Michaelmas 29 September 2014

Archangel Micheal

Before my husband left for work he wished me a Happy Michaelmas. Trying to remember everything I had to do after I woke up and had my pumpkin spice coffee. Some of the new delights in this blog may have been inspired by all of those spices that stimulate this time of year. Nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, cloves… ahh… And the touch of rain that ignites warmer passions as the year grows colder.

I tried catching up with facebook and email. A stunning pair of messages reached me. One director at a college station got in touch with me to say he’d received the parcel and passed the postcard on to someone. He enjoyed the atmosphere and said all of my actors were good! Oh, dear, I had to confess, those are all me! And I consider that a huge compliment. Next I notice this response to a forward, perhaps via the first gentleman. This chap preferred mp3s to CDs being sent and also suggested a radio drama group on facebook. A-ha! So I got over to facebook with the link he’d left me. Wow! Over 800 members to this group! I put in a request to join, made a post about everything which gave delight to pals. Next I began an email to an old co-worker of my husband and about to provide the links to my show but a button got pressed wrong and the whole thing got eaten to my anger. I finally released that anger and decided it was just as well as I had to scoot out to the shops sooner than later.

As I arrived at the market I forgot what I’d gone for. My pal at the sample counter had redone her hair even more flamboyantly to my interest and then who was there sampling? My in-laws! Hey! Excellent. I finally got a chance to let my pal know the recent drama and the good news, the latter being far more exciting. Then I finished up my shopping and my in-laws gave me a ride home.

It was getting into the late afternoon so I looked over the recipes and got the oven going, cleaned out the sink, cleaned out the goose, put slices of garlic into the areas I’d opened, sprinkled it with a seasoning mix I just bought, found a cookie sheet, placed the pan on top with the goose and some water inside and set the timer.  Now I’ve got hours to settle down and do more.  This table desperately needs a change of cloth. The one on it now would have been preferable with the Autumn colours but it’s filthy. Let’s get the basic black.

Ah, yes, no tin for the pumpkin cornbread, get paper cups and muffin tins, that’s cleaner and easier. Now on to the pumpkin soup; the market had presented a recipe for that with chunks of baked potato and kale. I’m using apples instead for lower carbohydrates. So no pomme de terre but just pomme. Ah, a pie tin. That’ll work. The goose has been in the oven for two hours while I listened to recordings of my Aunt’s radio show for a change of pace. Oh, I love this episode in the coffee house and the old house mate suddenly being their waiter and offering them meals gratis. “Well, now I’ve gotta look back at the menu and see what the most expensive thing is,” one of the characters complained.

I spray the pie tin with olive oil, put on the apple chunks and kale and started a timer. My mum-in-law had suggested half an hour to bake them. Glad I ran into them so I could ask that! Then I got the pumpkin cornbread mixture into the papered muffin tins. The timing would be close to the baking time of the apples and kale and the goose would be in a bit longer because I couldn’t find the damn thermometer for it, so might as well bake it a while more, just in case.

I manage to throw up on facebook what I’m doing and attend to various notifications. Oh, great. ABC is running the 2012 Dark Shadows movie on Halloween. Here’s a thread that’s going to get negative attention. Well, I’m already half a sheet to the wind on cider. I’ll say again how glad I am people hate that movie that cleared my way, likely allowed those Barnabas/Maggie and Barnabas/Josette stories to start taking place all around the same time in the Summer of 2013 while the DS World was harping on the darn film ad nauseaum! I’m okay with that film ‘cause the bastard finally jumped for his bloody woman and TWICE. But what the Hell? We don’t have basic TV anymore and I’ll likely spin “The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, or perhaps my VHS mixture which includes a bad ending for Raggedy Ann and Andy’s “The Pumpkin Who Couldn’t Smile.” (The one I taped ends right after it looks like the pumpkin splat on the ground, and then the credits roll.)

Rootbeer Brothers Halloween A&W 5

                Daryl’s Husband arrives and helps out with the muffins, makes the green peas which I’d completely forgot about. Hmm… they’ve been in the freezer for months. We’ll see. And so we finally get it all squared away and take a few photos. Because there is a dragon theme in Michaelmas I also placed that wonderful Green Dragon story Michael Hutchence read in the film “Dogs In Space” to my facebook post. Hmm, I want to hear that song about contemplating suicide and not doing it. I’ve certainly done a lot of that in the last year. So with that, the “Dogs In Space” soundtrack becomes the music for Michaelmas. Kinda fits considering its main icon is Michael Hutchence. (R.I.P.)


Superb dining is to be had. So this is what it’s like to be a guest-judge on Iron Chef! It must be the best meal I’ve ever put together for Michaelmas. The goose is better than ever, the soup is to die for, the pumpkin cornbread is tasty as all-get-out and the peas are fine. Old, but fine. But, uh-oh, husband isn’t too keen on the soup. Did I throw too much Parmesan on top? How is it without? Oh, he’s not good with the kale. Damn! And the whole tureen is infected with kale now because I couldn’t find a place to separate the ingredients like they did at the sample table weeks ago.

Michaelmas 1

Michaelmas 2

And now for the traditional discussion: Because this is like an Anglican Thanksgiving but involves an Archangel that conquers a dragon, I’ve likened the discussion not for thankfulness solely, but for that which we’ve conquered both internally and externally. Or inner demons that we’ve managed to make friends with since last Michaelmas. And as usual, we have the celebration of not having committed suicide through everything. (This is not mentioned facetiously, but with a hint of chuckling awkwardness.)

“I made it through this year of a roller-coaster ride with you and your project and your own emotional roller-coaster.”

“Yes, I was speculating how all that stuff came out last year and thinking, ‘What the Hell is going on with me? This fricken erotica?’ Spewing out here and there and the old version was all over the place and I would switch chapters, move them around as I called out to friends, ‘What’s happening?!’ Asking friends who don’t really know the characters, ‘What the Hell is going on? What is this?’ And they’re just like, ‘This is the best fricken smut I’ve ever read!’ And I say, ‘Well, that’s great! But who the Hell wants this???’

