did some work for Episode 6. Hope you can use it! Peace!

The introductory sequence is pretty funny. Milligan is mourning the destruction of his love fantasy interest and Hecubus is appropriately sympathetic delivering hell hound hankies. . .stanky hell hound hankies at that! I’ve never heard the Underworld described as a “boys club”! I thought that that was a pretty funny comment!

In reviewing the next section I’ll take an opportunity to make a prediction . . .that perhaps hiding the painting in this location will increase the paintings powers. I mean I think Carolyn and Tony are doing the right thing in terms of confining the object but the choice of location might be problematic. We shall see I suppose. The two have a funny chemistry revealed in their conversation. There is a set up for a catastrophic “burn” that never materializes. When Tony cryptically says “I’ve touched worse” it’s pretty obvious that he’s not talking about her. I sort of picture him trying to snap out of a flashback memory of something gross in his past. Carolyn is confident enough in the whole mutual interest and friendship thing that she cracks a joke and then it is reassuring that Tony doesn’t get all defensive about it. . .”baby you know I wasn’t talking about you. . .you gotta believe me. . .I never lie! no lies are told!” if he said that I would consider it to be a red flag! So far out of a five point scale for relationship stability I am going to give this couple four points. Steady as a rock!

I was puzzled by the next part of the episode where Sam and Gregg are having a conversation about how Captain Gregg can’t jump into a body. I am picturing him to be a “talking painting” at this point so I’m wondering how he can drink wine. This could be just a problem with me having a shitty imagination or maybe listening comprehension problems. It’s funny how sometimes you can accept a fairly whimsical premise but then something like this can be like whoa. . .that’s scientifically impossible man! The more relevant aspects of their conversation deal with the complexities of the reincarnation system and how the circumstances of the Captain’s demise have resulted in limitations. In this conversation there are indications of potentials in the plot development that may yet bear the sweet fruit of tantalization.

In the next section there is some action at the Collinwood house where David has a flashback about going to the cemetery. Is that the same cemetery where the painting is now hidden? If so I must make a note of that. This may be a cemetery where some serious shit went down. This reminds me that Carolyn mentioned some kind of traumatic event, an abduction or something? I would be a shitty cop. . .of the few details I remember I would like barely remember something like an abduction! So it sounds like David has little interest in hanging out among the tombstones. I love the way Elizabeth goes “well, there you are”. . .she’s as bad as I am!

With his usual asymmetrical warrior technique . .Roger comes out and says yeah. . .go out and play with supernatural entities at the old house. I guess David lays the groundwork with the compelling argument that the introduction of Wadsworth has been a “game changer”. This is pretty cool though, maybe Roger has had a few and he’s had an epiphany you know?! Some translucent beclouding would do the kid good! Roger, like me, is drunk. Also like me he has implicit faith in the ability of Wadsworth to control the environment. I’m not worried about it. Burp!
David scurries off probably in disbelief at the freedom he has been given. It proves that it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Roger’s concern for his wife is touching (not) and totally hilarious “wife? Oh, yes. . I must confess she’s plagued me little as of recently.” I’m giving them a two out of five on my relationship stability scale. That’s being generous!

Roger tears it up again in his assessment of the Seaview Property. His surfer reference made me think of the potential for a “vampire surfer” spin off. In the liner notes for Camper Van Beethoven’s record “vampire can mating oven” there was a description of a (probably fictional) 60s B-movie called Vampire Surfers in which emaciated and tanless caped vampires squared off against wholesome California wavehounds! Those were entertaining if not terribly informative liner notes. When Elizabeth quails at the prospect of injury of would be surfers, Roger delivers another “kicker” :
“this estate is built on scandal. .helloooo!

Roger nails it! Acerbic. That’s his turf. The sequence ends with Elizabeth raising the possibility that Victoria might be part of the Collins clan for real. I have no concept of the significance of this but it sounds important! We’ll see if I can eventually figure this shit out. (It might help to actually watch Dark Shadows!)

The next scene is a lengthy conversation between Dr. Hoffman and Barnabas in which there are agreements (regarding who deserves a slapping) and disagreements. I guess Hoffman considers Barnabas’ interest in Maggie a problem. Then this becomes part of a wager in a high stakes game of cribbage where Barnabas holds his romantic ambitions in the balance and then Hoffman literally holds Willie Loomis hostage in some kind of institutional setting promising to release him if she loses. This follows up on some threads of previous episodes but I can’t remember the specifics. The sequence is pretty cool and it becomes like three games at once, cribbage being one, gambling and then Wadsworh AKA “dungeon master” playing everyone like human puppets! I can’t wait until the “Wadsworth Diaries” are released! Actually he seems a bit shocked by the seriousness of the wager as he plays his role in officiating. “These People are animals” he’s probably thinking!

If I was writing this series I would probably have Willie Loomis emerge from the institution with a list of crazy songs and a band comprised of the criminally insane (ala Roky Erikson). They could cover “Night of the Vampire”!

I just adore Tito’s great knowledge of the 1960’s overall. Wandering into personal reflections has been a pastime I’ve loved since I learned how to speak, and reviewers are most welcome to go into that reverie!


Guiding Light . Aug 8, 2017:
LOVE the applause and the groan when the coffee shop was mentioned! Exactly what I was feeling! Yay, Hecubus! Yes, definitely pick up where Maggie paused when he called her Josette. Are you sh****ing me? I haven’t the innards. OMG! So freakin’ funny! Can’t wait to see what alternative song(s) are chosen for “London Bridges”. The Lurch impression was awesome! You totally nailed The Addams Family interactions… sounded just like a conversation they would’ve had on the show!
It was a good scene for the two couples. I love how Morticia wins over Victoria by giving her the shawl.

I love how Elizabeth asks about Tony’s intentions, and the subtle quips work well; don’t they do that in cars, thrusting the door open as if she was matron of the manor. You were right! One of the best scenes “Aren’t you just the dandy” – LOL! Clandestinity – what a great word! I love that they won’t let him stay in the house! Great running sound.

Maggie feels a bit “different”… great line coming from her! The poison reference was great! Yay! ! A dance between Barnabas & Maggie! I love this scene for these characters! So romantic and gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling! What a great relationship that’s developing between these two!

The whole My Fair Lady reference was comical. Perfect song at the end! So glad Nicholas Blair got stuck down there.

Also a bit from Melissa’s take on Episode Seven, it was a lot!

Maggie’s feeling different as she confessed to the bartender. Asking Bob, “If a dashing old world gentleman with a cane wanders in would you point him in my direction?” LOVE!

Can’t help but point out all I loved in the scene at The Blue Whale…
Good choice of music that they dance too as well. I was grocery shopping and was about to leave the lot when the dance scene started. I kept the car running and just sat and listened and loved every moment of it! Smiling at Shoprite listening to the B&M pas de deux…

This scene is one of your absolute best. I kept visualizing Barnabas dancing with Maggie… there is definite purpose in every word Barnabas says to Maggie. High voltage charm on Barnabas’ part *heart*

Daryl, I ADORE the way you nailed, and I mean NAILED, Barnabas’ unctuous, quiet, but potently seductive charm from Jonathan’s style in the pre-1795 episodes during the dance scene. Reminds me of the screen-cap at The Old House where a drained Maggie has a knowing smile on her face while Barnabas gazes erotically down at her.

Prof. Stokes and Dr. Hoffman:
“I’m no Prof. Higgins, but if you keep up this line of suggesting, and I’ll be determined to call you Col. Pickering.” LOL

Ah, Nicholas Blair at The Collinsport Inn… “Beelzebub, what a crock and a half!” LOL “Hey, little devil!” Your Nick Blair voice is good too; you get his rat a tat tat delivery.


S K . May 23, 2017
I think it is neat that the hosts realize reincarnation in Collinsport is everywhere. Sure makes living there much easier to just accept it. Heh, Marilyn Ross! DS novels—& Willie wanting to know “what happens”. Sure won’t find out anything about Collinsport without a book! Oh and so who was HE in a past life to catch on to all this?

The Collinsport Afghan! 😀 Yeah right – that Tony & Carolyn are still surprised by the supernatural in Collinsport! Carolyn’s giggle is adorable! & just like hers! Your Carolyn is spot on! Funny that they figure out who Mrs. Muir was talking to. Addams – “the family that preys together” 🙂 Good for Victoria! Learn fencing while you have the chance! I have learned that in life, missed a lot of opportunities.

