Pit Update August 2016

update august 2016


Just me, no music. Discussion about things, hopefully, getting better, and how to keep that going. The importance of correspondence especially.

Clear reasons why I, and many others, lose their tempers. (Gets a bit loud while this is explained. Not really a rant, more an exclamation of disbelief in contradictory behaviour.) Deep appreciation for the nice people and tools for how to avoid the bummer types, too!

“Spoilers” over scenes one through five, in Episode 16, that are being worked on, as well as the intricate technical aspects that make the idea of critiquing them severely unwanted and unwarranted. (Audio Dramatists? Listen up. You’ll probably enjoy this bit.) Plenty of talk about “Hawkeye” finally being included and what’s happening in scene four with him. I’m not concerned about spoilers when it comes to this radio drama. People can barely remember what they enjoyed in all the other episodes, so why worry? winking

My old internet days, Sailor Moon, chat rooms, etc. Why fans identify with Angelique and some may not even know it.

A reading from me of Osheen’s review for Episode 7 about one year before this podcast, and my hearty enjoyment of that!

Understanding of the idea of “independence” and how much of an illusion that is.

Not included in this podcast is my suggestion here: If you are wealthy and dissatisfied with your life? Please enjoy the film “The Amazing Adventure” with Cary Grant. Thanks. You’re welcome.

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Episode 15, Splicing in Character Hosts and Sound Effects

the boys

Look a little awkward? It is.

For the last couple of days I’ve had my nerves rattled from it basically being known I am no longer allowed to vent my frustrations about this on my own timeline. Apparently this sparks in others the need to come up with some philosophical advice that covers up their own guilt, or their laziness, or lack of attentiveness. I’ve seen it many times before and I’m not buying it. Okay, let’s say I posted that on a group page. I can see the conversation going down that road. However, this was on my wall, my personal news, and so what was the result of this attempt to make me feel better that really was a method of making everyone else feel better? It’s succeeded in pissing me off for over two days now. As a result, the work has gone much slower. (Thanks.)

I was explaining to my husband a plant has more wisdom. If a plant requires more sunlight? It bends toward it. When it senses water in one direction? It reaches it’s roots there. When I’m looking for my nutrients to reach this suffocating Muse? Humans don’t produce that. They produce cross-references. A good gardener knows that if you don’t maintain the nourishment? It’s your own damn fault if the garden dies. But now that we’re flippin’ around so many distractions, we’d rather argue about where that sunlight and water is. Doing that? Not one measly tomato is going to grow for you. I can tell ya that easily.

I remember I did a podcast intro where I said doing this series, The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, had been in a cheaper by the dozen method where I did one part over and over, and then the next, and then the next. Today and yesterday I’m noticing it’s better if I go through each scene and add the bits. I’m adding in Milligan & Hecubus’ new performances, but as I’m finding where to put them, I’m raising the pitch on Angelique’s voice and I’m adding in sound effects just so they’re there and I don’t have to hunt for them later. Some will need augmentation or overlapping with lines, and other lines need to be raised in volume, but so far it’s easier to go through Episode 15 this way.

Hmm, then again, now I’m going passed the Victoria, Morticia and Grandmama lines, although I did supply the bubbling cauldron sound effects. I’m fairly happy with what I’ve got for Morticia and Grandmama. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been viewing the first episodes of The Addams Family again, but it feels like Carolyn Jones wasn’t as deep as I thought, so what I have is likely just as well until I can study for new radio episodes in the future. We need that family.

Then there is a scene of Maggie and Barnabas looking out the window, the Willie & Sarah scene and then Hecubus says:


“And back in Josette’s aquamarine room of many ornate fixtures.”

I think I like the old performance of this more. It’s so cheerful!

Aw, crap… [laughing] This line for Sir Simon Milligan still gets me. Heaven knows *I* have endured the stink-eye from letting Barnabas and Maggie unite in this… I think it’s just the way Milligan manages to announce it when there is a gathering of the clan at the main house of Collinwood:

for those without a brave heart

“One would expect a number of stink-eyes and suspiciously raised brows at the affection our love-bats are obviously NOT hiding from each other or anyone else.”

