Yes… amazingly… this is what I’ve been hearing about Margaret Josette Dupres and about “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” How can this be possible?

Well, I did do all that combing from 2007-2011 before my decision of solving ALL of the problems in Collinsport came to a beginning. I didn’t find anything solving all of the problems and as I combed there was nothing I could truly read fully without feeling most of it had been done to make matters worse, pair up the wrong people with each other, or only focus on a few characters while The Muse ran out of steam. Now that complete DVD sets of Dark Shadows have been released this may be changing… and yet… here I am starting a healing process I could only see by inviting more spooky characters along for the ride.

And people keep saying: Crossover, crossover, crossover… I do stick with the term Multi-Fandom… but the amazing lesson here is: Dark Shadows is ALREADY a Multi-Fandom! Look at the story-lines borrowed to create it: 

  • Victoria Winters and her role as governess is inspired by title character in Charlotte Brontë’s gothic novel Jane Eyre.
  • Burke Devlin and his motivation for returning is reminiscent of Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Count of Monte Cristo.
  • The witchcraft trial involving Victoria Winters is inspired by Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. Reverend Trask’s fate is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Cask of Amontillado.”
  • The character of Adam is inspired by Mary Shelley’s horror novel Frankenstein.
  • Elizabeth’s Fear Of Being Buried Alive, episode 513 to 672. This storyline is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Premature Burial.”

  • The character of Quentin Collins and his role is inspired by the Peter Quint in Henry James’s gothic novel The Turn of the Screw.
  • The heartbeat that tortures Quentin is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Tell-Tale Heart.”
  • Jenny Collins is inspired by the character of Bertha from Charlotte Brontë’s gothic novel Jane Eyre. (Hence my attempt to think of something else by watching Jane Eyre did me NO good.)
  • Worthington Hall and Gregory Trask’s running of it is inspired by Charles Dickens’s novel Nicholas Nickleby.
  • The portrait of Quentin Collins is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s gothic novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • The hand of Count Petofi is inspired by W. W. Jacobs’s short story “The Monkey’s Paw.” Quentin’s torture is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Pit and the Pendulum.”

Need I say more? (This list goes on at wikipedia.org)

So why the broo-ha over crossovers? I’m only blending in newer ones. And why? To change things for the better and to fix them. But which people makes sense for each other? Well… ever try asking any characters what they want?

My deduction is a few characters fascinate enough to create a singular story or at least one that makes sense to a few characters needs. But all of them? No wonder I get so much silence. Not only is there humour, for which people seem to have lost the ability to detail what caught them, but also there could be that underlying trouble that not only am I creating a radio series similar to the actual show by switching scenes and inter-changing plot-lines, which incorporates as many DS characters as possible, but also adding ones they haven’t met before. Must be too much of a mind-blow to happily comment on lines.

The wonderful part is these characters floating towards Collinwood are NOT naive about how it operates. They know the score and they are not surprised by it, some are even tickled:



Morticia Addams with





Or know precisely how to handle it:


But then again, Dark Shadows fans are used to keeping tabs on what goes wrong, not so much on what turns out well. How to make it all work out without anyone being left behind is tough. For me, I’m used to dodging bad moods in order not to deal with foul-play. I’ve had an entire life of solving problems just to save myself and a few others (not that they’re grateful…). So this concept is beyond obscure. But a mutli-fandom with more spooky characters? Hmm… after the evidence that that is what Dark Shadows is to start with… I must wonder. 

But still… 40 Years… Yes… that’s how frightful this whole thing has gotten. Creative expression was often daunted by cliques and bullies putting down ideas, which is easy to incite from people in a dark soap opera… those skills are turned up full-blast from the exposure of hideousness and self-righteous indignation, but also from the complexity.

So, many Julia/Barnabas, Angelique/Barnabas or other more popular designs cascaded for decades in fanzines and online. Of course, they’re the FEISTY gals and turn-on the FEISTY side of creators who like them… Makes me wonder how the 2012 film came up with the story they did.