Angelique: “Give a woman a hand.” (The hand of Petofi!) Sassafras, yes, to treat syphilis. Tony & Carolyn go to the woods, ha, like nothing will happen there. Barnabas: “Perhaps I’ll get it right this time”, yeah, Good luck with that!

I bet the ticket person liked the beer better than money. Love Mama Cass! Cool to add in Monterey Pop Festival. I’ve been missing this hippie music. I’ve a friend who plays this all the time. Now I’m gonna have to watch it on youtube!


Pasa Mia. Nov 19, 2017
The music sounds like something a music box would play. Move it along, Hecubus! LOL I do like Hecubus has more of a better following, & his master does the mocking claps. And to take SO long to introduce his master is great! MAN-SERVANT MASTER! ! LMAO Busted on the lust! ! Gossip keeps people happy – so true! ! Couches & drive-ins are good for first base, give the couple a piece of her mind for something that was between 2 adults. Carolyn as her own kid! ! And to be such a prude of her behavior, since she was younger! ! For shame! LOL Victoria Winters is hers too! ! How did those two not be a few stories? To see Lily! YES!

How do you think of a candy dish while making out?! Make up free mornings, I laughed hard at that! Eye licking, to take off mascara! ! YUCK! LOL Knowing your mom by her big hair is sad, and she knows she is in TROUBLE?! And Hecubus & Master interrupting the scene a few times.

Passed out while the “blaze” turned into “embers”, what a shame, and then turned to ashes. At least Wadsworth put a blanket on them. No funny business! And the stuffed bird being alive after all! How scary! And for Barnabas to be a little clueless on what he has, but Maggie is so sure he had stuff! Josette’s room, oh no! A chamber pot with a dead rat, nasty! And to get scored by Wadsworth, LOL. Brittanica! ! Haven’t heard that in years! ! They are one of the same woman! !

Playing Bloody Mary?! What a game! Then to order a round of Bloody Mary drinks! LOL with a list longer than Jack The Ripper’s, & Mary had to ask?! Jeremiah Collins will make Mary pay! And to be happy with Phyllis yet with her, good! Good to see someone knows his secrets! Angelique to be dead again… Nicholas was SO disgusted.

To make the notes so easy to play, and sing like that, compared to the rest of us who can’t play it right at all! Let’s see if the biscuits are better than the music, how funny! MEUNSTER! Instead of Munster! LOL, Like the cheese! LMAO (I do love that.)

Lily being SO happy Lizzy called! And remembering her so fondly! And to help, no qualms at all, like they talked just the other day – And to get to go to Collinwood finally! Doing more than just chat! Awesome call! GRANDPA! ! LIZZIE BORDEN?! NO! (hahahaha) Bitty Dame! LOL! I love the banter between them both! And Marilyn in charge?

To have a compass to remember Sam’s French and passings along the life of the dead, very cool! ! “Never tied to an apron string nor be put by the fire like a pet poodle!” Great saying, Capt. Gregg! Broken compass? But wait, the Captain is its true due North to bring him back, unlike Mrs. Muir who calls out to the air. BEWITCHED! !

Weren’t you wearing that last…? Nevermind… English muffins and coffee… so drool! LOL, fire engine with its lights on, but no fire, no ticket taker, & a full moon, & a disembodied beer bottle coming of a car. What a night! ! A heeled and dress shoe, poor girl! LOL

Kooky Caleb’s ghost! To ruin the workers day by seeing him? Doubtful! ! Finding fond memories around the loose baggage is nice for Elizabeth to hear herself think again. To have a cracking fire soothe Roger’s odd baggage too. To be so sad after a nice trip with Lily, but to look forward to going on another on together. PUNK/NEW WAVE MUNSTERS MUSIC! ! I LOVE IT! !


Lisa W. May 29, 2016
Barnabas answering the door and telling off the Better Homes and Gardens rep was funny. He was clipped, curt and almost withering.

(I had to include that! Hahahaha!)

Melissa . Oct 19, 2015
Funner pointers for me-

Master: Doesn’t that guy still own him a check? LOL Hecubus: Master, can’t we go to Windcliff and give him (Willie) a big bear hug? *heart* Master’s is still smitten with Angelique – even a dead one! LOL! I love Mrs. Johnson saying, “I certainly don’t want to see my son!” Dirtbag, no-good son, Harry – LOL Her and David both enjoy not being so scared all the time. Uh – Yeah!
Hangover cures… Wadsworth goes silent when B asks for his first name. Interesting… Maggie: Wadsworth’s name isn’t that important right now. Great with Maggie not minding that the bird came right to her. They seem to know each other. -All the “s” s look like “f”s.- LOL Excellent on her familiarity of the earrings – memories and fragments of memories coming back to her.
To Barnabas’ answer the door… Better Homes & Gardens showing up. Oh Boy here comes trouble! Great with Barnabas’s responses: “NNNNOOOO!” This is not in any manner, fashion or mirage, a convenient moment!… And did it ever occur to you that there might be a reason for that (no phone)? …Bless us, does no one write letters anymore?! …That’s the nice thing about the new zip codes. It’s given me something else to contemplate. While I look through whose subscription I wish to CANCEL!

And I just love Maggie busting a gut at how Barnabas handled the BH&G overly chipper guy. “I wish I could take you home to answer my door!” LOL Such a joy to hear Barnabas &Maggie having a fun, spontaneous experience. Love Maggie’s line, “People don’t understand you. You’re so mod and way out. Somehow you follow your own way and it works.” Okay, Daryl, THAT scene was brilliant! *applause*

Great fun with Gomez remarking to Jeff that there is something fetching about watching 2 women fighting with swords. For Blair and Mr. Wells? DS music in the background is priceless. Moustache twirling Nick “looking for new damsels to pursue.” Nick: “Damn landlords. Now I have to start all over again! WHAT?!” hee, hee Mr. Wells trying to get Nick to pipe down. The Shriners convention in all the other rooms. LOL Look, Mitch Miller! LMAO! “All that chanting going on!” – LOLOL Master excited that the spell gave Angie back her youth. Oh, is he smitten with the Witch Bitch!
And down in the lobby? Mildred: “Singing along with Mitch, again? LOL

Awwww, David and Sarah are reunited *heart* If they’re going to get to The Old House together they have to hold hands – super sweet and adorable! In Schooner Bay:
Carolyn: “Grabbing my hand for that spark of electricity again? *love* “Captain, are you in here?” Harp strumming (nice touch) – Captain Gregg materializes: “Now I am!” More harp strumming – lol Peeping Thomasina – hahahahaha Disney/Patrick McGoohan film reference 🙂 Sound affects when Captain Gregg re-hangs the picture. awesome! Gregg remarking how Tony referred to him as a “seaman”. nice!

For the next scene I simply adore Maggie confessing that the reason she wanted to keep working at the coffee shop was to see Barnabas. *double hearts* They hear David and Sarah outside. They BOTH see Sarah! OMG! M: I think I might faint.” B: You wouldn’t be alone. D: Wow you look almost as pale as you used to Sarah remembering another rhyme Barnabas taught her – aawwwww love it! Sarah happy that Maggie & Barnabas were at The Old House again in a good way this time. Sarah telling Barnabas about her illness and the tea remedy. Barnabas running out of the room and screaming in rage at an Angie traumatic memory. Well done! Poor Barnabas worried that Angie is returning to cause trouble and Sarah reassures big brother that it’ll be okay. Wow!

Really loved Barnabas saying, “Sarah Makepeace Collins, You may have anything in the realm of my powers I can give you!” He still adores her! (A sea captain urged Sarah to come back. Awwwww)

Then, finally, Lily arrives at Collinwood – YAY!

“Still loving ghosts” – reminds me of Barnabas reviving Josette with heartbreaking consequences and her ghost haunting TOH in the pre-Barnabas episodes.
Daryl, the Barnabas & Maggie, David and Sarah scene was a pure gem, quite possibly the most moving scene you’ve done thus far. All this wonderful reuniting and healing happening with Barnabas & Maggie & Sarah. BEAUTIFUL! And only YOU could do it with your particular brand of magic.

BRAVO, dear sister!


MetJetPat . Oct 12, 2015
I loved how the mortician started sizing up Nicolas right away and telling him to plan for the future. How Blair is having Angelique pose as his grandmother because of the painting. And the Martinique references of Angelique’s past; the mortician must know something.I noticed a missing fish in Hoffman’s office. Talking about willie learning basic skills. Stokes finishing her sentences, dated books never seeing her patients. getting a heads up about Maggie and her memory… I always hated that on the show since Julia was sort of evil then.

