Working On Episode 16 (& other fun news)

Good Evening Collinsport, Schooner Bay, Mockingbird Heights, Cemetery Lane, Crabapple Cove, The Neitherworld, and our guests at Hill House.

I figured I hadn’t updated in a while and I know there are some out there that dig this web-log, and likely others who read it and lose much calcium and many fillings from their teeth. Well it’s a complicated world and this technology sure made it harder to pick and choose hasn’t it? 😉 I feel bad for all y’all who don’t have ad blockers. I used a machine that didn’t have any and good Lord! What a nightmare of obnoxious interruptions!

I have been working all week and all night on “Episode 16: A Death In The Family.” BOY! I worked so hard I forgot I’d seen the dawn and my husband rising to greet it. When I finally went to bed? I woke up around noon and I truly believed it was Saturday. I think that means I probably did a week’s worth of work in one night!

I remember Osheen was bothered by Caleb Collins ghostly laughter. At this point? I’m getting sick of his voice! There is a short scene with him, and then there is a long one with Maggie Evans that’s about twelve minutes in length. You can bet yourself a plug-nickel I threw in much, much music to deal with that. Then I think the music got too loud so I had to edit that over and over again throughout the test-listens. But still, some of the Maggie and Caleb banter is fun enough that it doesn’t get too strenuous. They have lot to talk about. It’s like, “Oh hey, you’re a ghost sometimes too, girl. I get to look at you and see some of my afterlife memories haunting me, Kitty Soames! Clever girl.” He doesn’t actually tell her that but, you know, that’s the gist of it.

Another thing that’s kept me busy is we finally went on a vacation last week. Then we discovered we had not taken a vacation in seven years. Ahhhhhhhh!!! Still, I’d had Anhedonia for so long and vacations couldn’t be much enjoyed back then. It’s truly nice that creating The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows helped to yank me out of The Pit of Ultimate Numbness From Any Emotional Thrill. Then? Margaret Josette Dupres happened and even more got healed! Still, I had that insomnia for ten months. I think it was probably getting through enough chapters of MJD and people responding to it that fixed the insomnia. I am so grateful to many of you for helping discuss it with me. That’s what finally got me back to sleeping again. (Technically I would pass out for an hour or two here or there but it was just not enough during those ten months.) And there is lots more to come, so no worries. I’m still struggling with Sarah’s toddler years and also making more Pit.

So hopefully some of you have written me letters or cards and I’m dying for some mail but I haven’t been able to go and check for goodies. I still have my goal of all the stationery I’ve been hoarding for decades getting used up. I’m not even close! And I’m sending people stationery if they need it, too. On the rare chance I get a response to a printed version of the discussion questions for The Pit, I love that so much. That’s one of the things that proves to me I am not an effing narcissist. Why on Earth would I be dying for fun responses and people’s insight if it was all about worshiping me?

Emails are great too. I want paper letters in between emails but there have been so many emails and I’m so emailed out. It’s no wonder I managed to send eight postcards, two cards, and one letter on our four day trip! I noticed another pen pal site called “Long-Letter Pen Pals”. No kidding, man! We gotta make it obvious we don’t just want junk or meme-mail. It’s super-gross to see the meme and share-file mentality hitting the pen pal universe. Ugh!

One beautiful part of my week has been voice-call with a friend and she overheard the Barnabas chat with Beetlejuice. Audibly hearing her laughter was so marvelous I just let the track keep playing. And it is an amazing scene. I wasn’t sure how they would interact but it works! It’s them! Talking to each other! Almost teasing each other! I even keep turning it back to hear BJ snap, “Cut the questions, Fang-Boy!” So even if my Alan Alda sucks? At least my Michael Keaton is good. 🙂

I also finally made the cover image for Episode 16. Am I going to post it here? Nah. I won’t get any reaction from anyone. I’ll just get stats. Dull-city. (Maybe I’ll get some juicy like-clicks sharing it on Facebook. P’shhh, why bother? Hee hee hee!) So I shared the image with Melissa and got some actual talk and fun discussion. Then? She kept me company while I did the dishes. They got backed up working on this episode, I tell ya!

But what better joy in the world might be had? Being able to turn to one’s spouse and say, “Sweetie? I need a kiss for Doctor Hoffman and Professor Stokes.” and the spouse is wonderfully obliging. I wanted something more beefy, but hey, it’s their first so we can get beefier kisses later. ❤ I noticed I upped the bass on Professor Stokes voice for that scene. I think I was shooting for sexy with that, but then I noticed the love-song I put in seemed too loud. Hmm, it might be because my equalizer was set to “Dance” and not “Acoustic”. Gotta watch out for that.

I truly adore how Willie Loomis is coming out. Remember in my second intro I said it felt like “lost potential” with him. Now I’m seeing so much of that lost potential to be found in such a short time! In The Pit he’s never known Cassandra, but our trusty butler has updated him on Angelique. A Willie Loomis who is bonding with the ghost of a little girl? A Willie Loomis who is reminded of a more innocent time in his life around Wadsworth? He’s not going to take kindly at all to Angelique. And why? Because he sees the chain of dominoes that affected Barnabas, just as he’s had his own chain of dominoes that made him nasty, too. Now granted, Barnabas being harsh with him changed him on Dark Shadows, Willie Loomis became more empathetic, but so as life is littered with horrible things and bad people? We do not go out of our way to court the horrible things and bad people, at least not intentionally. (Well, okay, a few people do!) So Willie is making it clear Angelique is someone he wants out of the vicinity. (Being protective of Sarah also blends in with his godfather role to her in Margaret Josette Dupres.)

That leads me to a game we played last night. At a thrift store I found a fancy briefcase set for backgammon. We finally used it and didn’t have the greatest fun but the point was to give it a shot. And it makes me revel in the fun of Wadsworth’s chapter in Margaret Josette Dupres where he and Willie create this habit of going to play that game while Barnabas and Maggie are too vocally expressive in their love-nest. I like to think that their backgammon set looks like this one we got. Four dollars, too!


That’s the wonderful part of having a fascination with old things and old games. My “adopted kids” can have a ball with that and it fits in perfectly. I’ve seen so many pissed-off fans of Dark Shadows grousing endlessly about Barnabas not loving Julia. What was I pissed about? They didn’t play cribbage, dammit! So? I fixed it that they did. Hee hee hee. Plus I remember reading that scene to my Mum. Anyone go and re-listen to Episode 6 of The Pit? That time at The Old House is seriously wacky! I’d forgotten how much I was able to stuff into that scene!

Wanna know something else crazy about us and cribbage? We didn’t learn it from someone older. We learned it from my cousin who is over ten years my junior. She learned it from her great-aunt, but still. It was a groovy way to discover it. So by the time we watched Dark Shadows and Barnabas jestingly suggests playing cribbage with Doctor Hoffman? You can bet I was angry that they didn’t play after all. Hence all the DS fix-its in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows aren’t necessarily massive. Life is a banquet of things that come in all sizes, shapes, colours and variety. That’s why I write these entries like letters to you. Take it from Robert Fulghum. (I’ve never written to him as he may not write back. But I will.)

