August 2020 Spoilercast

2020 August 2b


Another blah-de-blah per request! Howdy out to all my pen pals, “YOU’RE ALIVE!” Also appreciating the kindhearted nature of folks who feel they “ought” to do better. Hopefully by this time hunkering down at home has shown most people how using “social” media to solely keep-in-touch isn’t very healthy.

Going through Pit episodes 20, 21, and 22. Basic steps in each episode of the story.

#20 “Bark At The Moon”

#21 “Up The Damned Staircase”

#22 “The Endless Night At Collinwood”

In all of these episodes, I shall let loose my newest slogan, which is: “To boldly go where even Bella Heathcote’s Josette has never gone before!” ^_^

Technical problems with The Addams Family scene in #22, with love to Lurch (Ted Cassidy), however strange… on either side.

Also some love for John Karlen as I continue performing the role of Willie Loomis through this series.

Later topics are lack of fear to “spoilers”, enjoying a story, watching “That Darn Cat” again, going to a source over relying on gossip, as well as how I moderated alcohol beginning in 2007 and 2008. (Advertising posters will display, “Drink responsibly,” but whoever explains how that works?) Current detoxing and moderation this year. How other things make efforts to be moderated through regulation, whereas social networks do not currently carry the same regulations that other addictive substances or even appliances have.

Fun wrap up with my enjoyment of the commentary for “The Ribos Operation” by Mary Tamm and Tom Baker.



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The Pen Pals Are Here (For Real This Time)

Just picked up the mail and I am reveling in the fun of it! My stationery horde is dwindling and I’m discovering people who like to savour The Pit as it was meant to be savoured. Hallelujah!

Today I opened this delightful missive which says, “I’m glad that we’re pen friends! You’re the only pen friend I have who sends murder mystery parties with your letters, and I can attend these parties in my PJs!! Woo hoo!”

She also sent some very fun ticket stickers which read: “Admit One”. I am actually trying to get rid of all my crazy stickers but when I saw hers on the back of her envelope I suddenly desired stickers like that. Then? Inside the envelope she had included eighteen of them for me! It was this way of expressing that my show ought to be sent with those tickets as that signifies the theater feeling The Pit brings. What a bloody JOY! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Another pal drives frequently so the CD version of The Pit episodes are perfect for her long hauls. It’s funny because I often anticipated truckers would enjoy The Pit but I’ve yet to hear from any of them. Hopefully this was never due to Maggie expressing a bit of distaste to Barnabas in Episode 10 with,

coffee shop

“Oh, Barnabas, you’ve obviously never encountered a collection of all-night truck drivers swapping suggestive tales over their greasy breakfast plates.”

But who knows?

There are a few listeners of The Pit who don’t quite pick up the knack of the discussion questions as being guidelines to expressing what they enjoy per scene. That’s okay, though. The method that we once had to express our delight and the fun in our entertainment is very much more the “dying art” than letter-writing ever was or has been.

While it became extremely trendy to Hate-On so much in our abundance, the enjoyment of discussing what we were entertained by took a serious nose-dive when we were offered the alternative thumbs-up buttons. There are now even pesky hearts on youtube and iTunes to degrade our faculties even further. If there was an app for making these happy-buttons disappear I would consider PAYING for it. Monthly! (I already enjoy advertisement blockers on my equipment so I have little idea what kind of scary billboard world a great deal of my online audience is being suffocated with. 😦  )

The other difficulty we currently face is having too much choice. I’m immune to that being difficult as I already pruned my needs in the last twenty years. Even before the internet I had far too much thrown in my direction that I could never understand why I just had to like. Another reason I live on Devo’s “Freedom of Choice” song; All around me are people who really do want “Freedom FROM Choice”. It’s not a matter of a good lead to something they would naturally be interested in, but just floating through life waiting for others to send them in whatever direction another wishes them to go.

That became the worse problem imaginable as my audio entertainment was finally noticed and suddenly I had to see the same style of Dark Shadows fanfiction I was tired of reading and trying to avoid. My work, articles, and podcasts made it extremely clear what my interests and goals were in that department. Then, rather than find the specific niche audience I was looking for, it was the bummer-city, cliché types coming forward with precisely what I spent five years finding and did not enjoy at all. It’s as if most the online world is so flabbergasted with too much information that listening to a person or a fictional character is well-nigh impossible for them to do.

This is why correspondence, and the skill of it, is so important. It slows us down to start digesting information at our own human pace. This works because human beings are what we are, regardless of how desperate we seem to be to become The Borg or The Cybermen instead. It’s also exactly why we attained creations such as The Borg and The Cybermen in our storytelling: It’s a warning of things that could very much happen to us in the future. (Or right now.)