“Then to finally have the people be able to come to me and they did want it, it’s an inner demon I’ve made friends with; to be okay with writing erotica for characters that were very suppressed and hadn’t reached each other yet and my being overtaken by these characters… Then we have encouragement not to leave the reader hanging. I was waiting for it to collapse on me again completely. Then ‘The Wedding Day’ came out and I was amazed. All the stuff to figure out how to reach those who did want it after wondering so long why I was pressed to pursue the erotica at all. Then the encouragement increases the vibrancy of each chapter, creates new ones and the entire novel starts blending together into an actual story. The experience is like an inner demon that I made friends with from last November when it was all coming out randomly. I’m happy about that. “

dragon and michaelmas

Another dragon conquered for Daryl’s Husband, “Your emotional roller-coaster; the valleys on that were certainly a struggle, more so for you than for me, but they were a struggle for me as well.”

“Then,” I said, “you joined me in the podcast intros.”

He nodded, and blushed, “Certainly been appreciative of the romance that has been re-ignited.”

Yeah,” I responded, smiling, “that’s kind of an accomplishment, too, to take what was given and be able to use that channeling for ourselves. In a way that fits… right now… a thankfulness in receiving something that we weren’t sure about as you read the chapters with me. And there were moments when you were surprised by something that went down on paper and wondered if there was a boundary that we were crossing that we hadn’t crossed before… because of them. I think that’s the best way to say it.”

He agreed, then added, “And getting a job for me, to be able to finally pay the bills. At times all of this included has been pretty overwhelming.”

He was switching gears, but I went back to the previous topic after assenting to his feelings about that one, “And I’ve gone with this to the point of stretching beyond the call, and seeing if there was anything I could make up for that I’d done wrong in all of my angst. As it turns out… not really, but knowing that I tried my best to extend myself and offer olive-branches to anyone whose feelings I might have hurt. Knowing that I did my best with various people, and knowing that in the long-run there are people who won’t listen or understand. But having done my best to make that attempt to bring understanding to those who are so negative… there’s nothing more to be done. There’s nothing you can do but do your best. If it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work talking to some people.”

We continue the meal, wondering what to do with the additions on the goose in order to make a soup and not waste anything. Putting all of the goodies away as we finish up. I think this is one of the rare times we have major Michaelmas leftovers. I’d almost added fried zucchini and was glad I didn’t. A glass covering for the pumpkin cornbread… and then we rifled around for something to put the goose in. What the heck is going to fit? Remove things from the fridge and, ack, that’s not working, it’s not big enough, where is that long Pyrex dish we got from Rick as a wedding gift? Scrambling through cupboards we finally find it, clean it, and it’s a perfect fit. THANK YOU, RICK! (I wonder if he’ll ever even see this journal.)

The green peas made it in so the soup pot could go on top of that, but my husband suggested turning the pot lid upside-down to make sure the handle didn’t jam for space. It worked!

There was a wind-up of one more struggle to note on this day. I had made friends who ended up making the work much harder and more stressful, and as it turned out they weren’t friends, but trying to control what I was doing, being so obsessed with the original program to the point I had to wonder what stake they had in all of this. Obsession is understandable in the Dark Shadows fandom but I had more reason to be obsessed as they are spectators to what I’m doing and I’m the one creating it with so much more. The hope now is to find the people who want it.

If I could do this in a way that didn’t find the people who either enjoyed it and despised me, or didn’t appreciate the direction it’s heading, I would love to find that way. So far there are several complainers. All they seem to be doing is making more noise which brings me to receive more numbers and downloads as lurkers wonder what the Hades these complainers are even talking about. It’s a little like what happened with Monty Python’s film, “The Life of Brian”. That movie was more publicized by haters who didn’t understand it than any advertising Monty Python could have achieved if they tried. I remember the troupe suggested sending gifts of fruit-baskets to the picketers of it.



                Who is watching, I wonder, when these haters rise and I speak or shrug? How much can this creator take? Do they wonder that? Well, now I’ve been pushed so hard by silence to reach all the fandoms involved, email every college radio station in the United States, plunk down links to any Barnabas/Josette video on youtube when I discovered what specific fans I needed to look for, yearned to be with my fellow creative Goths again, pursued podcasting sites, and now a place that embraces radio dramas specifically.

How big shall The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows become? I don’t know. But I do know I have goals. Five perspectives per episode would be sufficient. Will I hear more? Will people finally de-program from this internet laziness The Powers That Be may have been incorporating into our lifestyles? Could this radio series bring the kind of change Barnabas Collins sees in the bride he desired for so long? Her gregarious nature finally bringing the crux into his home and estate and the people there?

Many a groaning woman wonders, “Why do you love me?” to their mates. One so romantic as Barnabas Collins has given his answer in my series, “I love you, because you love everyone, my Maggie, my Josette.”

I am thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art. And this is the only immortality you and I may share, my Lolita.


Maybe I’ve Been Looking In The Wrong Places

Just got a little feedback from a group called “Gothic Creations”. It took me a while to realize that many Gothic types, such as myself, are looking for people to talk to about what they’re doing. Well, I’ve done my bat embroidery, and then there is this BIG one… spooky, Gothic… audio and thought provoking… Hmm… I wonder where they are? I think I’ll start looking.

One thing is certain… a person who really loves my work gave up on DS… I think it was that desire for an upswing that just never happened… And so… here I am.

I was perusing Gothic photos and found one of those photos with a slogan. It said, “Happy Goth… Less Conformist Than Normal Goth.” I had to burst out laughing, “That’s me!”


I adore that cheery bloke in the background!

So, what I have here is a project and one I’m hoping you will enjoy. However, having internet woes, transportation woes, and loneliness woes, I started to become very frazzled as I continued. I just had so little help in creating this and I want to create so much more, but without dialogue over enjoyment, coupled with some severe haters and manipulative types, it’s just tough to keep trying. But it’s a labour of love, involves a ton of recognizable characters and has had thousands of dollars spent on it. With almost no help I managed to reach this podcast and radio drama to iTunes.


