Pen Friends & Closet-Fans (October 2019)



Addressing the closet-fans, now that I have a better way of describing the situation. Why one podcast is missing and how to return it.

Deleting my tumblr account and the moral support I received from a friend in ever having used it. (Who to thank for my use of Reddit.) My aversion to commercial sites and preference for smaller groups. The unreliability of commercial social media:

“They sure know how to get ya’.”

Working on Pit 21, as well as watching more Dark Shadows. Finding ideas for the future “saving” of Madame Findley, and all the fun that goes into that. (Roger Collins always brings in hilarious ideas.)

Wonderful experiences with pen friends and fancy postage. Enjoying the mundane over the tragedy of “everyone” needing to be a “critic”. How nonsensical the criticism and “need” for it gets. Reasons why I and others weren’t affected by any of the non-canon ideas that come from groups of Dark Shadows fans. The hazard of allowing foul behaviour to take-over and what the approval of it leads toward.

The highs and lows of pen pal zines and letter-writing: Let us not mix our non-profit hobbies with commercial ventures. It leads to peril and upset. How, in searching for the non-conformists, I kept finding those who went along with the new status-quo. More fun with our friend, Seamus, being a new listener, which helps me a lot. More reasons that the Q & A came into being and works so well.

Offering of “Bloody Mary’s Delight” for Halloween. (Sorry I couldn’t do a reading this year for that.)

More invitations for fans of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, or me, or both, to come out of the closet.


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Don’t Ask The Source

Gather around this web journal and don’t ask the writer what it means.

Don’t email, don’t call, don’t write a letter. Don’t be direct.

Remain as you are. Remain beholden to third parties and commercial companies.

Hate the overlords that provide your communication and continue to worship their creations of twitter, tumblr, instagram, facebook, and even pinterest. Dismiss your device creators but keep your dependence on their inventions.

Don’t lengthen your attention to understand these words. Continue to shrink your comprehension to the size of a tiny fish bowl.

Revel in your lack of choice and maintain your subservience.

Ask no inquiries of the woman behind the microphone.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Continue to smoke cigars, play poker and smash windows on your Pleasure Island. Allow yourself to feel you are breaking all the rules of authority while you are converted into a donkey that is pulling its commercial carts.

Don’t ask your parents or guardians where you came from. Ask Mommy-Internet. Don’t ask another human being for directions. Ask Google instead.

Remain a cog in the machine. Let go of your free-will, and “like” all things presented on the conveyor belt in your cattle-troughs.

Wonder not at the answers for they are spread before you in an automatic stream, complete with rewards and “highs” to keep you hooked.

Don’t engage in conversation with anyone except through these addictive business models.

Don’t ask the source. It’s not “safe”. (And worse than that, it makes no money.)

Allow new, “easy” communication systems to own you and your thoughts, to replace your learning and memorization skills, rely on the approval of controlled masses to decide how you feel and what you think.

Reliability is not dependent on an original source; it depends upon gossip with third party sources who had nothing to do with its creation.

Ask me nothing.

Serve your commercial leaders with your attention. Serve them with your loyalty. Serve them with your trust.

You are not being fooled.

Julia/Barnabas: Non-Canon Romances

Yes, we’re going into this topic yet again!

It really is absurd how much I seem to feed various guilt-ridden gossip streams out there. I suppose it’s that awful case of the technology designs ability to disjoint so very many people from making sense. No direct communication, no dialogue, so I had to take a few steps back in technology and get discussion from the much more reasonable source of pen friends. (Pat yourself on the back if you are one!)

I can only deduce I am seen as some total Anti-Non-Canon-Romance Monster or something equally as ludicrous, but I tell ya, folks. You’ve been throwing me a lot of nonsense over the years and, when this nonsense is the majority of what someone has to deal with, it gets pretty effing tiring! (It’s like watching people be surprised that abusing a pet or friend brings unfortunate reactions, you know?)

So here is the deal. I deduce I’m seen as this total anti Julia/Barnabas monster, right? No. I am not.

I’m tired of people having fits over the stupid idea that this thing that didn’t happen needs to have happened. That people somehow desperately need to convince each other that it was possible. Well, why wouldn’t people who ain’t seeing the darn thing on the screen as they watch the program get their knickers in a twist? Their neighbours are constantly attempting to convince them it happened when it didn’t! So what’s the next step in this behaviour? “Oh! Blame the character!” (((shaking my head)))

How about you start blaming the people giving you the useless information? How about you start just enjoying the darn thing for what it is: a non-canon romance that is displayed endlessly in the Dark Shadows fanfiction. How about some of you realise you read the fanfiction before watching the television program and didn’t quite understand that whatever you read was this completely different path from how it worked out five days a week back in the 1960’s up into 1971?