All right, now I’m just focusing on our two radio-show hosts. There is too much in between I can see that needs to be altered. Maggie’s lines likely have to be re-performed. Ohhh, her chortling voice! How to reproduce that… Well, I can watch or listen to some Josette Dupres as well and see if I can shoot for a cross-blend now since that’s what’s going on. I’ve wondered how KLS might have performed that given the chance. I guess Bella Heathcote was the only one who got an opportunity to experience that blend. Remember, she does say at the beginning of the film:


My work began years before this… Imagine my shock in the theater!

It reminds me that people treat me like a single person when I’m doing the work of an entire production crew. Not cute, people. Not cute. And the very opposite of helpful, too. As Warren told me, “It’s not like you didn’t explain what you needed. YOU DID!” He’s correct. I did, and I do, repeatedly. :/

Another dear friend on the grassroots list told me, “That entire discussion you sent me made me completely indignant. These are people you sent CDs to? And you also spend a great deal of your time empathizing with their everyday woes and concerns. You don’t deserve that.” Aye, that’s just it. They’re feeling bad about not keeping up and want to blanket it with something.

Guilt exists for a purpose; it’s to make us change our ways. Sadly some people just wallow in it, try to deflect it with various excuses, but those of better judgement? They either change or they stop feeling guilty. Which is what my husband expressed in one of our workshops. That advice has certainly saved me from a world of misery. It’s likely why I have been better at focusing on creative pursuits. But we’re human, we need others to talk to. Not a great deal of that going around between the internet clutter, I must say.

Now I’m seeing some lines I did twice that are doubled up on the old file as well. Most of the demo was performed in December of 2013, possibly November. I remember I lost my voice for a while at the end of that year. Having re-performed the lines this last week it’s good to use those rather than guess which of the previous performances were better. So the scenes are switching and the hosts lines are being spliced in. There is another scene between Willie & Wadsworth here, then there is one with Barnabas Collins finally meeting with the ghost of Caleb Collins at the seaview property. Time period jokes abound here…

Oh, yes, and now that there is another vampire in town, the dogs are howling again, which is going to freak poor Willie Loomis out. Went through all the howling I had to discern what to place in there to format later. Sad to consider all of this hard work will only be enjoyed by a precious few, but then I think I’ve done enough. I’ve served my time only to get numbers, silence, control freaks and haters who speak up more than the people who enjoy it. I was detailing that with a church group, “We seem to be stuck to only detail what we dislike and we go on about that at length. Not so much what we enjoy unless we’re not thinking about it, really. I’d like that to change.”

As for this scene with Caleb and Barnabas, it’s nice to hear a bit of it again. I think after I finish this audio draft I’ll put it on my player. Maybe that will help motivate me more. As Caleb and Barnabas discuss Maggie…

CALEB: She would be the one to help change this place. You’d be sated at last, and she cares about people far more, with a genuine affection. Like Tom, she’s not just a pretty face either. It’s sad how beauty attracts on the outside so much, when there is so much more to it. Pesky, that is.

BARNABAS: But lovely if that combination can be found and admired all at once. ❤

And now to splice in the final Hecubus line, a sadness creeping in. I possibly need to do that over, but I’d say it’s time to save the file, switch it for listening, 57 minutes and all the extras… Not nearly done, but getting there. Could have done more a lot sooner if I had the fun commentary, but ah well. Just have to plug away and await an online change in people… that likely will never occur.

20080505164705_dock before night fall


Episode 15, One Scene A Day Now Becomes 2-3 Characters A Day…


WADSWORTH: Sir? I’ve made an effort to clean your staring window if you’d like to make use of it.

Thanks Wadsworth. I think the clarity is coming from your astute considerations. As aforesaid, in my 14th intro, I’m now doing many of the voices for this radio play separately. Today I listened intently to Jonathan Frid’s performance of Barnabas Collins. I found various inflections I might have missed. He did go through some trouble to bring those H’s in where A’s were applicable to the standard American speech and I also made a concerted effort not to lower my own voice. Jonathan Frid’s voice deserves higher tones of inflection and if it doesn’t sound male enough I can lower the pitch on sentences or various words. I felt good about that.

