Peter DeLuise as Professor Stokes?

All right, so I’ve been thinking this over for about… oh… ten years…

Peter DeLuise as Professor Stokes?


When I stepped out of the theater in May of 2012 from the “Dark Shadows” motion picture I considered, in a cheesy sense, that since Johnny Depp is performing Barnabas Collins? Why shouldn’t Peter DeLuise perform Professor Stokes? I mean, really! That way we’d have double the “21 Jump Street” action going on! Why not?

So as I’ve been, lackadaisically, writing this sequel, Dark Shadows II: Rebuilding Collinwood, the thought has returned, “Why not Peter DeLuise? What did he look like in 2012 or 2013? What were his interests at that time?”

Now that I am creating a sequel to the movie, I have decided to look once more.

Peter DeLuise (son of Dom DeLuise) has been pretty busy! Directing and writing for science fiction adventure stuff mostly. Not a bad set of priorities.

Would he possibly have suited for Professor T. Elliot Stokes? He had a somewhat similar body shape to Thayer David, right?

Then this picture gave me all the assurance I needed:

Peter DeLuise

Okay! Slap a monocle on this image and we’re in business! (And please do so and send it to me if you have some fancy imaging apps or something, seriously!)

So after my Bella Heathcote/Josette entries, that’s all I have to offer for right now.

Good Evening and have a most wonderful morning!



Josette DuPres: She’s Complicated

I wasn’t always fascinated by Josette DuPres, by the way. Quite the opposite in the beginning, particularly her name.

“Josette? What a dull name! Why is Barnabas, who has such a complicated name, in love with someone who has such a dull one?” Then I heard Alexandra Moltke pronounce it “Zho-zette” and I thought, “Okay! I can work with that.”

Then came her last name, which once was referred to as la Freniére, then DuPres, but how is it written? Many different ways! DuPres, Du Pres, du Pres, duPres, Dupres, and I’m likely missing others.

It’s been suggested, over time and even recently, that I am taking a simple character and growing her into something more.


I quote myself in response to the idea Barnabas Collins was my “main character”. I rejoined this with, “He is not my main character. He’s the darn shows‘ main character that everyone falls for. Josette stinkin’ I’m-going-to-reincarnate-myself-endlessly-and-detatch-myself-as-a-ghost-to-reach-my-spiky-banged-lucious is unfortunately as main character as I get because she’s such a pain in the tush to figure out!”

And she is, or perhaps was?

My own, and others, fascination with Josette DuPres can be summed up, simply, in these words:

“Don’t think of a pink elephant.”

This is also known as: ironic process theory.

You have just forbid a topic and, therefore, whom you forbade to think about it wishes to understand it TEN TIMES MORE! (Thanks, folks.)

Josette DuPres has been a puzzle, still is, but then I noticed all this hate/insecurity and dismissive regard over her character. This both confused me and, of course, got me that much more curious.


Similar occurrences in life came my way upon asking about other topics outside my experience, such as: blueberries, red grapes, Jonestown, World War One, Canadian History, the Irish language, punk rock, and many other topics. I’d ask people about them and they tended to do their best to not talk about the subject, or find a way to make it seem unimportant. This repeated behaviour always got my dander up or just made me far more curious!

The hate for Barnabas Collins and the dismissal about Josette DuPres from “fans” made no sense and drove me nuts. (Then I FOUND the fans who loved them both, HA HA!)


Long ago all I wanted was relief for most-to-all of the key players, so Barnabas and Josette wanting each other was no big shakes to me. I was looking at the bigger picture. Josette DuPres was merely part of that. When it became obvious the main romance of Dark Shadows was ‘taboo’, I did not care one iota. If outcast fans were the only ones interested in what I was doing? Fine! I wanted them. (And I found them too. ❤ )

Now, working with Josette? Well, she actually IS so complicated that a ton of fans just simplify her, really. It’s the easiest way to get around any complex subject as I learned by so many other topics I was curious about years ago.

Portrait of #JosetteCollins by Dave Shipley re-imagined …

The original series went all over the place with her ghost and then did more than hint at the reincarnation stuff, so I managed working with that to adapt and create more resolution, whereas on the soap-opera they stretched Josette out to be more confusing than resolving. (Later on the actress quit and one of the writers jacked-up the continuity dreadfully.)

