Episode 13… Test listening and re-editing…

cd insert 1

Yes, John Morris did the soundtrack for Clue. As I listened and remembered another soundtrack he’d done the spookier elements made sense. There is definitely that same air of haunting at times as “The Elephant Man”, but of course with humour involved, Clue has some wackier elements and of course those wackier elements are what I’m shooting for in this episode of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Today and yesterday I needed to lower the volume on it because of dialogue.

Caleb Collins’ change in voice I think I’ve managed as well as I can. He and Elizabeth get their own Dark Shadows background music for a while. I had to lower that a notch as well. I like that because it brings Caleb more into being a Collins, a ghost he might have been on the original program. The scene between Morticia and Victoria is more or less the same. I’ll have to drown myself in more Addams Family. I had no idea how helpful they would be and that includes the fans. (I posted Episode 6 and got a thank you! Imagine that. ^_^ )

It’s been a very weird imbalance on facebook. When I heard my second episode on the radio I decided it was time to let everyone know I finally got to a station for sure and certain. Many of the others haven’t contacted me to say they played the CDs or anything. I still have a few people who respond to other things in other posts as if in denial it’s in audio or I have more than one pairing. What weirds me out is how high the download numbers are. One would think there are listeners who want to discuss the program with me. As for folks who do? Time seems to be the problem on one angle, but then my show is lengthy, how do they have time for that?

However there is a fan of Angelique/Barnabas who has been splendidly marvelous. She contacted me because she needed helping getting into group pages. At last! Daryl can come to someone’s aid! My banner likely got her attention. She did share some photos of Angelique/Barnabas and we had an odd discussion which turned out very well indeed. She was happy to say, “I know. She did all those rotten things. But I’m a hopeless romantic.” And I smiled at her and said, “I like honesty!” Then she saw me getting another nasty troll… well… more like a stupid one. She let me know she was currently reading Mad Margaret’s material and then said after that she was looking forward to listening to mine. Man! This chik is with it! And she was saying good job to my posts about being invalidated to solely writing and solely doing a single pairing with this photo of John Cleese as Basil Fawlty:


My name… is Daryl Wor… I produce, almost solely, the radio drama: The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. How weird is it that I can figure out all of this crap? Going through multiple romantic pairings, Tony and Carolyn being my first, and then moving on to Barnabas and a reincarnation of Josette? That’s just great. And then I come to facebook and 90% of the people treat me like, Barnabas/Josette is ALL of what I am about? THANKS A LOT! Thank you so much for invalidating that I’m doing this in audio, thank you SO MUCH for invalidating that I’m incorporating EVERYONE! Thank you so much that you have simplified me into a work of Barnabas/Josette SOLELY! Thank you! As Basil Fawlty says, “Thank you, GOD! Thank you SO BLOODY MUCH!”

She liked that and my link to iTunes for my show saying, “Good one Daryl! I love Basil Fawlty! And Monty Python of course…”

Then it became a pseudo fun stream of Monty Python oddities.

So meanwhile I’m getting talked to by two others about The Way Fanfiction Works… P’shaw! Let me know when someone does more than a single fandom, and also at once? Actually, I have seen a few and I had to give them some appreciation for looking like they were going as crazy as me and that was them merely writing it! Plus it’s like, with the single fandom folks, I know there are plenty of people who don’t do it looking for responses or insight into the stories, but a great number of us are. In fact a lot of the work online that we do we’re hoping to find those kindred spirits. I think that’s why the folks outside of fanfiction enjoy my work so much when I rarely hear from them. It’s like they listen and say, “Wow… if you had the original voices instead of having to perform them yourself, which you already do a good job of, this WOULD be the real thing!”

One chap who’s been distributing my postcards for me got his package of CDs and wants to talk on the phone someday soon. (Not soon enough for me!) But he said these delightful things: “Your audio DS show is GREAT! So funny! You have a great radio voice! What’s funny is seeing the images of the characters in my mind as I’m hearing your voice. It would be fun to have you do actual DS shows and mute out the real voices and then substitute your impersonations. Your Roger kills me.”

Roger at his desk

Excellent! Sometimes my Roger kills me too!

And that is definitely a character I saw little of when combing through the DS fanfiction. It would make sense if people are taking it so seriously. Roger Collins acerbic charm is something that often breaks the ice on the program, and it doesn’t seem like the DS fanfiction writers of old and new, well, many likely aren’t able to tap into where Roger fits in at all. For me presenting him with things, or him presenting me with material as the case goes, is as I’ve discovered doing his voice: It’s like riding a bicycle. I just do it. (But I make a point of listening to him more to see how much better I can make it.)

Ooooo… okay… I’m not sure that last sound effect at the end is exactly right… but I gotta say… as the closing song bleeds in I’m getting the chills. Not sure about a few other points in the climactic scene and I need to add a couple small things…

Can I say That’s A Wrap without it literally being a wrap?


Fun… fun… FUN? Editing Ep. 13

Ugh… looks like the ghost of Caleb Collins has a drift from the sound in his voice via different lines from last year and this year. I amplified the volume on the old lines that stayed and trying slowing down the speed on the new lines. Glad I got in a vaguer line about whether Elizabeth hired Victoria on purpose. Keep it open-ended, just like on Dark Shadows. I suppose that’s why I get so tired of people throwing their fanfiction in my direction. I have given my time and attention for years, then started this huge task with barely any discussion over it. It’s all well and good that marvelous stories have been attained, but I and a friend came to the realization that the newer stories coming out are closer to the original series because people are collecting all the DVDs again and have a better grasp of the entire picture.

For years it was a VHS here or a Best of… collection over there. My first encounter was an anniversary tape I watched with my Mum’s best friend who picked it up at The Wherehouse back in the early 1990s. Being in my teens, along with her daughter, we were in disbelief at how cheesy it all was. The mother confessed how absolutely scared she got as a kid. I gotta say, now that I’m doing this what gives me the creeps more than Dark Shadows has is all those unknown listeners. It reminds me of this:

twlight zone creepy sister

Imagine hundreds of these voiceless types staring at you and you’ll have a pretty good idea why I get the 3AM jitters over lack of discussion. Ewwwwlllagh!

