Spoilercast-Update (August 2019)

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Gratitude to pen friends all over. Explanation of how the closet-listeners came into being and how they behave. Hence, I avoid them in return.  (Ah, the fascinating absurdity.)

Mentions of more tech communities who prefer humane methods. Then onward to further spoilers for Pit Episode 21 (twenty-one)!

A little explanation of our friend, Seamus, mentioned in previous podcasts, as well as his own reaction, likely very familiar to closet-listeners, to The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. (One of my hypotheses was correct!)

Going through a list of highlights that would help to alleviate the communication problems with listeners of this series. Believe it or not, though I prefer you believe this: As much as there are some people who request and want “critiquing”? There are also some of us that don’t! (Yes, what a shock…) Then a description of how we all became monsters with this idea of criticizing ‘everything’. (Myself included.)

Concern over the younger generation and my little offerings of helping a tiny corner of that.


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Pit Notes (DS Episodes 640 -700)

Yes, I am still working on the radio play here. My notes may make very little sense to most subscribers I have, but I’m using this entry to provide what notes I’ve taken and where we’re heading. I intend to augment this entry several times over the years on this site. (This is the internet: It’s all storage space.)


I just need a baseline of linear adherence to follow as we go along and relieve the problems occurring in the original Dark Shadows storylines… Please bear this in mind if you read these notes…

I spent most of the evening typing up this stuff from printed Dark Shadows books and booklets. I’ve added a precious *few* thoughts as to what will be altered in the future for a relief-series. Again, I aim to go through it all and change around my plans and I have cut what The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows has already “cured” or doesn’t “need” as we “relieve” the metaphysical dumping ground that is Collinsport.

“My Scrapbook Memories…” summaries are re-typed in bold.
My DVD summary entries are re-typed in italics.


{Page 132 in “My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows”}:

Chris Jennings comes to Collinsport and a series of terrible deaths follow.


His sister Amy, who had been a patient at Wyndcliff, is accepted into the Collins house. She and David go exploring throughout Collinwood and find an old-fashioned telephone. It’s disconnected but an entity on the other end, Quentin, directs the children to a mysterious sealed-up room in the closed-off West Wing. The chapter contains Victorian furniture, a gramophone and a skeleton. Quentin and a female spirit, Beth, appear. Both ghosts exert their influences: Quentin for evil; Beth, ineffectually for good. Quentin’s orders to David, which include poisoning Chris Jennings, become increasingly evil…

640: Amy and David conduct a séance to contact the spirit of Quentin Collins.

642: Séance conducted in which the spirit of Magda pipes up.

643: Amy tells David that Quentin is angry. Spirits visit them as they enter the west wing.

644: Roger discovers David and Amy are missing. David hears Quentin’s music.

645: David and Amy find what they believe to be the skeleton of Quentin.

646: The ghosts of Quentin and Beth Chavez silently appear to David and Amy.

647: Professor Stokes brings Janet Findley, a medium, to find the spirit possessing Collinwood.

648: David and Amy lock Madame Findley in the secret passageway at Collinwood.

649: Madame Findley hears the old disconnected telephone ring.

651: Following a visit… Chris transforms into a werewolf.

652/653: Maggie is… new governess. Someone is attacked by werewolf.

654: Chris turns into the werewolf again.

656: Barnabas decides that David and Amy should go on a trip to Boston with him and Maggie. [Barnabas and Maggie on a trip? Ooo-la-la!]

668: Carolyn convinces Chris Jennings to move into Matthew Morgan’s old cottage.

669: David locks Mrs. Johnson inside the cottage. [Little twerp.]

670: Maggie goes to the cottage as Chris is undergoing a transformation.

672: While walking through the woods, Carolyn is attacked by the werewolf.

673: Barnabas informs Chris about the attack on Carolyn. Amy burns Chris’ blood-stained shirt.

674: Carolyn’s friend Donna visits and is attacked by the werewolf.

675: The sheriff takes Chris into custody and Barnabas attempts to prove his alibi.



[page 133] …the strange manlike creature which has been making those savage attacks and the increasingly unusual behaviour of the children.