They managed to fix this in the 1991 Revival of Dark Shadows, though. The reincarnation of Josette went back in time and met herself!

(Both played by Joanna Going; Episode Ten of that show.)
I’m STILL floored and stoked by that outcome! VERY resolved!


Alec Newman and Marley Shelton
“Her name was Josette…”

They do switch the reincarnation of Josette in 1991 DS and 2004 DS to be Victoria Winters instead of Maggie Evans, and this is likely why in the 2012 Dark Shadows film they started with her being Maggie and changing her name to Victoria for the governess job. (Yes, I am a geek! 🙂 )

Of course, it IS complicated, but then again so is “Star Trek” and so is “Doctor Who”, both of which we grew up on.

So my husband and I were watching the old “Dark Shadows” and cracking-up, “Oh- duh, reincarnation! Ha ha, very clever, guys.” It really was *too* obvious. That’s why I made jokes about it in The Pit (Ep#7), where Maggie refers to The Blue Whale as The Eagle Tavern, because her references get scrambled between the two lives.

The trouble is people don’t remember Josette very much due to her being subdued, minus the 1897 Kitty incarnation. THEN she gets feisty. She goes to throttle Angelique too, because Kitty, as Josette, is having flashbacks from the 1790’s and recognizes Angelique as always getting in her way.

It’s pretty intense. So? I just run with it and see what I can work with. I guess it’s from compartmentalizing. Probably, huh?

Maggie & Josette (DS 2012)

But they did great with Bella Heathcote’s Josette because they just had the ghost of Josette be visions to Maggie/Victoria of her previous life.

Josette & Victoria at Collinwood

It was more this echo from her own psyche reverberating to guide her toward her destiny. No one else saw the vision but herself.

The other component to Josette, be it from the original show, 1991, or 2012, is, somewhere in each, she gives Barnabas no choice but to share his vampirism with her. He doesn’t want to but she demands it or creates a situation where he can’t resist.

So, it’s not exactly ‘my world’, I’m just gathering the information too many people dismissed.

And yeah! When I found the fans that validated these characters? They’d play “nice” online with the non-canon topics, but when I talked to them on the telephone? Way different story! They were rip-roaring angry! They were getting tired of all the baloney about the couple and the dismissal, and mostly it came from watching other viewers put up totally inaccurate details. We were all faced with these “fans” that were actually phonies.

Of course, this makes sense because this is the only show I’ve seen where tons of people do everything in their power to avoid the narrative. They’d talk about nearly every non-essential aspect of “Dark Shadows”, but God-Forbid they discuss the story! W-E-I-R-D! (Star Trek & Star Wars fans live for chatting the narrative and the characters. And I grew up with that instead, as did the rest of us.)


So the Josette character grows further in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows from understanding who she is and being helped by other fans of DS along the way. (Many fans helped in big and small ways on my journey. Please forgive me for not listing everyone.) Osheen helped me with the astral-projection element, Lisa and Melissa helped me with the Kitty Soames 1897 part, all helped with the 1790’s period, as well as the 1960’s Maggie incarnation and who she is. Then providing more clues when Maggie would have memories she didn’t understand. Tons of bits that apply.

Kinda like playing Simon

or adjusting a Rubik’s Cube.

It’s complicated!


And this complexity in character-development of Josette DuPres, through four different versions of “Dark Shadows“, brings to mind something I’ve often heard about most televised series,

“Shhh-shhh! Don’t give me any spoilers!”

I’ve got news for you.

Unless you have a petabyte flash-drive wired to your brain… when it comes to Dark Shadows?


(Because having to keep that much continuity in one’s mind isn’t impossible, but it is extremely improbable.)

Bella Heathcote as Jane Bennet? (YES!)

I found out the chik who played Josette in “Dark Shadows” 2012 later played Jane Bennet in “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”! I discovered that yesterday!

Gosh, Bella Heathcote, who played Josette DuPres, in another movie wearing regency dresses and fighting supernatural creatures?! Hot damn! Talk about inspiration! (Plus the guy who made that novel also wrote the screenplay for the DS movie.)

