The Social Dilemma – documentary

Once upon a time I would have loved to simply have people in fiction and music interests to talk to…

But, the reality of this world took over.

This movie is not the whole story, it is a starting point.

Here it is on youtube for one month:

I watched it again this way and got the chills because there is a scene where they show programmers going through and deleting lines of code to make their products safer, which is basically the type of platforms I found for my June show this year. (I came across at least ten.) All that need be done is remove some lines of code, and the big sites could be like the little sites. (Or heck, how the big sites were over ten years ago!)

take care,


‘Love Came For Me’ (MJD-support)

I wanted to post this to show there is a lot interest. (And why shouldn’t there be when Barnabas and Josette is the main romance, with or without the reincarnation swarming all over the place?)

These discussion reviews have meant a lot to me over the years and I gladly welcome more! I like escapism, I like this series, I like a lot of things entailing many, many characters, and these two are no small matter in my relief-series endeavour. (I do not particularly care about who fictional characters “should” love. I care about who they do love. And how the original creators formulated those concerns.)

So here is my tribute to the people who helped and I am sorry if I neglected anyone. I am easy to reach if you want more recognition. Why not? We already have this extremely-complicated couple in common, right?

(I also love this particular song since, in the ‘Splash’ film, the lady portraying the mermaid was also named Daryl, a-ha.)

As James Burke (of ‘Connections‘ fame) once expressed, “… a good start would be to recognize within yourself the ability to understand anything, because that ability’s there as long as it’s explained clearly enough. And then go and ask for explanations.

“And if you’re thinking right now, ‘What do I ask for?’ Ask yourself if there is anything in your life that you want changed… That’s where to start.”

I wanted this soap-opera changed into a humour-mystery relief-series, and by golly, I GOT IT! (I hope you all get-it someday, too!)

And, man… to get a review from angelsinstead of “Forever Mine” fame? Among all of you, that was incredible!

Keep listening, reading and loving this couple. It’s complicated and who the heck wants simple when it comes to Happiness? Damn it!



Goodbye, our dear Christopher Pennock

A very dear friend, Osheen Nevoy, has given me the sad news that Christopher Pennock has passed away.

He was very, very kind to me, as he was to her, in our journey through Dark Shadows fandom over the years. And I refuse, absolutely refuse, to give ANY credit, AT ALL, to any Silicon Valley or San Francisco Bay Area company for that!

I prefer to give the credit of Christopher Pennock’s generosity and kindness solely to HIM! Christopher Pennock was kind.

NOT the absurd glorifying of companies out to grab our attention to create advertising revenue online. No. I am glorifying Christopher Pennock instead!

He defended me in a moment of high school tomfoolery and he managed to lend support to several ideas in the pursuance of acting performance that I value highly, and always have.

As I understand, he has always been very kind to fans of Dark Shadows. This is something to be admired.

I fare thee well to my dear online friend, Christopher Pennock. I wish I could have met you in person and known you better. There is something to be said for people in the entertainment industry who care about their admirers… just as I have tried so very hard to do.


Daryl Wor

(June 2020) “I Got The Memo”

2020 June Update1


Another oceanside chat for people who enjoy them. Apparently quite a few people enjoy them!

I get started talking about a pen friend and a phone friend, good stuff and various reasons things in communications have been clogged.

General pep-talk about the current upbringing in kids to the previous upbringing I experienced with pretty crappy distractions that weren’t as bad as now, but still pretty bad.

I make it very clear here that I never wanted a parasocial relationship with my listeners. I wanted a social one. And? I still do!

However much the technology changed to alter anyone’s sociability? It didn’t change mine!

Why letter writing is very, very, important, even now. How the friends I’ve finally made in this have rewarded me with great company. (The whole reason I began this series.)

A little study time with a DS episode, a wee, wee bit of Magda… and then: “*Spoiler*”: The phases of Quentin Collins, very basic: 1969; Evil Ghost (dead), 1897; Playboy (alive), Killed (dead), Zombie (dead/alive), Not Zombie (alive), Werewolf Curse (still alive), Magic Portrait takes curse and then he is immortal (indefinitely alive). Then fun chat about Kitty Soames.