I went over the Caleb and Liz lines again, then the Morticia and Victoria lines, added better sound effects to what Tom Jennings is doing. Some of the background music for Wadsworth and Willie’s scene needs altering but I can’t go in until the rest is finished or it will screw up the different locations. Ah… now… the music for climactic scene in which, yes, Dr. Julia Hoffman is the big hero! Professor Stokes is the runner up since as far as I know he actually has a car and Julia tends to go without one sometimes. Now where are those absolutely dynamite car sound effects that made it all come together in the demo last year? HUH? What the heck are they doing in that folder??? I gotta switch some stuff around.

Ohhhhh yeah! That’s some good stuff! Crap! It’s LOUD! Let’s lower the volume on Professor Stokes car. Now let’s delete the part where I announce: “Motor noises, revving engine.” Hmm… this one has that clicking noise but I have serious doubts Julia is going to bother using her turn signals at this point. [chuckling] Hmm, Professor is wondering why Dr. Hoffman is chasing down Barnabas Collins with the car and going in another direction. Now I can’t seem to say which sound effects come where. Ah, yes. Maggie is on the porch. This saves me the trouble of having them rush to the Evans Cottage door and opening it and all the: “Hi, can I take your coat?” nonsense. We’ll just cut to the chase for time!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the sound program just croaked! URRRRRRRG! Oh, wait… will I get lucky for a recovery of everything if I re-open? YES! Okay, better save the file again to keep all of the updates. I don’t want to go through the excess of Julia and Eliot rushing, as is usual in Dark Shadows, that they need her and there is no time to explain, no really, there isn’t time to explain, no really, there is no time! Although, on Dark Shadows, more often than not, they don’t get through that part this quickly. They tend to argue about it so endlessly one realizes they actually did have time to explain the entire dilemma since they argued over whether or not they could explain it for almost half the episode.

Phew… okay, it’s very nice to hear it with the background music but since it’s not matching at the end where I was hoping I think I can remove it on it’s own and put it in later when I finish with where the sound effects need to go. What a pain! *sigh* Dang… this might be another hour long episode! I just hit the 50 minute mark… I guess it’s possible to go back and remove bits of silence, especially when it comes to rushed dialogue for a climactic scene!

Ep 13 Whole Lot Goin On

I dunno if I can sort through it… That is a lot!

Oh! I can do that? Just snip a little off to bring the old effects back into alignment? Groovy! I’ll have to remember that one. Arg! Another crash and this one found inconsistencies… Well… let’s hope for the best…

Yeah… it could be fun, but with so few people to discuss it with and rarely… Fun? Not really… Hopefully that will change in the future.


I Am Your Host Sir Simon Milligan… (Adding Sound Effects & Music, Ep. 13)


Oh, boy! The fun part of never really knowing how well blended the music and sound effects are. Are they overpowering the dialogue? Any sound effects too loud? And now… what about CHOICE? Oh, look! “The Complete Dark Shadows Soundtrack Music Collection”. Ah… What shall I add? Hmm… should be easy enough, right? I mean… There is only EIGHT CDs; SEVEN HOURS AND FORTY FIVE MINUTES TO CHOOSE FROM!  Okay… hee, hee, hee… I’ve only uploaded one disk… maybe two. This is why I posted a photo of the collection to fanpages to deeply thank whoever the heck went through all the trouble of adding the insanely large track listing to Grace Notes via iTunes! And as far as I know it reached the hard worker who did it. He said, “Oh. Pretty sure that was me! You’re welcome. It did take a long time.” Sweet ^_^

But Milligan and Hecubus’ audience, also performed by me, sounds a little sparse. Let’s find an old episode with no music and add some more me-audience. All, right, after the theme song, I shall not go with more opener “My Name Is…” music. How about something more creepy? Ah, yes, this will work well in contrast to Milligan and Hecubus being completely goofy! And one of my favourite explanations by Sir Simon Milligan for Episode 13:

hello I am your host

“But now, we must endure more drama and perhaps a few platitudes, as Hoffman and Barnabas are in one of their usual uproars about who he loves and why. This of course, has to do with the shocking discovery that not only are Maggie Evans and Josette Dupres the same, but that he managed to injure them both due to his transformation of being one of the undead. What with being fairly out of his mind both times… this series of events is beyond embarrassing.”

And the drama continues. I think for the beginning we’ll have that cello poignant, but the rest of the argument doesn’t really require more. We’ll see as I save the file for the 7th time right now. Whew! Ten minute mark now… Got the chills listening to Julia case on Barnabas and her confusion about the whole thing. Excellent. I know the file was about 57 minutes without all the extras so we’re at a fifth now depending on how well it mixes. Kind of want to put some pacing footsteps in with this sort of melancholy versus irritable discussion, but… hmm… Maybe it’s not necessary.

And up to the point of why Barnabas loves Josette? Well, here is a 16 second clip of music… should I use it? Hmm… Bleh… 16 seconds needed to revert to less and faded in and out again repeatedly to make it work with the dialogue. Dang… that flute music over there is so… It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. What is it about the 1960s and spooky flute music? The real question is if it works with what Barnabas is explaining now… Nope, this is the part where Barnabas notices Julia is wondering and he has to tell her he doesn’t have the same feelings for her as she does for him.