Could it be because who Barnabas Collins desired was… I don’t know…. OBVIOUS? (Remember, I started mine long before that film came out.)

Still, that film gave a ray of hope to a few who understood, whilst the downpour of hatred exploded online and all the DS bullies were re-vitalized in their rage against it. 

And so, one creator who continued to be ignored fought vigilantly on. And now, after so many decades, the choices she’s making and spending thousands of dollars to create in voice and sound is finding those who want that relief. 

As Moominmamma says: “What a strange world the world is…”


new logo 5


Unfortunate Realms of Mis-communication

As I continue to be grossed out by my healing surgery wound my mind has dwelt on a profane message I received on Skype that was sent Thursday but I didn’t see until today. My husband didn’t know what to make of it and I apologized to the sender as best I could.

The trouble here is whatever flares of temper I’ve emitted I can only see one evening I flew off the handle as far as allowing for accusations of attacking anyone. There were two articles I can only wish I had never been made aware of vulgarly detailing the 1795 storyline of Colllinwood in a flippant regard of being uncaring towards the characters and disturbing in content.

After I’d spent an inordinate amount of time having to see that my hard work was being taken with no vocal appreciation for over two years, a lack of communication over it from %99 percent of it’s followers, I also had to do some deep delving into the fandom itself to sort out so many problems in communication and nit-picking between fans. What I’ve seen has horrified me, and the lack of communication online horrifies me further still. (Thankfully this has finally begun to improve.)

This all came out because the only people who would communicate with me were just fans of the program and, if they were fans of my radio-drama, I could barely get a peep out of them that they were enjoying my hard work. Extremely difficult for a creator of humour. So, since all I could gather was information about the fan base my attentions turned to that unraveling. This is how the “Analysis of Preferred Pairings for Barnabas Collins” came into being. One lady had a good question when it came to wondering why someone would wish to analyze fans of each pairing. I did my best to tell her that I’d seen all the in-fighting over it and felt an even percentage of stories and relationships would be more sound. The more we can understand why we behave the way we do the closer we can get to pulling away from bad habits.

I have been extremely grateful that this was taken so well on one of the fan pages. People responded most thoughtfully and also in a supportive light towards me as they read the analysis notes. Even people who had shown me disfavour were being supportive and in ways that were humourous as well. I appreciate that so much. In fact when I discovered a main troll of mine had different intentions of being severe on my work it managed to help me discover it wasn’t anyone I had initially suspected. One man I did suspect I immediately engaged in discussion with. He wonderfully expressed: “I wouldn’t do that to ANYONE.”

So the development of communication was coming through! But sadly not on tumblr which is far more about photo and video sharing than communicating back and forth. Also the set up there makes blogs extremely difficult to download. I created as simple a format as I could to ease this problem.

Still, having to work so hard for so long and seeking out whoever I could that would enjoy my work and express that enjoyment, I continue to channel and become possessed by all of the characters, which is another strain. These characters have seriously abused each other and I feel all of their pains which is a very heavy burden for me to carry. An audience expressing what they laughed at or enjoyed in my output would ease this pain greatly.

The amazing discovery recently is I was correct in seeing that the Maggie=Josette for Barnabas fans had truly been as maligned and injured as I suspected. Today I received the news that YES, these fans coming towards me have been suffocating for this project and that relationship with Barnabas especially for almost 40 YEARS!