Great on Tom Jennings thinking Blair is a helper, waxing his mustache comment. Not taking any of Blair’s crap Blair never gets respect. Caleb’s references to the later DS episodes I’m watching now. I don’t get the reference either lol. Was waiting for the schweps of essense line. Caleb’s a hoarder. Wadsworth and Barnabas come to an understanding, both are rather weary… kids will do that to you.

Sam is trying to make Barnabas admit he is from a different time not realizing he is a vampire.I hope Maggie finally realizes what happened to her and is afraid of Barnabas like she should be. I also hope Barnabas and Julia get exposed for hiding Maggie’s memories and spend some time at windcliff or the collinsport jail .or Barnabas gets seal up in his coffin again for eternity or another Willie comes to let him out which ever comes first. heh heh

Thx again for your hard work.

And people who show so much appreciation? You are WELCOME!

Forever Knight  Apr 27, 2016
Poor Sir Simon…though he considers himself the master and Hecubus this servant, one gets the sense this may not be necessarily true. Hecubus seems to be gaining in stature. It’s funny to listen to them. And as always, the applause always cracks me up.

The language included in the introduction and throughout the episode is crisp, descriptive and paints a picture, like a painter covers the canvas with his art.

Though the episode proposes to be very serious, Sir Simon and Hecubus lend some comic relief.

Sam using the Maine Black Bears seemed funny. I suppose it’s because it seems so obscure and kind of strange to bring them up at such a serious moment.

Maggie’s concern is a possibility I hadn’t thought of before regarding past lives. After being transported to a past life, would it intrude on ones present? That is a scary notion and I think that’s a worry I’d be concerned about. Very astute to bring that point up.

The music as Dr. Hoffman begins the process of hypnosis, truly lends to the eeriness of the moment.

Maggie’s breath quickening was scary. I was wondering, just as though I was watching a movie, what she was experiencing. And then Hansel Bachmeyer burst onto the scene; that was funny.

Obviously this was a surprise to Sam and certainly a character I wasn’t expecting. I’ve heard the theory that we can be female in one lifetime and male in the next. Just that theory without the story is scary.

Hansel’s outburst of “here it comes again, get down” made me laugh, as did Sam’s reactions to Hansel. (I liked the Hansel character, he is interesting and funny.)

Kitty’s appearance was disturbing; she obviously was scared and depressed. But as the session progressed and the names Kitty had used became apparent, I both expected and kept hoping it would reveal that Maggie was Josette, and when that happened, I was elated.

I became aware, as the story progressed; I had no difficulty accepting that I was listening to three different individuals, very good job convincing me of that.

As Maggie is progressed back, the music adds to the drama and the mood. I may be wrong but I think the song I’m hearing is “This Nearly was Mine” which talks about one life and one love to be living for, which would be appropriate. Whatever the music, it was sometimes eerie and sometimes haunting and truly lent to the atmosphere. Widow’s hill was so frightening. Just the thought of that place is scary.

It’s especially frightening as Maggie fights to regain Maggie Evans and the present, due to some unknown terror, unrevealed at that moment. Though this portion of the episode was extremely well acted, it’s difficult to listen to someone so upset and disturbed.

Sir Simon’s remark, as Josette reveals Barnabas is coming, is funny and comedy relief at such a tense moment.

The plot thickens as it’s revealed Barnabas has kidnapped and locked Maggie in a room and it was frightening to consider what might come next. Since the hypnosis is used to reveal a troubled past and some mental block of a terrible incident, I could only speculate the events were only going to get worse.

The narrator’s suggestion that Sam is not pleased is obviously a grave understatement. Sam is obviously upset that the Barnabas he knows in the present, is despicable in the past, and this revelation was very disappointing to me. Barnabas clearly loves Maggie so much and to think he could do this to Maggie (Josette) was very ’s intriguing as Sam divulges some of his thoughts regarding what happened in the present as opposed to the past of Josette.

And as I suspected in past episodes, it was a trauma from Maggie’s past life that prevented her from remembering the past, with good reason. As Josette let’s go and she seems to relax in her past life, the music, I felt, was instrumental in conveying that. Sam’s one word clue “Bingo”. It was funny to me as it is revealed Maggie was in 1795 Collinwood, obviously the time Sam was hoping would be disclosed and I was happy we reached that point too.

The terror Josette was feeling was almost too much too bare.

Angelique’s awakening was scary and the music suggested this was not a good moment for her, to say the least. I’m wondering what she looks like as she obviously has no reflection. Has she turned into a vampire? …I’m really interested to find out what’s happened in respect to Angelique.

I think it’s very interesting, that Sarah has moments where she’s not quite sure what’s happening or why. Intriguing as the thunder ushers in the revelation of all the factions awakening and a feeling of something big on the horizon. Sarah’s remarks to Barnabas, gives a feeling of something foreboding and it also saddens me that Sarah may not be around for much longer, I hope that isn’t true.

Poor Maggie sounds so drained by her experience. I can understand her regret, as the regression seems to have brought more distress and questions than its brought answers. The fact that Sam takes the medallion is kind of funny.

Poor Captain Gregg, Endora is certainly giving him problems; I bet he wishes he’d never tangled with her!

When the Captain yells at Sam to mail the check, that was funny, The Captain is so forceful. With both Captain Gregg and Dr. Hoffman’s help, the past lives of Sam and Maggie have been revealed. I think it’s important for Sam to show his appreciation by sending the check. Captain Gregg and Sam’s conversation on the way to the mailbox was intriguing.

I thought it was interesting to recount all the inventions that Barnabas was exposed to, having lived in such a different century, being buried so long in a coffin. That was quite a list and a revelation of how many inventions would have been around after all that time and kind of funny too how it might affect someone. (A lot of research, thank you Daryl.)

Another ten points to Caleb for giving Blair such a hard time and I’m glad that Tom Jennings seems to like Caleb. I thought it was very touching when Tom said Caleb had him as a chum. And Lily is always so upbeat; I love her outlook on life and in this situation. I hope Elizabeth will listen to Lily and Tom.

I liked Carolyn Stoddard’s analogy of watching boats and how they fare instead of looking to the horizon. In life, it’s often more rewarding to take each situation as it comes than trying to take on aspects so large that they are overwhelming, and I certainly agree. Similarly the idea of taking one thing at a time and being willing to change as each event happens or bend with the wind would certainly be good advice too, in some respects.

I was really surprised at Carolyn Stoddard’s reaction to Barnabas whispering that he was responsible for Jason McGuire leaving town. I thought she was going to get upset, but instead was so appreciative, that was great, as was the enjoyment of seeing Barnabas and Carolyn getting along so well. I thoroughly enjoyed this segment of the episode, very pleasant conversation between Carolyn and Barnabas, and though Barnabas does his best to make Carolyn feel good with his comment, Carolyn’s good advice about many aspects, I think is much more beneficial. I really liked the comment about how repressing memories, may cause something to grow in its place, something even worse than what was repressed.

Interesting conversation between Sarah and Barnabas, as I believe she is talking about being a ghost and being permanently dead. It made me wonder, if Barnabas was to die, as a vampire, would that eliminate him from ever being reincarnated?

It was an “Awww” moment, when Barnabas says Sarah will always be his angel. And though this was a comment of how he felt about Sarah, perhaps she is more angelic than he realizes regarding her brother.

I like the comment that Sarah keeps repeating “Don’t give up hope, there’s always an answer to everything”, obviously she knows something about what is going to happen.

After all it seems Barnabas has done to Josette in the past, the realization that Maggie is truly Josette, has to hurt. And as the ending song talks about life crashing around you and you wish your life was over, this feeling isn’t really uplifting. I felt so sorry for Barnabas at that moment. Now Maggie is remembering everything that Barnabas had done to her as Josette.

The repetition regarding the comment of being a doll, instead of being treated as a human, makes it seem like there is no hope for Barnabas. But please Barnabas remember the words of your sister, your angel, “Don’t give up hope, there’s always an answer to everything.”

All the sound effects, (loved the sound of the ocean and beach) and the music was excellent, as was the story and acting.