(Sorry, people! Yes, I get it! Barnabas should love Julia, he ought to love Julia with all that she helps him with and puts up with… but I never saw him reciprocating. Excuse me for being observant! Oh, and, excuse everyone else for having a blasted knee-jerk cow over the whole damn thing! I just listen to these poor people. I do not pick for them. Now get off of my blasted back! I’ve had enough friggin trolling. GAWD! Can I formulate out some more sound effects? Thanks. Y’all noticed I’ve been through the ringer with this fandom, eh? ^_^ )

Okay, this will need some footsteps… let’s see… The Old House is carpeted so I’ll have to muffle the footsteps. Now… how to do that… Got it… Now let’s have some strings in the background for some discussion over their friendship. And abrupt music fade out since now Julia’s asking about Angelique… Touching strings don’t enter the picture in this instance…

Ugh! I’m only at minute 13? I need a break! But I have to get to another 10 minute mark. Now, they’re discussing Josette as Maggie and how important that is. Well, none of this music is working. Let’s go back to some George Shearing I used for part of the regression therapy in episode 12. That sort of makes those areas of [awkward silence] not so silent… Well, Mr. “Big Cake” is being so melancholy I think it all should be there.

And him wanting to be alone again… Hmm… let’s grab those muffled footsteps and put them over there before she asks if he’s going to be all right. Then… hmm, raise the pitch for her footsteps. Julia needs a lighter tread. How about raising the pitch on his voice? No… it was fine. Undo changing the pitch on his voice again. Meh… Ugh… 15:30 on the time index. I have to get to 20 minutes before I can take a break. Wait… next scene is coming up with Wadsworth and Willie, which means I have to find more footsteps and door noises and… Seriously? Are you shitting me??? The neighbour on the other side is doing the bass boom? Come on! Blare some Journey or Iron Maiden for all I care! Do some screeching guitars or something! Play it! Fine! Just play it treble. Screw this. I’m taken a break…

Oh, goodie. I responded to Cara Mia and my husband called me back. After all this pairings weirdness trying to hook up everyone in Collinsport with each other, it’s nice to have a pairing of my own!

Here we go… Professor Stokes taking Wadsworth to Wyndcliff Sanitarium to meet Willie Loomis… Hmm… we need some footsteps. All right. Wadworth is likely going to have a lighter tread so lets redo all this and lower volume on those and heighten the pitch on some others and...

13 footsteps

The purple arrow is Professor Stokes footsteps, the black arrow is Wadsworth’s footsteps.

Checking the text… am I getting all of that right? Good, good. A few of Stokes lines aren’t low enough. Change pitch but not of all the words.

       clue_01_jpg_594x334_crop_upscale_q85 (1)stokes facing left crop

WADSWORTH: Sir, are you sure this will work?

STOKES: I have little doubt about it. You have managed to perform some miraculous feats since you arrived at Collinwood, Wadsworth. I think Mr. Loomis being able to see you might do the trick, indeed.

Door opening noise, let’s slow that down… kind of want to give it a creak but… mmm…

“Ah… Mr. Loomis… you look, well.”

Willie pretty

“Why… why… thanks, Professor… I am… a little… weary… of the pen, though.”

Yep! All of that work and many hours with breaks and I’m only done with seventeen minutes of completing Episode 13 with music and sound effects.

Told ya it was a pain in the arse!

Final Scene in Episode 13… Picking out lines…

Yet again I got the misguided response from someone, “It sounds like you’re having fun.”

The wonderful part of this comment was the word “sounds”. Yes, the person who typed this is aware this is audio. Hallelujah! I sometimes think a number of fellow creators are intending to drive me insane by only referring to readership. Hmm! Yeah! Sure… I only have readers. Yep. That iTunes link over there… it doesn’t exist. Let’s just completely invalidate it. This is worse than someone assuming this is fun. It could be fun! That was the original purpose, after all. But upon recognizing there are hundreds of complete strangers listening in that might be friends who could discuss The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows with me and make it fun again, but choose not to, well, the fellow seemed to understand why I referred to this process as giving me the 3AM jitters. Oh, and he’s Addams Family. I let him know, “Um… Dark Shadows folks? Many are quite difficult to handle.”


Thank Heavens I’m a listener. In my original plan Victoria and Peter were on a road trip to escape the madness of Collinsport. Peter didn’t disappear into the past, and because he had the Jeff Clark persona the paperwork for their wedding is as Elizabeth states: “…so hazy.” They dabbled in a time travel accident leading them to Twin Peaks and staying at The Great Northern Lodge. Twin Peaks being in Washington State, Victoria was able to get a postcard to Elizabeth, and Roger made fun of the idea they were investigating The Space Needle in Seattle. I double checked to make sure The Space Needle was up in that time frame. I was pretty sure it was as I have an issue of National Geographic from the event of it’s inception. Fascinating stuff.

Next Victoria and Peter, somehow back in the late 1960s, arrive at The Bates Motel, roughly the same time period. Already they’ve hit two stops that they’d run away screaming from. The upshot was to keep encountering places that were just as bad as Collinsport. When they reach this new location, though, I saw The Addams Family were loving in a spooky way. Ah, yes. They can help and from what I’ve gathered from The Addams Family and its fans? I’ve got to hang on to them and find more ways they can remain in The Pit of…

As for today and days prior, the climactic scene for my 13th Episode is still without music or sound effects. Julia Hoffman was rough to pick which inflection was the best, Professor Stokes was the same. There are times the first one is best but when I perform the lines I’m not sure so I give it a few runs while recording so that I can pick later. 3 to 5 different choices, sometimes more.

Maggie Evans was very rough to figure out as it is a climactic scene and I’ve been trying to get her down better. Kathryn Leigh Scott’s performance of Maggie Evans, etc. has a pitch in her voice, opening the throat, and working through the nose to create something fuller in scope than most actresses. It’s a rich and unique sound.

Then working with Barnabas Collins, as per usual… change pitch… amplify, change speed, amplify, change pitch again, oops too deep, undo change pitch, try changing the speed yet again. All right. Next sentence fragment? Phew…

Also trying to get the best of how Jonathan Frid would naturally say it as Barnabas… Would he pause before a word like in this line? Would he say it strait like this other choice I recorded? Would it be a combination?