It is a huge mixture of old spooky shows and movies. All the characters help each other out and there are currently 12 episodes of it. I’ve worked over 2 years in creating it and it’s heavily downloaded. I discovered one of my problems is the romantic pairings in one of the fandoms. That fandom, Dark Shadows, is better now but has been an absolute nightmare for the shy fans of it for forty-years. The internet decay in communication that began about 2007 made that even worse. Now I have to encourage them to speak. I know they can, they’re just afraid. (Someone in across the Atlantic contacted me today. Very shy fellow.)

So, here it is, Wadsworth from Clue steps in first to help, Slimer shows up briefly, The Addams Family is included, Lily Munster also, Norman Bates has a cameo, Freddy Krueger is mentioned but not by name, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir are very involved, and it’s all hosted by two spooky characters from The Kids In The Hall: Sir Simon Milligan & Manservant Hecubus.

Please have mercy. I have been through Hell… truly



goths39_20070401_1227556692 Peter-Murphy


Gimme the ring, kissed and told
Gimme something that I missed (Gimme the ring)
A hand to hold, wild and what it seems (Gimme the ring)
Kill the king when love is the law
And the wheel turn round… (Gimme the ring)
Gimme dream child
And do you hear me call? (Gimme the ring)
On the loan and on the level
…Still on the floor (Gimme the ring)
Sing dream child
And do you hear at all?

Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing…

Gimme siren, child and do you hear me?
Gimme siren, child, and do you hear me call?
Sing, child, of right and wrong
Gimme things that don’t last long
Gimme siren, child, and do you hear me call?

Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing…

On days like this
In times like these
I feel an animal deep inside
Heel to haunch on bended knees
Living on if and if I tried
Somebody send me… please…
Dream wars and a ticket to seem
Giving out and in
Selling the don’t belong
Well, what do you say
D’you have a word for Giving Away?
Got a song for me?

Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing This Corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing…

I got nothing to say I ain’t said before
I bled all I can, I won’t bleed no more
I don’t need no one to understand
Why the blood run hold
The hired hand
On heart
Hand of God
Floodland and Driven Apart
Run cold
Like a healing hand
Like a healing hand
Like a healing hand
Like a healing hand


Gimme the ring:

gimme the ring

Discussion with the postman ^_^ (More packages for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows to college radio.)

The postman came by and picked up another package to a college radio station. “Still workin’ hard, eh?”

“Oh, yes,” I told him, “And all just to get the chit-chat.”

We discussed various nuances in my work to find the fuel I need. I expressed to him I had to hunt down the people who specifically wanted what I was doing because so many had given up even looking for it. He pointed out that it was a very good thing for me to offer so much to others and that importance of understanding it.

I said, “I do, but all I want is the discussion over it to enhance my motivation. If I had had 5 people in this neighbourhood to share it with I likely never would have posted it online. I just don’t have that support. Plus with the type of people these are there is a fear of the word ‘review’. I’m not looking for bolstering so much as wanting to be a spectator with them. On top of which the positive types are extremely shy online these days. It would be good to bring back a positive influence since there is so much negative online now. That’s what I really want to encourage. Also, a comedian on stage has the benefits of seeing and hearing the reactions. All I need is the discussion. Five people would be sufficient. I’ve got more downloads, though, than I ever could have dreamed. It’s a little scary.”

“Well,” he said, “keep trying! It sounds like a good thing you’ve got going.”

But what did I get in the mail? Yay! A card from a pen friend, who isn’t a listener or reader of my work. She explained it all beautifully (and likely decorated this card herself). She writes: “Silence, especially to ones creative efforts/humor is, at the very least, alienating and isolating – at worst a killer. I wish for an end to that for you and much appreciation for the encompassing world you have created.”


Barnabas Collins: “They want to hear him stop complaining… and *I* am no exception.”


If anyone has listened to my intros, they’ve heard that I don’t creep into the minds of these characters slightly, I channel them, get in touch with who they are, how they feel, what they’re motives are, reenact their behaviour, both in voice, but since you haven’t seen me, you likely don’t see the change in how I look when this happens.

Back when I had a cold for over a month and couldn’t voice act but was looking for ways to promote The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows to possible fans of it, having less of an idea that the problem was romantic pairings, “Margaret Josette Dupres” started to happen. I’ve explained how that did in the novel itself. But what no one knows is that as it was happening I was going into realms of channeling I’d never gone through before and it shocked me.

I had no idea there was so much M-Rated material at fanfiction.net until I couldn’t find my “one-shot”, then when I did… WOW! The entire idea of adult material for screen characters was a weird concept to me. I had a rough-draft of “The Wedding Night” and thought, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” I hadn’t opened my facebook account to find so many Dark Shadows fans so all I had to rely on is friends who didn’t know Dark Shadows much and ask them what they thought. They thought it was damn good and beyond what they’d seen before. What I was dying to ask someone and kept on trying to ask is, “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME???”

Okay, channel Roger, I get it, channel Pop, wise man, everyone gets a turn, no one takes over… until… Willie Loomis in which case I go ape-shit as he has a tendency to do.

Now here I am writing erotica for Barnabas and a reincarnated Josette. What the HELL??? I’m not in love with Barnabas Collins! Everyone around me seems to be. I empathize with him. Listening to him go on forever about Josette… well, most people want to smack him and throw him at Julia or Angelique or an OC character. Me? I finally sat down to write more of “Margaret Josette Dupres”. With all of that whining and moaning Barnabas does for her, one hand went over my heart with that concern.

The other hand? I got so aggravated by the excessive story telling and woe-as-me jargon, that other hand turned into a fist and I almost growled, “I’m… going… to… make… you… shut-up! HERE! Have at her! How about her breast in your mouth?! Will THAT finally appease you, old man?! … oh… my… ah-hem… I see that it does.” ^_^

But what was happening to me? Well, I’m not in love with Barnabas Collins, but I did fall in love with another character after channeling him: Willie Loomis. He made the first crack in my 8 years of ice. Another shock about which more later. (This is why he got his own chapters as well.)