I think you’d feel a hell of a lot better!

Now, what some of my detractors out there seem to completely not understand is: not only do I support some of the Julia/Barnabas fans and their desire to create this stuff, but I also happened to be responsible in helping to create a Julia/Barnabas romance story. Yes! I, Daryl Wor, helped to inspire a Julia/Barnabas romance.

Here it is!

Helena Clara Bouchet, the perfect Dark Shadows friend to make first on my journey, was having some trouble working on a Julia/Barnabas romance for a number of months. She read the notes I had in my 8th chapter of “Margaret Josette Dupres” and became inspired by that. She dumped the ideas she’d had that were going nowhere from her previous attempt at a Julia/Barnabas romance and started to write “Complications”.

The thing that’s really been bothering me about the whole Julia/Barnabas phenomenon is how damned Unhappy people keep getting over it, whether they are for OR against it. Not only is the length of this phenomenon grown to the point of angering fans of the original romances, it’s sure as hell not doing any favours for the people who enjoy the non-canon stories.

It’s not helping new fans understand the characters, it’s not helping people enjoy some time off of their workloads and their errands, it’s not helping anyone on any side. (Well, except maybe the sociopaths who get a major kick out of seeing a lot of anger and suffering. THEY probably enjoy all of this.)

Like I’ve expressed in “The Love of Dr. Julia Hoffman” entry on this web log; the fans of it that understand it didn’t happen, that understand the non-canon romance stories are an exploration of what never was, the fans who appreciate what it is by it’s own definition of being non-canon are great! They get it! They aren’t running around trying to proselytize anyone! They offer their stories to be enjoyed and usually put in some kind of note about how it never did happen! (Or maybe they used to and started to forget?)

By the same token, Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine also never had a romance on Star Trek: Voyager, you see? You get to the end of Star Trek: Voyager and much of the romance that Janeway is concerned about protecting is one that’s going on with Seven of Nine and Chekotay. Does this Voyager canon pairing mean the folks building tales about Janeway and Seven can’t have fun? No! It doesn’t mean that. It means that Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine never had a damn romance on the show! That’s all!

So! I hope people can comprehend these words and can digest them slowly. Most of what I keep seeing with all this fancy, expensive equipment is paranoid delusions of what is and what isn’t. Not to mention so many people being in a state of constant upset that it’s about their turn to pop and deflate into a vegetable entirely.

Now, get some education, make a nice meal, have fun, and stop gossiping about me. I’m super easy to talk to as a source of who I am. You know, going to the source? Where folks get better information than the tabloid news this internet has become? Thank you!

Cooperation & Recognition

Just got off the phone with Seamus, which is a splendid thing to wake up to after a long night. It was good to talk about everything. I told him about my newest interest in cooperative tabletop games. I felt their creation is very important to help us all get away from so much competition and conflict. My sweetheart and I already had ways of making competitive games more diplomatic as we played. Even with the first cooperative game we have we still find ways that, if we don’t win, there is a value to how close we got. In any case it definitely seems to be an important shift in game play, something to help us humans figure out how to thrive even more.

Another thing that I explained to Seamus that finally dawned on me during Michaelmas, was the tragedy in how I seemed to garner what I called hater-fans. I came to realise that many of these “haters” were inspired by me and what I was saying, the calmness in my expression, how I formulated the discussion about the radio drama as well as the radio drama itself.

Sadly, in order to comprehend not discussing what they liked about it with me, they created coping mechanisms to make the bad behaviour “okay”. So they drew from my creative well, became creative themselves, but didn’t tend the garden from which they took the sustenance. In fact, the approval for being rude meant they would even drop weed seeds all over the metaphoric garden, making it more and more degraded, and blaming me rather than themselves.


With this behaviour the deterioration arrived, as well as the addiction to what I’d been whistle-blowing as a problem for years. Feeding at the news trough and ‘like’ clicking endlessly or complaining or posting rancid material surely didn’t improve the situation. The need for approval and human vulnerabilities was too strong, I’m afraid.

So… now we see the vegetation. Filling the garden with weeds and neglect made it die. Less so for me since I found better “gardeners”, so to speak, to help me, but what about them? I suppose my being able to fathom how they’re coping with all this is something that will eventually take place. Right now I’m not sure I even want to know. This understanding is sad enough. I’m more grateful I’m not there.


Thank you for helping to bring so much sanity back into my life. I hope you keep on solving and solving. If you all haven’t given cooperative tabletop games a try, I highly recommend it. Playing them is pretty relieving and rewarding.