That is truly too long to wait for something so romantic and intensely romantic as far as delving into the realms of the supernatural. You have one partner who lives struggling through his immortality as a curse for messing with the wrong lady, and all along his heart yearns for the lady he *did* fall in love with, existing through centuries to discover that lady has returned through reincarnation, and now with Kitty Soames, chronologically this love of his has reached for him more than once! That is amazingly romantic, heartfelt, and as I’ve questioned the characters and uncovered their motives there is an amazing reason he does love her. His home-life depressed him. He wanted someone who would help him change that. A gregarious woman of youthful, lovely features and warm disposition? Of course. She could help everyone! And thus Josette Dupres and Maggie Evans are that woman. It makes complete sense. ^_^

Having to come to terms with ALL of this hard work, including uncorking why the fans have been so vicious with each other, and myself not getting that social stimulus nor the appreciation for the work I required, not to mention having negative responses from people over it to boot, finding these vulgar articles that even got my steadfast reviewer and supporter put into a state of shock… this is NOT something that was going to go over well with me.

I honestly could not believe these posts had been passed around and admired! Particularly when here I am writing and detailing the marriage of this pair when no one did it in so many decades, specifically being maligned and Barnabas more over! That character has gotten the kind of harassment to his sensitivity and actions that I find far more deserving towards a character like Quentin or even Captain Kirk! Yikes!

So, I do apologize for the way I went about it and I was very pleased that my rough question was like water-off-a-ducks-back to one fellow. He had no qualms expressing a nice shrug in my direction. I admire that! He behaved the way I wish I had!

But no, after so much hard work, seeing my specific fans for this long lasting love and passion be so invalidated and so vulgarly. No… that was not a mood settler. :/ (And I wasn’t happy with how Angelique was discussed either.)

And my dear friend, Helena, a Julia/Barnabas fan in the truest sense as far as gentleness goes, has also been seeing things she never expected to see. I warned how bad fans of the pairing I had put together got treated. She hadn’t been exposed to all of that rough stuff and then she saw it happening to me! Wow! So in this I believe it’s brought us closer and I have come to love her through all of the troubles we’ve shared. I’ve wanted to hug her and give her a big kiss on the cheek. I really have. She helps many creators and her loyalty is deeply profound.

So for bad behaviour, I confess to having some, but when looking over all I’ve expressed about myself as well as all the turmoil this has caused me, not to mention the complex struggle my own life has been to find peace and stability…

All I can do is offer apologies to whomever I can in whatever specific way that makes sense.

Even if I rarely hear it for the wrongs that have been done to me.

maggie hugs barnabas

I feel like an altered suit…

As I look down at my arm, now free of bandage and tape, I wonder where the stitches are… Hmm… there doesn’t appear to be any… Hmm… Oh… oh dear… is this what my Mum told me about? Did they actually use Super Glue? AHHHHH!!!

Well, one more week before I dare to ask that question. I’m not sure I do dare. Plus it’s one of THOSE weeks, ladies. Which means I have to keep reminding myself of what I post and where and if I do will I have to delete it because I’ll be embarrassed that I might have spilled too many beans out of the package?

I can’t believe how long this episode is taking, well… I mean I do believe it because I’ve had to alter so much to get the reincarnations accurate in what happened to this 3-in-1 girl. I’m glad when I finally let loose the man I’d added from vexation of having to do so much more than I thought, I came up with what he looked like, posted it around and my pen-pal, as behind this project as she has been from the start, saw Mr. Bachmeier and her head dropped on the desk. Ha-ha! I love that. 

hansel bachmeier

“Yes,” I said, “Josette Dupres was rather hot as a man, wasn’t she?” 

Thankfully, for him, he’s an add-on, which means if I want to develop him more I can stay within the bounds of vagueness and just reach into 1914-1918 historical reference. He was a smart guy, and a little evil, but he didn’t live that long. 

Man, but I can hear in my intros how, not only the silence had been shattering me, but also then flying into a wild MEGA-LOAD of Dark Shadows fans on facebook. And at that point NONE would discuss my work with me after the big broo-ha one fan managed to create. I hope I can get to better intros and maybe delete a few of the extra pod-casts for space when the time comes. Man, was *I* shaky! (tumblr didn’t exactly improve this either. Yeulch!)