Now? I shall need to watch that movie, and my sweetheart says he’s interested! Let’s see if I can find a picture of her as Jane Bennet.


Thank you, Bella Heathcote! THANK YOU!

A Conversation With Tito (October 2021)

You wanted it? You got it! This podcast is marked [EXPLICIT!]

We know Tito from my husband’s high school days… Tito very much enjoys the Dark Shadows 2012 film because he doesn’t know the old show and frankly, doesn’t care! He came over as my husband and I were playing dominoes. It was pretty cool!

Instructions on how to differentiate real hate from “manufactured hate”. (It’s actually pretty simple, fellow fans…) Then my consultation with Melissa about the “confusion” about the confusion itself. 😀

Tito’s 1960’s Nostalgia is good enough for me. We begin with a “garbled” discussion between my husband, Tito and I. ^_^ Next we start with “The Kids In The Hall”, then “Clue: The Movie” (with a segue about “Murder By Death” that hopefully wasn’t too long). Proceeding with “The Time Machine”, “The Golden Girls” and other cameos in The Pit narrative, a likely a too long segue explaining who Edward Mulhare played on “Knight Rider”.

Then “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”, a Prisoner cameo scene, “The Addams Family” (lots of conversation here including Charles Addams original drawings in The New Yorker) and “The Munsters”. (Bonus Points to Tito for knowing Fred Gwynne from another production!) MAS*H and Beetlejuice mentions. Almost neglected “Bewitched” but caught myself in time! (Some focus on Paul Lynde.)

Finalizing in bringing out the “Dark Shadows” box set to place on Tito’s lap. ^_^ Determining how one could ‘marathon’ the whole of “Dark Shadows”. Darrin Stephens hanging-out with Roger Collins ideas…

Then I wrap up with various potential scholastic pointers including:

Don’t focus on the negative and, dare I say it? Don’t focus on the positive?

Focus on the NARRATIVE.

Themes for this show: “Katip Arzvhalim Yaz Yare Boyle” by Mogollar, “waltzinblack” by The Stranglers (a favourite band between Tito and my husband) and if one enjoys the background music on the stereo while we chatted? That was a compilation called “Beautiful Noise” by Sunday Records. BUY ‘EM ALL! *wink* link

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And available at iTunes, as always…

Sept/Oct 2021 Spoilercast-Update

Plenty of “Doctor Who” study updates here…

Touching on Douglas Adams and the compliments I received over the years with my own creations that were similar to his.

“Stones of Blood” commentary enjoyment and “The Key To Time” scenarios we’re watching currently…

Discussing our loss of ability in digesting the narrative form. Very, very tragic! (If one is being rewarded to be rude, yeh, y’arent’ gonna get anything good… really.)

Being relieved of anxiety through “Your Undivided Attention” podcasts and why.

Working out how to reach “Doctor Who” after the Turn of The Screw and 1897 portion in “Dark Shadows” along with the obvious pairing of Quentin and Angelique and how much Angelique desired this in the original series of “Dark Shadows”. (Which one can view in my novel already: The two of them together, and making it.) Angelique argues with Barnabas about her wanting Quentin in “Dark Shadows”. If that’s doesn’t convince you? I don’t know what does!

Some stuff about Pit #24 and Osheen’s splendid help and some stuff about Pit #25 too. Whatever we can add with Madam Findley surviving and the fun of that in the story, and Milligan and Hecubus’ glorious additives to that as well. ^_^ (How about a Henry James novel?)

Wee bit of a rant against people making you pay to have your personality removed: $60-$100 a month? To have all this high tech stuff taking away your personality? THAT’S RIDICULOUS! And I say so!

A fun listener getting back in touch for the sake of 1960’s nostalgia, and isn’t that bloody awesome?

Lots of details about Wadsworth from “Clue: The Movie”. I never believed the 3rd ending and I don’t believe I ever will. How we consider “Clue: The Movie” canon and how easily Wadsworth can be included, and the glory of that: Happy news, eh?