With old books and old times, I finally finished Chapter 22 of Stand Fast And Damn The Devil by Osheen Nevoy. One part felt like a hilarious moment in an M.R. James book and I still am laughing at this dude who shows up for Bill’s jury selection:

One voluble old gentleman could scarcely wait to answer Hanley’s question gauging potential jurors’ views on witches. When it was finally his turn the old fellow hopped to his feet and started summarizing all the acts of witchcraft his neighbors had worked against him for the past 40 years. Bradford barely managed to squeeze a word in edgeways to request that this candidate be dismissed.

That is so hilarious and very likely, too! It’s like, “Oh good! Here’s my chance to rat on my neighbours and get ’em in trouble!” (The other guy that Rev. Trask dismissed was kinda hilarious too.)

I’m not sure why but it takes me back to the ßber-dry M.R. James story “Martin’s Close” in which there is a hearing when one of the witnesses starts rambling more details than is necessary:

…Thomas Snell was next called, who gave evidence to the same effect as Mrs Arscott, and added the following:

Att. Did anything pass between you and the prisoner during the time Mrs Arscott was out of the room?

Th. I had a piece of twist in my pocket.

Att. Twist of what?

Th. Twist of tobacco, sir, and I felt a disposition to take a pipe of tobacco. So I found a pipe on the chimney-piece, and being it was twist, and in regard of me having by an oversight left my knife at my house, and me not having over many teeth to pluck at it, as your lordship or anyone else may have a view by their own eyesight—

L.C.J. What is the man talking about? Come to the matter, fellow! Do you think we sit here to look at your teeth?

Th. No, my lord, nor I would not you should do, God forbid! I know your honours have better employment, and better teeth, I would not wonder.

L.C.J. Good God, what a man is this! Yes, I have better teeth, and that you shall find if you keep not to the purpose.

Yes, one might think with this gem in the collection of M.R. James that his stories are fun and funny? Don’t be fooled! They are dry and spooky and I’d like a kid’s version. (((lol))) Whereas Osheen’s novel, though tragic, is pickled with Bill Malloy’s down to Earth observations and comic relief aplenty.


Speaking of old books there was a delightful re-print we bought on the trip in one of the historical museum gift-shops:


Kate Greenaway “The Language of Flowers”. I believe it is one I was working with for Josette’s blossom fetish, but it’s nice to have a physical copy. Definitely fits in with the meanings in Chapter 41 of Margaret Josette Dupres. (Which meant I had to go and check and read it and get all hot’n’bothered by the couple again.)


Ohhh, what else? Well, the test-listen is still running. I need more from the grass-roots before Episode 16 is released. The grass-roots team aren’t through half of the scenes yet. (And I’m always up for more in the grass-roots team. They find one scene at a time fits in with their schedules easier.) So far? Episode 16 is over an hour! Ah! I’m hoping for shorter future episodes, and with Episode 17 we shall, hopefully, be “back on the road” as I keep expressing. I remember the old formula was X# of words versus X# of pages. With Episode 17 it’s mostly ideas and a list. I noticed The Pit expanded exponentially in 2013 with the listens to previous episodes and growing from that. (Plus Helena showed up and she was a Godsend. Still is!) That’s why I definitely enjoy the chat about this show. It gets me motivated and keeps me focused. Random distractions take up too much time.

Also all my whistle-blowing has not been in vain. More and more often I’m seeing articles about this new tech-addiction. True, we had old ones, but what’s changed in the last five to ten years is not healthy for us at all. We’ve tried to compensate and get stuck back into the addiction. I’ve set myself out as an example. I don’t think I fell off the wagon last night. Still, I’ll share this with Facebook, likely without fully logging on. That’s another scary thing about social networks. You can share things to them without pulling up the application or site fully. But it’s preferable to share it in places that people are stalk—I mean, “following” me.

Otherwise, if you’re hungry for the next episode? You can always run through the previous one and let me know what all you enjoyed. That should keep you entertained, right? 😉

Episode 15, One Scene A Day Now Becomes 2-3 Characters A Day…


WADSWORTH: Sir? I’ve made an effort to clean your staring window if you’d like to make use of it.

Thanks Wadsworth. I think the clarity is coming from your astute considerations. As aforesaid, in my 14th intro, I’m now doing many of the voices for this radio play separately. Today I listened intently to Jonathan Frid’s performance of Barnabas Collins. I found various inflections I might have missed. He did go through some trouble to bring those H’s in where A’s were applicable to the standard American speech and I also made a concerted effort not to lower my own voice. Jonathan Frid’s voice deserves higher tones of inflection and if it doesn’t sound male enough I can lower the pitch on sentences or various words. I felt good about that.

For Episode 15: A Blundering Succubus, Barnabas Collins had to swat away The Collinsport Fly (another breaking through the 4th wall which I haven’t done for a while), speak with his beloved Josette through Maggie Evans in Josette’s room, try to determine who Kitty Soames is or was, look with her out the window at Willie and Sarah interacting, take Maggie with him to Elizabeth’s family gathering at the Main House to discover she was going on an extended vacation and then meet with…


Cousin Lily

Ah, her casual assertions about vampires certainly gave him the willies!

One of the reasons he even goes into that study where Maggie and Lily are having a chat is because of the coffee they are drinking. Elizabeth tempts him:

ELIZABETH: Cousin Barnabas…(pointedly) it’s Borgia.


ELIZABETH: The coffee blend… it’s Borgia…

BARNABAS: (snorts) I see! You really wanted to get me in there, didn’t you?


And? I have tried SO desperately to find out whether or not this might be accurate, either for Barnabas Collins OR Jonathan Frid. I remember there was a Q & A KLS was holding on a website years ago. I tried to ask, “What coffee was his favourite?” De nada! 😛

After that I called our Auntie. I think I’ll save that conversation for another blog post but it was good. She pretty much agreed with me about the laziness and troubles I’d been having. More complex than that, but worth a blog entry I think.

Hecubus can you hear me

I am now going through Sir Simon Milligan and Manservant Hecubus’ lines which I re-performed a few days ago. They seemed fine on the demo but I just felt like I should try it again. If anyone has updated themselves with these guys via youtube you might have noticed I posted appreciation to the lady who made it easier for me. (I believe in saying “thank you”. I do not simply like-click shit. lol!) Currently I’m going through those new lines and seeing which ones make the cut. I am leaving a little extra in via stuff I can’t decide on. So far Hecubus’ old lines are remaining here and there. Mostly it will be the new stuff that stays.

Also was on Skype with Cara Mia over the holiday weekend. I read her the new (actually old) scene with Morticia, Victoria and Grandmama Addams. This was excellent because I have a hard time with the Addams Family and need the help. I want to make sure all the characters are accurate. When I got to a line via Grandmama or Morticia I’d ask, “Does that sound like her or them?”