But, MY GOD… I have had to deal with more negativity from people who are sooooo up in arms about how much they know and how involved their ego becomes with that supposed knowledge. I have dealt with an entire life of people thinking they know all about something, and then as soon as you show them the evidence that they are wrong they fly into a rage! Jeeeez! Hold the phone a minute, people. Take a breath and do a little research. 

“No! Then that might show I’m WRONG! AH!”

Um, okay, so you’re wrong about something. If you can’t live with a mistake than you’re talking to the wrong artist. I’ve had to live with a ton of my own mistakes, many in the last year because people were NOT communicating. Little did I realize that the internet had spent a decade depleting their ability TO communicate. 

CRAP! I just wanted to help Collinsport and all the people there! Now it feels like I have to save all these real people from turning into complete morons because the 21st Century began its incursion by melting their brains away from being able to build any relationship online! *sigh* I wonder if it’ll take me ten years to undo what The Powers That Be did to these people in the last decade. 

Well, I hope I can teach them and get my own needs met in the process. Seems a fair exchange.

And all I ask of everyone is not to “Be yourself”… No… ASK yourself, “Who am I? What in my life made me who I am today? And is there anything about that I want changed? Who do I want to be?”

That’s all. ^_^

The Halloween DJ is… ALIVE… but… may not be able to help. :(

21 July 2014 at 22:00

On Saturday…  Daryl Wor <xoiscythe@hotmail.com> wrote:
 Hey Casper, I have been looking for you all over the web. I hope you’re okay. I tried your old email account. Then I couldn’t find your home address. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t live there anymore. But I found this email address on an old invite you sent when I was looking for your home address. I have been working my tail off trying to engage college DJs and even though you likely don’t DJ anymore I thought you might at least know someone. We still have no car and it’s been such a rough year. I’ve been producing a radio series online and it’s got spooky characters galore and tons of humour, thousands of downloads but barely any response. My husband and I have spent thousands on this thing but without listener participation it has lead me into some of the darkest realms and rages of temper in my entire life. I pray you’re all right. Please help. Daryl

Date: Monday… Subject: “Re: Casper? Please tell me you’re not truly a ghost now…” Hey Daryl! I’m sorry I’ve been so hard to track down lately! I’m not on any social networks these days and without making any official announcement, I’ve gradually shifted over to this email out of frustration with the other. I’ve been really busy lately and behind on just about everything… thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. What’s this new project all about? Hmm, I’m not really sure if I can help. I don’t DJ anymore, except maybe once a year… there’s one fellow at the station that usually invites me back to do a show in October. Other than that I’m pretty out of touch with college radio and to be honest, quite disillusioned! But feel free to tell me more about what you have in mind. Happy Haunting and be sure to say hi to your husband, Casper

CASPER! (Yes. I literally screamed!) Hallelujah I hope! Oh my gosh. I almost sent you one the postcards I made for this project but I lost your old address in my bag. Bah… probably not where you are now anyway. I applaud you for staying off social network sites. They’ve been eating me alive. (Still no car.) Not only that, the fans of my base work have eaten me alive in the last 10 months. They get my product but most refuse to discuss it with me, many unfamiliar names simply like-click. GAH! I need younger people. Now how to describe this fright of frights we’ve parboiled in. Imagine… if you will… almost all the 1960’s spooks coming together, or sending help from afar… That is, these folks:


Morticia and Gomez Addams


 Lily Munster 

Captain Daniel Gregg

 Captain Daniel Gregg


 Wadsworth from Clue (yes 1985, but he’s from 1954 and reached over)

And a few not so 1960’s interrupting a long story-line to solve one horrible, screwed up place?

Dark Shadows cast




I went there.

And I couldn’t take it! 

