The Tandem Is Back! (Halloween 2018)

Tandem is Back 2018c


Enthusiastic history and future of this show. Why the Q & A works so well. Thanks to pen pals and encouragement to folks who want to get in touch. How the like-button is very harmful. Advice as to how to get your own tandem and skills to return.

Variables in the growth of The Pit series, including how Helena Clara Bouchet and I became friends.

Silly gossip versus good gossip. How old and new episodes are built. Reaching 21 due to what’s happening in 20, a scene with Maggie Evans and Carolyn Stoddard. Working with memory and reincarnation.

How small things can cause major problems such as The Northeast Blackout of 1965.

Finding the right people, much appreciation and fun stories.

A little discussion about the novel in terms of embracing the darkness.



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Background music for this podcast:

“Distant Thunder” by Fata Morgana (1995)

“Night in a Graveyard” – Haunted House Music Co. (1985)

“The Lodge” by Agalloch (2002)

“Distant Voices” by View (1993)




Happy Halloween!


The Home of Caleb Collins (Or Is It?)

I have been going through various files to organize and make room to get new demos completed for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows audio drama. We’re on Episode 18 for Pit Crew pre-release, 19 for production, and 20 for rough draft script and demo in the works.

Meanwhile I was going through a delightful message that I sent to a friend at the beginning of 2016. It delves a bit into my re-watching of Dark Shadows, episode 294 and thereabouts. This included discovering I wasn’t far from adequate in getting the details right about The House of Caleb Collins that Victoria Winters fell in love with. Most of the message I wrote is as follows.


O…M…G… Remember how I was so worried about making a mistake with Caleb’s house, a.k.a. The Seaview property, or House by The Sea, not to be confused with House by The Ocean that amounts to the same thing so what the hell?

I’ve been re-watching the episodes in which Victoria Winters is glowing with ecstasy over this house. She describes it with poetic reverie, her face is alight with adoration, as she relates to the home’s majesty, well-kept condition, it’s beauty and relationship to the ocean, it’s glorious views from each window. Even Burke and Barnabas agree that it’s grand. And then? Well, view the photo I’ve attached.


294 After Victoria's glowing description of Seaview, it's majesty and enormity... I ain't buying this as Caleb's house!

As far as I am concerned the writers of the program and the stock footage people were not apprised of each other.


You may imagine I am much less worried about the discrepancy between House by The Sea and House by The Ocean. Perhaps they aren’t precisely one and the same, but they sure as hell aren’t completely different. I think I will boil this down to continuity flaws and grey areas, a bit like a shelf made of sawdust and glue being deemed as “fine craftsmanship”.


It put my mind to rest once again as I found this today. Of course I didn’t create a log entry about it in 2016 as I was still fighting off the addiction to social networks, as much as I thought I’d already conquered that earlier, but I was still on the right track as far as that topic went, too.

As some of my audience might know, I have conversations with my adopted characters.

These conversations are in my imagination and are only “real” in as much as anticipating creative endeavours to come to life.

When I showed Caleb Collins this image of his house I related that it didn’t match Victoria’s description of it.


NOT my beautiful house


His response was: “It matches my mood!”


And? Perhaps this is the great possibility in how I fleshed out the ghostly form of Caleb Collins. Something was accurate in the image of what looks to be a crumbly barn more than an elegant home: The mood of the occupant haunting the house.


Just wanted to show off a bit of a spooky house that is mainly only dilapidated in visual stock-footage appearance rather than story-description looks.


Hey, it’s October, and as far as I’m concerned this house is haunted. Cheers. ^_^

Non-Crackly Spoilercast (October 2018)

2018 October Non-Crackly


After a few words of wisdom via Osheen Nevoy, a bit of personal news which includes Michaelmas and how we celebrate September 29th each year. Updates about upcoming episodes in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows: 18, 19, and some discussion about the rough draft completion of episode 20.

Understanding The Addams Family, Barnabas and Maggie growing as a couple, comparisons between characters in fun spooky and drama spooky, how Chris Jennings will be handled, working with Captain Gregg, needing help with Amy, David and upcoming ghosts, how I’m keeping Tony Peterson in the show.

Thoughts and theories about Josette duPres’ character as a reincarnation. It’s still a mystery overall but *what* a mystery! ^_^ (Touching on a few other stories entailing reincarnation.)

Focusing on the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who, how we’ve been enjoying that, how far we’ve gotten re-watching it, as well as factors in the culmination of my ideas to include The Doctor back in 2013.

Current considerations of how older fans of Dark Shadows might react badly to Halloween and the possibilities of why; essentially another generation gap between younger fans and elder fans. (Fellow Goths: If you don’t understand your parents? This just might help a little bit.)




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27 September 2018

Dear People,

Howdy all! Plenty of news and if pen pals are reading this, I am looking forward to your letters. Keep circulating the mail.

I’m over my cold/allergy/whatever-it-was, and almost ready to return to (audio) work on Episode 19, “Happy Hour In Hell”. (As well as my librivox commitments. Please don’t be mad, LV. “Crackly Spoilercast” can show y’all what technical problems I was up against.)

Last night I finally finished the rough draft script for Episode 20 in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, but I kind of don’t want to relay the title. It’s a bit of a dead give-away and I like to surprise you folks.

One part of Episode 20 I would like to relay is, yes, Barnabas gets a scene! Maggie comes to The Old House to consult him of her suspicions about Chris Jennings. Now this is all well and good, except for the fact that I hadn’t worked with the couple in a while. It just about struck me delirious how much romance OOZES out from that pair being in the same room, even with the reincarnation jokes! He can’t keep his hands off of her and she sure as heck doesn’t mind. ❤


The marriage novel of this romance at a much later date, is coming along in little bits. Post-graduate David Collins is a fine tutor, and I believe it’s because he had so much stress in his childhood that made quite a bit of his adulthood pretty easy. Hierarchical school garbage wasn’t exactly going to perturb, nor even interest, him after a family of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches and monsters. (He is the son of a Phoenix, after all.)