More on the topic of the non-canon romance, Julia/Barnabas phenomenon. Very calmly expressed. As well as my experience with healthy rejections and unhealthy reactions over the years. (A little more Jo March too.)

Sprinkled in this are thoughts on a new “hero” of mine: Tim Wu. (I’m just not sure where all I mention him, pardon.)

I wrap up with sober thoughts over more concentration on maintaining the help, pulling away from commercial sites, and focusing more on personal life, correspondence and friendship.


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2020 February (podcast)

2020 February


For anyone who wanted another explanatory ramble: You got it! Technical problems in both story and audio building of new Pit radio drama episodes.

The convincing spell of social media (of course!) with the double-whammy of a belief non-canon pairings actually happened on the (DS) show. Much comparison to “Little Women” is involved. How Captain Daniel Gregg may also feel about a “kudos” or “like” button. Sharing mutual concern between myself and other fans of “The Ghost And Mrs. Muir”.

More pride for John Karlen staying away from The Internet along with pen pals helping me break the social media addiction: “Good job!”

Why hate a character for not reciprocating another, such as Jo March or Barnabas Collins? (It’s like blaming Christopher Columbus for the misinformation someone else told you about him.) Updates on the marriage novel and a little banter about the characters of Barnabas Collins and Josette duPres. (Please pardon Munsters references here… or… don’t! 😉 )

Tips and memories about social media of olde. Know the difference between a waste-of-time and saving-time and know the difference between canon pairing and non-canon pairing. Working out what is coming up with Dr. Julia Hoffman and Professor Stokes in the radio drama episodes 21 and 22.

Gratitude and great appreciation for pen pals; both maintained and adrift. “We pulled through. We made it!” Bless you all!

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In Recovery (And Going Slowly)

Recovery from what, you may ask? Oh, the commercialism overriding our social lives. Baby-toy tricks to confuse us out of more direct communication. Shock at who was and is more susceptible to the distractions and compulsion to go along with those.


This has happened before. At about the turn of the century, if anyone remembers, a lot of us began to notice that email was becoming far less reliable. Those real life friends, who seemed so reasonable and down-to-earth in other regards, began compulsively sending email forwards. Jokes, cookie recipes with bogus expense stories to go with them, someone in need will be helped if we all forward this letter to ten people, or the more straight forward chain-letter that threatened bad luck if you didn’t forward it to twenty people.


We saw that behaviour and for many of us email became far less reliable at keeping in touch with our friends. The thought struck us that if certain people got caught up in that kind of racket and not real keeping in touch, well? Maybe they weren’t our kind of people after all. (This is why I like some video games. It’s a nice, honest method of getting rid of nervous energy and wasting time.)


That was when several of us looked for pen pals on paper again. Of course this version with the commercial social sites I’d say was about a hundred times worse than what happened with the overuse of email forwarding about 20 years ago. (The introduction of the Tamagotchi was also rather mild in comparison to the checking of our mobile devices in recent years.)

Otherwise we’re still enjoying new and renewed friendships. I keep chatting with Seamus about old Pit episodes, as well as plans for new ones. (DS 640-650 or so is a pain to list in sequence!) I do still have chapter plans and creations for the marriage novel, but it all lays in wait for enough chat on private channels, just like Pit episodes. I can only nudge out-of-the-closet fans and friends so far and no farther.


And I do notice stats for those who are addicted to being OH-fended. I’m hoping the stats for the more fun stuff becomes more even, or overrides the hopped up on hype addicts. (To me that’s what thrill rides at amusement parks are for, folks.) New pals and even someone in my physical life is interested in The Pit. Feels so much better to live out of the broom-closet with these companions. Much better indeed.


Pardon to any pals reading this who I haven’t gotten back to sooner. I’m going to keep working on everything at a human pace, as well as keep cosy and relaxed when possible.