As for Episode 17 in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, whose current title is “A Bio-Exorcist Comes To Collinwood”, I am working on the audio, yes, but I am also taking my time with the pen pals and letter-writing to heal myself back to being a better person. I’m often thanking each and every individual that I write to for helping me with this, even when they are so grateful to me for giving them the gift of my episodes. For me it’s a shared process and precisely how I always wanted to do all of this. “Go Online” wasn’t the worst option for me, it was the obvious one. But the human touch of going online was losing ground and I didn’t know that. Nobody seemed to know it, but they definitely defended it, that’s for sure. (It’s much easier to be dismissive, isn’t it?)

The audio itself is grueling and my format from doing voice performances back and forth in one go has shifted toward doing each voice separately. Doing that slows down the creation time. But this is a technique that most audio dramas are created by, having each performer in separate cubicles with a script and a headset, so it makes sense to switch to get each character’s voice better. I’m also finding that using a more caricature performance is as important as the accuracy in their speech patterns. The caricature voice differentiates who is speaking more easily so that it’s less likely a listener will lose track of which character is saying what. However, our too-friendly bio-exorcist is pretty damned easy to spot. Ha ha ha!

its showtime
The romance is sparking for our three couples now, Barnabas & Maggie, Tony & Carolyn, and Julia & Eliot. I really love how Elizabeth and Barnabas were running things at this point in the original Dark Shadows, but with Elizabeth on her voyage to England for my show, I’ve had to move away from that and am irked for a solution as to who will invite Amy Jennings to stay at Collinwood, eventually. *sigh* I thought, “Well, I could find some hilarious, sarcastic way that Roger would be encountering her instead and deciding, ‘Why the hell not?’” But that didn’t give me much enthusiasm.

Carolyn and Tony
The great answer came last night… Carolyn & Tony! Or it could just be Carolyn, or heck, Carolyn AND Carolyn, Stoddard & Muir. Who knows? But in any case I finally hit on how to keep Tony Peterson and Carolyn Stoddard’s romance alive: Do exactly what was done before. Have them solve problems together! In The Pit that is what reignited their romance, which is similar in many couples both fictional and real. (That kissing you hear in The Pit for these couples is obviously not me smooching my arm! That is me and my own sweetie. He’s been shy about it, but hey, he’s getting kissed! He’s not going to say no to me for that offer. 😉 )

So, for those who aren’t writing to me on paper or via email, there is a big reason my online activity has dwindled. I have returned to pen pals and am enjoying it immensely.

write a letter cover

No happy-buttons or flinging of links is going to get any of us more of the work and it never did before. Correspondence and discussion about the show(s) is what makes that happen and always did. When I receive insight and feedback from a listener I get to their responses a whole lot faster because this is my passion and my calling. But there are some pen pals who have no interest and that is also fine by me. They keep me company with other interactive details about life in general. That’s healthy and very healing all around. (People writing to me by email, private message, or even postal mail, who love the work but avoid the topic keeps me more at bay with them. This should be a surprise to no one. And really, why would it be?)

I do have a potential “Pit Update April 2017” started but I’m hoping I won’t have to create and release it. I prefer getting to the actual work. And strangely enough it is the quiet discussions of the characters on the demo and in the “editing room” that rivets me more than that fight scene everyone is waiting for! Maggie and Sam with their awesome percolator, Tony and Carolyn going for a drive, Dr. Hoffman and Professor Stokes having a quiet, studious discussion with romance interlaced, while Lily and Elizabeth enjoy the delights of mingling on board the RMS Queen Elizabeth ship. Those happier scenes are what keep me going.

I’m also working on the script for Episode # 18, “Braving The Waters” but that will take more Ghost and Mrs. Muir and Bewitched studying, of course. Chris Jennings may make his first appearance and there is fun already planned for that, similar to on the original Dark Shadows but much more humourous. Hee hee hee! Bill Malloy’s ghost should encounter Lily and Elizabeth. Lily can have tons of fun with Bill. I really like Lily as this cousin to dissuade Elizabeth needing to fear ghosts and the like, and Melissa has told me how wonderful it is for Elizabeth to finally have a girlfriend to pal around with, “She just never had that on the original show. This is really good for her!”

Liz and Lily

When we discussed it over the phone neither of us could quite figure out which of the two of them is “the straight man” in the relationship as that role sort of bounces back and forth between Elizabeth Stoddard and Lily Munster. Elizabeth shrugs at any clues that Lily is a daylight-walking vampire with even odder family members, and Lily doesn’t seem to notice Elizabeth being far more mundane than Munster, since to her Munster is mundane.

pop and magz
Another great thing is keeping Sam Evans alive and stretching out his weird psychic trips from his DS: First Year characteristics into being a reincarnation of Andre du Pres. This helps in the extreme with Maggie Evans processing her own reincarnation experiences.