After a direct encounter with the werewolf, [Barnabas’] suspicions fall on Chris Jennings. Convinced that this man is actually the “wolf that walks like a man”, and positive, from his oblique conversations with Jennings, that the man is suffering from an involuntary affliction, he enlists Julia’s aid. [In our case, it’s a group effort and we enlist “everyone’s” aid.] But Julia’s research proves inconclusive. [In The Pit, we have a zillion other fandoms to help out. Aid will arrive, come hell or hilarity.]



676: Chris tells Barnabas of the night when he first changed into a werewolf.

677: The spirits of Quentin Collins poisons Chris. Julia and Barnabas find him unconscious.

678: Beth Chavez’s ghost warns Amy that Quentin is trying to poison Chris.

679: When David sneaks into the west wing at Collinwood, Maggie secretly follows him.

680: After Maggie punishes David he threatens to get even. In the west wing Maggie sees Quentin.

681: Maggie tells of her encounter in the West Wing and returns there with…

682: Barnabas calls on Professor Stokes who proposes a séance to contact the spirit of… [originally Janet Findley.]

683: The ghost of Beth appears to Chris and shows him a place in the woods where a child’s coffin is located.

684: Barnabas contacts elderly jeweler Ezra Braithwaite to learn about the pentagram found in the child’s coffin.

685: Quentin’s ghost appears to to Ezra, who realizes he is the same Quentin he knew at Collinwood as a young man.

686: Roger returns… and learns that Barnabas has accused David of stealing Ezra’s record book.

687: When Chris begins to feel his is changed, Barnabas rushes him to the mausoleum secret room.

688: Ned Stuart tells Barnabas about his sister Sabrina [oh, finally!] who was once going to marry Chris.

689: Quentin appears to David and causes him to feel as if he were on fire.

690: While Maggie searches for David and Amy, she hears Quentin’s maniacal laughter. [Likely canned.]

691: Quentin attacks Maggie. His vintage music is heard by Elizabeth and Mrs. Johnson.



At Collinwood, the spirit of Quentin has become very strong. He is able to murder a medium [not in our plans here, she’ll manage easily] whom Professor Stokes brought in and survives Stokes’ own exorcism of the house. David is now almost completely under Quentin’s spell. Beth has been able to protect Amy somewhat, but the evil influence has become so powerful that everyone is forced to leave and move in with Barnabas at the Old House.


692: [Elizabeth and Julia] are convinced that the children are possessed by a pair of ghosts.

693: Professor Stokes performs an exorcism on Collinwood, but Quentin sets the room on fire.

694: Everyone abandons Collinwood and Quentin’s laughter is heard echoing through the empty mansion.

695: David and Amy sneak into Collinwood and destroy the antique telephone used to communicate with Quentin.

696: After searching for Maggie, Barnabas finds he dressed in a 19th century gown, unable to remember her name. {The gown is the colours of Josette’s bedroom, light-blue, white trim, green sash (green like the drapes.)}

697: When Sabrina sees Barnabas’ wolf’s head cane, she begins to remember what happened two years earlier.

698: In the secret room of the mausoleum, Chris turns into a werewolf even though there is no full moon.

699: A connection between Chris and Quentin is decided upon. Barnabas and Maggie search the west wing.

700 [current goal]: Barnabas insists on using the I Ching wands to make contact with Quentin and to save David. (What about saving Chris? G’ah!) [Maybe everyone else insists on singing him to 1897 with The Time Warp song.]



Exploring Collinwood for clues, Barnabas and Stokes come across the blocked-off room. There they find a set of I Ching wands [or perhaps “The Time Warp” song lyrics] which, as Stokes explains,”Are the oldest known form of divination.” Barnabas asks if it would be possible to use these wands to contact Quentin. Stokes agrees to guide him in his attempt.

Barnabas uses the wands as a focus to enter a hypnotic trance. Instead of contacting Quentin, he finds himself trapped in his coffin, a vampire once more, and transported to 1897, a time at which Quentin is very much alive.



[A much later goal 959, Chris and Sabrina resume their romance.]


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