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Just a little something that might help.


Why going in sequence is not only useful but vital.


Take care, everyone.



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Idyllic Settings (And news…)

Hello All,

I’m pleased to see people giving a listen to the “2019 July Update” podcast without me having to share it on social media so far. (Mercury is in Retrograde so it’s just as well I don’t bother with that stuff. Big social networks are almost constantly like what “they say” about Mercury in Retrograde anyway.)

Just been going through all the mail and the piles are rather massive. A lotta good people who I let know how much I appreciate their kindnesses to me. The feeling is mutual. As to the sadder tales, well, I’ll have to sort through those and decide where to place them. Then some pen pals are just pen pals, and some of the people who ‘faded away’ gave me good, solid company through 2016-2018 and their amiable company helped enormously, so saying “farewell” to those letters doesn’t hurt. We did good together.

I am concerned about some of the younger DS fans, of course. I’ve been ruminating in my renewed solitude how unhealthy it was to encourage and pressure things like non-canon romances on the grounds that it was “trendy” or “popular” or would place you with the “in-crowd”. It wasn’t fair to you. And it certainly wasn’t fair to me.

A great many of the elder DS fans lost their following of the original features and began handing down to new fans something much different in scope, giving it the simple label of “Alternate Universe” and then skewing that title to be all that fanfiction is when it is not.

However, the new technology, riddled with casino elements straight outta Vegas and Reno didn’t do ANY of us any favours either! A whole lot more out there got corrupted than Dark Shadows, that’s for sure!

The irony to me in all of this, as I journey through my latest struggles is, “Hmm… yep! I was sold on the internet for the sake of good sites, librivox, wikipedia, Willie Loomis Saves Collinsport, Golden Girls shows and fans to talk to, Sailor Moon stuff and chat rooms, abebooks, hard to find goodies for purchase.” (Yes, people DO still sell 5-HTP, dammit! THEY “don’t make it anymore” because YOU want to sell me something ELSE! *raspberry*) And the days when craigslist was still pretty good and changed my life for the better. 🙂

So with that irony of being sold for using the internet? I eventually was, but then with social networking something crept in and suddenly that was no longer a choice. It used to be all about individual differences and choices and then suddenly it wasn’t, not so much. People we knew for decades changed, and it felt like it happened overnight that they changed. Will they change back? If at all it won’t be completely.

Finally, the thing that seemed to scare people above all else? I might just use non-internet avenues to accomplish my goals! Yes, I did. And not only did they work, they worked a LOT better! (((gasp!)))

And all the broo-ha over me. I’m cool with DS fans not wanting anything to do with The Pit or even to hear about it. They’ve made their choice. Whereas DS fans who go out of their way to look for me and what I do just to get angry and pissed off is another quandary. Don’t you all have something more important to do? Or do you actually enjoy The Pit show and can’t remember how to say so?

As for the guilt-ridden who do love The Pit episodes and know it? I hate guilt most of the time. You know why? Because it just makes people procrastinate in a lake of anxiety and woebegone circles. Then you reach the end of life and have nothing but regrets. It’s a waste of time. Is life and living important or isn’t it? We’re so raised with contradictions, aren’t we?

You can still get in touch, you know? Perhaps you can tell your tale of how you misplaced your manners. I’m sure it’s a fascinating story. I already got to tell the tale of how I misplaced my own manners, which were hard enough to procure before the internet. My tale is out there. What’s your tale?

And if you don’t want to talk about that and prefer to talk about Episode 14? (Or any others?) I’m sure that’s a fun chat too. That’s why I love my positive and fun comments. They keep me company and I love them for the shows I create as well as loving them for the personal insights to people. Someone talked about trying to listen while mowing the grass, then falling asleep during Episode 7 and being abruptly woken up by Neil Sedaka. It still makes me laugh to know. Or there was someone who wandered away at the end of Episode one and the dishwasher drowned out the All Due Respect list as the listener thought, “Oops, I bet that was important…” It still gives me a grin.

As to all the anger in the world, particularly over fiction: Well, why are you so upset? Sure there are “enemies”, but what would the world be like if there weren’t any? Or that the villain in us only popped up on rare occasions? What would it be like?

There may be no such thing as a Perfect World, but what kind of a world would be the closest to one? Can we describe what that is? Or can we only describe what it * isn’t *? If all we can do is point out the flaws, then we can’t comprehend what we want or what we prefer, can we?


I’ll give some examples of idyllic settings for me:

The Riverbank from “The Wind In The Willows” by Kenneth Grahame. (And the Thames series.)

Avonlea and Carlisle from “Anne of Green Gables” series and “The Story Girl” by L.M. Montgomery

Fairacre Village in a book series by Miss Read.

Virginia Avenue from “Vic & Sade”

The planet of New Delaware in “The Skulking Permit” by Robert Sheckley (on X Minus One)

Mister Rogers Neighborhood

and of course,

Sesame Street

All very good examples of how peaceful a world could conceivably be.

2019 July Update (Etc, Etc, Etc.)

2019 July Update 2


Difficulty in celebrating Dark Shadows and The Pit… As well as communication technology going bad. Appreciating Helena Clara Bouchet for being a non-canon AND canon romance fan. (Seriously!)

The perils with audience members attempting to be “critics”. Troubling responses from those *only* talking about what they *think* that ‘People’ think. (I’d much rather know what *you* think!)

Explaining all this to pen pals. Work on Pit episodes recently. Notes to those who always say “Change it!” with loving kindness to DS cast members.

Podcasts about the internet. (What was The Web like in 1999?) Discussing alterations in people’s behaviour with pen friends. Coming to terms with what Barnabas and Josette/Maggie fans have had to deal with for many years.

What I’ve been doing while utterly “wiped-out” including watching tons of Marx Brothers movies. Going through double overplays between our two centuries: 20th and 21st. (TV/youtube, mobile phones/telephones.)

If nothing else? I have finally done what I set out to do: Share the work to find the companionship. ^_^



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