Now, as I analyzed this love between Barnabas & Josette it certainly was excessive. Any screen time showed an incredible tenderness I had never seen before. If I didn’t understand why so many people drooled over Jonathan Frid’s abilities I certainly saw it now. And that marriage to Jeremiah or Barnabas’ marriage to Angelique? Hmm, everyone is wearing black, there’s been a lot of deaths around here… but then what’s going on now?


Kissing in full-mourning regalia.

This was the thing that told me, “Wait… she’s a widow… and one of the reasons she’s a widow is because of him!” So how much more of an intense love do you want?

Then the vampire curse… but can this guy stay away? Nope. Gotta go say one last farewell… Is she going to stand for that when she finds out? Hell no. And what does he give her?


Y’all let me know if anyone else wore that ring.

This is why I say Josette Dupres is not under-developed. If anything she’s over-developed into a plethora of facets. 1795 is merely one of the areas she’s developed. Another is the ghostly persona helping others. Then we have Kitty Soames, the strait reincarnation who recognizes someone with no aid from her paramour and… does… this:

Kitty Strangles Angelique

If this dame wasn’t so ticked off at being screwed over I can’t see why she would bother strangling her old chum. And yes Josette likely showed Angelique the most kindness back in the day which makes what Angelique did to her even more horrendous. (But I do want to see Angelique happy, too. Mind you, Angelique and I share a problem in common: neglect.)

Then another clue I saw in analyzing Maggie Evans was the earrings that belonged to Josette.


She’s so into these things she’s hardly interested in going on a date with Joe when he finally brings them back to her after having them secretly appraised. Sure, she’s ready to go to the restaurant with him… if they serve baby-food.

Pretty cheezy, but he sure left in a huff. I blame neither of them.

For me I saw these clues. To solve everything what is going to make the most sense? Maggie = Josette. Even other writers appeal to this sense in the long-run because they analyze the show as well and they see the evidence. Why it was never done before I have only deduced from what I’ve heard of the bullying against such stories as far as sharing them. So I’m sure those stories have existed but likely resting in a shoebox in several dark closets and collecting dust. (In fact one fan of my work still writes about this pair. I’d like to view her material but I respect her privacy on that because she, herself, has gone through far more than enough of said bullying from other fans.)

So there I am channeling this end result of my series in perplexity. Channel Barnabas Collins in his intense desire for this dame he goes on about so much that it sickens people? He’ll go on about her wonders to excess:

I exhaled with her and responding to her embrace with my own, fed myself with her kiss as she fed from mine. Something there created an echo of the ocean waves so much farther than either of us could usually hear and I remembered what we’d been given to make it permanent: Everlasting Life. The possibility of joy beyond centuries of time, as we’d been waiting so long for this upcoming day. Her breath pushing on my face as mine did toward her. These sounds and moist expressions of love began to create a longing and I knew what she meant. To wait for tomorrow…

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter One]

The incessant love I felt for my once lost Josette, was imploding on destiny toward this new bride, who was both her and Maggie Evans. And I sensed an unknown temptation of scintillation upon every aspect of my skin. What cared I for the blood of other mortals… when the blood of her inner soul was all that mattered to me?

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter Two]

I had known the frightening, though delicious enjoyment of removing Josette’s wedding gown, even suffering to destroy the undergarment of it as she had allowed. This was a bold mixture of torrid agony and blissful excitement. In all her passion the sweetness never left her, but her other components, as lovely as the original, were there.

Ah, of something new, it was helping her to dress. She showed me all of the new methods to lace her up or latch her clothing. And Maggie did something unique as I watched her in front of her vanity table, now as the mess had been cleaned, that is. She beckoned me to stand closer and then put the hair brush into my hand. I looked at it and then at her uncertainly and she almost laughed, “Go ahead, I’ve worked through whatever tangles at the end we managed together last night.”

I began slowly at the top and then felt the thrush down, not wanting to mar a single filament on her head. I saw through the mirror, (which yes, did reflect us,) that her eyes closed and she was experiencing a certain pleasure from this simple custom. I stood and gathered her tresses underneath, feeling the prickles against my hand as I went down with the strokes from the brush. It strangely enticed me. Could all of this be so? I’d always wondered what would happen but my imagination failed me to understand the possibilities as so many obstacles kept steering us away from this bliss.

As I continued her scent floated to me and I found myself drawing the brown locks away, putting the brush down and pressing my lips to her neck. She took my arms and guided me in the embrace of her.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 5. He’s so in love with her that merely brushing her hair is a bloody turn-on!]

Kitty, my beauty, for who I both mourn and am grateful to have again in this Margaret, dazzles my interest. And if it were not for her, it may not have been so obvious what was happening to us. Something was trying, and when one looks at the chronology of our history, to keep us alive, and to gather us together at that alter of union. And she was brave to come out and say so. Of course it tickles me that she recognized our tormentor, Angelique, and immediately went to throttle the life out of her. For this… Kitty is the name I often use when I see that sweet justice again, in my Maggie.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 8]

The lovely thing of all this is, she knows what ought to be and does it with exquisite divinity. As always, in all her lives, she is not one who likes to idle, and that is the sadness for those who cannot know her. Others see her as sweetness only, a trifling happiness and without any complexity. But *I* know better, as do her entourage for which I take up my pen to explain these things.

[Y’all think Daryl made that up on her own? Barnabas just keeps going. Damn vampire… Even when she beats him he’s still in love:]

I moaned and wasn’t sure if it was agony or ecstasy. Maggie Evans… Josette Dupres… she was having her revenge on me and she was gaining her compensation as well. Exerting what I needed to be forgiven. The blows to my face were at least some small distraction to the icy chill surrounding me. As well as my pride coming up in all of this. Yes. I was proud of her.