Maggie Evans, now incorporating bits of Josette Dupres. How much more firmly would she state this now? Pick this one without a contraction? Or where it sounds less like a contraction… (Meanwhile she’s having physical contractions while giving birth in Margaret Josette Dupres… weirder and weirder…)


And the other invalidation I’ve had to deal with: doing a relief series, “Well, I don’t get that. Isn’t the point of storytelling conflict?”

Will the people listening to this talk to the people that aren’t and let them know there is a TON of conflict, please? Thank you. Not to mention I had to pick out which slap I performed to throw on Barnabas. Months ago Magical Irish Dolphin got a little excited about that. ^_^


After all this and him still boo-hooing? Of course she’s gonna slap him.

As Milligan explains in the following episode, “Not that we encourage such behaviour. This is a story after all…”

And as I’ve gone through this process I’ve watched the fanfiction pile online grow and expand to the point The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows in text might not be on the first page anymore. But what does it matter? Derivatives of it are, people looking for something different can still find it. Search engines for Barnabas/Josette, Barnabas/Kitty, Barnabas/Maggie are still tapped out every so often and then they discover this blog so they can find it. And like I often say, if anyone wants all of this produced faster get in touch with me and discuss the project. That’s the whole purpose of putting it online, to find the people who prefer it or want it, as well as all of the rest, and hopefully build a small community from it.

Oh dear, but what of that slap? Well, beyond Osheen’s Bill Malloy chapters, I’ve been doing this all far too long to take an interest in much else. I’m sure in the Dark Shadows pile there is plenty of domestic violence placed on Barnabas Collins from other characters since folks seem to both adore him and enjoy sending him pain. Fans can get-off on that.

When it comes to the obvious moaning and groaning over the woman he actually loves? She’s slapped him, chained him, poured ice on him and strangled him to relieve her own torture and kidnapping by him. On one hand he endures it. On the other hand: It is Josette Dupres… Who gets-off on that?

Barnabas Collins. ^_^

I’ve said it in Margaret Josette Dupres: Yep, that’s a happy man… finally.

laughing again

One Scene A Day, Ep. 13: Uncle Fester, Victoria Winters, Morticia, and Grandmama

Like many in my age range, I love The Addams Family films from the 1990’s. However, doing a multi-fandom series of the 1960s I knew I had to go with our earlier incarnation of The Addams Family. Not too much of a problem as my brother adored it so I was exposed to that first. But still, imagine, if you will, lines exchanged between these two:

Victoria looking right uncle fester

LOL! Okay, just lining those photos side by side as I put this blog post together? That alone is a crack up! This is why I plan to leave the parenthetical announcement in this audio of: “VICTORIA: (uncertain whether to chuckle or scream)”

A lovely Cara Mia I found got the mp3 of the scene weeks ago and said she howled with laughter over this encounter. (Good things come to those who communicate.) She also let me know that Morticia should be a wee bit closer to what I know of Joan Bennett’s Elizabeth Stoddard as far as vowels go. Thing is I really don’t want to re-do even more lines since my plate is so filled. I simply lowered the pitch, but I intend to keep The Addams Family in our beloved Pit for years to come. So I can get a better Carolyn Jones as Morticia down in further episodes. At first that trip Peter and Victoria took to their house was meant to result in another farce of, “Okay, Twin Peaks, AH! The Bates Motel, AH!… they’ll run away screaming from this house, too!” But then, I listened. No. The Addams Family are wholesome in a bizarre way, and they care about people and help them.

Mind you, this entire scene in audio was performed a year ago. That’s how long I’ve been struggling to get good copies of this thing put down. The recorder I was using to make audio copies for a lark had broken and I decided to go with the real deal on the headset by this point. Then I discovered how much better I could make it. Listening to the demos was providing even better revisions and extensions. I just knew if I was this entertained and entertained repeatedly, I had to have something good. The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is not disposable. It’s as repeatably listenable as all the other shows have been for decades. Believe it or not the younger of us know this. They don’t like the new stuff coming out, they like these shows.

The chunk of this encounter is still up in text right now. I felt it was an important scene that describes in what manner everything is all working out and why the other spooky shows understand how to relieve Collinsport of all it’s tragedy. The Addams Family, especially, are very accepting of many things not normally in their own realms, however much what might be “normal” to us is not normal to them. Morticia Addams hit the nail on the head in ways I never expected she would, and explains to Victoria why Collinsport has the troubles it does and why in their own house they don’t have those problems. And, of course, I couldn’t resist… One of Victoria Winters responses to Morticia Addams is: “I don’t understand.” *wink* But don’t worry, she goes on to request more information after this.

Then Morticia Addams tells Victoria to stop worrying about what she might have done for others by saying: “Well! Again with that face, Victoria? Didn’t you already make a few changes? I think your arrival there opened the people up somewhat. But the world is a big place. Resting it on your shoulders isn’t wise, you know.” 

It’s at times like this I feel the characters are speaking to me. No doubt, I’ve taken on quite a task to incorporate so many other shows into Dark Shadows and with a larger purpose of complexity in the good we all have to offer each other, which has been so ignored in much of what we do online these days. More often than not, it’s the negative people who speak out. The positive people are either too busy keeping their heads above water or trying to help others in ways we rarely see online.

VictoriaWintersDarkShadowslovely look

But what of the scene? Well, there is some information Morticia finds out about Victoria and what she had done in Collinsport. Did she see even more of that place than she let on? Perhaps… it’s history?

Victoria Winters is still acclimating to how “weird” this family is. She’s not sure if discussing her trip to 1795 is going to sit well with them. From Morticia’s reaction, Victoria is sure she’ll be thought of as a nut-case, even by this inclusive lady of the house. Morticia becomes terribly excited. Is she responding in belief or disbelief?

Morticia cries out to Grandmama, who knows all about such supernatural goings on. I did comb for Grandmama speaking in The Addams Family and couldn’t find a clip, so I shot for Carol Kane’s impression from the films. My Addams Family helper said it sounded fine. I also combed out the back history of Grandmama… In so many words she is a Witch who does not like the term “Witch”.