“Oh, yes! It does!” she would answer. *happy sigh*

Then I reached the end of the scene and said, “That’s it.”

“Oh!” she said, “Okay… hey, wow! That scene was really, incredibly good!”

Morticia and Victoria

Bless you, Cara Mia. Bless you. ❤

Words to a fellow DS creator… the extent of creativity…

Revealed is a wonderful expression of all that we’ve been going through in this odd world… a missive to another hard working entertainer:

I’m intrigued….My being in the realm of humour… well… the stand-ups get on stage for the reaction. Gettin’ numbers and like-clicks is the equivalent of having a grandparent pat you on the head for a crayon drawing or the equivalent of… ONE CLAP!

Especially droppin’ off links to major works in audio, one of which took over a month! “Oooo, a like-click. I feel SO ACCOMPLISHED!


All that crying and screaming I performed really touched ya, eh?”

With Archive of Our Own, yeah. It could be better but the people running it certainly don’t care much to take advice from the users even if they have, I dunno, donated money to the bloody site? 😛 I notice that another beloved writer looks like she gave up on it.

bills hearts

Hint, hint…

Most of my comments for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows at A03 was my husband at work trying to get the conversation going since people forgot how to fricken type responses ten years ago when they went from computers to device tech. *raspberry*

And what’s irritating is with Archive of Our Own you can copy and paste favourite lines to your comments, whereas on fanfiction dot net you can’t. Someone commenting would have to type out bits. Then one dame I asked for help had the gall to review my writing style techniques. It’s like, “Lady, I asked you to tell me what’s FUNNY! You know? Like, Ha ha! This made me laugh?”

Whoops! For whatever reason we like our entertainment vested in human resources while showing we have almost no humanity left in us.

As if so happens, I weird others out by just wanting my people and the discussion while I get downloads for the radio drama episodes and podcasts every single day. And I only have 13 episodes with extras. On top of that I had that damn book editor, Madam Angelique troll, having 7 months of a cow because she couldn’t control my work or me, nor make money off of it, then that film-director trying to order me around.

What kind of a film-director, who is outdoors for his own work, is so agoraphobic to insist I not make tactile advertising??? Just stay online only? Meanwhile people are laughing their asses off at my work and telling me, “You have to do it for you.” or “Sounds like you’re having fun!” Yeah, um, you’re welcome?

money money moneybrit cash


Three years and four thousand dollars later… ?


Take your negativity and shove it!

Not to mention the Julia/Barnabas absolutists are RIDICULOUS. I was looking for people who wanted the pairing I uncorked for Barnabas because, from what I could see,

maggie pinstripe

Maggie is…

kitty hampshire

and, ugh, Kitty too, *rolls eyes*


a reincarnation of Josette

She and Barnabas wanted each other like crazy. If someone doesn’t like or approve of that? The rest of the people I found who do like it couldn’t care less if others don’t.

But the Julia fanatics? THEY are the ones shoving that idea down everyone else’s throat. I can not tell you how many people have approached me and confessed that they have been harassed by Julia fans, to this day, trying to convert them or win them over. Seriously, what does that say about these women?


(A visual aid in answer to that last question.)

To me; it’s just so weird. Quite a few people want “Margaret Josette Dupres”. They’d been waiting decades for it… but… it’s… erotica. They praise it but don’t always give much in the way of book-club insight. Whereas the radio drama goes EVERYWHERE with all of those fandoms and I’ve had to yank out the discussion from people about it. Still, for the most part, fans of the pairing are continuously discussing the angst they’ve been under for how they’ve been mistreated, when to me (AND a number of Addams Family lovers) the pairing was just plain obvious. That’s why I lash out in inebriation and isolation. I’m like,


“Oh… stealing my laughs from me by scaring all these people?”

“I got some Groucho Marx for ya, right here!” lol

Julia sympathizers are chill, usually. They like the Prof. Stokes idea. I was asking one of them which line I should edit for episode 14 (still in production) because I noticed one of the things I did in his lines sounded sexy, and another version was more a statement, “You seem rather fulfilled, Julia.” Of course one Julia sympathizer said, “Yes! Use the sexy one for Stokes!” And so far it’s been the people who are in theater who have a better understanding of all of this. Whereas many DS fans write fanfiction, LOVE Julia, and invalidate everything else. Hmm… here is this iTunes link for my work.

iTunes link for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows

Do y’all know what audio is??? Whoops! That would be admitting it isn’t text. They already invalidate who Barnabas reciprocates, might as well call audio work simply text to top all that off. In my intro to Episode 13 I finally asked everyone,

oscar the grouch

“Why do you all want this Barnabas guy if you think he’s a piece of garbage?” lol

Whereas Victoria, Maggie and Josette fans do love Barnabas a lot; flaws and all. It would be nice to stretch my audio work and reach more Hoffman/Stokes, Willie/Nurse Jackson, or even more Tony/Carolyn, but boy! This Barnabas issue seriously stalls my radio drama! What a mess!

And I’m sure I’ve made LOTS of Julia or Angelique fans grind their teeth when they find out this whole thing healed 8 years of frigidity and my marriage.

No, I actually do NOT beat off to this work. 🙂  In all my woes, I have a happy marriage with a partner. Betch’ya NONE of those people wrote stories that helped them like that. (But… one never knows…) And…? I never INTENDED to do the damn thing! lol


That’s what tapping into Barnabas/Josette can do.


No wonder the Gomez/Morticia types get-it.

I know about one needing a thesaurus. When I channel Barnabas? Damn, that old man is PICKY! Pushes me to get every fricken word as he would say it. But repetitive word usage reminds one of The Book of Mormon.

check it joe

They could make, “And it came to pass” into a drinking game.

I’m glad to hear of others working in other fandoms. I notice people who do DS work but also work in other fandoms are better grounded to the characters. Really ticks off the old DS rules. “You’re just supposed to tack on the names of the characters and do whatever you want.”

star trek old

P’shh! Try doing that in Star Trek


or Twin Peaks…

Ya ain’t gonna get very far! And other writers know what I mean. They have to deal with, “Huh? You’re not supposed to use historical accuracy, get the characters right, or do any happy endings in Dark Shadows.”

Oh, yeah? Watch us! 🙂

Oh, good LORD! If you’ve heard GOOD things about my audio work, PLEASE let me know what you can! People barely tell me jack-shit! It’s like I need a fricken agent or something! lol (And I do have plans for about 170 eps, maybe. I just want the feedback for fuel to get it all done and over with.) I must have about 500-1,000 listeners
by now.

lookin’ for the lonely,


Listening to demo of Episode 14: Reunion At The Old House

Hee hee hee! Very funny, Sir Simon Milligan. It’s incredible how much growth that comes from him and Manservant Hecubus. I went into this re-hashing original work from The Pit of Ultimate Darkness on The Kids In The Hall, and eventually found that the more I worked with Milligan and Hecubus the more could come out as wacky hosts to this radio drama. The essence was on goofy darkness and dying for a date. Kevin MacDonald wasn’t a big favourite of mine back in the day but he sure is now. I can empathize with him as well. There was a stand-up moment of him introducing himself in a later episode and him saying words to the effect of, “I’m that other guy no one pays attention to.” Pretty much. Plus he spoke in an interview about how people off-set would call out, “Oh, hey! Cool. The Hecubus guy.” And he’d inwardly growl, “I’m not Hecubus! I’m Sir Simon Milligan!”

evilYep! That’s pretty evil!

