Pit Update: June 2017 And Retrospective

2017 June Update 1d


Talk about social media addiction with its ensuing paranoia. Continual gratitude to pen pals and describing their beautiful influence in my life. (I welcome more!)

Why and how constructive praise is important. The fun of watching First Year Dark Shadows. A little chat over 16 & 17 – Retrospective for episodes 8, 9, 10, and both parts of 11. Fair delving into characters from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Addams Family, The Munsters, and Bewitched in The Pit; particularly Captain Gregg’s stormy weather – story building as well as technical aspects.

The fleshing out of Caleb Collins as based on evidence from the original Dark Shadows program and historical research in the Victorian time period.

Discussion on the marriage novel, “Margaret Josette Dupres” and delving into why the sharing of further chapters are (currently) suspended.

Welcome To The 21st Century – What A Disappointment.


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A friend of old comes out from the shadows… And a nice day occurs…

tim to go

Yesterday I looked for folks to call as I occasionally make attempts for moral support. From listeners and readers I ask for chat; can we share the joy of this creation together? My friend who surprisingly answered the phone said, “I suck at reviews.” I told her, “I’m not looking for reviews perse, I’m looking for dialogue. People chat up the base show to death on FB fanpages. They got the chat in them. I want to enjoy this with people. I’m not doing it on my own. I can’t be. It’s the characters. This is hard work, but The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is an experience, and I want that discussion of this experience with them.”

Besides which, she already gave *great* dialogue already!

podcast listener  . Feb 9

Still heck of digging on the 4th wall violations, really fun cameos, and running gags. The Golden Girls in the intro and then Sophia popping up again later in the 4th episode was hilarious, and Wadsworth pulling out the Frank N Furter musical interlude was HI-larious. Really digging the Twin Peaks references. Caught the Time Machine hat tip on the second listen, and am looking forward to re-listening to all of them so that I can pick up on the gold that I am missing on the first run through. And your delivery – I will never tire of that. You have a very pleasant voice and a deft hand at characterization. I can’t speak to character fidelity for all of them (haven’t had a chance to pick up Dark Shadows), but those that I do know have been easy to follow, and I haven’t noticed myself getting lost between any of the character shifts. I will have more feedback as I listen further. Thanks!