For folks who don’t know how to choose for themselves? Leave! Go away! Get out of my way! I don’t care about this popularity stuff! I really don’t! I just want 25 listeners and FIVE substantial comments per episode so I can FINISH THIS THING! (Seriously…)

Next on the agenda is the very strange and very British story of how I could uncork “Margaret Josette Dupres” and the potential of a complex relationship involving reincarnation. (Jean & Lionel for the win!)

Re-Cap of the June show with the online-diary websites and re-stating those… (Because the best defense you have against “surveillance” is surveying yourself.)

More non-canon romance stuff and how I and my dear friend, Helena, dealt with that over the years. Julia/Barnabas, “Little Women” and “Twin Peaks” explanation.

(Introducing my ‘idea’ of “Human-Defragmentation” and how that might work.) Why I haven’t been able to do a retrospective show for Pit #16, and making sure you all tune-in to:

Going against social media addition is not “quitting”. I call it “escape”, for good reasons. (Donation based alternatives…)

My optimism in The Future is still in the words of James Burke and Robert Ornstein’s book, ‘The Axemaker’s Gift’:

“Above all we have been persuaded to think that it is unacceptable to be different or even to acknowledge that differences in abilities exist between us. But our survival may depend on the realization and expression of humanities immense diversity. Only if we use what may be the ultimate of the many axemaker’s gifts—the coming information systems—to nurture this individual and cultural diversity, only if we celebrate our differences rather than suppressing them, will we stand a chance of harnessing the wealth of human talent that has been ignored for millennia and that is now eager, all around the world, for release.”

Let’s solve problems together, not detract ourselves from the solutions. Peace.


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Shared Opponent: Laura Collins

Dark Shadows Episode 165! We watched it last night and I was applauding!

Consulting the Bewitched ladies, Samantha and Endora (in my imagination) for Episode 24 in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows… It began returning to me; the 1897 show down between Angelique and Laura. But earlier in the actual series, in the 1960’s, who was Laura’s supernatural opponent?

The Ghost of Josette Collins! Woo-hoo!

I’d only gone through The First Year of Dark Shadows once or twice, so I couldn’t recall all the details and wasn’t sure how many I’d need.

In this particular episode, 165, Laura has David spending the night at the cottage, but she senses Josette’s spirit is trying to protect David and Laura tells her, calls her by name, that Josette needs to leave and David is hers.

So from here and the eventual 1897 show down in Dark Shadows (episode 760) Josette and Angelique share this challenge at different points in time.

Of course it is far more subtle in The First Year due to caution of even producing a show like this for the first time, but there we have it!

I wasn’t entirely certain, but now I am. HUZZAH!

More fun evidence is always reassuring, and of course Josette manages things more subtly most of the time. Hence we don’t notice her as strongly, but she is there, she surely is. ❤


2021 June Updates and Online Diaries

(I think the play button works now! 🙂 )


DS Annotations is back up and my involvement with that. Much love to Saramonster!

Continuing narrative between The Pit and Osheen Nevoy’s “In Darkness” along with kind words from Helena Clara Bouchet. Also why I found the Hoffman/Stokes romance made the most sense.

Next segment for beloved pen friends: postage stamp updates, things coming out and so forth.

Alternative social sites by using a search-engine of choice and looking for the words “online diary”. These are my (first page search) results. I am not listing the sites I speak of here because the point of this podcast is to encourage listeners to search this topic on their own.

How I dissected my anxiety over hype-modules in both the 20th Century and recently. Life experience is an important aspect of this. Plainly put; many people don’t really care! (frowny face)

A response about our old long-lost friends, who have been taken over by big biz social media, to my new friends. (They did care.)

Pointers about how to treat people who don’t have expected life-skills; such as how to drive. No matter how politely you nag someone: Nagging doesn’t work.

Online journal suggestions I found and one of which I use and am grateful for. (Stalkers likely already know about this.) My solution to the “like” and “kudos” button problems.

Going to the source is still important. Responding to notifications created by someone else may be very unimportant.

Continued support for Dark Shadows and the 2012 film for very important reasons.

Get in touch when you can, if you can.


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‘Love Came For Me’ (MJD-support)

I wanted to post this to show there is a lot interest. (And why shouldn’t there be when Barnabas and Josette is the main romance, with or without the reincarnation swarming all over the place?)