I reported to my husband what Morticia’s reaction was in this scenario, last year, before I set it down.

“Grandmama! We need you! It’s Victoria!… She has the gift!”

Daryl’s Husband’s eyes widened as he sat there listening to my explanation… then he pointed and yelled,

“DO IT! DO IT!” ^_^


Whisper In Rage

Editing Scenes In Audio, Ep. 13

I say “in audio” so much because I really feel like it’s required to hit people over the head with this. The listeners who enjoy my audio work barely say anything, like-click my work up the wazoo and so I am left with the more talkative types that tend to be other writers and readers of fanwork and see it as text solely. My work is not only text. If one has a problem differentiating between functions of the ears and the eyes, as well as the switch in comprehension between the two, I think one needs more than Dr. Hoffman to help out with that.

This is why signing on to the podcast pages and radio drama sites sometimes gives more scope to what I’m doing. It’s audio. And what do they say, overall, is the worst part of this work? Editing. Deleting “um”‘s, coughs, burps, you name it. What is remarkable is on one radio drama site I found, I got to look through a conversation about hired actors and directors. Me? I’m doing it all on that account. Why? I’m socially isolated. Who the hell was I going to hire?

Minus the lovable bits of Sir Simon Milligan and Manservant Hecubus, there are about seven scenes in this episode to The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows.

In the last two days I had to go over Barnabas and Julia arguing and yelling at each other, amplify bits, change pitches here and there and with Barnabas it truly is per word sometimes. Jonathan Frid’s Barnabas Collins is just that difficult to get anywhere close to… well… close!


Not the correct house but I didn’t want to re-use the photo from another post.

Now, for people who don’t speak up, I asked the question of whether or not Julia was going to cry out, “Horse-spit” or “Horseshit” in this episode. The only person who spoke up on that point was Helena. So, guess what? She had the singular deciding vote. Julia is going to scream “Horseshit” at Barnabas in this one. Don’t like it? Well, as the cast in Clue are so fond of saying, “To make a long story short… Too Late.”

Next I had to go over, yet again, Wadsworth encountering Mr. Loomis in his quarters at Wyndcliff Sanitarium. Since Wadsworth is missing in episode 12 after taking a walk with Professor Stokes in episode 11, Professor Stokes is the person who decides it’s about time to bring Wadsworth and Willie together. Professor Stokes has already been incorporating calligraphy into Willie Loomis’ routine. Stokes also understands that both have worked for Barnabas Collins as men of service, so they already have something in common. What more might there be?

Wadsworth with Broom 254484_300

If anyone knows me on facebook I was shaking my fist last night because Wadsworth’s lines were making the microphone pop when I performed them. So I had to re-perform those lines today. I thanked a person on youtube for a video of Wadsworth and Miss Scarlet so I didn’t have to whip out the DVD of Clue. However, I only had to change three words after all of that work. That’s how intensive this labour is. It’s for this reason I spiral out of control online sometimes. I have approximately 500-700 listeners at this point and getting people to discuss the humour or scenes with me is like pulling tusks out of a still alive and kicking elephant. Why is this? I can only speculate. Whenever I’ve enjoyed hard work online I speak up immediately and often. This is the reason one of the first persons I contacted in my struggle was the maker of the DS Annotations videos. Unfortunately for me she’s moved on from Dark Shadows, but her videos of old still reign supreme. It was also the reason I expected vocal reaction to my humourous series. DS Annotations on youtube had plenty!

After Wadsworthe and Willie is the scene between Sam and Maggie… or I should say Sam as a reincarnated Andre Dupres and Maggie as the reincarnated of Josette Dupres, and them both working things out. I wanted to save Sam Evans… how I came up with him being Andre Dupres is rather easy considering all the reincarnation swarming over Collinwood… but the characters must have guided me to this newer relationship. Considering Sam and Maggie, as father and daughter, they have a friendship that astounds me and always has. They can dig at each other and joke about those digs. Sam is also so down-to-earth that understanding what happens in her marriage to Barnabas in Margaret Josette Dupres only bothers him marginally. After comprehending so much super-natural broo-ha, as well as the understanding an artist has in the depth of love he likely experienced with both of his wives, Marie la Freniére as Andre and Maggie’s mother as Sam, it only fazes him slightly in the knowledge of what Josette attains with Barnabas in that novel, but… as he says… he does not dwell on it.


“Our archivist and Victoria Winters can do all the dwelling they want to if it pleases them. Ahem!”

In this scene for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, revised from the original text last October (2013), Sam makes a point of being sure Maggie, as Josette, understands that even though Barnabas was wretched for kidnapping her, the main problem is that he wasn’t doing it because he wanted to, he did it because he was made insane from being cursed and being comatose for so long. The real threat to all of their happiness, as they remember, was her friend Angelique, and that was all due to Barnabas not loving her and loving Josette instead. Maggie promises she’ll reflect on that as she exits to sit on the porch.

This is another reason why I adore Sam’s relationship with Captain Daniel Gregg. Gregg is the one who supports all of this in episode 12. He has to remind Sam that it was Angelique, and since Captain Gregg is known for not being a feminist this is an easy point for him to make. *heart* (Quite easy for The Captain, too; He’s just had to suffer Endora’s wrath from Bewitched in episode 11!)

After that is a rather short phone call of Dr. Hoffman to her workroom at Wyndcliff because she’s so frazzled trying to locate her new buddy, Professor Stokes, to request help for her worries over her other friend, Barnabas Collins, she’ll try anything, even *gasp* calling her very neglected office.

I already discussed the scene with Tom, Lily Munster, Elizabeth Stoddard and the ghost of Caleb Collins in another entry…


Uncle Fester, Morticia Addams, Victoria Winters and, Grandmama! ^_^

Pseudo One Scene A Day, Ep. 13

Bleh… I can’t pick out which lines for Barnabas and Maggie at the end of this episode. It’s all a pain in the rear. I just went through and pasted in lines so I could decide later from one file to another. That’s what’s so tough in performing Barnabas Collins: Which inflection sounds the most like him? And then Maggie, too! There is also a line where she stops using contractions because at that point it’s closer to Josette talking. Old Colonial habits die hard?