With that there seems to be this parent/teacher conference at The Old House, both sets of parents attending while the kids play upstairs. At some point I expect David will tell Maggie (Josette), Barnabas, Quentin and Angelique, that they should stop looking to him as the one who will eternally carry out the needs of the estate. They’re all immortal and he is not. 😉


If anyone recalls the previous entry? Yes, that *bot* is still tailgating me. I just remove it’s automation like clockwork. But that old Vreenak video sure let me laugh my stress away. I’m very grateful that my cousin showed us that years ago. Endless silly puns and rhymes about fakes was precisely the medicine I needed after that stress. (My husband was a little worried at how much I was laughing, though.)

I’m also watching so many more people around me become very, very, slowly disenchanted by social network schemes and technology trash. “Oh, it’s still good for this little thing, so… you know… it’s not nothing… but… but… well…”

It’s so sad, and rather creepy, to see this super s-l-o-w awakening of realizing what the big con-game actually is/was on them.


I have several podcast ideas while I accomplish other tasks: A Halloween Episode? Melissa’s Interview? Blooper Reel #3? MJD podcast? The list is rather endless for ideas of what to pursue…

The main thing to understand is that the old ways of communication are returning. I am enjoying my time finally being a part of it again and I entreat you to join me in that.

take care,



Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass,
of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind…


–William Wordsworth 


Fake Accounts For Advertising

Well, that was absolutely aggravating!


What I figured was some creepy woman tailgating me on WordPress with following my web-log since July 28th, no matter how many times I removed her “follow” and it turns out to be a fake account by Amazon (like they aren’t BIG enough already?) doing some advertising for some random option to make even MORE money.


Jeez, people. Be happy with the money you have!


It’s making me miss the times when Barnes & Noble was the bookstore that was getting too big. Ugh…



Crackly Spoilercast (September 2018)

crackly spoilercast september 2018 cropped


If you listen to old vinyl records this probably won’t bother you. I cleaned it up the best that I could, so this is a good example of my technical problems! Basic updates with how I’m looking at the social media concerns versus the human requirements included.

Touching on +The Reluctant Vampire+ component with Barnabas and going further with that topic. More discussion of what’s coming up in Pit Episode 19 “Happy Hour In Hell” as well as how it correlates with the original series, so there are some parallels between the original DS and The Pit to keep in mind. Plenty of keeping up with the other shows, including The Kids In The Hall, and Bewitched. Delving into Angelique’s troubles and how they work.

Relating where Endora is going with her understanding of Angelique. Bringing in The Jennings, Bill Malloy and Elizabeth Stoddard, more Carolyn and Carolyn (Stoddard and Muir). Mixing up components between The Ghost and Mrs. Muir with Dark Shadows between various characters as well as Captain Gregg and Sarah for episode 20 in The Pit. Plenty of jumping through hoops between characters. (Y’all know how fast my brain works by this time, right?)

The toxicity of discussion via social media versus the correspondence skills with pen friends and how many people, who were also looking for pen pals, were suffering from what has been happening this decade. How so much ties in with The Beatnik movement against “planned obsolescence” along with the mid 20th century changes happening after World War II. Canon pairings and non-canon pairings preferences in fanwork including a new discovery for Jo March in “Little Women” from an old friend.



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Update for August 2018

Hey all. Just want to thank the people who’ve said howdy and made me aware of who and where you are so that the statistics make me less fractious. It’s really important. A lot of these video game components in this technology we’re using is a poor method of communication in many ways. We need our good manners.

So, word to new followers, make sure you get in touch directly with me because otherwise it’s going to put me in a foul mood. I had it bad this morning as I was working on Episode 19 and Episode 20.

Say hello, say you’re interested and why, something simple and good natured so I don’t get the jitters like I kept getting that had built up since 2013. (That stuff lingers, folks.)

It looks like I’ll be doing another update with REAL updates for the show. This is because we got sick. I got something milder than my sweetheart, but it still creates trouble with me coughing and blowing my nose. Thankfully all the voice acting for 19 is done. I also want to put a new podcast together because the one in March of 2017 with tons of spoilers is still being listened to and downloaded on occasion. I’m happy about that. The March 2017 Update podcast had some good, solid content for The Pit and for our personal well-being.

(Getting a cold/allergy/whatever also means I’m behind on my librivox schedule. Sorry about that.)

I have also gotten into the habit of apologizing to people younger than me for our doing such a rotten job of raising them. I obviously didn’t get the best of care myself, but it’s nothing compared to the crappy mess we did to this generation telling them to “Google” everything and criticize people to within an inch of their lives. I’d apologize more but I worked with students and young patients to help them, so it’s not like I didn’t make my own efforts to give our youth better care. (Quit blaming the schools, people. Start blaming yourselves.)

I am pleased to confess I STILL feel like I’m coming off of a hard drug or substance. You’ll notice my social media usage is super low to non-existent these days. The pleasure of life is incredible without that stuff. I highly urge a detox. It’s empowering and invigorating, not to mention relaxing. Sink into a good book on paper. Serenity will unfold. *happy sigh*

One method for how to stop using social media is just to “let it sit there”. No need to deactivate or close your accounts. Just let it sit without logging in. One of my favourite pen pal profiles repeated these words for various social media accounts, “I have one, but I don’t use it.” It’s that simple.

Love to all my correspondents and new fans of old shows. Take care and keep in touch.


P.S. I made something that put me in a better mood this morning while I listened to the end of Episode 8 & 9. I still adore this couple. ❤