These discussion reviews have meant a lot to me over the years and I gladly welcome more! I like escapism, I like this series, I like a lot of things entailing many, many characters, and these two are no small matter in my relief-series endeavour. (I do not particularly care about who fictional characters “should” love. I care about who they do love. And how the original creators formulated those concerns.)

So here is my tribute to the people who helped and I am sorry if I neglected anyone. I am easy to reach if you want more recognition. Why not? We already have this extremely-complicated couple in common, right?

(I also love this particular song since, in the ‘Splash’ film, the lady portraying the mermaid was also named Daryl, a-ha.)

As James Burke (of ‘Connections‘ fame) once expressed, “… a good start would be to recognize within yourself the ability to understand anything, because that ability’s there as long as it’s explained clearly enough. And then go and ask for explanations.

“And if you’re thinking right now, ‘What do I ask for?’ Ask yourself if there is anything in your life that you want changed… That’s where to start.”

I wanted this soap-opera changed into a humour-mystery relief-series, and by golly, I GOT IT! (I hope you all get-it someday, too!)

And, man… to get a review from angelsinstead of “Forever Mine” fame? Among all of you, that was incredible!

Keep listening, reading and loving this couple. It’s complicated and who the heck wants simple when it comes to Happiness? Damn it!



The Exponential Growth (of Laura Collins)

DS Episode 142:

With Sam being so disturbed at the painting he creates of Laura Collins, somehow Victoria is compelled to request it and, after some endless arguments about nothing, Sam allows her to take it.

Frankly, I think it looks kinda sexy! Hee hee hee!

Victoria takes it back to Collinwood. Our David is swiftly enamoured with the painting as it represents his dream of Laura when she arrived. Laura, herself, is upset and distressed but still agrees to let David have it after asking Miss Winters for it. (More endless arguing ensues.)

I, myself, am in total agreement with David. It is, as he says, “cool”. Not to mention she’s got WINGS in the darn thing! I strongly felt that should have been David’s argument about the painting, “Dude, Mom, you have wings in it!

(Perhaps someone dropped a tab in Pop’s whiskey?)

David gets the painting hung up in his room and says he could “watch it all day”. I can see where he’s coming from. It rather looks as if it’s animated.

Of course, Sam returns home happy as heck the canvas is gone and then in another state of possession begins forming a new one… (Which reminds me that I managed very naturally with his character in The Pit… The man is clearly psychic.)

But the highest delight of this episode? David Collins rests, almost peacefully, in the bliss of his mother’s psychedelic picture hanging in his room and…

The portrait begins glowing…

And Laura’s head appears to be glowing…

And growing

And growing

Until it seems to encompass the entirety of the room to David’s understandable horror.

[Commence Daryl writhing with hysterical laughter in the recliner to her husband’s great amusement.]

Forget Barnabas, people.

Laura Collins is a force to be reckoned with here.

Then the interview with Diana Millay on the same disk will kick your butt even more resolutely. She is a Phoenix, she even claims it, and she has no fear of the “R-word”. (Reincarnation.)

Fill as much virtual space as you want with deceptions and misguidance about Dark Shadows. Try!

For you shall never exceed the size of Laura Collins’ IMAX head!


DS Annotations is back? Because of me?

Hi All!

Apparently, for those familiar with DS Annotations Theater on youtube, the annotation captions got disabled somehow and Saramonster considered all of her jokes were lost forever. However! I had sent her copies years ago that I made with a weird app/program that I had at the time due to some of the shows getting blocked in whatever country sometimes. Those blocks kept switching so I managed to get most of her shows over time. (I had no idea the captions got removed recently on youtube.)

Anyway, Saramonster/SlaveOfAVampire just wrote to me a couple days ago with the link for the “Back From The Dead” edition of DS Annotations Theater and she gave me the credit on the front of the playlist for making this possible!

Wow. I’m stoked. I didn’t know the annotations got messed up but I am very happy I am responsible for their renewal.

As I wrote to Saramonster in response to her news: PAW-TAY!

Here ya go, for those who want it. For those who don’t, she has another suggestion on her channel.

It also helps a great, great, great, great, great deal to view these if you are a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000. This style of humour is heavily inspired from that program, which was lovingly ignited from the mind of Joel Hodgson.