And although I have wonderful fans of my horizon-goal marriage novel (which ended up being erotica if you can believe I had that talent… I didn’t.) but the radio drama is a comedienne’s worst nightmare! Funny as Hell without hearing anyone’s laughter. I have truly spiraled out of control from a neglect of inordinate talent, hard work and money with almost no reward, serious negativity, stalkers trying to control it, trolls attacking the erotic & hopeful wind-up novel, and people who have despised Barnabas Collins for longer than I’ve been alive for not reciprocating Dr. Julia Hoffman… GOOD LORD!

I just listened to all of these characters the best I could to give them all what they wanted without invalidating each other. Anyone real who’s stepped in to help so far has either disappeared, been fragmented by communicating their enjoyment, felt guilt they didn’t do it with the aged text version for years so they just keep silent, had a fit over Endora being in there, or have been so negative and aloof that it doesn’t support me at all. Even 99 % of my closest friends won’t help me with this. They’re all eaten up by device and internet distractions.
background square
Now I’m trying to contact college radio stations and getting either nothing, ooo, maybe or, “Hey, that’s copyrighted and…” *sigh* Noooooo…. it’s ME! I’m doing all the voices, acting, writing, editing, audio splicing. I can’t make a profit! If it was illegal even people merely writing this stuff would get sued. (And I can make copies with NO intros for air play. Intros are podcast. Most people do NOT understand this. Ugh!)
background square
I sure *will* say hi to my husband for you! The main good this whole thing has done is healing our marriage. Please…  please… PLEASE tell me you are either for or have absolutely NO angst about a reincarnation of Josette Dupres being an okay solution to this spiky banged weirdo’s troubles!


Deep breath…

Here are the links to the various versions:



and yes… even iTunes… of which I had help from no one! UGH!


and if you’d like something short… here’s how I had to analyze these insane fans! (Including myself…)

Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins


P.S. Help? Of any kind? Pretty please? Um… boo?


More emails to more college stations and Sunday Service

Phew! Okay, that’s 11 states from my list of college radio stations, including any non-profit. Even hit a few NPR types figuring the worse they can do is say “no” or nothing at all. So where am I at now to go? 39 states? I managed them in this order:











New Mexico


    Perhaps I can slowly work my way over to Maine, but not forgetting Hawaii and Alaska, of course. Someone got back to me with coherent thoughts!



 I can appreciate the work that goes into making your show and the frustration when you can’t find an audience. We’re focused on live shows. And since we’re all volunteer, don’t have staff to deal with loading the CDs. Good luck!


Wow! Thanks for responding so quickly AND coherently to what I was doing!

It’s a no, but it’s the best no I’ve ever received. Kudos! Your mind works! ^_^

Same to you.  Your proposal was appropriate and well-worded.  Some of what we get feels like spam, thrown out to the winds.  I don’t respond in any detail to those.  Some I don’t respond to at all.


Thank you, Johanna! *sigh* That was lovely.

My list is long and it doesn’t all have websites, so that when this runs out I can go through each state again and locate the non-linked ones on my own. 

In any case the church service was helpful. A sermon about change and both the diabolical aggravation of wanting to promote change while everyone obliviously wanders by, whilst having to put up with changes one has no control over.

Then a lady I got on with excellently was interested, knew what my base program is and was delightfully rolling her eyes when I informed her of how angry this fandom has been at Barnabas Collins not reciprocating Julia Hoffman’s affections. WOW! Very nice. She got a postcard and I told her to please take her time. Each episode is chunky.

We also had a great time talking about how futile facebook can be and how uncommunicative the online world has become. Hurray! Well, I didn’t have Margaret Josette Dupres and Barnabas Collins wed with a pastor of this Fellowship because I was interested in attending their services. I did it because it was an inclusive Fellowship. And considering the wide array of diversity in the Dark Shadows characters alone, much less my gate-crashing and beloved extras, inclusiveness is something to cherish here.

chalice gsT

I am fricken *tired*

Good heavens. Emailing for days and days… looking up college stations, etc. The perfect one seems to have the strictest security and then barely any regular programming. They could play the episodes for filler all they wanted. That would be something… if I could just reach them. 

