Pit Update: August 2017 & Retrospective

2017 August F


Study encouragement for The Addams Family, lining things up for Pit Episode 18 in script, wonderful results from pen pals and confusing results from online bystanders. Suggestion of postage stamps if one desires to send a gift. The repercussions of our implicit trust in “Mommy Internet”.

Retrospective via Milligan and Hecubus, Sam and Barnabas, gift of lingerie joke for Helena, Dr. Hoffman and Prof. Stokes romance, Clue-like scene in Hoffman’s office, Barnabas and Maggie’s romance.

Deep consideration of Willie Loomis’ character overall and his personal challenges between Dark Shadows and The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows.

The reasons for variations of Dark Shadows soundtracks in the confrontation scene between Willie and Barnabas, the challenge of the scene and the shock in how it came into being.

My favourite scene, thus far, in the whole series: Roger and Elizabeth opening the mail and discussing their supernatural relations in a down-to-earth fashion.

All the key points of importance in the final scene of Episode 14 with Wadsworth and Willie, reflections of Dark Shadows, modern life, storytelling, and our interconnection to each other.

Where to go from here: pride in new pen friends, encouragement to youth, invitation for more personal contact, and the reflection of Willie Loomis’ heroism reaching to his refusal to remain a bystander.

Theme for this podcast: “Paranya” by Silenzium (2011)

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This entry will (no longer) be deleted

Hi all y’all. For pen friends? Don’t worry, this entry is just a random update. We’re all on our own literal pages on paper, etc.

I’m still working on stuff. Another retrospective for episode 14. So if you’re a pen pal by email or snail mail, just stick to the goodies. I’m hoping to start making things a bit more pen pal based as it’s working so well, with it’s own unfortunate snags, of course, but pen pals still kick butt over (un)social media.

Just saw the Eclipse and all it did to sunlight over my area. Really cool! Literally cool! I’ll write you all about it. Happy to do it.

So, I’m always busy, still working on everything, television shows, taking notes, podcast editing, coffee selectivity, Mod Podging collages on more fun cards to send you CDs in, getting the dishes done in a timely manner, readjusting to old ways, loving my adoptees, and playing old hidden object mystery games; no need for new ones.

I’ll leave this up for a while and hopefully delete it when I get the Update and Retrospective done for August.




[This entry has been appended for educational purposes. Sorry, folks. The Internet = Interconnection with others. Those who don’t want that ought to stick to television and books. Those mediums rarely ask much more from you.]