Thank you so much, Daryl



Warren Freeman chapter 13 . Mar 8, 2015
Before people criticize they kind of need to realize what makes an artist and what makes a person that takes what Gene Roddenberry wrote…

You see you left the mock-up part along time back, you’re doing real writing now. BY THE BY, You’re doing a damn good job at it too. As I said, I’m glad you want to put “HUMOR” in your work and this is a great thing. But what you’ve done goes a little past “HUMOR”, (THIS IS A GOOD THING) your working on something serious (ACTUALLY, IF YOU WANTED TO GO BACK TO A FLUFFY PIECE OF FAN FICTION I’M NOT SURE YOU COULD).

Episode 13 is a wonderful episode, but you need to know while there are some good laughs, actually the episode is not so much about laughs, (RIGHTFULLY SO)

Let me start with, WILLIE and WADSWORTH. I loved it! I don’t know but you actually made that such as it’s gotten a life of its own and isn’t even a simple “MASH-UP” of the two works, but blends them into something new. You should “GLOW” at this moment and after reading this maybe call your husband in to tie a string to your foot so you don’t float away. Your creation went beyond “FAN FICTION” a long time ago, and in many other examples, but this is a great example of where you’ve set what you’re doing as real writing and not just writing what others have written and put your name too it.

You have gone beyond what the creators of “CLUE” and “DAN CURTIS” were doing and you did it so well. Really, if you want constructive criticism, that pretty much sums up every scene and aspect of “EPISODE 13”. You should beam. You’ve done wonderful things and really complimented all the characters from the different shows here and the character from the different shows in past episodes.

“I DON’T WORK HERE” Made me laugh.

The discussion between Hoffman and Barnabas and the discussion between Barnabas and Maggie, The Chase Scene with Hoffman and Maggie. All this is new ground never touch, “HELL” never dreamed of by the creators of any of the shows, I can give you some advice, you can’t go back, but then why would you want to? You’re going into a new territory, though the problem is that makes it harder, but you couldn’t have gotten here if you didn’t have the ability.

O. K. The swearword, in scene one, it fits, so don’t sweat it. The scene is not fluff, you’re covering ground that should be covered and while I haven’t read “EVERYTHING” Dark Shadows, I thing you’re the first with the sense and guts to cover this ground and you did such a great job.

As for Hoffman and Barnabas. You had them say what needed to be said, but even greater, this isn’t just a diving board for a chase scene, I’m sure it seemed like it when you recorded it, but I think, somewhere, somehow the spirit of the characters grabbed your hand and said, “O. K.. Tim Burton didn’t do it, Dan Curtis DIDN’T DO IT, but you will do what we’ve waited for someone to do, we’ll make you do it!” If you don’t want to… “TOO LATE”. I also love your use of info for “Beetlejuice” By Caleb. I liked it then, I like it now.

The Scene On “Widow Hill” with Maggie/Josette and Barnabas. Priceless, yes the humor was great, I loved the “RIGHT HOOK LINE” and she “YOU NEVER STAYED AROUND LONG ENOUGH” line but this is just another example of where you stepped away from, “HUMOR”, “FLUFF”, “COPYING”, “FAN FICTION” and have become a REAL WRITER doing REAL WRITING. I said it before, I’ll say it again the needed you on the Tim Burton “Dark Shadows” and if they make a sequel you better be the “FIRST” person they call. Now if purist can’t take it, well then “$%&$&$&” on them! They wouldn’t know real art if it BIT THEM.

I hope your head is not getting too scratched by the ceiling or have I really put my foot into it and now YOUR HUSBAND HAS TO FIX A HOLE IN THE ROOF? FLOAT A LITTLE YOU DO DESERVE IT! BUT GET YOUR HUSBAND TO YOUR FOOT SO WE DON’T HAVE TO SEND A SPACEDRAFT TO FIND YOU.
As I said, what you thought was a nice ‘MASH-UP” of “Clue” and “Dark Shadows” isn’t. You’ve blazed a new trail. You should embrace it, then keep going into the uncharted woods.”

The point of episode 13 is coming down the side of an arc to tie things up. To do serious writing as a “REAL WRITER” this you do exemplary. Laughs at this point are just there to keep your audience from squirming. I love the “3 out of 6 relationships resolved” “Now On to the rest…eesh!” at the end. But no, this is not an episode about laughs and you’ve done a wonderful job.

Thank You!

I just dig that more for the blatant show of not giving a darn about any group-think, status-quo, or Joneses to “keep up with”. Bless him.

Osheen Nevoy.  Jan 23, 2016
I guess I got more than halfway through on my previous review for Ep. 13, so I should be able to race through the second part of this at the fevered pace I felt as I listened to it. The building tension level from the moment we first start hearing the depths of Barnabas’ depression as he talks with Julia is astounding. I got tense and nearly frantic-feeling just reading it again in starting to work on this review. Barnabas’ “other avenues of existence to explore … and I think I’ve held them off long enough,” and then his “I could be with Sarah … for good” and the line about wanting to find out precisely what Josette went through-they are amazingly intense. It becomes suddenly so stunningly, blindingly obvious what he’s about to do, and makes the listener/reader (at least this listener/reader) feel exactly the same as Julia does in that moment. And I love her “Who the hell ever responds to that one?” in answer to her own “Wait-come back!” Too darned true. They never do come back, do they? And the whole chase sequence in the car-all of it, the interactions of Julia, Maggie and Stokes, Maggie’s resistence to the idea of helping Barnabas, the “doctor not a saint” line and Stokes’ interjection “Angel of mercy, more like it”-the multi-faceted tension and humor of it is brilliant. The horrible realization of “Widows’ Hill” followed by “watch out for that squirrel!” Absolutely perfect juxtaposition of the appalling and the hilarious. Ha, I wonder which Collins the squirrel might be. Carl, perhaps, or maybe Gabriel. 🙂 Interesting speculation on Julia’s part about the Prof never having stopped serving the Collins family, and I like his “I have a feeling I have been waiting to see this for a very long time.” Maggie’s “Dont do it! At least … not yet” is very interesting indeed. The mixed feelings, all the conflicting priorities going on in there. And of course her good right hook … It’s fascinating that this is what finally wins him, what revives his interest in something other than death. The “you never stayed with me long enough to find out” and “would you let me this time”-it’s a moving, understated, gentle but not sappy, and absolutely perfect foundation for the beginning of their new relationship. I like that it is still tentative, still filled with the anger, the pain, but that it is able to see the possibilities beyond that. It’s not a Hollywood musical ending-it’s a real life ending. And a beginning, too, of course.


That’s likely the longest log entry I’ve ever put together, but the nice thing is it has that touch of Kathryn Leigh Scott’s books about Dark Shadows: trying to include everyone into the mix and get a community spirit going about the whole piece. Of course, I can’t get everyone’s goodies into a single log entry, but, I can do more later if ye all would like.

Anyway, if you’ve reviewed your delights? I do revere you, particularly if you are still with me, of course. And I even treasure the short casual highlights, too. But this was mainly to show that we’re good for season one and if anyone is wanting to pitch in for season two? I do await your words of enjoyment in all their diversity. ❤

You’ve Been Playing A Video Game

You’ve been playing a video game and I’m sorry to learn it, but it beats not knowing. Everything coming clear means a great many embarrassments come into being. My worry now is watching tons of people playing pretend to manage with things they are ashamed to admit to doing, or having lost control of themselves and not being able to face it. They pretend. Pretend nothing changed, pretend everything is fine, pretend we are the people we have always been and no one and nothing influenced us to be anything worse.


Subscribers make sense to me. You get a sense of someone interested with a subscription. “Followers” sounds extremely shady to me, like a stalker; someone is following you around. Or having “followers” like a religious cult-leader. Yuck-O…


Friend can be a pivotal word. One needs to engage for a long time to earn that title and personal behaviour changes the out come as time moves along. Using a button which requests friendship is one of the sickest ventures I can recall ever going along with. This is a video game manoeuvrer. Just as a like-click is or some other method of relaying emotion or feelings with a button press. You’ve taken a video game controller to your loved ones and been amassing points from them and towards them with this method. This is why what is known as social media is so anti-social. Machine elements and scoring was given to you and some of you may have never even played a video game before or you had and decided you weren’t fond of them.


Humans generally require more complex attention and interaction. Narratives work for many of us as it shows behaviour that is somewhat natural minus certain outlandish parts that we understand are to make a story more interesting. This is why in most storytelling we have something called, “suspension of disbelief”. Another facet of enjoying fiction that I’m not too sure we’re being taught about these days.