If they had aimed to pull it off on Dark Shadows, which is what I saw them reaching toward, I’m not sure how Maggie could have handled that on her own. Her father, Sam, is the perfect bolster for that, especially if he’s already going through it himself. So in sorting out the main reason I started all of this, it ends up being a wonderful help in solving a lot of other dilemmas I might have faced if that wasn’t the reason I began.

Willie pensive Wadsworth looking down
My struggles with Willie Loomis have reached that safer harbour with him now as Wadsworth’s presence has helped to calm him down and I am very much looking forward to healing right along with him. His history is a mystery and should mostly remain so as it did on Dark Shadows. The main point with him is growth and learning better battles to pick, even if some are merely with his pen. Now that I have pen pals by snail mail I can practice my own calligraphy a bit more. ❤

As for the marriage novel, I’m still working on the next chapter which will be quite romantic. (And *cough* “adult”.) Their exploration of old memories will drift through, and I might add a card game in it rather than ending it with them planning to play one. It takes a lot out of me to go into Barnabas-mode, but it’s rewarding. As Sam himself mentions the couple in Chapter 22 of the novel, “…driving through the town of Collinsport to get to The Old House, where my daughter now lived with her excessively romantic husband…” He sure is!

I’ve complained he won’t let me write scenery, but the main thing I’ve had to admit to myself is that Barnabas, on his own terms, would hardly write scenery. The scenery he is forever looking at is his loving bride, Maggie, who is Kitty and Josette and herself. There is a lot to look at in a gal like that! (Even Cousin Lily can see the affection there. 😉 )

lily maggie and barnabas
Hopefully that’s updated everyone enough as to the state of things with me. I’m still determined and passionate, but I’m also healing from three years of shock, devastation in friendship loss, watching this science-fiction nightmare made of our lives happen unabated, and all of it being defended by masses of people who can’t bear to blame themselves for being misguided.

Now I get to editing, my letters, corresponding with new friends, and racing to the door when my sweetheart comes home. Then I look at my wine bottle and, after three years, I am finally able to say, “I don’t need that tonight. I’ll finish it tomorrow.”



P.S. If some of you out there, as several pen pals have expressed, mainly know Dark Shadows from the 2012 film of it and therefore believe I must automatically “hate” you? No. I don’t. It just got trendy to hate that film like a whole lot else got trendy to hate.

Hate became a disease online as it garnered attention. It’s a junior-high and high-school condition, and can also happen with spoiled louts in college. Whatever occurs to cause that; it’s a phase and a fad. I love the 2012 film, actually. I love a lot things that get a lot of hate. I always have, so I don’t worry about it. ❤

Happy Michaelmas! (Still Healing And Relearning “The Old Magic”)

Archangel Micheal

Michaelmas, a day of harvest and looking over ones previous year to give tribute to accomplishments, dragons befriended and demons conquered. At least that’s what we do. My demon conquered? Maybe not being so hung up on cooking this bird precisely on Michaelmas (September 29th). The other was actually getting the darn goose. I’m really wiped out from the journey. Walking, bus, more walking, fun market, good luncheon. (I called it elevenses as it was in the hour of 11 A.M.) Then the goose was found. PRICEY! FROZEN! HEAVY! I brought a backpack Tito loaned us.

Another bus. More walking, picked up a book Auntie suggested from the library, “How to Talk To Anyone”. I used to know this stuff but I’m healing from the devastation of the last three years and I need some help to cope with adjusting to contentment. The drama and the social networks ruining our social skills, mine included, has led me to feel that a sense of panic is the usual, and that is horrible!

Also stopped by the post office. One letter! Oooo! Thank you, friend in Utah! Also more stamps for new pen pals getting CDs of The Pit. One lady is super great. Very enthusiastic. Sounds too good to be true. At the end of Episode One, listening to “Shake, Rattle & Roll” she said she envisioned The Ghostbusters rattling down the road and Slimer coming toward the viewers seeing it on screen! I loved that. I let her know these old episodes have been slightly revised for the CD versions with separate tracks. (Example: Episode Three on CD has the Twin Peaks theme at the end rather than me making something up to say what music would be there.) I joked to Helena, “Yes, The Pit… Special Edition, or whatever.”

The trip home with the ten and a half pound goose to carry was pretty ludicrous. My shoulders and back have done their time today. Now it’s thawing in the sink. The tentative plan is to cook the neck and giblets I often and shamefully neglect if they are thawed enough. I’m sure I tried a soup before. I’m hoping to get some help on that score.