Thank you, Pen Friends!

For all of you out there talking to me on the phone, all of you writing me letters and emails, all of you who would *like* to do so or would *like* to continue to do so but got scared:

I told myself years ago to find you.

I told myself this ‘social networking’ crap was a waste of time.

I told myself I had to find the people who remembered how to correspond or wanted to return to it.

I told myself, “I know this is going to work.”

I began finding you and I told myself, “I knew this was going to work.”

And then?

It did!


Thank you, and bless you all!

All my love,




P.S. I miss you, Mere.

A Bewitching Pitfall: Tabitha (1977)

book of tabitha


[Originally written on Fartbook 3 JANUARY 2016]


As some are aware, it has been a long-standing plan to incorporate more of the series characters and back history of “Bewitched” into my audio-series The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows.


Believe it or not this series is currently rather affordable when considering it was on for the witchy number of nine-years. I could have relied on library borrowing but I’ve had enough of various show and movie information errors relying on lack of transportation, the internet and barely any moral support in previous years.


While I “twitch my nose” in the hopes this monolith of disks arrives faster, I’ve turned my attention to one curiousity: The spin-off “Tabitha”.


Admittedly we’ve all had more than a few irritations with discontinuity in our favourite shows. “The Golden Girls” had Rose as a cat lover and then years later allergic to cats, the video release of “Clue: The Movie” showed our favourite butler as labelled both cruel and killed-off in the words of “This is what really happened.” (But let’s count our blessings, there was a worse, fourth ending we didn’t see!), “Dark Shadows” allows mix-ups with names, years of births & deaths, ages and backdrops for locations and home titles all over the place. The only program I’ve seen with only one, maybe two, continuity flaws tops is “As Time Goes By” and likely because the scripts were written by one person; Bob Larbey.


For “Bewitched” it’s trickier. But I’ll learn more about that as I hopefully scrub my home from top to bottom while watching it. Meanwhile we have “Tabitha”, the spin-off based on Samantha and Darrin’s… first-born… except in this spin-off program she’s… the second born? Wait… there’s more…


Discontinuities with Bewitched


The series takes place in the “present day” (late 1970s) yet does not reconcile how Tabitha and Adam could be in their early-to-mid 20’s when they had been young children at the time Bewitched ended only five years earlier. Tabitha was born in 1966 and should have been 11 years old in 1977, a fact that would not have worked with the major theme of the show about a young woman out to make it on her own. In that respect “Tabitha” was more similar to the The Mary Tyler Moore Show. As a pre-teen, Erin Murphy, who had played Tabitha on Bewitched, was far too young to play an adult Tabitha.


Another discrepancy is why Adam is now the older sibling, nor why Adam was now mortal rather than a warlock. In the final episode of Tabitha, Samantha and Darrin’s 25th wedding anniversary is being celebrated, even though their marriage in the 1964 premiere episode of Bewitched had been only 14 years earlier.


[I’m grabbing some of this from wikipedia, of course, however, my husband and I choked with the fun of what happened to our beloved actress.]


Elizabeth Montgomery, who starred as Samantha Stephens on Bewitched, was asked to reprise her role on Tabitha which she declined. She later said of the series:

“First of all, I didn’t see the show, but I heard that she [Lisa Hartman] didn’t twitch as well as I did. I kept getting mail from people were who outraged, saying, ‘Where is Erin Murphy? What in the world (is going on)?! This woman is 25…this doesn’t make any sense.’ I was getting mail from people like it was my fault, although also saying, ‘Thank God you didn’t have anything to do with this.'[…] They felt betrayed. I thought, ‘How can you be betrayed by a TV show?’ But they were irate. I got almost as much mail about that as I get about anything else. It was very funny…ranged from kids who hated it to grownups who said, ‘This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.'[…]”


(((LOL))) Well, folks, I guess the fans were just exasperated and didn’t know who else to turn to.


Still, I hope this has made you laugh as much as we did tonight. I am currently grateful for this ludicrous spin-off. The troubled relationship to what it’s based on provided us with the kind of laughter in this new year that is downright therapeutic.


Pardon the interruption

Just wanted to wave out to my good fellows that I’m okay. I just had to post that last bit about the non-canon romance and get it out of my system as it was building up like a total pustule. To me the definition was obvious, to a lot of people it was obvious, but it felt like no one was saying it.


I have this massive stack of letters and other obligations over here, so just to let you know, I’m fine. Irritable at all the nonsense of previous years (that still festers in the sidelines) but fine. Hopefully I’ll get to a far more fun entry in the future.

Take care.