For Episode 15: A Blundering Succubus, Barnabas Collins had to swat away The Collinsport Fly (another breaking through the 4th wall which I haven’t done for a while), speak with his beloved Josette through Maggie Evans in Josette’s room, try to determine who Kitty Soames is or was, look with her out the window at Willie and Sarah interacting, take Maggie with him to Elizabeth’s family gathering at the Main House to discover she was going on an extended vacation and then meet with…


Cousin Lily

Ah, her casual assertions about vampires certainly gave him the willies!

One of the reasons he even goes into that study where Maggie and Lily are having a chat is because of the coffee they are drinking. Elizabeth tempts him:

ELIZABETH: Cousin Barnabas…(pointedly) it’s Borgia.


ELIZABETH: The coffee blend… it’s Borgia…

BARNABAS: (snorts) I see! You really wanted to get me in there, didn’t you?


And? I have tried SO desperately to find out whether or not this might be accurate, either for Barnabas Collins OR Jonathan Frid. I remember there was a Q & A KLS was holding on a website years ago. I tried to ask, “What coffee was his favourite?” De nada! 😛

After that I called our Auntie. I think I’ll save that conversation for another blog post but it was good. She pretty much agreed with me about the laziness and troubles I’d been having. More complex than that, but worth a blog entry I think.

Hecubus can you hear me

I am now going through Sir Simon Milligan and Manservant Hecubus’ lines which I re-performed a few days ago. They seemed fine on the demo but I just felt like I should try it again. If anyone has updated themselves with these guys via youtube you might have noticed I posted appreciation to the lady who made it easier for me. (I believe in saying “thank you”. I do not simply like-click shit. lol!) Currently I’m going through those new lines and seeing which ones make the cut. I am leaving a little extra in via stuff I can’t decide on. So far Hecubus’ old lines are remaining here and there. Mostly it will be the new stuff that stays.

Also was on Skype with Cara Mia over the holiday weekend. I read her the new (actually old) scene with Morticia, Victoria and Grandmama Addams. This was excellent because I have a hard time with the Addams Family and need the help. I want to make sure all the characters are accurate. When I got to a line via Grandmama or Morticia I’d ask, “Does that sound like her or them?”

“Oh, yes! It does!” she would answer. *happy sigh*

Then I reached the end of the scene and said, “That’s it.”

“Oh!” she said, “Okay… hey, wow! That scene was really, incredibly good!”

Morticia and Victoria

Bless you, Cara Mia. Bless you. ❤

More Work On Episode 14: Reunion At The Old House

Yes… Willie Loomis is coming back home…

But that isn’t all fun and games… Oh, look. I have to provide more audience applause for Sir Simon Milligan. I have to provide this myself. As it happens with all my listeners, I can’t seem to get applause textually. Yes… bitch, moan, bitch, moan, bitch, moan. Well? If you had such a large and silent audience? Wouldn’t you bitch and moan?


I hope someday Helena enjoys the blooper that came out of this one.

Do recall I had episode 13 finished by 30 October 2014 (having written the text a whole year earlier). Commentary should be forthcoming after all this time… but alas… just numbers…

Loneliness sucks…

Crap, here it comes… even in this one scene. I separate everyone’s performances and have to splice them together. So even though I picked out what I could of the best performed lines, I still had trepidation choosing once and for all which ones? This is why positive support is so important, especially on top of random fools infiltrating my hard work, who have NO experience with radio drama coming to me and dictating what I should be doing. Hey, all y’all? Being entertained and not telling me jack about what you enjoyed? Guess what I’ve had to deal with? Supposed professionals with negative crap. That’s not stressful or undeserving, is it?

The other thing that has to be done is to leave just enough time for silence so listeners to catch their breath before the next bit of humour. Is this appreciated? Who knows? Barely any of these people are discussing the show with me. I have to deduce as per usual…

You know my Methods

Ugh… Going back and forth between Sir Simon and Hecubus. With the former lowering the pitch helps and with Hecubus raising the pitch helps. What a pain. And all for what? Someday? I question this Muse who’s taken me over hook, line and sinker.

Okay, I gotta give this tid bit away where Hecubus wonders how Maggie could forgive Barnabas after all his detestable crookedness towards her and how romantic forgiveness could be. “Do you think she will forgive him?”

Hecubus can you hear me

MILLIGAN: Wellll (rubbing hands) perhaps, or perhaps she is in it for the joy of being able to strike him some more.