It also makes me want to go on some kind of radio station tour so I could meet Kevin MacDonald. I’d like to know more about where he’s at and where he was at breaking into comedy. Plus his closer duo-ship with Dave Foley reminds me of what Terry Jones and Michael Palin had before getting together with the rest of Monty Python. Lots of interesting connections in growth with both groups.

So, it definitely looks like Milligan and Hecubus will have to be re-performed. I remember most of Episode 14 had this quiet magic of smoothing things over and everyone being able relax, minus Willie until the end of it. It’s almost like today. The excitement of Halloween came to its crescendo and November opens up to a day of rest or exhaustion. I know I have another performance of Willie’s conflict with Barnabas recorded, but even that I’m sure I’ll have to perform again. Not my favourite. The scene is to make sure the avenues the characters are working in are convincing. Plus it really ticked me off about Willie Loomis getting so many gun shot wounds that weren’t addressed in Dark Shadows later on. It’s the perfect road for a confrontation toward Barnabas, as much as it’s not the part of this episode I enjoy. I know in my listening to it over the last year, it was often a scene I would skip.


Then there’s Barnabas. That is something that has to be re-performed!

The demos of old have Barnabas sounding more like he did in “Episode One: Parapsychology”. I know I can do better than that now. That’s hard. The Maggie lines are much better. Dr. Hoffman’s lines might be fine. Professor Stokes has to be re-done. I got much closer to his voice in Episode 13, so 14 should be done the same. There is a lot of falling on the floor I have to perform… aaaaand…

elongated shot

Here is something I’m looking forward to performing!

My spouse, when I request this, is usually a little embarrassed knowing our kisses are being heard by Heaven knows who, but still he’s more likely to say, “Oh, my!” when I tell him I want to record more of this with him for all of these people.

Sam Evans also needs some touching up, as well as some of the dialogue too. Roger and Elizabeth need some lines re-done. I remember I had a negative that needed to be a positive or vice-versa in something Roger says when they open the mail together. OH! I love that opening-the-mail scene! Hopefully after a whole year of laughing about Elizabeth’s disdain toward her photograph will allow me to perform that one again without bloopers!

Roger Collins and Elizabeth Stoddard

I also finally got a phone call from the fellow who got my CDs. He left a message and kept saying, “More, more, more!” Now, again, like with Margaret Josette Dupres, that’s a good thing to hear. He also enjoyed the singing for “Sweet Transvestite” in Episode 4. AT LAST! Just to finally hear about this stuff from someone reaching out. One of the most incredible things I encountered was weeks ago at a church gathering. I mentioned the coffee scene in episode 2 out of context and the two women I told it to immediately hooted with laughter. Just to SEE THAT! I’d written it years ago and finally to see visual reactions and hear the laughter. It was so wonderful, like one of the many weights plaguing me was being lifted. How many others have reacted like that? There’s no way for me to really know.

Looks like there are a lot of sound effects I’m going to have to record for Episode 14 as well. A few I have. And then that wonderful song for Willie at the end. And Wadsworth’s wonderful expression of so much that’s wrong in all of their lives and how it could work if they managed to change things.

What I’m hoping for in the future is to have a smaller audience that’s simply more vocal as is the case in Margaret Josette Dupres. More attention given to the work and discussing it with me than just me in general. Tracking down the right people has been extremely tough for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. There seems to be a number of people who love the show I create but hate me. I’d rather talk to a small group of people who can tell me what they like about it, but it’s terrible that these negative people are the more vocal ones. It doesn’t make the work go any faster. If it’s time that’s another question. If the people have time to be so invalidating or maligning me, do the positive types who appreciate the work not have the time? In some cases it does seem to be, but at least one fellow has my number now. I eagerly await his phone call.

… And so he has called. Over three hours and he was worried he was taking up my time! Hardly! I need some balance after all of this stress. And wow, amazing guy! Does a lot of helpful things for others and tries to stay involved. Was very accepting of what I was explaining in all of the harsher treatment I’ve been getting. Has also done acting and directing which gives one introspection in to fill another’s shoes.  He made me laugh referring to Twin Peaks in my 3rd Episode! “Some people wouldn’t make that connection but I got it immediately. Of course! Running away from Collinwood and now they’re all worried about getting caught up in a murder investigation.”

LOL! Ohhh, so nice to hear, plus there is so much that I get caught off guard even though I’ve been listening to this stuff for years and put it all together.


Final Scene in Episode 13… Picking out lines…

Yet again I got the misguided response from someone, “It sounds like you’re having fun.”

The wonderful part of this comment was the word “sounds”. Yes, the person who typed this is aware this is audio. Hallelujah! I sometimes think a number of fellow creators are intending to drive me insane by only referring to readership. Hmm! Yeah! Sure… I only have readers. Yep. That iTunes link over there… it doesn’t exist. Let’s just completely invalidate it. This is worse than someone assuming this is fun. It could be fun! That was the original purpose, after all. But upon recognizing there are hundreds of complete strangers listening in that might be friends who could discuss The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows with me and make it fun again, but choose not to, well, the fellow seemed to understand why I referred to this process as giving me the 3AM jitters. Oh, and he’s Addams Family. I let him know, “Um… Dark Shadows folks? Many are quite difficult to handle.”


Thank Heavens I’m a listener. In my original plan Victoria and Peter were on a road trip to escape the madness of Collinsport. Peter didn’t disappear into the past, and because he had the Jeff Clark persona the paperwork for their wedding is as Elizabeth states: “…so hazy.” They dabbled in a time travel accident leading them to Twin Peaks and staying at The Great Northern Lodge. Twin Peaks being in Washington State, Victoria was able to get a postcard to Elizabeth, and Roger made fun of the idea they were investigating The Space Needle in Seattle. I double checked to make sure The Space Needle was up in that time frame. I was pretty sure it was as I have an issue of National Geographic from the event of it’s inception. Fascinating stuff.

Next Victoria and Peter, somehow back in the late 1960s, arrive at The Bates Motel, roughly the same time period. Already they’ve hit two stops that they’d run away screaming from. The upshot was to keep encountering places that were just as bad as Collinsport. When they reach this new location, though, I saw The Addams Family were loving in a spooky way. Ah, yes. They can help and from what I’ve gathered from The Addams Family and its fans? I’ve got to hang on to them and find more ways they can remain in The Pit of…

As for today and days prior, the climactic scene for my 13th Episode is still without music or sound effects. Julia Hoffman was rough to pick which inflection was the best, Professor Stokes was the same. There are times the first one is best but when I perform the lines I’m not sure so I give it a few runs while recording so that I can pick later. 3 to 5 different choices, sometimes more.