I think what’s the oddest part of all of this is I’d hope there would be one kindred soul out there who was like me when I heard my Aunt’s radio show and became steadfast to it and wanting to get to know her, and tell her about what I enjoyed. I listened to them so much I was able to tell her a week ago all sorts of lines I still remember. Where are all those lonely kids who actually want to chat and hang out?

Then again, I often get, “Hey, did you see that new movie or read that book?” and it’s like, “Um, no… I’m locked in this multi-fandom. It ain’t only a single show. We’ve got plenty to discuss if you want to go down that route.”

It’s like total miscommunication. Tell me what you enjoyed, don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong or tell me what to add. I have a request list on that score and I rarely get those answers. Why is Providence pushing me so hard and sending me so little of the help that I need?

Crap. There goes the neighbours with their rude booming noise again. I wish the newer neighbours next door to them would get fed up and give them heck. 

I printed out the dialogue I copied from DS Episode 884. It’s hard to believe how slow this 12th Episode is. What’s harder to discern is even my pen pal who is usually so descriptive about what she likes can’t give me that benefit anymore. It’s as if everyone thinking their part in this is to listen and hope their reactions some how telepathically reach me. And that file sharing… what? Just passing along the information in the hopes someone ELSE will do something? 

This could be a fun project for me if people who simply respond with more than like clicks and have a dialogue like Pat’s been able to do. I guess they don’t want it to go faster or something. Has a majority of my audience gotten complete brain fog? Perhaps it’s too late and they’ve lost their ability to pay attention to anything but short-attention-span distractions.

Weird considering the wealth of complexity Dark Shadows is on it’s own.

I hope these emails to college stations manage to find me some DJs. 



The saga continues…


One scene of Episode 12 was finished in performance, but there are still a few that have to be done and the editing as well.

The worst of all of this work is when the communication comes it’s usually misconstrued into some other meaning than I had intended, even with the negotiating help of my husband who picked out better ways to describe what I mean. It’s a pity that Dark Shadows fans are so easy to offend. And then we have the gentler ones who already know this and for this reason do not communicate at all. For which I worry because I’m likely the one to listen the most. And I have done in private messages that turn out wonderful.

These quieter types are not so opinionated as to who should do what and why. They’re listeners, like me, and saw much worse in the fandom enough to learn to live in hope but keep their mouths shut. It’s the saddest of all as these are the types who could and do bring change for the better, but in current days louder = right to many. The quieter types tend see how others are feeling and don’t live in black and white tones. I have heard, “I love this relationship. Thank you for doing what I couldn’t do.”

It is no doubt a shock to see a creation of this pairing by someone as feisty and determined as those of the other pairings. “Oh my,” they may have reflected, “this is the behaviour of one of THOSE pairings types… but wait… she’s standing up for the one I see as making the most sense!” Confusion must have prevailed.

The only difficulty is in having to admit to not being in love in any way, shape or form, with Barnabas Collins. I keep having to point out it’s an empathy I have. I don’t have opinions of who he should be with. Like all Dark Shadows characters, I request from them “personally” and view their history toward what choices they themselves would make without invalidating anyone else’s.

This is why Angelique/Barnabas makes little sense. I’ve heard from gobs of fans that the intensity of her wrath on any innocent involved is far too much to be forgiven to the point of a workable marriage. But does this leave her out in the cold? Certainly not. That’s due to her own motives in desiring love and having gotten such rotten forms of it, one can see how she wouldn’t know how to handle rejection from someone who made a mistake. And it is a mistake many of us make, which is why I find people being so hard on Barnabas for this to be beyond my comprehension. Plenty an admired character has done far worse.