I was just grateful this morning that I turned off the computer before going to bed. GOOD! That’s what I want to do. I don’t want to be hooked up to this stuff 24-7! No, no, no. That’s the problem. 1990’s internet was less stressful because it was just computers, and you had to boot them up and turn them off. Hibernating them constantly wasn’t often in the realm of probability. So if anyone caught my semi-random Doctor Who & Barnabas youtube conversation-video, I hope it was enjoyable because I’m dying to get creative again! That was me scratching an itch. I found some dialogue I’d written with them a year or two ago, somewhat existential stuff. I couldn’t find that draft for ages and then I did. So I made another video. (The Dov’e L’amore was one I’d meant to do for years, though.)

I probably should have worked on Margaret Josette Dupres because we had a lovely evening and the couple were giving me some wonderful views in all that candle-light and romance at The Old House. Hopefully the images will bug me until they get on paper.

I’m still awaiting grassroots commentary on Episode #16 in The Pit as it’s pretty much done but until I have the back-up in comments it’s not healthy for me, psychologically, to release it. Which means I need to work on Episode 17. This is troubling because? I have no script!!! Arg!


Came all this way and I don’t a have a script for Episode 17! I have bits, I have a list, but now I’m trying to figure out the motions of what I did three years ago to get so speedy. Helena supporting my efforts was a big catapult. One pen pal saying she’d pay for them all on CD if she could was another major boost. The demos on walks to work did even more. So that last bit is what’s missing. I’m not listening to demos anymore. I’m listening to bona-fide paragons of radio drama. But demos are important. I just don’t have one now! Not for 17.

I feel like Episode 17 in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is Star Trek: The Motion Picture. In the 1970’s the Trek folks talked about not having a script and Harlan Ellison mentioned, “Maybe they’ll all get up and whistle. Who knows?” Then DeForest Kelley piped in that he’d heard from Gene Roddenberry that they had a starting date but no script, “But what the Hell?” he laughed, relaying the information,  “A lot of people have a script that don’t have a starting date!”

Me? I’ve got neither. The freedom of not getting paid means it happens when it happens. But, if any of you are hungry for more in this radio drama? All I can say is: ME TOO! I’m sure The Old Magic is there I just have to coax it out. No pushing. Spoils the creativity. (You’ve heard that already with my Barnabas voice going downhill around Episodes 11 & 12.)

Roger at his desk

I definitely have Roger Collins lines! So no worries there. And the joy of performing Roger Collins is for some reason I get him better when I’m sober. I’m continually stunned by that fact. I get the lush better accomplished without booze? Okay! (Is performing Quentin Collins going to be the same way???)

Still, getting The Old Magic back means living again. Not starving for discussion and losing sleep that the world went to pot. I have residual effects of that panic which eke out more often than I like. A lady at church assured me that, yes, people hardly talk to each other like they used to these days, and yes, we all have addictions. “Me? I’m addicted to meditation,” she confessed. Then she explained all the ways she added more meditation time into her routine. “But at least it’s a healthy addiction.”

I was super stressed out earlier this week and gave it a try. Attempting to watch the thoughts passing by without being a participant was almost impossible, but wow. There were a lot of thoughts! More than I expected. Then I started nodding off. That’s when I reasoned I need to meditate at bedtime. That way I can get to sleep easier and get some meditation accomplished.

So that’s the deal right now: Healing from the last three years, living again, allowing the new scenes for the show to come as naturally as they once did, maintaining correspondence in email and paper mail to regulate social skills, re-learning social skills, relaxation techniques, and keeping in touch with Doctor Julia Hoffman, as well as Sidney Freedman to help analyse all situations. A visit to Miss Read in Fairacre would also be very nice, maybe even Anne Shirley Blythe here and there.

Happy Michaelmas, everyone! ❤


Pit Update August 2016

update august 2016


Just me, no music. Discussion about things, hopefully, getting better, and how to keep that going. The importance of correspondence especially.

Clear reasons why I, and many others, lose their tempers. (Gets a bit loud while this is explained. Not really a rant, more an exclamation of disbelief in contradictory behaviour.) Deep appreciation for the nice people and tools for how to avoid the bummer types, too!

“Spoilers” over scenes one through five, in Episode 16, that are being worked on, as well as the intricate technical aspects that make the idea of critiquing them severely unwanted and unwarranted. (Audio Dramatists? Listen up. You’ll probably enjoy this bit.) Plenty of talk about “Hawkeye” finally being included and what’s happening in scene four with him. I’m not concerned about spoilers when it comes to this radio drama. People can barely remember what they enjoyed in all the other episodes, so why worry? winking

My old internet days, Sailor Moon, chat rooms, etc. Why fans identify with Angelique and some may not even know it.

