In Recovery (And Going Slowly)

Recovery from what, you may ask? Oh, the commercialism overriding our social lives. Baby-toy tricks to confuse us out of more direct communication. Shock at who was and is more susceptible to the distractions and compulsion to go along with those.


This has happened before. At about the turn of the century, if anyone remembers, a lot of us began to notice that email was becoming far less reliable. Those real life friends, who seemed so reasonable and down-to-earth in other regards, began compulsively sending email forwards. Jokes, cookie recipes with bogus expense stories to go with them, someone in need will be helped if we all forward this letter to ten people, or the more straight forward chain-letter that threatened bad luck if you didn’t forward it to twenty people.


We saw that behaviour and for many of us email became far less reliable at keeping in touch with our friends. The thought struck us that if certain people got caught up in that kind of racket and not real keeping in touch, well? Maybe they weren’t our kind of people after all. (This is why I like some video games. It’s a nice, honest method of getting rid of nervous energy and wasting time.)


That was when several of us looked for pen pals on paper again. Of course this version with the commercial social sites I’d say was about a hundred times worse than what happened with the overuse of email forwarding about 20 years ago. (The introduction of the Tamagotchi was also rather mild in comparison to the checking of our mobile devices in recent years.)

Otherwise we’re still enjoying new and renewed friendships. I keep chatting with Seamus about old Pit episodes, as well as plans for new ones. (DS 640-650 or so is a pain to list in sequence!) I do still have chapter plans and creations for the marriage novel, but it all lays in wait for enough chat on private channels, just like Pit episodes. I can only nudge out-of-the-closet fans and friends so far and no farther.


And I do notice stats for those who are addicted to being OH-fended. I’m hoping the stats for the more fun stuff becomes more even, or overrides the hopped up on hype addicts. (To me that’s what thrill rides at amusement parks are for, folks.) New pals and even someone in my physical life is interested in The Pit. Feels so much better to live out of the broom-closet with these companions. Much better indeed.


Pardon to any pals reading this who I haven’t gotten back to sooner. I’m going to keep working on everything at a human pace, as well as keep cosy and relaxed when possible.