There is a solution for Angelique, of course, and it is one that delights people, at least visually. I haven’t seen it in much fanwork but when I do I’m happy to enjoy it thoroughly. My deductions were not far from an answer many had already. Besides, if you’ve seen my behaviour, you likely know I have plenty in common with Angelique. I’ve reacted similarly to such lack of support. My sense of remorse is far higher, but I attack the attachment to oblivious behaviour, not the people. Angelique has been more than peeved at those living in luxury and being so ungrateful for it, hasn’t she?


Anyway, as the review pile for Margaret Josette Dupres grows I’m finding many people pleased and finally feeling able to say so. More what I like are the varying insights reviewers are bringing. It’s why I couldn’t stand for so much silence with “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows”. How is one meant to orbit such a massive undertaking with only one vocal supporter who has only one viewpoint to offer in enjoyment? Five separate viewpoints of enjoyment would be sufficient, but the download numbers rise. Episode One is at about 570 on podomatic alone. Who are these people? For librivox work numbers like that don’t phase me… but this more personal, heartfelt and expensive production? [Noise of nervousness…]

The hunt for college DJs continues. The online world is so not geared for communication. And all the silence I received from the beginning frazzles me into sounding intimidating. I’m really just frustrated. I can only hope the short attention span of people makes them forget any ephemeral tirades. Or perhaps I’m keeping people company who otherwise have no one to listen to? Perhaps they’re lonely. But so am I.

Sadder still is how much my far away friends and few healthy family wanted to see me work artistically for ages and now that I have this their support is shallow for various reasons. So you don’t know all of the characters? That’s what the intros are for. So some of those intros show me sounding rankled? Well, wouldn’t you be if all of this happened to you? For a world in love with drama and political broo-ha, one wouldn’t expect such fear.

Perhaps it is as a rare visitor explained to me last weekend: “People look at what’s produced online and they don’t see human beings. They see a machine… it’s just a machine; no one is behind any of this. I’m the only one who’s real.”

Now that is scary.

Working on Episode 12: Dark Therapy

script for episode 12

Ugh… this is the *second* time I’ve had to print the entire script for an Episode of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows… due to 1) The length & 2) Reworking lines… Tried to find the cheapest paper in the house… which crunched a couple sheets in the printer… but it did manage to print eventually. Ah… well… yellow… I guess “Dark Therapy” always reminded me of “anxiety yellow” anyway.

For right now, I’d currently like to thank one helper I met on tumblr, and another, as well as Violet Welles for putting together the dialogue for DS Episode 884 and making this work so much more complex… sort of… well, no… I like Violet Welles. I just want to thank her outright. Also Beth and Norman for steering me in the numbering direction for episodes involving various characters speaking to each other I need to play and listen to to get these scenes accurate.

And, of course, Lillian for being an all around incredibly cheerful individual. I don’t give a damn that she overdoes it. It’s better than all these fricken negative Dark Shadows fans.

Also… the listens are still low for Part 2 of Episode 11. If you are caught up to Endora in Part 1 but not with the second half, you are so not going to get Episode 12…

Here’s the link:



At last, more discussion and less silence… sweet-relief…

Phew! Have I had more than enough trolling to deal with! It’s odd but I guess the ruffling of feathers has really commenced. I’m not sure why, but as I’ve said, this is the oddest fandom I’ve ever encountered. Or as another helper of mine explained:

I agree. It’s the oddest fandom I am involved with. Everything from fundamental Christians, Buddhist hippies, a large LGBT community, homophobes, anti-rascists, racists, Free Speech advocates, anti-profanity zealots to just a whole range of oddness and strangeness. Every day is a lesson in people watching.

 Sadly, I had to delete so many troll reviews in one week that by the time I got one simply invalidating Margaret Josette Dupres in terms of vampires ability for extreme intimacy, my helpers and I had finally been overloaded where we saw it as another outright slander. Still, I let it through because it was an okay point to make, it was just completely unhelpful and I said so in my response review.