Telephone calls work, even conversations by text that are fluid enough, letters work also when the structure is learned. Face to face socializing is the most direct method of communication. Without it we don’t learn very much. There is a saying, “Teaching by example isn’t the best way, it is the only way.”


Video games can be very fun and rewarding when what you are involved in is a complete fiction, just as board games can be. The reality is you are playing but the games themselves are a diversion from real life, something to enjoy and you sometimes have competition with fictional characters. Video games are safe when the world is fictional. Or perhaps it’s a flash-card game to improve one’s mathematics, language, or music reading skills. We have a lot of games in vision-therapy based on personal improvement alone.


What we have been experiencing with the rise of “social” networking is something that is extremely close to a video game. The tragedy is that it has involved real people with real lives. That’s why it is so unhealthy and had been destroying so many of our relationships. We knew something was “off” but it is addictive and occasionally useful so we keep using it. One thing that is natural about all of this is we humans often do things that are bad for us.


I’m grateful pinterest dispensed with their “like” button. I’m hoping other networks will follow that suit but I have my doubts. It is truly horrifying to see so many reasonable humans turn into image sharing robots in order to find out how many “likes” or points they will gain from it in a network group, but that is the big degradation to human personality that has taken place.



Now the question is: how do we find our way to a more healthy form of living again? Moreover, how do we deal with being taken advantage of and behaving badly? For myself, and other letter-writers, it’s so much easier than for others. I observe my own behaviour and try to apologize when necessary. I make efforts to find alternatives to stop my own madness. That’s why my embarrassment for using a social network after I log out goes down. I have come to realize that my more limited use is nothing near the continual excess of so very many more people than I can comprehend.


Actual video games, by computer or otherwise, not associated with any other person or connected to any network, has been a great form of “methadone” against desiring using “social” media. I’ve made that suggestion to pen friends, and even those I would never anticipate wanting to play them have admitted it’s a great idea. Even Klondike with a card deck on the screen. So that is a good first step.


Letter-writing for communication, even just by email, has also been helpful. If one has no pen pals, one can journal to themselves. Victoria Winters even wrote letters and mailed them to herself at the foundling home as a child. Talking on the telephone has also been a boon to me, especially the calls with better reception.



But as for the uncertainty? That might take something I can’t provide. Owning up to mistakes has been at a major low for some time now. Which brings more clarity for why Barnabas-haters became so prevalent. After his villainous tendencies wear off on Dark Shadows, he is often kicking himself for his wrongs and owning up to his mistakes where and when he can. In a world of encouraged narcissism this style of character, one that accounts for his errors, is not one that would be well-loved. I’d say there is no time like the present to start loving him and thinking of how he handles things to help you with owning-up.


So that’s one suggestion. There might be a therapy group near you to help “social” network users to go through the steps of recognizing what our mistakes have been. It’s often easier to take big steps if a group is involved, as humans do look for large groups to guide them, which is why a lot of this networking stuff grabbed us: so many others were doing it, and we were looking for our others.



What I see right now is that pretense, though. It’s a bit chilling but at least I know what it is and why it’s there. What one doesn’t understand is difficult to see, and very often we want a “simpler” explanation for it, so? We make one up! And if we find out we were wrong about it? We simplify that by pretending we never said it. Tough thing to do in this new world where almost everything is being recorded for documentation, isn’t it?


And this is likely why I terrify people; I understand this world because I intentionally lived in it with recordings and writing things down. I reflected on my words and the words of others since I was at least six years old. I also had people getting snooty about letters that I wrote when I was in my teens, none of which said anything horrible at all.


But that pretense, pretending nothing bad happened, is a rough path, my friends. It’s like trying to delete the obvious because it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. The more you try to do it, the more other things will arise that you have to pretend also don’t exist or didn’t happen. Similar with lying. One lie often leads to another until it’s a cascade and you get caught out.


This is why when I said “The Kinks” in my February 2018 Pit Update and discovered the band was really The Who, I went to two locations to put in a typed correction. (This web log and podomatic.) Did anyone catch that? I was quick about it! I suppose I could re-edit the track and release it without “The Kinks” but mistakes are a sad fact of life. And why bother editing more audio with an audience who barely listens or pretends not to be a listener? (Not all of you, of course, but a large number.) I made another mistake last June, I believe about The Addams Family and The Munsters airing dates. G’ah! But again, who really is paying any attention?


And yet, that’s how extreme the pretense has gotten. Coming to me to help with an error means you would have to (((gasp))) admit you are a listener of the show. That avoidance started so many years ago and you’re STILL trying to cover it up so… you can’t say anything.


You see? When you don’t own up the problem just gets bigger and bigger and bigger until you trap yourself. So all I can advise on that score is asking yourself, “What happened?” Try to remember how it started. Look for ways it might have made sense as to why you pretended something to begin with. Make observations.


I’m actually hoping that someone can own up because there are hundreds of others you just might relieve as it probably happened in the same way to them as well. Wouldn’t that be nice? Helping others to feel better? That’s one of the reasons accountability is such a wonderful thing. There was even a character made  out of it called Jiminy Cricket.



One scarier aspect of all of this is I didn’t realize, since I wasn’t on the “social” networks much, is we all were socializing with a video game system. I was engaged in a lot of activities, but one of the many things I was stuck to in 2013 was, in fact, a video game called Animal Crossing.


That particular game only has a monetary point system, really. You get fun stuff from that, but Animal Crossing has a knack for being a fictional world which navigates a great deal like real life. It’s enticing with cute animals for your neighbours who have recognizable patterns of behaviour that don’t repeat with others too often. Sending letters and receiving them with gifts can happen. There is a mailman, Pete, there is a mayor (who is usually asleep), a town hall, fishing, a museum, clothing store, a general store, cafe, bus to a city and back, and with internet access you can experience the Animal Crossing towns of others. I actually spoke with a microphone and speaker to many strangers who were quite nice and fascinating to talk to.


The structure of that video game was far more social than social networks have been for years. The passage of time plays an important role as well since there is gardening involved, day and night, seasons, holidays, special events, and extremely convincing conversation to where, although these are cartoon style animals, the chat feels as if one is in a real town with real individuals. Even if you wrote your neighbours an incomprehensible letter they would notice that it was incomprehensible. In comparison it feels far more like real life than social networks do, as if those networks are a less advanced and poorly engineered video game.


I was sated for comfort with Animal Crossing during a time so many others were being swayed into using a style of video game which encouraged less use of skills in the art of conversation than my cartoon birds, bears and cats were achieving in a fictional world that had been manufactured for Nintendo.


That’s what’s scary. I didn’t question a lack of comments for The Pit in most of 2013 because, not knowing about the traffic graph, I presumed no one had bothered with the textual version yet, or those who did decided it wasn’t their cup of tea. I had no idea people online were losing something that the “neighbours” in my Animal Crossing town had an automatic ability to do with programming which was that sophisticated. Video games were bringing forth fictional characters that could be more human than humans themselves.


It’s little wonder what is happening to us now echoes so many speculative and science-fiction stories. When I get a message with a lewd request I think, “What is this? ‘Logan’s Run?”


And this is also why some of us were taught those stories in school: to prepare us. I first read “The War of The Worlds” radio script in my 6th grade text book. (I got a cassette copy a year or two later.) Don’t believe everything you hear on the radio, folks! Similar stunts are done with television and now? “Don’t believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” – Douglas Adams.


My Mum mentioned social media reminded her of “The Game” episode on Star Trek: The Next Generation. My friend, Melissa, was reminded of “Invasion of The Body Snatchers”. With the fandom politics trying to assimilate fans to a non-canon pairing? I’ve been reminded of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. And of course with the gas-lighting I heard and read on multiple levels, being told so much that obviously is untrue in real life and fiction? “1984” by George Orwell. Right now science-fiction and reality are blending too close for my own comfort!


It shows me how much I have come to truly admire Doctor Julia Hoffman. It isn’t likely she was pushed into becoming a doctor due to parental or peer-pressure. Against the expectations of her time period she became a doctor for herself. Another reason I appreciate Helena, Tiffany and Cassie writing on this web log to me about their longing for the Julia/Barnabas pairing, which is a healthy one in words to the effect of, “I enjoy it for me. It’s not for everyone.” This is what choice is all about and the freedom of that choice. Being different. That’s my own personal love for Doctor Hoffman. ❤



But for owning up to mistakes? I’m not sure what to advise. Perhaps you might go through old records, messages you’ve sent in a format that no one will distract you from them? Take steps into the last five years of what you’ve been saying or doing. Stop worrying about what everyone else is saying and concern yourself with yourself. That’s one thing this idea of constantly being “connected” ruined for us: Me-Time. Who wouldn’t go crazy starving for that?



