The Demo for 21 Is Completed

Yes, the demo for the 21st Episode in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows got finished last weekend. I was pretty damn jazzed at the time, doing some edits, to make it more listenable for me as I work on any little script changes… I kept getting ideas for doing something celebratory for it like a slide show or a picture or something… Then? I just decided to keep enjoying it or listening to music by myself. 🙂


I’ve been busy getting to my letters. Still have to edit an LV chapter I’ve had trouble with, well, edit it more.


Other than that I am really enjoying pen friends, telephone calls, hanging out with friends in person, and listening to my old TV teacher, James Burke. ❤ (Of course, nowadays when I see stuff about Schweppes on his shows I think of Caleb Collins’ bottle collection…)


If you are a pen friend helping me through the days and reading this: Thank you. (If you’re an admired TV teacher reading this: Thank you, too!)


I’m looking forward to “Your Undivided Attention” podcast coming out on 10 June, from The Center for Humane Technology.


Otherwise, my email address has not changed, and if any other readers are curious about anything else (within reason, as Wadsworth says,) you can write or inquire on this web-log.


See you later.

Take care.