I would prefer giving the credit to someone other than Lily Munster for this form of vampirism, but nothing on a 1960’s level of helper has come up. How Lily goes around in the day and gives birth to little Eddie is beyond me, but well within the bounds of my audio series. Another writer pointed out legends from Eastern Europe that showed not only sexually active vampires, but also potent enough to impregnate their mates. Me? I was mainly relying on certain ideas of our more modern media to bring this to acceptability. No sparkles but perhaps in the zone of things like “Forever Knight” of the 1990’s. That was a pretty good program.

Readers really need to pay attention to the story as a whole rather than throw in un-helpfulness. As I’ve said, I’m open to a non-Munsters version of making their marriage into this vampiric formula. The fans who enjoy this novel are pretty with-it because they’ve been waiting a long time to see the characters they love work things out and rise above the mess. I’ve thanked a fellow creator for telling me I’m making people happy. I believe I have been. ^_^

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The saddest part is a lot of the trolls and complaints aren’t necessarily because these people are rotten-to-the-core, but due to environmental factors that have conditioned them to thinking their two-cents of griping all over the map is going to improve things. It really won’t. That’s why I talk about constructive-praise versus constructive-criticism in my first intro. It does bring out change for the better in people. And NOT simply compliments. It’s the way in which we point out particular highlights of admiration. This is what enlivens the creator of almost anything. If you’ve looked at a majority of reviews I’ve written on other works I do that and I want to teach other people how to do that.

The discussion today with those who enjoy what I do and have come out to speak about this went as follows:

 DW:  Mis-communication happens. I look at this review more on that line of things. I already deleted other “reviews” that harped on Dark Shadows characters and their own story lines that I’m incorporating. A lot of DS fans enjoy the conflict and hopelessness but there are some of us who just love the people and believe their world can be better. Hence why our first helper to step in is the amazing butler, Wadsworth

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“Aw, shucks,” he seems to be saying.


One Helper: Yes, Daryl, I think the “conflict” can be overdone for the Dark Shadows characters. I think you said it perfectly: we love the people and want them to have a happy world. These two have suffered enough. That’s exactly why I started writing my own version.

DW: And rather wisely kept it to yourself. It sure has been an eye-opener looking for my people online and finding the decades of built-up fist-in-hand absolutism I was facing, not to forget ten years of the internet going into a way less communicative mode. Well, no one likes a revolutionary… at first.

One Helper: I’m so glad you’re sharing though, Daryl. I really love your story! *smile, heart*

Madame Dalek: Me too!

DW: Me three! Just wanted to find my people. And I believe the characters did, too. Like in my author’s note, I certainly didn’t plan this novel. I think after all my hard work they decided, “Ah… how about you and I get even more of what we want and help this lady’s marriage, Josette?” Of course she would answer, “You have a marvelous idea, mon demón.” 

Madame Dalek: Hey mon ami (that’s french..lololol) glad we found you too! Your novel is fascinating, alluring, and very well written…)

DW: Thank you. I do work hard when I love something. After years of watching them endure all of that pain I finally said, “Okay, enough is enough… it’s time to let their hair down.” On one hand people say it doesn’t sound like them, but to the rest of us, oh, it DOES sound like them, if they finally just let loose and relaxed for a change.

 As of now, I see “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” as both a metaphor towards a better world, and in itself such a dark place in terms of our being perfectly content in the struggle of fictional characters to the point of mockery, but a little dazed when someone finally comes out of the woodwork to change this conflict to something more inspiring for which to reach. And why? Because she knew almost all of the characters hurts through personal experience. Is the 21st Century not the dawn of better things to come? 

One would hope. But as in The Pit of Ultimate Darkness, hosted by Sir Simon Milligan, he expresses that we turn away from the true trouble in our lives, and we turn away from our own inner demons, not recognizing that these demons will come out and reek havoc if they aren’t attended to. And as you all may have heard from me, silence is just as horrible as trolls.


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Take care, my dear friends, whoever you are.