Maggie Evans was very rough to figure out as it is a climactic scene and I’ve been trying to get her down better. Kathryn Leigh Scott’s performance of Maggie Evans, etc. has a pitch in her voice, opening the throat, and working through the nose to create something fuller in scope than most actresses. It’s a rich and unique sound.

Then working with Barnabas Collins, as per usual… change pitch… amplify, change speed, amplify, change pitch again, oops too deep, undo change pitch, try changing the speed yet again. All right. Next sentence fragment? Phew…

Also trying to get the best of how Jonathan Frid would naturally say it as Barnabas… Would he pause before a word like in this line? Would he say it strait like this other choice I recorded? Would it be a combination?

Maggie Evans, now incorporating bits of Josette Dupres. How much more firmly would she state this now? Pick this one without a contraction? Or where it sounds less like a contraction… (Meanwhile she’s having physical contractions while giving birth in Margaret Josette Dupres… weirder and weirder…)


And the other invalidation I’ve had to deal with: doing a relief series, “Well, I don’t get that. Isn’t the point of storytelling conflict?”

Will the people listening to this talk to the people that aren’t and let them know there is a TON of conflict, please? Thank you. Not to mention I had to pick out which slap I performed to throw on Barnabas. Months ago Magical Irish Dolphin got a little excited about that. ^_^


After all this and him still boo-hooing? Of course she’s gonna slap him.

As Milligan explains in the following episode, “Not that we encourage such behaviour. This is a story after all…”

And as I’ve gone through this process I’ve watched the fanfiction pile online grow and expand to the point The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows in text might not be on the first page anymore. But what does it matter? Derivatives of it are, people looking for something different can still find it. Search engines for Barnabas/Josette, Barnabas/Kitty, Barnabas/Maggie are still tapped out every so often and then they discover this blog so they can find it. And like I often say, if anyone wants all of this produced faster get in touch with me and discuss the project. That’s the whole purpose of putting it online, to find the people who prefer it or want it, as well as all of the rest, and hopefully build a small community from it.

Oh dear, but what of that slap? Well, beyond Osheen’s Bill Malloy chapters, I’ve been doing this all far too long to take an interest in much else. I’m sure in the Dark Shadows pile there is plenty of domestic violence placed on Barnabas Collins from other characters since folks seem to both adore him and enjoy sending him pain. Fans can get-off on that.

When it comes to the obvious moaning and groaning over the woman he actually loves? She’s slapped him, chained him, poured ice on him and strangled him to relieve her own torture and kidnapping by him. On one hand he endures it. On the other hand: It is Josette Dupres… Who gets-off on that?

Barnabas Collins. ^_^

I’ve said it in Margaret Josette Dupres: Yep, that’s a happy man… finally.

laughing again

A Scene a Day, Ep. 13, Julia Hoffman, Maggie Evans, Professor Stokes, & Barnabas Collins


Ugh! Here we go… more hard to do lines of Barnabas Collins, which means there are, like, five attempts I had to perform and figuring out which of the ones to pick. Plus it is just that. Sometimes the microphone will pop at the wrong moment, a tick of saliva needs to be removed from the edge of words, or, as in many cases, if you’ve been a listener of mine, two or three separate performances per line are sometimes melded into one, which is a lot harder to do than one might suppose.

A sentence or a fragment of a sentence with another spliced together in sound, not text. Today I got to do this will all four of these characters’ lines to get it right. Maggie’s words are so emotional they had to be re-done again and again. Professor Stokes were the same as I’ve taken more pains with his somewhat gravelly accent. But he goes faster as altering his pitch is simpler than Barnabas. Barnabas seems to need variations in lowering of pitch to really get him right, and sometimes per word! Arg! Still, the picks Stokes has gotten today are far better than in the previous demos. Hurray for The Professor!


And so I’ve had to move audio clips from one file to another. In order to get Barnabas to sound better I now isolate my focus on Jonathan Frid’s performances and listen to his voice by itself. “One Man Show, Jonathan Frid? Hi! One Woman Show, Daryl Wor! Nice to meet you!” ^_^

I wasn’t much into Mr. Frid but I’ve been growing a palish attachment to that fellow. I am in this to help everyone in Collinsport, not just Mr. Big Cake. I think that’s why my pen pal told me after some time had passed, “To me you haven’t even been creating fanfiction, it’s like you’re re-writing the show. You’ve got everyone in there plus all these other people.” And it’s true.

I expressed to another helper, who’d given up on finding a fix-it style series, or even just the reincarnation aspects of Josette in a simpler story, that what I was doing was finding a cut-off point and then weaving a new series in that collects all the problems and sorts through everything. She noticed that right away. She’d been watching Dark Shadows for years, making visual creations and cringed a long time saying, “I wish there was some way to make this better… And then I see all your stuff and cry out, ‘We’re making it better! We’re making it better! It’s working!’

Now that was something I’d been longing to hear from someone!

In the Foreword of Anne Jamison’s book Fic:

“Writing and reading fanficiton isn’t just something you do; it’s a way of thinking critically about the media you consume, of being aware of all the implicit assumptions that a canonical work carries with it, and of considering the possibility that those assumptions might not be the only way things have to be.”


Now, mind you, this has only recently begun to change in the world of Dark Shadows. I’m not seeing any DS in the index for this book and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was not something anyone helping to create this book wanted to touch.

I combed enough years and got enough evidence from others, who had also collected stories before the internet, that publicly pairing Barnabas Collins with anyone other than an original character, Dr. Julia Hoffman or Angelique Bouchard would put you into some very hot water. Victoria Winters stories started to catch on, thankfully, and now we have some leakage of Maggie Evans and a non-forsaken, non-dead Josette Dupres. I also recently heard from someone who became very grateful for my work that she was looking for the reincarnation. Now she has the courage to create her own. Doesn’t help me in needed conversation over the radio drama department, but it’s nice!

Anne Jamison continues:

“It’s what David Foster Wallace was getting at in his famous speech, ‘This is Water’: ‘Learning to think… means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience. Because if you can not exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed.’ Fanfiction is about exercising this choice. It helps us not to get hosed.”

Well, I dunno about that yet. I got pretty extremely hosed for 19 months and now with the audio I feel even worse sometimes. My adopted children are doing better but I’m rather ruined for another three years since I can’t stop this madness no matter what I’ve tried. And that exercising of choice seems a little lacking to many who use social network sites. It’s like my ride to church says, “Oh, it’s all being thrown at them at once, it’s too much!” So true.

Who are my listeners anyway? Can’t tell very well with followers from blogs and like-clicks a’go-go. I couldn’t do all of what I’m doing without being so curious and gathering tons of evidence. People online sure have a funny way of giving me any evidence of what they enjoy in my audio work.