A reading from me of Osheen’s review for Episode 7 about one year before this podcast, and my hearty enjoyment of that!

Understanding of the idea of “independence” and how much of an illusion that is.

Not included in this podcast is my suggestion here: If you are wealthy and dissatisfied with your life? Please enjoy the film “The Amazing Adventure” with Cary Grant. Thanks. You’re welcome.

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Pit Update June 2016

June Update Cover 03


Most of this was created Monday 6 June 2016. I felt the need to address a lot of the high stress going on. As well as some healing, personally.

There is also a short rant or two for those who enjoy my rants. (I know there are some who do!) Discussion of why sharing files everywhere and buck-passing didn’t work.

More in-depth explanations of how the attention-spans have diminished over the years in so many people, as well as the problems with social media and how I am combating those and have done.

Updates on Pit construction as well as the marriage novel, including some past observations. Solid addressing of why the output for both have diminished, which may not be for the reasons one would think.

Fun stuff about how I and others create more authentic fanwork by dismissing poor advice and following our intuition about it. I go into a little of what I did with the Sailor Moon fanfiction that I wrote in the late 1990’s.

*Most Important*: How my audience can develop a healthy relationship with me for the good of us both. Too much that has happened promotes paranoia on either side and it would be much better if you follow the advice I give in this podcast about it. (i.e. If you listen to this podcast and write to me please address that you listened. I don’t have time for any more random and inane babbling from listening and trying to address these issues while denying you listened. Thank you!)

And, of course, some consideration for two 50th Anniversaries coming up: Dark Shadows and… The Monkees! Enjoy. ^_^


Pit Update 2016 (podomatic link)

Pit Update June 2016 (podbay link)

Pit Update June 1016 ( link)

[And yes, there are tracks behind my voice by Oasis from the album “Standing On The Shoulders of Giants”, which I believe is very fitting! 😛 ]

Reincarnation & Lovecraft

reincarnation lovecraft 3


Originally a “minicast” but since that experiment showed unworthy, this is now a full-on podcast. I still await discussion for Episode 14 so I remain creative while we all “wait”. (If you have time for this how do you *not* have time to answer the Q & A for Episode 14 of The Pit?)

Updates in my creative pursuits. Explanation of the importance in help from others while trying to learn and maintain accuracy. Reincarnation research via Dark Shadows, Maggie Evans as Josette, and Sam Evans as Andre in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Episodes of Dark Shadows are delved into with various clues for why The Pit works toward what it does. (DS Episodes discussed are: 422, 697 & 853.)

There is a short reading of H.P. Lovecraft’s work while analyzing how The Leviathans in Dark Shadows came about. An offering of review-swapping for other radio dramatists and podcasters.

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(If you have iTunes, again, you sure don’t need help from me! 😛 )


I hereby declare that anyone who is part of the audience is no longer allowed to discuss “the audience” with me. Doing that is incredibly redundant and doesn’t help me, your entertainer, in any way, shape or form. Thank you.

For New Fans, Renewed Fans and U.K. Fans of Dark Shadows (& perhaps The Pit of Ultimate…)


I’d like to open this first post of 2016 with a favourite quotation by a young fan of Dark Shadows, “Perhaps the people bashing Barnabas should find a more contemporary, trashier show to follow. Then they can bash on their favourite reality actors.” I laughed so heartily toward her wisdom. It still gives me a warm glow.


The year has begun and hopefully with far more enthusiasm and productivity to come than the previous two years of confusion and belittlement. My new beloved friends and I are seeing a change: new fans to Dark Shadows. It was likely to happen and not simply due to the 2012 film. There are also renewed fans; the kids who ran home or were already home, as I was in the days of Monkees re-runs. These “kids” are in their 50’s, rather than their 60’s, now. I was able to suss out a difference in a majority of these fans while talking with my Auntie.

In our conversation she mentioned going back to college to take on her new profession. At the school she attended, their library had the entire series of Dark Shadows, which she watched. Considering how long she attended the school she could easily have used it as her escapism. I was still stunned she could do it.

“You watched the whole thing up there?” I marvelled.

“Oh, yes. Loved it.”

“Leviathans and all?”

“Leviathans and all!” she announced proudly.

Well, okay. This, of course, is the aunt of mine who was able to get through all six books of the Dune series. (God Emperor of Dune just wiped me out.) She and I share that need for the linear and continuity, or at least continuance, flubs or no flubs, in our storytelling. Then I was blown away…

“You ran home from school to watch Dark Shadows?” I practically gaped.