Barnabas Collins was once dearly loved and one reason why is because he was sensitive, self-deprecating, loved his family and friends, turned from villain to anti-hero and then became the hero. A most progressive character. So progressive I can’t think of another that tops him. Like other vampires that came after him, he was aware of his curse, dreading the need to be a life that feeds off of other lives.


If that sounds familiar it ought to, because that is what we are. You don’t see cats in a state of remorse over a bird they’ve hunted down. It’s humans who have that remorse. We are the vampires feeding off of animals, but in other ways we also feed off of each other.


Why make a social network addictive? Money. Why make tasty food that isn’t nutritious for our fellow man? Profit. Why produce and sell movies interlaced with violence and spite? To catch viewers attention and increase the cash flow.



So if anyone has felt like a vampire enjoying The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows and hiding that you do? Barnabas Collins is the perfect role-model I can advise. Perhaps we can learn to love him again and not despise him so much. He does enough despising of himself on the show as it is.

Until next time? Play a video game, don’t let a video game play you. Turn off your smartphone, and log-out of your “social” network. Then find a really good game of solitaire and enjoy yourself. 🙂


Instructional Manual (April/May 2018)

aprile 2018 update 2c


Basic information for various sites for this series and how to use them to comment on episodes; this is mainly in the direction of the url

Plenty of guidance in how to use these sites. Welcoming if a listener only wants to focus on a single character, fandom or cameo.

Old internet rules for The Pit Crew. What makes me happiest: Commentary. Examples: My reading of Tito’s commentary for “Episode 5: Saving Pop” and Lisa’s commentary for “Episode 15: A Blundering Succubus”. Some examination of Willie and Sarah’s interactions, as well as Maggie merging her memories together.

Discussion of the “Dark Shadows” movie and Lisa’s wonderful reaction to that, and how I altered my offering to introducing more people to the series when it became more easily available. Social media, where it comes from, and how complaining about the people in areas that it comes from is paradoxical to our current social behaviour. (If one hates people on the West Coast, how is it applicable to use the addictive social tools they build to complain about them?)

How critiquing once had socially redeeming value and then degenerated into “bash-culture”, which is, ultimately, bad for your health. Pen pal information for L.W.A. and how Hidden Object and I maintained our friendship. The importance of correspondence. Our natural reactions to light and movement.

My struggle against social media addiction and the rewarding results. Helping a new fan of Dark Shadows and sending DVDs to her of the original series while comparing what she already knew. Consideration of villains and how they blend in to the storytelling. The importance of villains in stories, basic and complicated concepts. News about Auntie, too. How, oddly in this age, letter-writing is managing better than solely using the internet.

podomatic link here

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Lyrics for our pen friends in this project:

Celebrate the pale dawn, celebrate the birdsong,
Celebrate, this is your time,
Although we live in the wreckage and on the faultlines.

And everything we own is not everything we are,
With every word we breathe, we live, we live again.

Celebrate, there is no fear now,
There is no fear now for us to feel.
Celebrate, there is no fear now,
There is no fear now for us to feel,
For us to feel.


(The London) Suede “Faultlines”

Pit Update: February 2018

2018 Feb Update1a


News to pen friends and from pen friends.

Being in touch with “Auntie”. Reasons why DS Fandom went downhill during the onset of social media.

A short-list of online locations that became dead-ends for chat on “The Pit” show.

Uplifting commentary from current pen friends for Pit episodes, as well as great love for The Pit’s Q & A. 🙂

The Generation Gap implosion in recent years.

Sam and Maggie Evans as the best father-daughter combination on television. How there is so much to work with via Maggie and Barnabas’ relationship.

Farcical ideas for a Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows convention. (Idle, dry dreams!)

Descriptions of great pen pals that came forward due to The Pit and for far bigger reasons than any fandom involved.

Awesome stuff with Lisa and Melissa, and new ideas for Pit # 18 and # 19.

Wrapping up this show with a familiar song from podcast # 7 for a wonderful reason.

Theme songs for this show: “Doctorin’ the Tardis [12″]” by The Timelords and “Reach For The Sky” by Social Distortion.

Mail art for this podcast cover-image created by a lovely pen pal named Jason.


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Lyrics for our pen friends in this project:

Yesterday is history,
And tomorrow’s a mystery,
But being here right now,
It’s just about you and me.

You can run, you can hide,
Just like Bonnie and Clyde,
Reach for the sky,
Ain’t never gonna die.

And I thank the Lord for the love that I have found,
And hold you tight ’cause tomorrow,
May never come!

Reach for the sky ’cause tomorrow,
May never come,
Reach for the sky ’cause tomorrow,
May never come…




The Long Road Out of Facebook: Part One

[Much of this entry has come into being due to an old friendship hopefully renewed by postal mail after it was destroyed by Facebook and brain-hacking. Please bear that in mind.]

Dearest Friend,

Apology accepted! I wanted to hear from you but just not on Facebook was all. We did pretty well on that network until it became the status-quo *to* be on it. This is going to take a long time to explain so I’ll spend a day working on it and trying to devise the best way to explain to you what happened to all of us.

For my part, I take the stance of a wise character I love, “I’m just sorry it happened at all!”

This isn’t the 21st Century we were hoping for, is it?

I don’t consider myself the biggest fan of speculative or science-fiction, but wow. I’m glad I had that training to see so many warning signs so quickly.

The worst result is that each individual became part of a collective of Those To Whom The Rule Does Not Apply:

“Other people are addicted to social media, but not me.”

“Other people are behaving worse than they ever did, but not me.”

“Don’t let *those people* get you down… even though I happen to be one of them and don’t seem to realize that.”

Phew, this gets rather endless… and I recall all of these folks including those confirming to me, “Something IS wrong, and no doubt about it.”

Hence we are all to blame.

However, if anyone requires a villain in this mess then Menlo Park is a nice, fat, juicy one. (HQ of Facebook, and a place that gives off the “ewl” response considering the uppity wealth and snob factor coming out of there.) Yes, they like money. Lots and lots of money!

Facebook became this universe where everything was and from which no one could escape. I kept getting invites to pen pals groups there that never worked. I was trying to find other avenues for pen pals outside of Facebook since 2014. During that time I managed to acquire short-lived email pals who hated Facebook and then would ask me if I wanted to connect with them there. This happened frequently.

Heck, I got invites to various spots on Facebook from a cast member of DS in what I have presumed was the hope that whoever was in charge of those zones would be interested and perhaps they could help me with commentary for The Pit. Various groups and people seemed likely. It’s just that we were all using Facebook so this was, inevitably, all buck-passing.

Many people did the same style of invitations. Even my reaching websites outside of Facebook meant going to their Facebook areas instead of having any real one-to-one conversation beyond an email inviting me to their Facebook group.

One party. One company. One party. One company.

Then came the carbon copies. A pen pal of long ago invited me to Ello. Oh-h-h-h, so hopeful, but it was the same crap. Twitter? Slightly different but more or less the same; Marina Sirtis’ experience with Twitter has been a beacon in my life. Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Disqus, Quora… spam, spam, spam. Then there is tumblr, which hails from New York City, as the PCP version in all of this crack-cocaine and meth-amphetamine. (I’m currently looking at Google Plus as the pot-plantation. People get wacky sometimes but usually just lazy and mellow.)

Once upon a time Facebook worked. The news-feed came and everyone was talking and really talking. This is what the carbon copies kept trying to revive: the real thing. Real thought-sharing, real banter, real people getting to know each other or having conversations like they would in person.

One big problem was the like-button came into being a little while later in 2009. (I recently found an email complaining about this from a friend that was sent during 2011.) So when the carbon copies tried to revive the great chat that suddenly came into being from the news-feed they would always add some form of the like-button (+1, upvotes, hearts, etc.) and in that way the carbon copies could never work.

Somehow we all got caught up in this idea that it had worked once and if we just tried hard enough it would work again. That meagre 25% or less of it working meant we might be getting somewhere, when the truth of the matter is we were all fooling ourselves.

Good things come from Facebook, it’s true. But by the same token good things come from Walmart. I desire as little possible from either.