So that file is saved and then the postman dropped by asking if I had more packages to send. I told him I had to get more stamps as I’m all out sending to one pen pal and then another to our Auntie. The facebook visits in between is a fluctuation of ups and downs. Over here more evidence of bummers to fix, over there groovy, hot photos of Don Briscoe, short discussions with the Gothic types, little questions from The Monkees people, and which DS pages do I post my re-runs to? And where are The Ghost & Mrs. Muir people in the reruns? Any other college DJs to talk to? Crap! Sharon Smyth Lentz is in a world of pain and getting ready to embark on a journey. Is anyone doing well out there?

So what next? More CDs burning, the cases from the thrift store are in good condition and getting used. And then starting all over from the beginning of the episode without any sound effects or music and finding which lines of whom need to be completely re-performed. I know there was some microphone popping for Wadsworth, and likely Sir Simon Milligan. Oh, hey! I got a couple comments on podomatic. Just the “this chik is awesome” kind but it sure beats negativity. What is the cent price of the basic postage stamp now? Higher than I thought, but at least we’re still in the cent-range!

Stats are weird over on the text versions of everything. No word from the church people nor the co-workers. Got a few “LOVE IT!” exclamations and sticker-icons on fan pages. That’s nice. I think what’s worrying me is these folks aren’t talking because they have carpal-tunnel or something worse. Then I am totally baffled at one lady who like-clicks me intensely, never says anything but then speaks to everyone else about their work. HUH? Phooey! Where are those goth kids? They’re fun.

Actually one person said something wonderful to one facebook page about a blog post from our anniversary. She was really impressed at how much I had to go through and mentioned seeing a larger consideration at how much of a burden it was to create something. She seemed far more aware in her take on it and also was careful to word it between writing, acting and audio. It felt like someone was really awake! I loved that.

Then I decided to plunge through my e-reader and finally figure out how to delete old documents I didn’t need anymore. I got the text to episode 15, what there is of 16 and looked over them, longing to get back to the newer work as a whole which I haven’t done in almost a year! Going over discussions with my cousins from the night before last, and getting their take on the situation. Looked over my podcast stats. It seems one town that got a number of my postcards keeps checking the site to see if a new episode is up, or finally downloading ones they had sniffed at before and likely didn’t really listen to completely. Well, folks, ya can write to me and chat. I ain’t shy. I used to be shy but this world of almost completely living online, when I prefer more of the opposite, and then watching the behaviour I’m just thinking, “Whoah! Let’s slow down a bit!”


Since tomorrow or tonight or both I’ll be going through Episode 13 all over again I might finally get to writing here and displaying the CD insert to the Clue soundtrack. It has all kinds of information about the film I wasn’t aware of. Really neat stuff! I meant to do that before but I got into promoting to find more communicators. I’m not sure if anyone is looking forward to more episodes. I know I am. I’m so curious where all this will lead, especially getting Chris Jennings into the mix as well as Amy. Plus eventually Victoria and Peter will have to get back on the road. How will The Addams Family venture to help more? I know they will. I know they have to. I can see that they want to as well. ^_^

One thing I loved reading about in my rough drafts are Elizabeth and Lily packing up for their trip! They begin behaving very sisterly. Plus Elizabeth points out certain things as to why should a mirror reflect Lily any differently than other people, and Lily tosses out a remark about her being so quaint then quickly moving to another subject. With all these spooky characters encountering each other it is the direction one has to go. Just like in Dark Shadows when Roger tells Barnabas they were wondering where he was staying since he couldn’t find him via the Collinsport Inn; Barnabas just ignores this and inquires if Elizabeth is in.

As the DS Annotations caption reads on that scene, “Smooth, Barnabas.”

A Scene a Day, Ep. 13, Julia Hoffman, Maggie Evans, Professor Stokes, & Barnabas Collins


Ugh! Here we go… more hard to do lines of Barnabas Collins, which means there are, like, five attempts I had to perform and figuring out which of the ones to pick. Plus it is just that. Sometimes the microphone will pop at the wrong moment, a tick of saliva needs to be removed from the edge of words, or, as in many cases, if you’ve been a listener of mine, two or three separate performances per line are sometimes melded into one, which is a lot harder to do than one might suppose.

A sentence or a fragment of a sentence with another spliced together in sound, not text. Today I got to do this will all four of these characters’ lines to get it right. Maggie’s words are so emotional they had to be re-done again and again. Professor Stokes were the same as I’ve taken more pains with his somewhat gravelly accent. But he goes faster as altering his pitch is simpler than Barnabas. Barnabas seems to need variations in lowering of pitch to really get him right, and sometimes per word! Arg! Still, the picks Stokes has gotten today are far better than in the previous demos. Hurray for The Professor!


And so I’ve had to move audio clips from one file to another. In order to get Barnabas to sound better I now isolate my focus on Jonathan Frid’s performances and listen to his voice by itself. “One Man Show, Jonathan Frid? Hi! One Woman Show, Daryl Wor! Nice to meet you!” ^_^

I wasn’t much into Mr. Frid but I’ve been growing a palish attachment to that fellow. I am in this to help everyone in Collinsport, not just Mr. Big Cake. I think that’s why my pen pal told me after some time had passed, “To me you haven’t even been creating fanfiction, it’s like you’re re-writing the show. You’ve got everyone in there plus all these other people.” And it’s true.

I expressed to another helper, who’d given up on finding a fix-it style series, or even just the reincarnation aspects of Josette in a simpler story, that what I was doing was finding a cut-off point and then weaving a new series in that collects all the problems and sorts through everything. She noticed that right away. She’d been watching Dark Shadows for years, making visual creations and cringed a long time saying, “I wish there was some way to make this better… And then I see all your stuff and cry out, ‘We’re making it better! We’re making it better! It’s working!’