“Oh, sure! Couldn’t get enough of it,” she smiled, happily.

I was almost dumbfounded and pointed out, “Well, what’s the deal? You’re obviously not crazy or messed up by it.” She laughed and I pondered, then finally I asked, “Wait. How old were you when the show ended?”

“Oh, that was 1971… So I was about ten years old.”

That’s when the light-bulb went on, “Ohhh… so you hadn’t gone through puberty yet. All that sexual tension on the show went right over your head.”


Hmmmmmm… This led me to a new understanding. These “veteran” fans are often much different than the “veteran” fans who watched as teenagers. (Often, not always.) They looked at it in ways I remember watching television and films prior to pubescence. Love meant something much simpler and more wholesome, not the frightful whirlwind that it is once the tragedies of blooming time come in to confuse the crap out of us. Mix that up while viewing a soap-opera filled with romantic pairings switching right-&-left, deceit, black-mailing, kidnapping, a wild-woman out for revenge to trick her ex-lover into being her husband and then some, thwarted romances, and egad! Quentin Collins alone! Could anything be rougher on the emotional reflections of kids just trying to sort out sanitary napkins, under-arm odours, first crushes, insecurities about the boy or girl next door and all the rest? Couple this with “free-love” for the late 1960’s and perhaps we’re seeing that deluge of repercussions. And they’d be less attended to via the 21st century’s technology to seize our minds into shorter attention spans.

Anyway, let’s just say that a ton of the old-hats into Dark Shadows were running home from school. Right now the eldest among them ran home from school during their adolescence, yes? Perhaps this isn’t that big of a deal to the British turn of mind since people with a broader sense of history are usually better grounded in the turmoil of emotions and puberty. That’s my wager, anyway.

Now turn your attention to us Yankees, right? A nation much fixated on Puritanical ideas and *GASP* “scandal”! (As Betty White said in an interview, U.K. humour is very different from U.S. humour because the British don’t belabour a topic.) So a ton of these DS fans are currently living in this make-believe condition of hierarchy: If you are popular you somehow have jurisdiction over other fans. Yeh, I know: What rot! [sad snickering, and head shaking] Many U.S. fans of Dark Shadows, at least the ones on Facebook, are currently re-living that high-school (or secondary school) time period of their lives through association with running home to see Dark Shadows when it first aired. That association puts them back into the high-school frame of mind, and therefore they build pretend hierarchies in the same fashion. It stinks, but there you have it.

Me? HA! I’ve been through multiple layers of this psychological garbage. Sibling rivalry, ostracizing, fair-weather friendships while being told it would last our whole lives, and various interest groups. There are plenty sets of subculture to choose from, and I’d had my run for dressing up to be popular in the dreaded fashion of the 1980’s. I moved on. It didn’t accomplish much of deeper insight; not really my tea.

In no certain order, I went from studying Beatniks, Hippies, hitting up part of the Punk Movement, realizing I was more a Goth type than anything else, but still adoring the lighter side of literature, or the spooky elements. Part of my own abuse growing up was the enforced idleness to watch television constantly and not be creative. Breaking free from the addictive hold of television was hard enough at the time.

Currently we have things like Facebook where the five-second attention span and that peer-pressure to constantly connect to it is reigning supreme. Next one becomes idle and useless minus little blips here and there? Well, I can break free from it often enough now that I’ve seen its addictive quality, but I am still dealing with minds fragmented into that mentality. (I have enough trouble with old-fashioned addictions like alcohol. This new addiction of posting links, photos, memes, articles, and quizzes 5-to-20 times an hour is useless to me. At least with booze I slow-down and get more inspiration.) For fans of a program that spanned over 1,200 episodes coupled with a social-network that encourages five-second attention spans? This has to be a worse combination than oil & water.

Either way what I’m doing goes a ton farther and to more people (not that it doesn’t bother me) because I’m not only creating a Dark Shadows series but a series with a plethora of cameos, and other shows like The Addams Family, The Munsters, Wadsworth from Clue, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir television show, and Bewitched. I also approach those into Halloween, spooky, vampires, and several Gothic communities. Dark Shadows fans, or in this case junkies, don’t comprehend the scope of that at all. They are still set in their sense of hierarchies and feel the need to treat me like some chew-toy or kick-dog.