Pen Friends & Closet-Fans (October 2019)



Addressing the closet-fans, now that I have a better way of describing the situation. Why one podcast is missing and how to return it.

Deleting my tumblr account and the moral support I received from a friend in ever having used it. (Who to thank for my use of Reddit.) My aversion to commercial sites and preference for smaller groups. The unreliability of commercial social media:

“They sure know how to get ya’.”

Working on Pit 21, as well as watching more Dark Shadows. Finding ideas for the future “saving” of Madame Findley, and all the fun that goes into that. (Roger Collins always brings in hilarious ideas.)

Wonderful experiences with pen friends and fancy postage. Enjoying the mundane over the tragedy of “everyone” needing to be a “critic”. How nonsensical the criticism and “need” for it gets. Reasons why I and others weren’t affected by any of the non-canon ideas that come from groups of Dark Shadows fans. The hazard of allowing foul behaviour to take-over and what the approval of it leads toward.

The highs and lows of pen pal zines and letter-writing: Let us not mix our non-profit hobbies with commercial ventures. It leads to peril and upset. How, in searching for the non-conformists, I kept finding those who went along with the new status-quo. More fun with our friend, Seamus, being a new listener, which helps me a lot. More reasons that the Q & A came into being and works so well.

Offering of “Bloody Mary’s Delight” for Halloween. (Sorry I couldn’t do a reading this year for that.)

More invitations for fans of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, or me, or both, to come out of the closet.


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Thank you, Pen Friends!

For all of you out there talking to me on the phone, all of you writing me letters and emails, all of you who would *like* to do so or would *like* to continue to do so but got scared:

I told myself years ago to find you.

I told myself this ‘social networking’ crap was a waste of time.

I told myself I had to find the people who remembered how to correspond or wanted to return to it.

I told myself, “I know this is going to work.”

I began finding you and I told myself, “I knew this was going to work.”

And then?

It did!


Thank you, and bless you all!

All my love,




P.S. I miss you, Mere.

Idyllic Settings (And news…)

Hello All,

I’m pleased to see people giving a listen to the “2019 July Update” podcast without me having to share it on social media so far. (Mercury is in Retrograde so it’s just as well I don’t bother with that stuff. Big social networks are almost constantly like what “they say” about Mercury in Retrograde anyway.)

Just been going through all the mail and the piles are rather massive. A lotta good people who I let know how much I appreciate their kindnesses to me. The feeling is mutual. As to the sadder tales, well, I’ll have to sort through those and decide where to place them. Then some pen pals are just pen pals, and some of the people who ‘faded away’ gave me good, solid company through 2016-2018 and their amiable company helped enormously, so saying “farewell” to those letters doesn’t hurt. We did good together.

I am concerned about some of the younger DS fans, of course. I’ve been ruminating in my renewed solitude how unhealthy it was to encourage and pressure things like non-canon romances on the grounds that it was “trendy” or “popular” or would place you with the “in-crowd”. It wasn’t fair to you. And it certainly wasn’t fair to me.

A great many of the elder DS fans lost their following of the original features and began handing down to new fans something much different in scope, giving it the simple label of “Alternate Universe” and then skewing that title to be all that fanfiction is when it is not.

However, the new technology, riddled with casino elements straight outta Vegas and Reno didn’t do ANY of us any favours either! A whole lot more out there got corrupted than Dark Shadows, that’s for sure!

The irony to me in all of this, as I journey through my latest struggles is, “Hmm… yep! I was sold on the internet for the sake of good sites, librivox, wikipedia, Willie Loomis Saves Collinsport, Golden Girls shows and fans to talk to, Sailor Moon stuff and chat rooms, abebooks, hard to find goodies for purchase.” (Yes, people DO still sell 5-HTP, dammit! THEY “don’t make it anymore” because YOU want to sell me something ELSE! *raspberry*) And the days when craigslist was still pretty good and changed my life for the better. 🙂

So with that irony of being sold for using the internet? I eventually was, but then with social networking something crept in and suddenly that was no longer a choice. It used to be all about individual differences and choices and then suddenly it wasn’t, not so much. People we knew for decades changed, and it felt like it happened overnight that they changed. Will they change back? If at all it won’t be completely.