“Data, data, data. I cannot make bricks without clay.”

Some are just listening for whatever reason, anything Dark Shadows, anything spooky, anything this, anything that, but there are others who have been waiting up to forty years because they love the characters and craved a better world for them. Sadly them not getting much of it before, and the internet scooping our communication skills toward more robotic maneuvers of trying to do “too much”, making the conversation over this long awaited journey almost impossible.  And the skimming! I’m told a couple people have so much trouble concentrating they read the text while they listened to the radio show! No surprise! I had to do that to get through Isak Dinesen’s book “Out of Africa.”

I think this scene in Episode 13 is going to take more than a day. Barnabas is getting odd ideas, Julia is rushing with Eliot to find Maggie, and with all of the reincarnation swarming around I still have to pick which audio of this wonderful line sounds best when Julia almost runs over a squirrel and says, “Don’t worry. I missed him. He’s likely a Collins, too! Knowing this GD TOWN!


There are still lines to splice in from Barnabas. Professor Stokes seems to be less at ease than usual, but it is a dramatic scene for him He’s getting more information about everyone than he likely ever got on Dark Shadows in one fell swoop! LOL! And, of course, what he sees, he likes. This Doctor lady is really with it. Plus she seems to have a thing for this Collins guy who doesn’t have a thing for her. Hmm! I wonder if she’d be interested in someone like me?

That is likely one of the troubles with The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, there is so much going on, like in Dark Shadows, but it is rather compressed. Well, I’ll try to make things easier when I get to episode 17. I see what word count and time estimate would work better.

Until then, I’ll be editing this stuff, looking for pen pals and people who like to chat, and praying for more money and friendship along the way.


One Scene A Day: Ep. # 13, Lily, Tom, Elizabeth and Caleb Collins

More CalebAunt Elizabeth

I had a wee bit of fun today with this one. However, most of it was interlacing bits of silence to get the pauses in dialogue accurate as how conversation actually sounds, for easy flow of listening and comprehension, as well as how people discuss things and in what manner. Doing that is so labour intensive. But the main thing was Elizabeth’s lines had to be re-performed. Whip out an episode of Dark Shadows to hear her speak some more, as much of the original performance was done quickly after a day at work. Then the microphone crackles over some of her best lines and I had to do them yet again.

Still, what I love about the scene is the ghost of Caleb Collins tries to appease Tom Jennings. Then Tom wanders off to deal with some nasty old cans that have the lead soldering he expressed Tom should be careful with at The Seaview Property in Episode 11. Immediately Lily is delighted to see a presence in league with what she’s more familiar with, so Lily is the first to address him, and as “Mr. Collins”, the way Tom does.


After Caleb has his vent-off giving Lily Munster a hard time, he begins to address, “My little mistress of the estate.”

Does our Aunt Elizabeth get the shakes? HA! No way, “Oh? Uncle Caleb… Were you speaking to me?” she responds as stalwart and matronly as ever. After fainting at the sight of Cousin Lily who doesn’t look as she remembered her back in the lovely vacation they shared, as well as her own back history believing she murdered her own husband, finding out she actually didn’t so she didn’t have to be a recluse like Caleb was anymore, and the slew of other crap she’s had to deal with in Collinwood, Elizabeth Stoddard isn’t about to be petrified by some old Collins spook!

Go, Elizabeth!

aunt Elizabeth bad azz

Bad-Azz Mofo

And the ghost of Caleb Collins is pleased as bloody punch that she is! “You’re still as wondrous as ever, little Lizzie Collins.”

Our Caleb Collins is one feisty ghost now that he’s had to sit around for so long. Almost completely exiled in his lonely abode surrounded by old food cans, Schwepps bottles, aged books, decades of cobwebby filth, old newspaper articles with advertisements about trusses, the miracles of opium and cocaine, new discoveries in photography, and piles of other junk he folded into his collection. Maybe one day someone would want them, maybe someday there would be a girl in the clan who liked all of that stuff, eh? ^_^ (i.e. Victoria Winters, who is currently a guest resident in the home of The Addams Family.)

So listening to my audio tracks and then creating new ones, almost none of the old lines remain from my performance last October (2013). Tom’s lines are the same but lowered in pitch, Lily’s are the same but heightened in volume, some of Caleb’s are also the same but all of Elizabeth’s had to be re-done today. The conversation sounds more like Joan Bennett than it once did and the dialogue between them is marvelous, as well as heartfelt.

Caleb has his fun with the girls, points out Lily should alter her attire like she had done when she last went on a trip with Elizabeth, in so many words, and which passport with which last name she should use. It’s a little different but somewhat based on an episode of The Munsters I watched in which Lily gets fed up and goes looking for a job. She prefers her maiden name when applying for the position, Lily Dracula. For The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows there is further back history. Since Lily was miffed at all the men in the house back in the 1940s, even her maiden name wasn’t going on the passport she decided to use, and Caleb knows this. He’s a little like Wadsworth that way.

And Lily had altered her appearance before meeting with her cousin Elizabeth:

Behind The Camera

Even in all of Caleb’s blustering, Elizabeth is stolid enough to face him up the stairs with the same determination they both inherited in this mess of a family. Almost equal footing those two. Of course, Caleb must relate how damned amused he was while listening to Barnabas and Burke Devlin sparring words in his house like they were rival brothers over Victoria Winters. It was hilarious for him because Barnabas’ bizarre existence tickles him, and Burke is someone he knows as the reincarnation of… Jeremiah Collins.

So for the ghost of Caleb Collins this is all rather a crack-up. Although, it didn’t used to be for him, he was so stressed out when he was alive, but in approximately 96 years of being a spirit, he’s had it with the violence, had it with quantum mechanics, and had it with everyone shaking so much when they could just relax and joke about it all. Really, in such a crazy place? What else is there that can be done?

Hmm… a new green ghost spewing ectoplasm just showed up to mess with David. An odd butler came around who knows too much. This butler is steering Barnabas back to the coffee shop to try one more time with the reincarnation of his long lost love that he was so crazed and out-of-it he managed to kidnap and abuse her because he couldn’t see who she really was, and not remembering much about Josette Dupres in general for that matter.

With so much turning out and possibly for the better? Hmm… the ghost of Caleb Collins perks up and thinks, “Maybe… just maybe… it’s finally safe to come out now.”


More Stations Contacted and Illness Lifting

VictoriaMorticia rose

As several packages to college radio stations have been mailed in the last week I can only deduce part of why all of this happened as sorely and unfortunately as it has is Providential in purpose: to reach more and more people. Why folks have become even more distracted away from communicating and sitting in the complacency that information-overload and lack of dialogue is what this online world is all about, there must be more need to change lives beyond a small shipping town.