Hmm… I’ve entertained them, I’ve spent a ton of money on this production, I’ve been harassed, stalked, trolled, put up with pesky buffoons, and I deserve to be insulted by… a bunch of aged pensioners??? Not only that but types who delineate being a fan with high-school ideology and factionalism, perhaps a Collinsport High School in which no one ever graduates? I escaped public schooling for a ton of reasons, and this ideology was one of them. That’s why the idea of popularity to me is absurdly silly. I get to hear people saying, “Well *I* won’t listen to your podcast anymore!” or “Well, *I* won’t read your novel anymore!” It’s like, “Erm, yes, did you ever put in a bloody review or thank you or comment about what you enjoyed?” Being a participant while never showing you are except to bad-mouth your entertainer, send her distractions or further grief…  Whatever, folks. Don’t let the door hit you in the tush on your way out.

Theoretically, I could get into a snit with someone about their band covering a song by The Damned or Siouxsie & The Banshees, but why? We all pay tribute in different ways to those we admire. What a lot of these fans do is attack the characters and their behaviour on Dark Shadows. Trying to understand the characters isn’t really important. No one and nothing is sacred, but they still make out like they “own” it all because they saw the show when it originally aired. They were “the first”. Yes, like many in the Punk movement have a herd-of-cattle over newer incarnations of said Punk movement. It is all so much posing, very petty, and I could not care less.


For new fans and renewed fans of Dark Shadows, I say let them have a safer haven for discussion and support to their preferences than the previous experiences provided. However, for fans of this radio drama series who have often told me they’re uncertain about it since they haven’t watched enough Dark Shadows to know who the characters are? I’ve been letting them know, “Oh, that’s okay. A vast majority of the Dark Shadows fans that I’ve seen have no idea who the characters are either.”

Legion of Shadows…

League vol one


Many people have talent, many who came before me. The fear of that is a strange concept to me now. I’m not the first to put together something like this, and I shan’t be the last.

league of extraordinary gentlemen and women


As suggested in my first intro, it’s not a cross-over, it’s more a cross-blend League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type thing… (My trouble being those characters are public domain so profit can be made. I don’t have that luxury. Ah, well.)

League Issue two

I’m adding a tag for Rocky Horror Picture Show because it’s in my series in both Episode 4 and Episode 14 (well, okay, just a bit of lingerie in 14…) and what is the most potent point of The Rocky Horror Picture Show fandom? Audience participation… which is precisely what I’m looking for!

Links for the show are as follows:

link to

and iTunes, of course:


Episode 15: Intro With Automne Archer

Intro to 15


Lurch’s harpsichord entreats our venture toward a new avenue of this radio drama. The troubles collide and the gratitude extends in name and detail. So much celebration to be had between our faithful listeners who speak, and then? Our Addams Family prodigy reveals why she adores The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, as well as the golden age of cinema.

Discussion in the appreciation of canon, romance, fandom interests, emotional fortitude, our deeper meaning, exploration, friendship, Facebook disconnect, character study, and who we are.

Four alternatives to Facebook and its “Instant God”. Why correspondence is important and the donation account details:

Explanations about knee-jerk reactions from people who can’t see past fanfiction in “text” and never understand this project equates to major effort and money for bills to the post office, podomatic, archive donations, DVD extras, research books, moral support, and the drive for a higher purpose of being.

(By the way, Lurch’s harpsichord is actually from a piece that Emilie Autumn performed to celebrate “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” film. Also the ending clip song is by Nada Surf’s “I Remembered What I Was Going To Say”, which metaphorically works better than I could imagine since I believe many are wanting to tell me what they like but forgot how. So that’s my nod to where I’m lifting goodies. i.e. if you like them go and BUY THEM! ^_^ )

I realize some of you who aren’t downloading my show from iTunes need different links so you can choose what is easier. Here they are for this podcast. (Some people call it a broadcast which I love because I am essentially doing a radio show. Good, good!)

Ep. 15 Intro archive dot org link

Ep. 15 Intro podbay link

Ep 15. Intro podomatic link

Any other help you need? Please send me a message: Thanks and take care!


For listeners who prefer iTunes please go here.

Anti-Social Networks, Groucho’s Birthday, Barnabas and Josette

Excerpt of a letter from myself to another writer:

Yes, it’s true! I get pretty fractious on “social networks”. People keep inviting me to groups and then when you think you have support all it ends up being about is photo-photo-photo and I’m like, “This is so infantile. I don’t know what happened to everyone’s cognitive faculties but I’m not encouraging it. I just refuse to cater to such a waste of time.” It’s horrifying to see people fully capable of downloading a great show and when they realize how great it is all they can do is run around all over the internet and like-click everything I’ve posted. That kind of behaviour is just not social. Plus, I mean, I think you might remember this, wasn’t it when you go to someone’s house and then the photo albums come out that was the point at which the guests fall asleep?

“Here’s our vacation in Pittsburg!”


That’s my memory.