Lately people tend to make excuses. I figure if they have time to listen to an episode and digest it, they have time to talk about it. I also told her I’m sick of hearing, “That’s just the way things are…” Yes, that attitude doesn’t get anyone anywhere. If we accepted that we’d still be in the dark ages and sleeping in our own poop with the livestock. No thanks.
“Yeah,” she responded, “We weren’t doin’ too well back then.”
She asked, “What are you doing tomorrow?” Now, y’all know I’m socially suffocating and in this project even worse, so when she heard we were going to tea for our wedding anniversary she at first faulted herself for forgetting the date (in this thing I forget the day of the week it is!) and she was concerned to be getting in the way. I tried to invite her to come very quick saying it wasn’t always something we celebrated on our own and sheesh! We’re on our own WAY TOO OFTEN! Besides, I need someone who understands my humour and such humour as the likes of this:
god listens TO SLAYER
My husband manages to wake me up this morning. As I’m getting ready I tell him, “Well, I finally got the Barnabas lines for Episode 13 done last night.”
“Oh, good,” he says.
“Yeah. I was listening to him a lot and I think he needs to be at a higher register than what I’ve been doing. I think I’m getting his voice too low.”
Our old pal finally arrives in a car I had never seen. How she manages all of this is amazing as we both learned driving late in life than the usual expectation. I still have no license. So we sat on the porch and I performed the scene with Willie Loomis and Wadsworth. I had to explain to her that Willie Loomis is much more attractive and far more psychologically screwed up than in the film, which she knows more. But she loves Wadsworth, she knows some of the details and she’s cracking up at this conversation they have together where Wadsworth has to provide information opposite to what Willie knows of Collinsport. A scene that came to me in the wee hours and didn’t let me sleep. Yet another highlight in my madness.
We all get ready and head out to the tea parlour we go to each year for our wedding anniversary. We had our wedding reception at this tea parlour after a short and small service, done flash-mob style outside a Victorian house. (Helena, don’t give away where! *wink* ) The historical landmark wanted about as much money as we’ve spent on The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows just for a few hours of time. No way, I decided, we’ll make it small, quick and sign the papers before going to the tea parlour for the reception where everyone else was waiting. We all wore Victorian clothing and took photos. It was a hot day, but it was fun, except I’ve only felt that in retrospect after my anhedonia lifted, and remember the anhedonia lifted in great part from creating The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. This is what’s given me so much confidence in it in the long run. So, having feelings again I can retroactively enjoy my wedding day in memory, but at the time, inside, I was as dead as a door nail, however much I smiled on the outside.
Today the menu was precisely what we all needed. It makes me happy I picked the best time to get married as their Autumn special has become one of my favourite meals in the last few years. Mmm, dark greens, the teas of our choice, the best you’ve ever sipped, and we live it up like Lady Hampshire. Of course we discuss what’s been plaguing me for ages and what on Earth is wrong with communication online as far as long-term discussion goes. I explained that somehow the wind-up novel was reviewed much better and perhaps it was from less characters since the radio drama has so many more and is in audio. What I’d liked especially was the three different takes on making Angelique the midwife, “Because her and Josette were friends. Josette was the only born-of-wealth type that really befriended her which makes it all so much worse and that’s why I want to see them friends again. But the different takes were great because Willie as the godfather of a reincarnated baby Sarah is not happy with Angelique being the midwife or having any control, but Barnabas explains that Maggie, as Josette, knows what she’s doing and considering how bad he and Willie had been she’s wise enough to understand how these things will go. I got three different perspectives: One person was on the edge of their seat, another felt it was very sweet and a wonderful idea to go down that direction and another said, “I’m with Willie on this one! I wouldn’t trust her!” And that’s exactly the viewpoints I’ve been looking for all along. It’s like watching the show and getting those takes.
Afterwards we hit one Japanese stationery store and I look over the notebooks. I don’t need any of these. I’ve already gotten my new notebook waiting for me to detail more accuracy in my series as my old one is getting so full. So I move on to another stationery store to check out their Halloween goodies. The only temptation I had were some bat decorations. One of which might have been good for a template on the clothing I decorate. But it wasn’t enough. Still glad to see all the Dia de los Muertos items still available. I step out, buying nothing and greet my husband and friend.
What are we truly tempted by? A thrift store! Where is that store we like around here? Oh it moved. IT MOVED?! MY GOODNESS! So she has her smartphone to guide us along and confesses, “Yes, smart phones are making people stupid.” We also comment as much as the voice sounds like Majel Barrett, it should sound more like her. So we get lost and try to maneuver the twisted metro-suburban creation of our unplanned region. All the while I’m explaining how bizarre this pairings weirdness in the Dark Shadows fandom is and how I had to discover that whatever stories existed for this pairing were rare, usually went down badly, and likely had more that were left in shoeboxes in dark closets collecting dust throughout our own lifespans. Makes you wonder. Not that my strong but silent fans wonder too much about that anymore. *wink*
“And I didn’t think about preferences, myself,” I tell her, “I was just trying to sort it all out and figure out all the other fandoms, research them and introduce them to step in and help these people. I hardly had time to worry about romantic preferences in the Dark Shadows fandom… but I did see what had happened and it blows me away how long this all has been going on. And I was trying to figure out why all of that adult stuff came out of me… not that we aren’t happier together because it did.”
To which I describe a couple times Jonah came over as the novel was being written. Any time he was out of the room my husband I were at each other like bees making honey.
At last, we arrive at the thrift store and we’re astounded by the change in atmosphere in that part of town. I am amazed at how many trousers I’ve found with pockets. As many ladies understand, we get hosed when in comes to pockets in our clothing. Most of them fit and fit well! There are even the things I was looking for: more CD cases so I can send out more CDs of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows to college radio stations. And some Halloween socks. I like my butler boots and have fun creating new socks in images to go with them. What is amazing is many of these items never have been used and are still bearing the original tags. It’s like we’re producing so much “stuff” it doesn’t even get bought and ends up in thrift stores without prior usage.
Next we head over to Beverages and More and what amazing ciders await. Ace has a Pineapple kind of which “Daryl’s Husband” is ecstatic that I pointed it out. Also some with ginger in them (which I’m sipping as I type this). Of course our buddy gets to hear about one “sign” for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. She knows Jonah and knows him well. So when she hears how he was at the door unexpectedly as we’re discussing Bloody Marys in the series her jaw drops. Yep, and there are many more signs on this thing. It’s scary. Something is going on…
I don’t know what it is but it’s kept me so focused on it that I can’t enjoy any other media. I just can’t stay tuned in to it. My friend is about to attend a movie I want to see, but I can’t go with her. I know I just won’t be able to sit through it long enough.
“Plus,” I tell her, “I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I’m channeling Willie Loomis again. That’s why I told you, and I really feel this is true, I need to find support from people in the performing arts if I can’t get it anywhere else. Going to facebook, asking for help, explaining myself and then the best I get usually is a bunch of like-clicks? I’ve already tried to approach various others; Joel Hodgson, Nostalgia-Critic, Elvira, crap, I even wrote letters to DS cast members, and tried to contact actors from NextGen. There’s just gotta be someone I can be put in touch with to help me endure this. Ever since I channeled Willie Loomis last October and got in touch with his troubles, I’ve been suicidal over this and all because I’m not getting it all discussed with me. These are my adopted kids and Willie’s not crying the most but he’s my baby. I can’t go through it again and have it turn out like it did last October. I know all they saw was the text but… It’s just not going to work for me to keep getting so much silence… and I don’t even know what the numbers are at iTunes. Podcasters have explained how secretive that site it, but I know something is happening over there from the popularity bars.”
As she tries to digest all of this we unload the ciders and she gets to take some special ones home with her. My husband offers them exceedingly. (I think he’s still concerned she foot the bill for our tea.) So we hug and try to make sure another possibility for the future is lined up. My friend doesn’t have any answers, but, as Maggie Evans says to Victoria Winters when the latter wishes there was something she could do to help, “You did help. You listened to me.” 🙂