I could feel Josette’s anger towards me and her love. And in this new bond she noticed that I did and her hand slowly went down to her side at first but then came up and produced one more resounding strike across my face. She had strength and my cheeks burned with that strength. We both took a deep breath together and a deep exhale. I looked at her in loving appreciation, hoping she was sated.

My sweet angel that I had turned foul… please… let everything out.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 14]

I looked into her eyes and thought of that night. There we were again in that bed but sharing that memory at the table she waited on. Sitting side by side once more in total ignorance that we’d met again. We thought of that together as we lay there, the dampness beneath me on the sheets, the dampness on my thumb as it slid across her cheek. All the turmoil we’d suffered and here we were, our passion having been so strong, now our love was made that much stronger by what we’d overcome.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 15]

There are even certain descriptions of their intimacy that came out of my latest run of the story where I discuss them with Barnabas. Certain things I was worried would offend people because they were so intimate, at least to me. Internally I’d ask, “Do you TRULY want to say that, Old Man?”

Yes, he did. Ugh! All right, all right, all right. Ever try writing Barnabas Collins in first person while tapping into the mans’ mannerisms? If you ever have then you know he’s a heavy pusher of the thesaurus. That guy is PICKY! (And it’s a bit irritating that he is.)

And in all of this… did I really… finally make him shut-up about her? NoGarrr! He just goes on and on about Josette, he won’t stop. He finally has her, he’s making up for all of that lost time of not being able to appreciate her up-close and personal. I, myself, get tired and ask him, “Can’t we describe the room? Can’t we do something more with the background, the setting, don’t you love the damn house as much?” >_<

“No!” he seems to scream, “The orange-brown glow of her eyes, the elation I have in touching her skin, the talent she has for delighting in things both large and small!”

“Okay, fine! Dammit, Old Man, you’re gonna put me in a hospital.”

But... at least he’s not complaining. ^_^

And Josette? She’s barely any different. She fought like hell to reincarnate ad nauseam and she won’t shut up about how she feels toward Barnabas. She’s happily got him and got him by every last nerve of his being. She enjoys that far more than a cowboy at a steak and potatoes supper. The fun part is Barnabas Collins does not like Clelland’s novel “Fanny Hill”. Josette Dupres? She’s amused and entertained, the little beast. (Me? I’m with Barnabas. Not really my thing.)


So imagine my relief when Sam Evans had a ton to say! Getting him down, particularly as the reincarnation of Andre Dupres was no little task. I love when he’s in that bedroom and says he chooses NOT to dwell on what goes on there. Good job, Pop!

Still, the novel keeps going and Barnabas, as per usual, hates himself for far too much. It takes Josette to see this. She’s forgiven him but he hasn’t forgiven himself and she cares about that. It isn’t until he does forgive himself they can conceive a child, in whatever terms this lighter vampirism can produce offspring. Now that he’s forgiven himself it is safe to do so. And in all of this, what’s he the most interested in? His bride’s joy, what she likes, where he can provide the most to her. It’s why I want this published. If lovers could tap into that empathy can you imagine what love lives would improve?

However, I am getting wiped out on this pair. I’d love more address to the characters in the radio drama so I can move on to all of the other pairings and explore their passions. Likely not to be nearly as intense as this one, but I could use the relief. Wait. Scratch that, I think Angelique’s Klingon style with who’s in the wing for her will likely make me explode. I tried channeling that once. YIKES! Scary woman. But for a relief series and one in the 1960s mostly, Maggie=Josette & Barnabas was what came out in what I studied. Discovering why it was kept out of fanwork was one of many reasons I blew my top for which I, again, apologize.

All I’ve had to keep me from going to Wyndcliff myself is humour, and humour is something Barnabas loves about his sweetheart.


I guess it’s as I’ve heard. When you find Dark Shadows it pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Let me know if there is an actor/writer/channeler forum I can sign up for. They might be able to help me endure all of this struggle a lot better! Thanks.

“Nathan, You Big Dummy!” sharing the DS love from facebook months agone…

Nathan you big dummy

A collection of humour from various people and our appreciation of it, audibly, notably, undeniably… something people can’t seem to do a diddly for me most of the time with my output, but unlike many online, my husband and I speak up…

Please look at the photo, listen and enjoy.

Awaiting the soundtrack for the film “Clue” (1985)


If I had Photoshop I could do better than this, but for now this is as close as we’re getting to Wadsworth and Willie. Two men of service, but one is menial while the other is aristocratic. Wadsworth is a wonderful go between for Barnabas Collins and Willie Loomis. He can understand both of them easily. If anyone heard my intro to episode 13 for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, you might have caught my husband and I squaring away a few details on this pair. I finally got to editing that today. And ohhh… Willie sounds soooooooo much better than last year!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Magical Irish Dolphin for detailing various Big Finish Audio productions of Dark Shadows. I wanted to hear Andrew “Barnabas” Collins voice to see if I could get a better take on Jonathan Frid. She steered me to “The Christmas Presence” as short, affordable and what I might enjoy.

I hope I don’t get put into the dog house to confess that Andrew Collins made me see Barnabas Collins in Arthur Dent’s robe. The voice was too British slick, not that I wouldn’t wish him to perform an audio version, with certain others, of “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)”. However, the purchase was not a waste. I don’t mind visualizing Maggie Evans kissing Barnabas Collins in Arthur Dent’s robe under the mistletoe. I almost feel like The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is closer to the original show because of my recording flaws, whereas Big Finish audio productions are far too smooth. It seems the most elegant creme and with Dark Shadows I’m used to a nice homemade pudding.

Better, though, and back on topic, was John Karlen’s performance! Yes! This I CAN use! Although here I am struggling to find a gentler Willie Loomis. John Karlen wanted him to get crazier according to his interviews. So in “The Christmas Presence” I heard Willie Loomis hurting and I want to writhe… and then I hear John Karlen having a blast and… I’M SO TORN! Ahhh!!! But his voice is as good as ever in “The Christmas Presence”. And Angelique is no where near the redeemed place I want her after all of this time as she’s giving Willie shit. Grrr!!!! *shaking fist* I’ve gotta get Endora to whip you into shape, WOMAN!