Finally, the thing that seemed to scare people above all else? I might just use non-internet avenues to accomplish my goals! Yes, I did. And not only did they work, they worked a LOT better! (((gasp!)))

And all the broo-ha over me. I’m cool with DS fans not wanting anything to do with The Pit or even to hear about it. They’ve made their choice. Whereas DS fans who go out of their way to look for me and what I do just to get angry and pissed off is another quandary. Don’t you all have something more important to do? Or do you actually enjoy The Pit show and can’t remember how to say so?

As for the guilt-ridden who do love The Pit episodes and know it? I hate guilt most of the time. You know why? Because it just makes people procrastinate in a lake of anxiety and woebegone circles. Then you reach the end of life and have nothing but regrets. It’s a waste of time. Is life and living important or isn’t it? We’re so raised with contradictions, aren’t we?

You can still get in touch, you know? Perhaps you can tell your tale of how you misplaced your manners. I’m sure it’s a fascinating story. I already got to tell the tale of how I misplaced my own manners, which were hard enough to procure before the internet. My tale is out there. What’s your tale?

And if you don’t want to talk about that and prefer to talk about Episode 14? (Or any others?) I’m sure that’s a fun chat too. That’s why I love my positive and fun comments. They keep me company and I love them for the shows I create as well as loving them for the personal insights to people. Someone talked about trying to listen while mowing the grass, then falling asleep during Episode 7 and being abruptly woken up by Neil Sedaka. It still makes me laugh to know. Or there was someone who wandered away at the end of Episode one and the dishwasher drowned out the All Due Respect list as the listener thought, “Oops, I bet that was important…” It still gives me a grin.

As to all the anger in the world, particularly over fiction: Well, why are you so upset? Sure there are “enemies”, but what would the world be like if there weren’t any? Or that the villain in us only popped up on rare occasions? What would it be like?

There may be no such thing as a Perfect World, but what kind of a world would be the closest to one? Can we describe what that is? Or can we only describe what it * isn’t *? If all we can do is point out the flaws, then we can’t comprehend what we want or what we prefer, can we?


I’ll give some examples of idyllic settings for me:

The Riverbank from “The Wind In The Willows” by Kenneth Grahame. (And the Thames series.)

Avonlea and Carlisle from “Anne of Green Gables” series and “The Story Girl” by L.M. Montgomery

Fairacre Village in a book series by Miss Read.

Virginia Avenue from “Vic & Sade”

The planet of New Delaware in “The Skulking Permit” by Robert Sheckley (on X Minus One)

Mister Rogers Neighborhood

and of course,

Sesame Street

All very good examples of how peaceful a world could conceivably be.

2019 July Update (Etc, Etc, Etc.)

2019 July Update 2


Difficulty in celebrating Dark Shadows and The Pit… As well as communication technology going bad. Appreciating Helena Clara Bouchet for being a non-canon AND canon romance fan. (Seriously!)

The perils with audience members attempting to be “critics”. Troubling responses from those *only* talking about what they *think* that ‘People’ think. (I’d much rather know what *you* think!)

Explaining all this to pen pals. Work on Pit episodes recently. Notes to those who always say “Change it!” with loving kindness to DS cast members.

Podcasts about the internet. (What was The Web like in 1999?) Discussing alterations in people’s behaviour with pen friends. Coming to terms with what Barnabas and Josette/Maggie fans have had to deal with for many years.

What I’ve been doing while utterly “wiped-out” including watching tons of Marx Brothers movies. Going through double overplays between our two centuries: 20th and 21st. (TV/youtube, mobile phones/telephones.)

If nothing else? I have finally done what I set out to do: Share the work to find the companionship. ^_^



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