I am hardly the only individual who works very hard online only to see numbers and feel a sense of pointlessness in it all. I hear from these creators on a regular basis and they aren’t just writers of fanfiction or articles. The point in sharing is discussion. Book clubs still take place for this purpose. College radio? It very likely continues to retain listeners who don’t skip around on audio. They have to listen carefully and they’re used to doing that. They have longer attention spans and due to being outside the mainstream they make decisions about what they like and aren’t guided by the nose as to what they should enjoy. As one station expressed themselves on a website I saw today: “We play none of the hits.”

Very nice indeed.

My husband and I are sick of coughing and want that element to leave like so much of the rest. But we hold close and smile widely and gratefully when either of us comes into view after hours of separation. And it looks like a number of characters will be of stuffy nasal passages. Maggie and Sam make sense, they’ve likely shared tears together after what occurred in Episode 12. Hoffman and Stokes? Well, they’re a little scratchy in sound so that could work. Caleb? Hmm… Not sure if I’ll use any of those re-performed lines. Will it matter there was a train in the distance as I recorded that?

Victoria and Morticia from the original demo are fine. My Cara Mia got that snippet and said she howled with laughter over the one line I gave Uncle Fester. Just an alteration in pitch for Morticia Addams. “You really do have a voice made for audio, Querida.” So lovely to hear someone tell me these things. I’ve got to investigate more of The Addams Family and hold fast to them. They truly have been a larger beacon for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows that I did not expect.

The interesting part in all of this is how young the more vocal readers and writers are. These are old programs and films but younger people love them. That’s also the sad part. I get the terrible feeling many Dark Shadows fans are much older than the rest of us, got used to not saying anything or being encouraging, so our work gets read or in my case heard, and we’re looked at like 1) the fanzines of old, in which there were no comment boxes, 2) not needing any commentary because we grew up with the internet (I didn’t, by the way) or 3) as if we are people who are… their… age? Nope. Talking to these younger creators who are doing this to find their people, their feelings have been harmed and they’ve been unhappy or lonely just as long if not longer than I. What happened to caring about the younger, anyway? Especially from folks who grew up writing letters and using the post-office. Did all of those skills just die?

Speaking of which the blue-box that I used for Captain Gregg’s sound effects in helping Sam mail the check during Episode 12? That box just got yanked off the street. Pisses me off but it was in a crappy location. So, for posterity it still exists in that audio. But the post office isn’t going away, I think that’s what needs to change as well. We need to write letters again, tap into the thoughtful discussion we’re capable of; long-term expression, not quick-fix ephemera.

Pop Evans

As “Pop” tells Maggie in my 13th Episode when she wonders if she could ever trust Barnabas again, even as Josette:

“People can change, you know. They really can.”

Lack of Communication Creates Surge of Desperation

I began posting at 14 Feb 2012. My first review ever posted happened on 20 September 2013, nineteen months later. It was mine. I wrote: “test”.

i.e. “Doesn’t this damn thing work???”

doesnt this damn thing work


Five days later my angel waltzed in. The first person to ever say anything in nineteen months. Helena, who arrived in May of that year after I’d been there the two Februarys before her. How long did it take her to get reviews for her work? A few months, perhaps sooner.

this is pretty good

Little did I know my audience was large the entire time. I checked my email regularly and would have been notified had anyone bothered to repeat a damn line or post a review. They’d been reading and laughing for all of that time and not expressing it. I do not believe such things are right, do you?

What I’d built in well over a year and researched heavily Helena enjoyed with gusto and speed. It’s likely how people listen to the podcast. One hour of their time for over one month of my hard work and effort in revising the script, audio, acting, sound effects and music when it comes to Episode 12. When it was only text, which is difficult enough, her arrival boosted my ability. I’d been coming home from work with a bottle of wine to perform audio episodes before posting them in text by this time. Helena read the old Episode 12 and wondered if I was alright after all the crying and screaming. Did anyone wonder this time around?

The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

It was October 2013, a time of many tragedies or so I’ve heard from various sources. Mine was coming close. I had to bring Willie Loomis back into the fold and I’d already begun the demo recordings and more character channeling of various fandoms including the abused inhabitants of Collinwood. I’d been listening to audios of old DS episodes on my long walks to work or to the bus.

The kidnapping has to be dealt with. This isn’t a farce like I kept shooting for and missing. The new components merely allowed everyone to be more open and honest but it was their own humour that was coming out of me, and the more I listened to the demos, the more I made the recordings, the better the voices became and for the first time in my life I could no longer hear it was me. It was them. They were working together, they were taking over.

Creepy? Spooky? Altogether ‘Ooky?

I also kept listening to the DS audios of original airings, unraveling old pieces, listening to their own voices. Willie was shot by the police how many times? Poor Willie! And that happened because he was trying to warn Maggie? That’s right. Wait… why didn’t they deal with that when he came back? Well Mr. Loomis, you’re coming back now and we’re dealing with that shit, that’s for sure and certain! No Adam around to spit chicken at for you. You’ve been at Wyndcliff longer, long enough for a lady there to take a fancy to you. And this new butler sets things strait where he’s employed. You’re going to have a confrontation about that pain.


It became the one scene in the fun and harmonious 14th Episode of The Pit… that scared me. Barnabas saw his chance for happiness by the time Willie came back home again to confront him about those bullets, and when it came to me looking from my old simple tablet to read what I had in the recliner, the answer came to me, I stood up to alter it in the word file… and got the chills and creeps. (And I’m not telling what happened in that foyer here.)

And then acting it? Living it? Knowing the confusion and the consternation. How could he change like that?

How is this not more than writing?

“The visual pathway is not a one-way street. Higher areas of the brain can also send visual input back to neurons in lower areas of the visual cortex… As humans, we have the ability to see with the mind’s eye – to have a perceptual experience in the absence of visual input. For example, PET scans have shown that when subjects, seated in a room, imagine they are at their front door starting to walk either to the left or right, activation begins in the visual association cortex, the parietal cortex, and the prefrontal cortex – all higher cognitive processing centers of the brain.”

Or so says “A User’s Guide To The Brain” by John J. Ratey on the topic of a concept known as “The Mind’s Eye”.

Channeling conducts these visuals to enact what my adopted children are experiencing. Or in Japanese, the kokoro: “heart; mind; mentality; emotions; feelings.” What I had to put Willie Loomis through and go through as him hurt. Then when Wadsworth explained to him the base facts of what he couldn’t come to terms with: “Can anything be accomplished by a single individual all alone?”

And thus he speaks the truth in my story. A long and nerve wracking road put into place several years ago which brought a madness into my life in October of 2013. Sounds like a crazy time on it’s own doesn’t it? A time when the veil is thinning, and a number of bewitching servitude. Perhaps blessings and curses go hand in hand. As this butler interrupted the story-line of “Dark Shadows”, many polite demons came along for the ride.

But even then, the stat numbers, the readers, climbed for weeks and said nothing, laughed at nothing I could hear, were touched by nothing I could find. “Why were they doing this to me?” I continued to ask, and I asked them. Was it too true? Was it too thought provoking? Was it laziness? Couldn’t they see the hurt in my words as I asked, begged, wondered. And finally posted ephemeral rants and philosophical explanations, or question as to why this entire internet universe had fallen to a decay in communication over hard work made not just for free, but for so much money and effort on my end.