Now that was something I’d been longing to hear from someone!

In the Foreword of Anne Jamison’s book Fic:

“Writing and reading fanficiton isn’t just something you do; it’s a way of thinking critically about the media you consume, of being aware of all the implicit assumptions that a canonical work carries with it, and of considering the possibility that those assumptions might not be the only way things have to be.”


Now, mind you, this has only recently begun to change in the world of Dark Shadows. I’m not seeing any DS in the index for this book and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was not something anyone helping to create this book wanted to touch.

I combed enough years and got enough evidence from others, who had also collected stories before the internet, that publicly pairing Barnabas Collins with anyone other than an original character, Dr. Julia Hoffman or Angelique Bouchard would put you into some very hot water. Victoria Winters stories started to catch on, thankfully, and now we have some leakage of Maggie Evans and a non-forsaken, non-dead Josette Dupres. I also recently heard from someone who became very grateful for my work that she was looking for the reincarnation. Now she has the courage to create her own. Doesn’t help me in needed conversation over the radio drama department, but it’s nice!

Anne Jamison continues:

“It’s what David Foster Wallace was getting at in his famous speech, ‘This is Water’: ‘Learning to think… means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience. Because if you can not exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed.’ Fanfiction is about exercising this choice. It helps us not to get hosed.”

Well, I dunno about that yet. I got pretty extremely hosed for 19 months and now with the audio I feel even worse sometimes. My adopted children are doing better but I’m rather ruined for another three years since I can’t stop this madness no matter what I’ve tried. And that exercising of choice seems a little lacking to many who use social network sites. It’s like my ride to church says, “Oh, it’s all being thrown at them at once, it’s too much!” So true.

Who are my listeners anyway? Can’t tell very well with followers from blogs and like-clicks a’go-go. I couldn’t do all of what I’m doing without being so curious and gathering tons of evidence. People online sure have a funny way of giving me any evidence of what they enjoy in my audio work.


“Data, data, data. I cannot make bricks without clay.”

Some are just listening for whatever reason, anything Dark Shadows, anything spooky, anything this, anything that, but there are others who have been waiting up to forty years because they love the characters and craved a better world for them. Sadly them not getting much of it before, and the internet scooping our communication skills toward more robotic maneuvers of trying to do “too much”, making the conversation over this long awaited journey almost impossible.  And the skimming! I’m told a couple people have so much trouble concentrating they read the text while they listened to the radio show! No surprise! I had to do that to get through Isak Dinesen’s book “Out of Africa.”

I think this scene in Episode 13 is going to take more than a day. Barnabas is getting odd ideas, Julia is rushing with Eliot to find Maggie, and with all of the reincarnation swarming around I still have to pick which audio of this wonderful line sounds best when Julia almost runs over a squirrel and says, “Don’t worry. I missed him. He’s likely a Collins, too! Knowing this GD TOWN!


There are still lines to splice in from Barnabas. Professor Stokes seems to be less at ease than usual, but it is a dramatic scene for him He’s getting more information about everyone than he likely ever got on Dark Shadows in one fell swoop! LOL! And, of course, what he sees, he likes. This Doctor lady is really with it. Plus she seems to have a thing for this Collins guy who doesn’t have a thing for her. Hmm! I wonder if she’d be interested in someone like me?

That is likely one of the troubles with The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, there is so much going on, like in Dark Shadows, but it is rather compressed. Well, I’ll try to make things easier when I get to episode 17. I see what word count and time estimate would work better.

Until then, I’ll be editing this stuff, looking for pen pals and people who like to chat, and praying for more money and friendship along the way.


Calling an Auntie and Sunday at Church

Yesterday I finally made the decision to call an out of town relative. She’s getting on in years but her faculties have always been similar to mine in terms of accuracy. I knew when my Mum and pen pal had listened to the episode demos for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows their speech improved and over all expression of their own news had a vibrancy I’d never heard before. My husband’s Aunt could make good use of this show and she already adores my librivox work. Hmmm…. So I called her up and explained my plight.

Now so many people have argued with me in a round about and dismissive way to the general behaviour toward this radio drama, making excuses on why little to no dialogue happens, giving me some unconvincing reasons as to why this is acceptable. Well, me having the crazed curiousity that I do in motives and balance, I don’t buy most of these things. And… neither does our Aunt. ^_^ YES!

“Yeah, you have that many listeners and you’re asking for them to talk to you about the show you’re making? And barely anyone will? That certainly is creepy!”

So I have trepidation, will she know this spooky soap opera? She may have watched it, doubtful, but if she has there might be romantic pairings issues from the start.

“Have you ever seen the program Dark Shadows?”

“No,” she answers.

“Have you ever seen the movie?”

“No,” she repeats


I start ticking off the others, The Addams Family, Bewitched, The Munsters. The answer is affirmative but not strongly so.

Then comes the question, “Have you ever seen the television version of The Ghost & Mrs. Muir?”

“Oh, I loved that show! I used to watch it all the time with my friends growing up. It was great!”

b and w gregg and muir


“Perfect,” I tell her, “They’re in it too, and should be in it all the way through!”

“But I don’t have any of those computer things.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll send you the CDs just like with my librivox audio books. All I need is chatty letters about my episodes so I can keep going. And this is much higher production value than the books.”

But what happens in Sunday Service? I’m really digging the new minister we have. He’s very engaging and has a background in Buddhism. Last week he gave a marvelous sermon about having so much faith in one’s faith as well as having so much faith in one’s skepticism and how both can get one into trouble. Another week we discussed his sermon about personal needs being filled. When one is starving and homeless perhaps they get those needs met, but is that all there is to fulfillment? Hardly.

In fact, some have romantic needs and when they’re met one can become more giving and miraculous. Some have creative needs and when they’re met even more miracles can happen, which also retains that necessity to both share and be shared with. Yep. I am *down* with this guy. Plus we talk about this in terms of nourishment. If one eats junk food or fast food, the attachment to being fed is there but it’s hoodwinked by the fact that the nutrients required are barely in such sustenance, if one can call it that. Yes… and this is what I try to tell my audience. Not sure how many comprehend that when they listen to my intros.