But I only use this audio to get the voices down, not to obtain story lines to fix. The daytime drama of Dark Shadows over one thousand episodes is more than enough for me! Phew! And there is that annoying bit of Maggie saying, yet again, “I don’t know, Barnabas is just so familiar, as though I’ve known him forever.” ARGGG!!! Why is this reincarnation thing so obvious but so damned unpopular that I have to bulldoze through it with a multi-fandom?

So there I was at the microphone and in one ear I’ve got “Clue” playing so as to listen to Wadsworth. On my mp3 player, I have “The Christmas Presence” and Willie Loomis freaking out in my other ear. Yes, I wear two sets of headphones sometimes. Switching between voice performances was tough with those different accents and inflections! Yeesh! And some snapping effect happened some of the time so I may have to re-perform a few lines. Ugh… But as I listen to it, I began to hear the quirky background music to “Clue”. Uh-oh… Oh! I have got to get the soundtrack! I just have to. It ain’t cheap either. So I await it’s arrival. I have plenty of work while I’m at it.

I still have about fourteen states of college radio stations to email. I need to buy more postage stamps. I’m out of the whole dollar ones already. Not as many stations as I’d hoped but more than I expected. One already let me know they’re going to cut some stuff or maybe fade it out but I don’t mind as long as it gets played. One can’t have everything. I also made it a point to announce the P.O. Box address on air because people who like it and are going online to soak up freebies anyway will do that regardless so they don’t have to be told. I’d rather this was a pen pal community in all honesty.

I’ve also found myself getting rather bored of facebook. If people can be so bloody chatty about Dark Shadows in general and all of the topics that come up, why can’t they be chatty about my show? Should I actually make a group page for it? How would I describe that? A Dark Shadows with extras page and summarize it as, “For fans of the radio drama The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows with exclusive preference to pairings so we can all shelter amongst us precious few?” Should I just make a Barnabas/Josette page? A Barnabas/Maggie page? A Barnabas and the many lives of Josette Dupres page? An exclusive page that promotes inclusiveness? If I had just come up with a U.U. Minister for “Margaret Josette Dupres” I guess I could make it his page. Heck, if I’m saving Ezra Braithwaite, maybe he’s Unitarian and he could be the minister at their wedding! The Ezra Braithwaite, Unitarian Minister page?

But while I’m editing, which is boring, facebook is a fairly decent go between as far as bitty breaks between saving files and what not. I’ve actually found myself like-clicking less because I’m just so bored by the concept. It didn’t take me long, I’m glad to confess.

Meanwhile, I shall await some lovely background music, never before heard at Wyndcliffe Sanitarium.

Clue_ the Movie

The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)” [Note 4]

her room

Ah, yes! At last! The chapter we’ve all been waiting for: Chapter 6, A Broken Bed, hence this purview from the bed which our couple is about to break. Barnabas and Margarette throw us for a loop indeed and sure did with me. I didn’t shake like I did when I saw the portrait fall off of the wall when they rammed into that paneling you see at the right side of the fireplace here, but my eyebrows were rather higher than normal for most of the night I saw them so in love as to wreck suspension bars on the Colonial framework of Josette’s reclaimed berth. Mmm-hmm!

Was it solely from them or did David and Sarah jump on this bed too in our precursor: The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, Episode 11? I have my doubts on the latter. I believe David and Sarah knew this was a sacred room and likely didn’t cause a ruckus there. But my, my, our Barnabas and reincarnated Josette sure did!

ring pop art chapter 6 . Apr 29

Very nice… I enjoy the passion especially with your bits of humor thrown in (such as the bed breaking).
background square
Thank you, it is rather humourous, passionately humourous. They are very amused as well as quite sated!

myhrr chapter 6 . Apr 28

Amazingly written! I almost felt as if I were some kind of deviant voyeur gazing excitedly thru a peephole waiting for the show to commence…and Wadsworth was absolutely magnificent! Now I know who the character is based on I can just imagine him sweeping the porch waiting for the newlyweds to come home…with an “Aah haa” look in his eye!
background squareOh blessings to see these words. Yes, as we know, Wadsworth intention in helping was to sort out the mess with his employer and that mademoiselle his employer had been longing for. He knows much, appreciates love & justice. For Barnabas Collins? The answers were more obvious to him than to me, I’ll wager. And that excited wait as they rushed back to the house, not in the original draft. I was told by my friend who enjoys adult material that build-up is very important!
Anyone remember the rather out-of-it guest reviewer who seemed to get the idea speed-reading these chapters would cut it and expressed concern over adult-material when it was clearly labeled on the summary, and posts elsewhere? She questioned my asking people to express themselves and not repress themselves. This was in italics under a line when the chapter finished as a fun way of encouraging the shy readers. One beloved reader saw this and was not shy!

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 6 . Apr 25

And I shall freely express myself, my dear! That…was…EROTIC! 😀 So no kids? No possible Bramwell to complete the unit? Well, I suppose with them being keepers of their families (Collins, Evans/DuPres) that it wouldn’t be such a big deal. And the bed breaketh! Ha ha! When Barnabas had Josette’s room remodeled, he should have had Willie to upgrade the bed (stronger frame stronger support 😉 ) Great work, Daryl!
background square
Thank you! And yes, I did finally realized what with reincarnation swarming all over Collinwood, there was one child who would be of great importance. Her birth is still being channeled. The POV is difficult to determine. It almost feels like it should be multiple POV’s with line splits and names above. For chapter beyond 6 the bed will be upgraded. Willie Loomis and Wadsworth understand the dynamics of good craftsmanship. If the canopy shook before I doubt it will shake much later.