I couldn’t live with that pain or that silence. So I gave it back. I copied everything, stored it away, picked chunks of the text to leave behind to keep evidence I’d been there and the statistics of what had happened that only one enjoyer would discuss. And then I started the podcast, revised, re-performed and went through the whole of what I had of this neglected Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows all over again. I seek out help: Magical Irish Dolphin, Mad Margaret, Osheen Nevoy, other writers, other creators, Josette Dupres-Barnabas’ One True Love page on facebook first and foremost with withered results as of now, even fan letters to cast members, something I could never believe I’d do.

Now? A bigger audience, an audio audience, text to more fandoms and more websites, extraordinary help from John Mountain to get the word out, a facebook page, a tumblr page, a wordpress account, my email address visible for all to see, a Skype account, a google account, 500 postcards scattered on the East Coast, West Coast, various spots in between, more fandoms contacted, more facebook groups, specific pairings videos on youtube, art pages… It’s gotten to the point when I LOOK on google for images of these many, many characters I’m finding my own websites, my own areas, my own transfiguration of melding these many worlds into one.

Squeaks of sympathy start eking out and then turning to halting results. Everyone who loves it are afraid of me because that madness in silence exploded. But what shall more silence do? This is in sound now. Turn it down, turn it off, but it isn’t just text anymore. This is the hardest endeavour I have ever created. Thousands of downloads, hundreds of people, all spreading the word and looking for others to communicate with me about the episodes. Who can she find to speak up? I can’t express my own enjoyment or insight. But why?

As all of my listeners, including friends and family, tune in, they drop out of speaking and seem to shift their eyes about for who… whoWHO will be the crowd to finally speak up and communicate with Daryl Wor about her hard work, at last, so perhaps, they shan’t need to?

I leave these lyrics as my question and answer to all of this:


    Don’t tell me you can’t tell what’s wrong from right
that it’s alright, that I can sleep at night
don’t tell me you can sell me peace of mind
don’t look behind, ’cause I can see the signs
read between your lines

it’s outta control, but there’s a way
for us to change, it’s not too late
we need to show, there is a way
to bring our world a brand new day

we know in times like this
if it’s a hit or miss
we still can’t walk away
we’ve got to turn around
don’t be afraid to sound
all that we need to say
to bring a brand new day

it’s outta control, but there’s a way
for us to change, it’s not too late
we need to show, there is a way
to bring our world a brand new day

it’s outta control, but there’s a way
for us to change, it’s not too late
we need to show, there is a way
to bring our world a brand new day

we know in times like this
if it’s a hit or miss
we still can’t walk away
to bring a brand new day

Simon Collins- “Eco”


Being ill and a little bummed

I’ve caught my husband’s cold… In that case it means we can be close again, and have been which was the best part. Nothing beats being achy all over and then soothed with tenderness during that kind of suffering together. Not too many coughs, enough to interrupt, but we carried on.

I’m looking over DS Episode 464 to try and listen to some Hoffman and Stokes lines and get their inflections reconfigured in my head. It was agreed if I’m doing their lines, having a cold might improve how it sounds. Hmm… maybe this isn’t the correct episode… I’m seeing some Tony & Carolyn date getting interrupted. Oh, all right, there is a proud moment for me now. I shan’t need to believe in this anymore as in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, Wadsworth already did away with that fooling around of Barnabas messing with Carolyn. Not quite the same but close enough to Sybil in Fawlty Towers saying, “Basil!” [SLAP!]

I think it’s easy for me to believe in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows to take the place of all of this. Wadsworth has some serious control with plain sound reasoning but also dangling the carrot of what Barnabas wants: Josette. Promise Barnabas his Josette without asking for anything in return than being groovy with other people? Of course! Not like all the various twisted bargaining or blackmailing. Nope, Wadsworth doesn’t blackmail. He’s been down that road far too many times. ^_^

Wadsworth Looks UpOldHousenight

But why the “little bummed” you might ask? Well… I finally found the Munsters and Addams Family fan pages on facebook and I was accepted into about all of the groups, a couple even merged the two fandoms and I thought I’d finally had it made. I sent links to either when they’re fandom characters entered or the whole shipload of episodes imploring them that I was a comedienne in dire straits and to please let me know what they laughed at if they enjoyed the series. Then I got a whopping SEVENTY DOWNLOADS OVERNIGHT! Woo-hoo!

But did I hear anything? *sigh* No… This is a project that has thrown me into ribald hysterics from the humour, wishing, dying to share that with others in order to hear responses to what was enjoyed. The next day after all of those downloads? Like-click… like-click… Well… that’s better than nothing, right? *sigh* It is… it’s just… I dunno… COME ON! BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS! Someone please tell me they laughed at Better Homes & Gardens! [weeping chuckles] It’s just so sad…

And the worst of it is I know people enjoy it but it’s like The Marx Brothers, they liked finding out what made people laugh too. They’d test audiences when they went on tour. They were curious as to which audiences preferred what jokes. It would be great to know which fandoms enjoy which jokes, you know? Then MID tells me she heard that podomatic was having trouble getting comments so she didn’t bother. I tested that yesterday. I didn’t have a problem. I have so many avenues of communication I’ve opened. Is it all just so funny that it’s like the joke that kills people in that Monty Python sketch about how Germany was actually defeated? Is everyone choking to death?

Oh, okay good. Chapter 2 of Disk 50 at minute 27. There’s Julia… and Professor Stokes should be coming in at any second now. Dang, I got the order pretty good for not having the set when I was building up to my own 4th Episode. (The first three are really catch up, but good catch up.) I say some bonus characters like Wadsworth & Morticia get darker but I think Norman Bates actually got lighter! And Freddy Krueger got lighter, too! [laughing/coughing]

I don’t know if I can take Osheen’s advice about adding info that Willie released Barnabas from his coffin in Episode 13 when Barnabas confesses it’s his fault Maggie didn’t take to triggers of knowing who she was because he told off Josette’s spirit when he got home again. The text is getting close to 7,000 words with my adding in canonical needs. I dunno… What a pain. In any case I was glad that she inquired what I was doing to eliminate the confusion at a spirit being disembodied from it’s reincarnation. She mentioned the Egyptian soul having pieces and I’ve heard of that in various cultures. I’m not given anything definite and it’s driving me crazy because that’s likely the answer, but I’m not finding the tales themselves. Arg!

Currently I’m just ticked that more than half of the reason I don’t get support is so many people got hassled into going silent with 40 years of bullying about who this guy loves in the fandom! Stealing the laughs from this hard-worker from the time she was born. I can sure get it out to people but Heaven knows if I’ll ever hear it back. The download numbers scare me.

Anyway, the intro to Episode 13 is done:

Coughing and nose-blowing,