Today’s sermon requested “Who are you?” and an exercise which pertains to that never-ending question, “Who am I?” …a question I would like to engage my audience with. We were meant to have a partner in the Sanctuary of The Fellowship, but I had none, so the minister called out to me,

“Who are you?!”

And Daryl split the various conversations in the room to silence for a single moment by belting out:



Yes, I shit you not, I did this… in church. ^_^

But this is the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. They are inclusive and do things differently. A young lady came to my aid and we kept trying the exercise but it was better as a conversation. By the end I still didn’t know her name.


Why do I keep running into Maggie’s in this journey? (There is another one at the sewing meet-ups.)

After service I found the minister and told him about the demons being polite and what I was really trying to say in “Who am I.” He was intrigued. I let him know I was in need of help and how doing stuff online was just not the best place to find a vocal audience. Plus what I am doing is so difficult, expensive and so inclusive I really do need a responsive audience and considering how inclusive the U.U. Fellowship is, it would likely be a helpful venture.

So, I had a postcard on me and he said, “All right. We’ll hook you up.”

I pray so. *knocking on wood*


One Scene A Day: Ep. # 13, Lily, Tom, Elizabeth and Caleb Collins

More CalebAunt Elizabeth

I had a wee bit of fun today with this one. However, most of it was interlacing bits of silence to get the pauses in dialogue accurate as how conversation actually sounds, for easy flow of listening and comprehension, as well as how people discuss things and in what manner. Doing that is so labour intensive. But the main thing was Elizabeth’s lines had to be re-performed. Whip out an episode of Dark Shadows to hear her speak some more, as much of the original performance was done quickly after a day at work. Then the microphone crackles over some of her best lines and I had to do them yet again.

Still, what I love about the scene is the ghost of Caleb Collins tries to appease Tom Jennings. Then Tom wanders off to deal with some nasty old cans that have the lead soldering he expressed Tom should be careful with at The Seaview Property in Episode 11. Immediately Lily is delighted to see a presence in league with what she’s more familiar with, so Lily is the first to address him, and as “Mr. Collins”, the way Tom does.


After Caleb has his vent-off giving Lily Munster a hard time, he begins to address, “My little mistress of the estate.”

Does our Aunt Elizabeth get the shakes? HA! No way, “Oh? Uncle Caleb… Were you speaking to me?” she responds as stalwart and matronly as ever. After fainting at the sight of Cousin Lily who doesn’t look as she remembered her back in the lovely vacation they shared, as well as her own back history believing she murdered her own husband, finding out she actually didn’t so she didn’t have to be a recluse like Caleb was anymore, and the slew of other crap she’s had to deal with in Collinwood, Elizabeth Stoddard isn’t about to be petrified by some old Collins spook!

Go, Elizabeth!

aunt Elizabeth bad azz

Bad-Azz Mofo

And the ghost of Caleb Collins is pleased as bloody punch that she is! “You’re still as wondrous as ever, little Lizzie Collins.”

Our Caleb Collins is one feisty ghost now that he’s had to sit around for so long. Almost completely exiled in his lonely abode surrounded by old food cans, Schwepps bottles, aged books, decades of cobwebby filth, old newspaper articles with advertisements about trusses, the miracles of opium and cocaine, new discoveries in photography, and piles of other junk he folded into his collection. Maybe one day someone would want them, maybe someday there would be a girl in the clan who liked all of that stuff, eh? ^_^ (i.e. Victoria Winters, who is currently a guest resident in the home of The Addams Family.)

So listening to my audio tracks and then creating new ones, almost none of the old lines remain from my performance last October (2013). Tom’s lines are the same but lowered in pitch, Lily’s are the same but heightened in volume, some of Caleb’s are also the same but all of Elizabeth’s had to be re-done today. The conversation sounds more like Joan Bennett than it once did and the dialogue between them is marvelous, as well as heartfelt.

Caleb has his fun with the girls, points out Lily should alter her attire like she had done when she last went on a trip with Elizabeth, in so many words, and which passport with which last name she should use. It’s a little different but somewhat based on an episode of The Munsters I watched in which Lily gets fed up and goes looking for a job. She prefers her maiden name when applying for the position, Lily Dracula. For The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows there is further back history. Since Lily was miffed at all the men in the house back in the 1940s, even her maiden name wasn’t going on the passport she decided to use, and Caleb knows this. He’s a little like Wadsworth that way.

And Lily had altered her appearance before meeting with her cousin Elizabeth:

Behind The Camera

Even in all of Caleb’s blustering, Elizabeth is stolid enough to face him up the stairs with the same determination they both inherited in this mess of a family. Almost equal footing those two. Of course, Caleb must relate how damned amused he was while listening to Barnabas and Burke Devlin sparring words in his house like they were rival brothers over Victoria Winters. It was hilarious for him because Barnabas’ bizarre existence tickles him, and Burke is someone he knows as the reincarnation of… Jeremiah Collins.

So for the ghost of Caleb Collins this is all rather a crack-up. Although, it didn’t used to be for him, he was so stressed out when he was alive, but in approximately 96 years of being a spirit, he’s had it with the violence, had it with quantum mechanics, and had it with everyone shaking so much when they could just relax and joke about it all. Really, in such a crazy place? What else is there that can be done?

Hmm… a new green ghost spewing ectoplasm just showed up to mess with David. An odd butler came around who knows too much. This butler is steering Barnabas back to the coffee shop to try one more time with the reincarnation of his long lost love that he was so crazed and out-of-it he managed to kidnap and abuse her because he couldn’t see who she really was, and not remembering much about Josette Dupres in general for that matter.

With so much turning out and possibly for the better? Hmm… the ghost of Caleb Collins perks up and thinks, “Maybe… just maybe… it’s finally safe to come out now.”