Now here is the one I was longing for!

katie chapter 6 . Apr 25

Oh, Josette, you lucky devil! Do you even know how many of us women and even a significant minority of men would love to have Barnabas as you have had him…

Well done, Daryl. Love, sex, courtly passion, vampires to spend all eternity together, and the subtle humor of a broken bed. It makes my heart sing to see these two finally together and happy. Long may it continue.

That is just letting it ALL hang out! It’s like one I saw in “Forever Mine” that expressed: “Barnabas must be a smoothie (not the berry kind)” So yes. I was looking for reviews like this! Especially noticing a significant minority of the men! I hadn’t thought that far ahead but it should have been obvious. I can never figure out for the life of me why this couple makes so little sense to most fans. Or maybe it makes TOO much sense and they’re not used to that what with DS flipping all over the place in what the heck is going on. It’s true, I could likely write this stuff for a long time and I maintain I ain’t in love with the man, but if you listen to him, and let him take over, his desires are a surge! (Scary dude… but in a good way.) Again, with fanfiction, if it’s convincing it’s the path we prefer. I’ve been living it and I believe in it. (For fiction’s sake, of course.)

Veritas chapter 6 . Apr 24

This, my dear friend was definitely worth the wait! And the bed breaking just makes it all the more enjoyable, knowing that it barely distracted them from one another. I loved it!
background squareSo much love and it all spreads around! I am so pleased I finally found people online who would enjoy this. And yes, that it barely distracted our couple was a key point I’m happy was taken note of. They were in it. The mattress has crashed, they had crashed, but their adoration was enhanced entirely by what happened. They’re not thinking, “We did this?” Barnabas and Josette instinctively know they did it and aren’t too surprised. Almost two centuries of longing, affection and adoration? It’s a long time to wait!

The Promise What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)” [Note 3]


In chapter 3 of “Margaret Josette Dupres” there is some trepidation for our groom and some rather winning allure from one bride, who is often seen as so sweet to be undeveloped. Well, Josette Dupres has been a lady of refinement as well as kind to others, even to one who did her the worst of wrongs and would normally not be friends with someone of her class. But for Josette, even a servant could be a friend. If Angelique couldn’t show that kindness in return to Josette this would be straight Dark Shadows, and not part of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows.

In this combination from Josette Dupres to Kitty Soames to Maggie Evans, much can be seen, as well as a lady who uncorked not only her own mysteries but the mysteries of everything in Collinsport. View this woman coming from her island home and  more or less Parisian lifestyle embarking on a journey of three lives. First she travels as a French mademoiselle to step down in Maine, and next a widow from England, previously from Pennsylvania, setting foot again on the same shore and then finally she is born there, but does this woman know boats and nautical terms? As it turns out she does. Is it simply from this third life in a shipping town or having been familiar with ships so much before? And as for the man she finally marries in this novel. Oh, does she know him, and know him well. Perhaps her level-headedness and her determination to have her husbands’ knowledge increased by his servitude to her is what makes him so nervous.

Does Barnabas fight this allure? Oh, no.

I didn’t sit through hours and days and months and years of fricken Dark Shadows listening to that infusion of walking melancholia whine and bitch and moan over not getting this chik for nothing! Unlike other people who wanted to smack him for missing his sweetie, I saw the reincarnation (and I’m not the only one who did) and told him, “FINE! HERE SHE IS! SHE WANTS YOU, TOO! OKAY? Now go for it!

Aaaaaand… oh, dear! Cupid’s arrow struck me in a whirlwind of confusion channeling these two. Suddenly a surprising one shot organically sprouted into an ongoing novel. Will my other couples be as extreme? (Tony & Carolyn woke me up a bit, but not like this!)

So there Barnabas Collins holds his bride in that bed after already experiencing her in the absolute for the first time, and he is still dazzled. Finally having this one he’s ached for (and woe-as-me and sad tales of loss, blah, blah, blah), “Now I get to actually have her?” Think about it. If he got her? After all of that? He better be a combination of grossly terrified and extraordinarily happy!

But, who of us took a peep into the bedroom?

Whoah! Osheen? Wow!

Osheen Nevoy chapter 3 . Apr 28

Beautiful. Both the physical aspects and the non-physical. And I love the line about her own ghost calling to her.

Oh my! Very nice! I’d love to have her review more! And yes, I felt both Kitty and Maggie would have that trouble on the inner turmoil of Josette.

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 3 . Apr 12

So how did they wake up the next morning? 🙂 This was romantic in their bonding and reminisces of the past. And sensual!

I thought so. ^_^ I think that’s why this erotica is so different. It leans towards more sensuality than sexuality. Every part is glorified rather than the baser areas normally seen in work of this kind. Loved notes of romance and bonding which for them should be celebrated. And waking up the next morning? That is asking for more. Always welcome!

myhrr chapter 3 . Apr 23

Can’t stop reading it…this should have been in the movie, but I guess it would have gotten an R rating in 1970…you write exquisitely, and the reader hangs on to your every word to see what is going to happen when we turn the page (so to speak) and happen upon the next chapter.

My dear madam, such a delight. Perhaps I don’t write exquisitely, though. Perhaps Barnabas does. And I tell ya, channeling that man; the thesaurus gets some overtime use. He is so picky.

And so we move on to Chapter 4, when our bride awakens a married woman to speak for herself, albeit a little fumblingly.

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 4 . Apr 13

I think the chapter is alright. It’s sweet to show Barnabas comforting MJ’s fears and reading of the intimate thoughts of the world-wise (or centuries-wise) Josette Dupres. And perhaps you could replace Heaven with “Paradise”? It’s a glorious setting, too, but it’s just my suggestion 🙂

The suggestion I took! It is perfect. Thank you. That one’s always been a little uncertain. And the comforting is sweet. I can’t see him being any other way with her. This couple is satisfied. Thank you for the insight!

Liz chapter 4 . May 9

Praise be to the Collinsport Afghan! Dark Shadows characters, besides Jeff Clark, are finally acknowledging their past lives. Now why couldn’t the show’s writers have penned such a simple idea? It makes me want to rent a time machine, barge into Dan Curtis’ office, and scream, “If you introduce a plot point like reincarnation, follow through and finish it!” But no, that would’ve been too easy. Instead, they thew Maggie aside as Nicholas Blair’s love interest! Was there ever any long term planning involved with Dark Shadows’ writing department?