For myself, I kept ranting on Facebook and other carbon copies for people to email, to telephone, anything. I had to become suicidal before a few friends finally telephoned. It should not have had to take that severe a desire. But that is how beholden to the system so many people became. One cast member really worried about me when it got that bad, but… we all went back to Facebook anyway.

I kept looking outside, going inward, praying for “the crazy” to stop. It wouldn’t. I spoke with music, metaphors, my own suffering I wouldn’t normally tell anyone much less a public platform. All anyone could do, other than like-click, was blame something else: alcohol, the project, “those people”, various things that were only increased and enhanced by the social media madness.

Meanwhile, they wouldn’t tell me what they enjoyed in my work, but they would tell me all about who was on Facebook that they hated, or were pissed at and wanted to make fun of, or having my own listeners avoiding the topic of The Pit show while sending me photos, memes, and giving me bullcrap. High School A-Go-Go.

Kay finally broke out and started visiting. Jonah started telephoning again. Tito began to keep in touch better. As for so many others we shared in common or didn’t? They never got back in touch after several phone calls. Many wildly creative and rebellious types seem lost to us forever.

Then, finally, I made an example of myself. *I* would quit somehow.

I started at the end of 2016 and it took me about a year to get unhooked. Truly. “Falling off the wagon” is usually meant for returning to “the demon liquor”. For me “falling off the wagon” became using Facebook. It was harder than quitting smoking or quitting alcohol.

I shot for one week away, and then adding a day to that week the next time around. I didn’t realize I wasn’t getting farther than a week because I was miscounting the length on the calendar. I had to get a Sharpie to count and potently mark that longer duration on the calendar over and over again. Something in my brain had created a distinct need to get Facebook back into my system. I’ve encountered this problem before and with nicotine especially.

Somewhere in this struggle to get away, Clover and Jonah began visiting and somehow they got back together. Almost every weekend they stay over. One night I asked how it came to be. The answer wasn’t forth coming until I added, “Because there isn’t anyone else to hang out with, huh?”

Clover answered, with a sigh, “Yep!”

In about six months I managed to reach two weeks away from Facebook at a time.

Interpals and other pen pal websites became my “methadone” for want of another word. Even people there were trying to break-free but losing the ability to understand how. On Interpals it was worse due to all the creeps or just people locked into the message system there, going stir-crazy complaining about how horrible the world and the people in it became.

Impostors showed up to follow me on wordpress and I would go to their useless blogs and scream obscenities at them, telling them to go back to Facebook. Doofus people with real web-logging skills would follow mine and I would politely inquire why, never hearing from them after that. I learned how to bump them off the follow-list and remove the like-stamp from my web-log, THANK GOD!

Meetup can be very up and down in solid commitments from people. Plainly put, we all expect the automatic systems to bring us company, but it’s a human being using the personal touch to others on Meetup that really works.

Did you hear the March Update 2017? I mentioned calling an Auntie who once had her own radio show. It was, indeed, her who said, “Yeah… I’m getting more alone than even I like to be.” She also admitted in that phone call, “Yes, social networks can definitely be addictive.” I’ve called her multiple times in the last year. She’s only mentioned Twitter once. (More about her later.)

Then the slow change began. I found some pen pals on the various sites, but they’d either “google” me and run-away-screaming, or get locked into only using the messaging system on those sites. Somehow real letter-writing terrified them even if they’d done it years before. I managed a new pal through L.W.A. even as I’d kept tight hold to Hidden Object who was enduring worse losses than I was via Facebook. I managed a hook-up from something called Geek Girls as well. Only one pen pal but it was a start. PPW finally granted me two long-term buddies who wanted to help with The Pit project and also wanted real correspondence and friendship.

After finding and subscribing to three more pen pal organizations with even better activity, I let the more terrified types, who were afraid to do real letters again, know about these organizations.

Of course, there were pen pals who did the same thing to me as the online crowd had done with The Pit:

  • Heading for the hills.
  • Downloading voraciously and avoiding the topic while still wanting to be pen pals
  • “Googling” me and getting paranoid.
  • Buck-passing to others.
  • Badly attempting to critique and suggest changes to episodes that are four years old, etc.

There is also a trend of “Desperate For DS” types who finally gain access to what I have, overcoming their computer-challenged barriers with my help, and? I never hear from them again either! We paid to have an advertisement put in a letter-writing zine and the same thing occurred. Not one letter, but massive downloads after the issue came out.

Honey, you could do a show about breakfast cereal, put the DS name on it and they wouldn’t care! They would eat it up as long as that shadowy name is bestowed. It is little wonder so many haters and hosers get recognition when they use it.

But, overall the world of real letter-writers maintained a sense of sanity. I even got good, clean, honest rejections for The Pit, with no creepy downloads from their areas later. I needed those honest rejections. Other “rejections” I’d gotten were bonafide lies with the bonus disturbance of online stalking.

The good rejections I got:

“I think I’m the wrong person to send this to. I’ll send it back.” (She didn’t, but whatever…)

“Oh, dear. This involves thinking and I’m retired and ready to just settle down for the simple.” (We still write short letters back and forth. She’s really into gem stones, big dogs and detective novels.)

“So, I listened to your first episode and it’s not really my thing… I didn’t know a lot of the characters and it was really hard for me to keep track of who people were. I did love Shake, Rattle & Roll as the end song. Good choice! And I forget his name, but you did a great impression of The Kids In The Hall guy!” (We also still write to each other.) 🙂

Also there is a fair amount of, “I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to your disk yet!” to which I say, “Keep writing and take your time. They aren’t being created quickly these days.”

With everything though there are just enough now by email and paper post that are happy to keep me company whether or not I run out of episodes, fun suggestions I don’t have to take seriously, and shared interest or just shared comradeship of hating what social networks did to all of us. Our woes are not isolated.

The social network and smartphone take-over touches people who never got an account or device of any kind.

From pen pals I hear about:

Family members, who weren’t all that great before, increasing their hostile and money grubbing attributes.

Educators who don’t answer questions and repeat, “Google it,” like a broken-record.

Kids are taking their parents to work interviews because they really weren’t raised to deal with person-to-person encounters.

People in their teens and twenties will rely on text-messaging rather than making a phone call because, “I don’t like the sound of my voice.”

My middle-brother has confessed to Mum, “Yeah, I’m addicted to Facebook,” just as a statement.

My sister, who does a bit better in life, has established, “I don’t have the time to waste on that thing!”

Mum and I never connected on Facebook for the purpose it would mar our relationship. She isn’t too happy having used it just to discover what my middle-brother is wasting his time posting of degrading content. My older-brother’s failing health and her own needs keep her busy enough.

There’s tons and tons I could tell of who has behaved outside of their norm in extreme ways, but for now I think this general explanation is more than enough. We’re all to blame, and it took an episode of “60 Minutes” (April 2017) to finally allow many of us reassurance of what we knew all along. Hey… “60 Minutes” can do a spot about the problem at this point. Why not? All these computer programmer mortgages have likely been paid by now, right?

Thankfully last Autumn brought something exceptional. I reached to a three-week mark of using Facebook. Just one weekend every three weeks. Even better, I reached that date on the calendar to use it and didn’t. I didn’t want to. I didn’t touch tumblr, I didn’t touch Facebook.

I began feeling like I did in 2013, but with the gift of no anhedonia, no frigidity and no panic. My privacy and contentment at home were more important. Using Facebook would be rewarding any admirers I have that their use of it would get them more of me. That would be me being the enabler I’ve unknowingly been for so many years. And what good would it do to reward people to be that lazy and addicted? None whatever.

Anyway, that’s part one of the long road out of Facebook. The Pit was never the problem. If anything it’s been the saving grace to keep me determined to find out what really was wrong.

The problem was what was happening to people when I was getting my groove back. I wouldn’t have noticed because I wasn’t using social networks much. In between looking for Vincent Price goodies, I was busy making audio books, creating The Pit, watching TV, listening to demos, reading books and learning as I’d always yearned my entire life. In the physical world I wasn’t seeing what was happening in the land of the “Crackberry” or the iPad.

Some fandom stuff made the original readers not type reactions to the old script I had shared, but moreover it was the correspondence skills dwindling, the addictive algorithms of social networks, and the day-to-day challenges being depleted by smartphones which has been what was wrong with everything all of this time.

Yes! For this grief? I left a good job in vision therapy to follow a dream. It was time to resign, but still…

The social media addiction also set off an allergic reaction so that people weren’t getting the social stimulus they needed and they became more and more angry, stalking and trolling writers of all types they didn’t like in a manner that was craving any social interaction even if it was negative. For whatever positive types of people were left, getting hypnotized by happy-buttons and laziness meant they weren’t providing the encouragement to others that they once did.