It’s as if all they care about is book covers and never open a book. And they believe they’re being kind by getting others involved in just being idle. I’ve been pleased to get emails from you all saying, “Okay, that was nice, but back to work!”

On top of that a ton of these people are running around in the open air with their devices and phones just flittering an empty moment in time to post it on Facebook with no concern that some of us are stuck at home via computers looking at all this excess.



I’ve thankfully been getting more email and I’m happy with that. The pen pal thing seems in a lull right now. I’m pretty sure what happened is some of the letter writers got greedy or lazy, went online to soak up the show and left me to rot without the correspondence. If this is so? Hopefully there will be some embarrassment when they realize I read aloud what I was getting from their better discourse and they will want to go back to being pen pals again.

Was glad to see celebration for Groucho’s 125th birthday!


I sure feel like that guy sometimes. He really got mad at audiences that just would stagnate in their seats or do other weird things. I remember in one of my drunken ff dot net rants I posted that Groucho Marx would have dropped cigar ashes on the audience and mooned them by now. Plus people who do like my show blame all the other silent people even though they’re silent too! It’s weird! I guess it’s easier for everyone to deflect to some “unknown” people even though you know they’re spending time asking each other what to do rather than just looking through the Q & A’s and getting it over with. It’s a lot more fun to listen to the show and answer the flippin’ questions than sit around on DS pages bickering with fans who don’t agree with them.

Here is another thing that irks me. I keep getting these sheltered, naive people who have all these problems with reincarnation, or whatever. Why the heck did they ever watch Dark Shadows to begin with??? It’s like, “Dude. Go read some Pride & Prejudice or something! Or Little House on The Prairie!”

Pride-and-Prejudice_BNbackground squareLittle-House-on-the-Prairie

One chik got all weird on “Margaret Josette Dupres”. I asked her why she was even interested if it conflicts with her faith. “I like Barnabas and Josette.” Fair enough. That ended amicably with me basically saying, “Okay, I don’t think we can help each other. All the best.”

And even still what Barnabas and Josette stuff that finally has come out is supernatural. He’s a vampire, or they’re both vampires, or like in “Thicker Than Water” they deal with his curse and work around it. Or “Role Reversals” which is Josette as the vampire and Barnabas is David’s tutor. We finally get those stories and they all have something supernatural going on.

However, I must admit it’s nice they finally are out there. It was dry as a bone when I did my five year combing of all the “blah” stuff. (And honestly most of the Julia/Barnabas went right over my head. I combed looking for relief so anything I found that might have had Julia/Barnabas as a couple went past my purview because I was looking for Sam Evans alive with Maggie as Josette and I never found anything.)


YAY! “Night At The Opera”. Wow. I remember being in my teens and finally watching that one. It was like when I was seeing “Clue” for the first time. I kept flipping back to stuff that was making me practically wet myself.

Harpo running up the damn tapestry was to die for.

And then when the lights go out on stage and that wonderfully operatic voice breaks into a gag!!! I don’t know why those bits.

Or Groucho saying, “Do you sleep on your stomach with such big buttons on your pajamas?” LOL!


Or “Hey, you big bully. What’s the idea of picking on that little bully?” It’s such a damn curve-ball!

big bully little bully

Did I tell you I taught an English class and I worked in themes and one of themes was “Marxism”? That was good. There is a great play by John Kessel in a collection of his and it’s called “Faust Feathers”. It’s in his book “The Pure Product”. If you can find that at a library it’s wonderful. I used that in my class and everyone had a part just reading out loud.

John Kessel The Pure Product

Glad to hear you’re looking forward to more of The Pit. You know, becoming Beetlejuice is scary for me to do! I’m glad I’m done with most of the acting for right now. What’s nice is you think his voice is deep but it really isn’t. So far the dialogue between him and Barnabas is near perfect. They can interact and it’s amazing. I’m just stunned it sounds so well.

Barnabas and Beetlejuice

And THANK YOU for wanting more Tony & Carolyn. I love all my couples and sometimes I’m happy as hell to have Josette and Barnabas all cozy at home and that helps me sleep at night, but darn it, I want more Tony & Carolyn and I want to put in “Groovy Kinda Love” for them. And I REALLY want that proposal scene in the radio drama somewhere! Ooo! I just got chills! Thanks for guiding me to that lovely thought. And I do need to think of getting Episode 16 done so I can share some scenes from 15. Angelique whipping Blair’s butt at gin-rummy and other stuff had my husband and I falling down and losing bladder control back in 2013. It was the biggest hurt in the best way.

Okay, I hope that assuaged any worry about me from my pissed off Facebook posts. I’m good when there is more human interaction and stuff!

keep it spooky,