Now this is something I love about making these new friends online. We all know exactly what these items are and who the characters are. We all just get one another almost instantly. Another reason why I wrote the pairings analysis. Like greets like. And again we have one of the few listeners I found. We just felt the pairing made sense and didn’t besmirch the 2012 film of humour for at least trying to get the Josette issue squared away for once. And yes, Nicholas Blair… huh? But then there are more “huhs” in Dark Shadows than one can shake the proverbial stick at.  I think Dan Curtis did want this with asking K.L.S. to reprise her role so much but considering it was a soap-opera would it have gone down well?

ring pop art chapter 5 . Apr 29

Ooh La La!
Very sweet and romantic…
Also, I was quite amused with the bit about fake pockets.

Yay! Someone new comes in to review, and a non-bedroom scene. And yes, that fake pockets thing gets on my nerves, too. I can see where Barnabas was coming from. What I felt was the sweetest and most romantic part was where she squeezed his hand on the bench making him ask why. She was thinking of the previous night and her knuckles crept in blushing remembrance to her face. Maggie was correct; if one thinks of these memories and writes them down? More splendour can be enjoyed and it grows.

katie chapter 5 . Apr 24

Tender, sweet, romantic and oh, so poignant. You channel the Josette and Barnabas that should have been. Those who will never be separated, by time or what life has dealt them. Bravo!

Thank you, Katie! Another new friend who’s come to mean so much. A that’s the funny thing about fanfiction, isn’t it? Since it’s based on fiction it’s either nearly as believable or more believable for where we see the most sense of the story going. I realized this when watching an episode and noticing Tony & Carolyn separated for some annoying reason. I found myself not worrying about it anymore. I’d fixed it already. ^_^ And thank you so much for using the word channel and how they’d never be separated. Josette said it herself, I mean, you know, back when the show had less continuity flaws. 🙂

myhrr chapter 5 . Apr 23

Please dont stop at this chapter…leaving the reader hanging, is in some ways, a good thing, and brings us back wanting and waiting for more. Yes it has brought a certain peace to my psyche, knowing that Barnabas and Josette/Maggie can experience some of the things that so many of us take for granted. The simple things that make one’s life complete. Thank you for writing this for us, the readers.

You’re welcome! Finally, to FIND some readers! It was rather dismal during the test run. Later on, WOW! Did I have readers! I’m not sure the first run of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows did this well! No worries on more chapters, though. Where are we now? 33? I don’t think any of us take this for granted. Still wonder why it is our stories get the flames. All I can figure is there is a taboo truism some people are threatened by. For this Dark Shadows there are about 409 stories at that site now. One would think that would retain the needs of such rude people, but I guess when you’ve got something convincing it shocks the meanies into action.

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 5 . Apr 14

Seriously, I thought that Barnabas and MJ were going to get down and dirty in the mausoleum when she loosened his collar, but I don’t know how I would had reacted if they did in front of Naomi’s crypt (or on it :D). Second, I can only imagine Tony Peterson, Carolyn, and the other family members and friends watching them and thinking, “They make such a cute couple, but why is she wearing THAT outfit?!” Wouldn’t you ask that, being on the outside looking in, Daryl? No criticism at all, but just an immersed observer. It was sweet, lovely, and it was…don’t know how to say it, but it was interesting that MJ also saw their journal writings as resourceful for future, possibly troubled couples. That’s actually pretty interesting andd progressive of her (if that’s the right word to use). I liked it. What’s next? 🙂

Nope, he was getting nervous and yes, the whole family crypt thing. They were considering the secret room but later on we discover that doesn’t have the greatest of memories for this particular couple. Some confidence is lost in the fear.

I was seeing this dress from the late 60’s on her. She kept showing it to me and I was like, “Okay, yes, that’s one of those old Simplicity or McCall’s dress patterns from back in the day when women started wearing those revamped pioneer style dresses or whatever.” I guess Carolyn might raise an eyebrow to it but only because I can’t see Carolyn wearing one herself.

As for “Margarette’s” wisdom, that rather came out when I saw what was happening to this book. I’d read it more, and more would come out. Then THEY’D want more and that would come out. Now it’s suddenly spiraled out of control and I’m planning on selling it! Those two Love-Bats did me in, but good! I figured if it worked for them, then worked for me, maybe that could work for a lot people’s love lives. Heck! I think some couples even make videos of themselves and watch it for thrill! (Not me!) But yes, write it down when it’s good. Re-read that when your hungry, go have at it with your lover, write that down, read it, get turned on again, make some more love, shower, rinse, repeat! Good advice. 🙂

What’s next? Should be an enhanced version of busting up the bed again, unless they send me another curve ball. (That’s why she asks if it’s time to go home. So far they’re rushing back to The Old House in Chapter 6.)

Thank you all, including this couple:

stop that

Interlude Chat for Episode 13

itunes pic

Intro music “Night of The Vampire” by The Moontrekkers.

Chatting about creativity, the need for response online, further proffering to college radio, delving into the recent loss of a renown comedian, the difficulty analyzing so many fandoms, re-incorporating Willie Loomis,and investigating Maggie Evans inner reflections experiencing past memories.

In reviewing, a brief nod to the work of Douglas Addams, if anyone catches it. ^_^

Describing avenues of easier communication, channeling characters and outro song by OK Go.


By the way, if people are having trouble downloading episodes, when you reach the page for these podcasts there is a link in text at the bottom that says “download this episode”. No clue about device technology but on a computer it should go to the downloads folder on your hard drive unless you’ve specified it being saved elsewhere.

The easier way to comment on podomatic is to go to the front page: http://xoiscythe.podomatic.com/ comments link to which episode you’d like to express enjoyment (hopefully) on and that can also give an box for a name or pseudonym you’d like to use. Thanks.