“Oh, don’t worry. This Nazi idea is just a phase. It’ll pass.” Ahem!

One day, about a year ago, a friend of mine started his shift at his place of employment. Upon his arrival a co-worker told him, “Hey, you missed it. Mark Zuckerberg was in here an hour ago.”

“Oh?” my friend inquired, “Did you ask him how it feels to have destroyed society?”

That made me feel better, I tell ya.


I do not believe any old friendships can pick up where they left off. Large groups of people like to pretend nothing happened, or blame someone else to feel better. This isn’t a situation where that is going to work. We claimed to want to keep in touch and suddenly were fighting with each other most of the time, or sending happy stickers and dumb photos to excess. Promoting approval with a thumb in the air will be leaving us with a sour repose; as well it ought to do.

And it was all “free”, right? We didn’t have to pay for a service. We just had to have the right equipment, the wifi, the electricity, and the money to make the monthly payments to have it all and watch our world fall apart on a screen, involving living people this time, rather than fictional characters we had real feelings for.

Try again. We did pay for it: in time, money and in grief. I have yet to hear a single individual boisterously admit that these things have made their lives inordinately better and happier. With a little self-consciousness, they look for a silver-lining though, trying to find the smallest drop of bliss amongst the wreckage. I think that reveals a great deal.


Until next time, I hope these instructions have helped you understand the new addictions if you want to quit. I’ll have more to tell later. In the meanwhile I’ve got letters to write, a life to live and spooky families to take care of in a little place called Collinsport, with the help of Cemetery Lane, Schooner Bay, Mockingbird Heights, Morning Glory Circle, and our guests at Hill House.

Pleasant dreams. ❤

A Relieving Return to Script-Writing

That title looks grand doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to believe that all our troubles were over? Alas, there are wounds. I have photo albums filled with once marvellous friends and relations that I may never hear from again due to them having sold their souls to device technology and social media. Wounds as such cannot fade. Time can heal but this grief is an entirely new phenomenon. The uncertainty of repair is staggering and loud. The change in human behaviour to something so close to the docile Eloi of “The Time Machine” is horrific.

Good people come forward, though. They are new friends and companions, people fed-up with what’s happened. We share this bond with each other. My woes are their woes. There is still that little denial of, “It’s not so bad,” but that denial has receded greatly in this year, 2017. We know it is all very, very bad, indeed.

And yet… shades of delightful 20th Century habits come back to us. Selecting real books to enjoy, real albums to play, true conversation in person and on paper. Recipes to cook, scrubbing to be done. Dishes to be washed. Clothing to be picked out for the weather of the week to come. The seasons remind us that we are of The Earth and of The Heavens.


As I sit at my desk and stare into Morning Glory Circle on Bewitched, with two characters from Maine about to knock upon The Stephens door, a wonderful thing finally occurs: The characters let me know what they likely would say to each other. Samantha Stephens is being introduced to Sam Evans of Collinsport and Captain Daniel Gregg of Schooner Bay, at long last.


It isn’t coming out as I expected either! I predicted it would get very silly, and Endora’s arrival might have Captain Gregg hiding behind Sam in fear. The thing is Captain Gregg doesn’t really behave that way when set in motion to face a potential adversary, even if that adversary has put him through dire straits as Endora did previously in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. And so far Samantha hasn’t scolded Endora for what she did, but I feel that ought to be in there somewhere, really. (Besides, I am itching to do an Elizabeth Montgomery impression of, “Mother!”)

A book on sea-faring language, that Osheen once suggested, has come in quite handy. I had a little trouble with what Gregg would say until I opened that up. I still have to determine where Tabitha might be, but I notice they don’t always worry about that on Bewitched so maybe it doesn’t matter. (This is a rough-draft, afterall.)

Looking at the word count now I still have plenty of room. Scenes are already mapped out for Chris Jennings, Amy Jennings, Hoffman, Stokes, and later on it appears that bypassing Mr. Wells death and allowing him to live will be easier than I thought. In fact, I found him barricading the door for Chris rather than simply locking it from the outside. After The Blairs staying in Room 13? Mr. Wells is done with being curious about noise. He just wants there not to be any.


Vic and Mor 1

That leaves us in wondering what to do with The Addams Family, Victoria Winters and Peter Bradford. Some ideas are there. I’ve made a list of pastimes The Addams Family engage in and I must say, it’s longer than the list of odd recipes they’ve mentioned.

I know that for Victoria there will be further exercises in her powers, but that doesn’t mean she can’t just enjoy herself in a new home she’s almost gotten used to. An interest in history is even there if Wednesday’s dolls have anything to do with it. I smell a rapport happening between those two.

The main thing is finding the discussion between Victoria, Peter and The Addams Family. There is a slice-of-life element to The Addams Family that I didn’t notice before, but it was the more Gothic type I’d been rather wanting for so long. Having a problem to solve needn’t be necessary at all. It’s a staple of television shows but The Addams Family always operate so differently. A great deal of the show itself is often hanging out or goofing off. Whatever problems that come usually take a long time to be solved as they are so busy with all of their hobbies, pets, and basic housekeeping.

So far The Pit scenes I have for The Addams Family have been quite reflective. There was the great cliff-hanger in Episode 13 with, “We need you, Grandmama. It’s Victoria! …She has the gift!” And that got identified in Episode 15 with spell work, as Grandmama stared aghast at Reverend Trask’s stark image via Victoria’s memories projected on vapour. It mayn’t have been due to Grandmama having any aversion to a widow’s peak hairstyle, but the severity of Trask’s widow’s peak can rather blow all of our minds, can’t it?

For Episode 18 I am doubtful any new spell work with Victoria will take place. Perhaps some chat of doing more whilst playing a game of some kind. I still haven’t gotten a spot where Peter is enjoying the delights of Gomez and his trains. There is also Peter Bradford being Peter Bradford in official documents. With either man having practised law, however antiquated like Peter, or out-of-step like Gomez, I’m sure they could devise some method in which they fulfil that requirement neatly enough.

But will Victoria take the name of Bradford? Not yet. I wager she will eventually after discovering enough about her own history and her parents. But she started this life as a Winters and shall continue being one for sometime, married or not.


Still, I remain puzzled at what happened with Dark Shadows fans for so many decades that they wanted more horror, twisted troubles, and bizarre romantic pairings in the fanfiction all this time. Were libraries with bummer books and ghastly stories always out of reach? Did the wealth of horror movies not suffice? Perhaps it was a lack of having the program to enjoy that made them want to write down what happened so they could enjoy it that way, and then got caught up in altering it in random directions? Did Roger Corman’s films have anything to do with it?

I’m fine with creativity,  or getting wacky, heck, after I watched “200 Motels” a la Frank Zappa? It was pretty clear anything goes in some areas of entertainment. But Dark Shadows is huge on its own. So huge I’m not sure I’d want to repeat the entire thing over and over again. So with the fanwork I have to wonder if something happened to these fans. Too many drugs in the 1970’s? Sadness that the show ended and re-runs were unheard of at the time? Bafflement at Sam Hall’s wrap-up? (I just listened to Roger Davis read it and shrugged, myself.) I can’t imagine that life was so comfortable that they were in want of more drama. The puzzle remains for me.



As time goes on, I do want to do more for our Old House couple and family in the pages of “Margaret Josette Dupres”. But discussion of it is necessary and the practice of discussion itself is low. There is only so much I can do for Barnabas and Maggie’s marriage details as it’s based on Dark Shadows which is finished, and The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows which is not.

When a waitress is on holiday might Maggie fill in at The Coffee Shop just for kicks? Sarah and Caleb as children shan’t be a thorn-free bed of roses. Caleb has become a witch’s son after all. Will Barnabas finally get comfortable with being a vampire who is less affected by sunlight? (I have my doubts.) The only surety is the love never fades. What to do on a daily basis with that love? That’s the question. ❤

Of course, as has been very usual, people will listen to me asking for the discussion on the novel during the podcasts, or read this log entry where I explain the practicality of discussion, and rather than send an email or telephone me about it? They will blink and wonder why no one else is doing so. Time has become less of a worry with this new technology. What has really been lost with it is the art of conversation.

Cat’s got your tongue, as they say.

Looks like this time, she’s kept it, too. 😉