HECUBUS: OH! Dear! Master! That IS evil…

MILLIGAN: And what is worse… he may perhaps… like it! Ah… Well, who wouldn’t? At least she’d be touching him!

Not that we encourage such behaviour. This is a story after all…

Ah, and here I come to those metaphoric D&D lines I realized on my way to work. I read them into my phone recorder stepping through the cross-walk so I wouldn’t forget them. And shan’t mention them here. Huh? Do you think this much work listening to The Muse at all hours, losing ten months of sleep, writing, editing, performing, acting, changing audio, getting harassed, and what not? Y’all can just have everything? Well, I guess you can get everything elsewhere… As for Dan Curtis and I? We want something different…

And so I have just finished the  bland editing run-through of the intro with Sir Simon Milligan, Manservant Hecubus, and would like to spend the rest of today playing some spooky hidden object game or maybe reviewing Osheen Nevoy’s HARD ass work.

I have been approached a plethora of times that:

1) You need to do this for you. (Why post it online? Why spend all the money?)

2) Maybe people don’t like it. (Why do I have downloads like crazy?)

3) We live in a time of disconnect. (And we should just accept that?)

4) You likely should broaden your social horizons. (Agreed. I work my ass off to do so. So far I have the U.U. Fellowship, but not often enough. I’m sorry. I don’t have a car nor friends with cars. I am lonely. I have a wonderful husband. But two is not enough.)

5) “I don’t understand her.” (No. You don’t.)

Well, I’ve managed to do all of this virtually on my own. Imagine all the other people who do it to entertain you and get paid. I’ve done mountains of research in both history and all of these fandoms. I’ve uncorked things people never bothered with. Am I now suddenly wrong that humans require other human care? I doubt it.

take care…

Your blighted and hard-working actor/writer/comedienne,


Maggie over Collinwood

Preparing for bland, effect-less Episode 14 Edit…

All right… Must remember… count the scenes. I truly don’t want to make another print out of the dialogue and format this time around. I did it for 11 and 12.

1) Intro with Milligan and Hecubus


2) Sam Evans and Barnabas Collins

Sam and Barnabas

3) Willie & Wadsworth


4) Barnabas, Maggie and Sarah

Maggie and Barnabas

Sarah 1

“Oh… but, I believe you’re forgetting someone… He was… accused of something.”

“[Gasp] WILLIE!!!”

Then running down the stairs to ask Pop for help while he’s working on his artwork.

5) Dr. Hoffman and Professor Stokes

hoff-cropSuper Stokes

Still gotta love what my pen pal wrote me about this scene: “Oh my, Dr. Hoffman has Professor Stokes’… respect. Steamy!”

Then she sees the rest of the crew they helped the previous night are at her workplace, and the two are concerned the shock of it all will bring Mr. Loomis a total collapse.

6) Side-splitting encounter of Wadsworth, Willie Loomis, Sam Evans, Barnabas Collins and Maggie, then Julia rushes in.

(I have no photo for this kickin’ scene.)

7) Then the sad scene I hate but is necessary…


(For anyone who knows, no spilling beans, please.)

8) Then the awesome mail-opening scene between Roger and Elizabeth.

Best Brother and Sister In The World

(This was mentioned in my blooper reel.)

9) Then Wadsworth expressing to Willie his confusion comes from believing all the changes might have come from a single person or one happenstance, when it’s well known life is too complicated than that.


And the ending credits, with the song for Willie I’ve adored since I picked it for him.


It’s interesting. I started keeping this blog because I barely have anyone to discuss my work with. It has been therapeutic and helping me stay focused. Thanks, wordpress.

Listening to demo of Episode 14: Reunion At The Old House

Hee hee hee! Very funny, Sir Simon Milligan. It’s incredible how much growth that comes from him and Manservant Hecubus. I went into this re-hashing original work from The Pit of Ultimate Darkness on The Kids In The Hall, and eventually found that the more I worked with Milligan and Hecubus the more could come out as wacky hosts to this radio drama. The essence was on goofy darkness and dying for a date. Kevin MacDonald wasn’t a big favourite of mine back in the day but he sure is now. I can empathize with him as well. There was a stand-up moment of him introducing himself in a later episode and him saying words to the effect of, “I’m that other guy no one pays attention to.” Pretty much. Plus he spoke in an interview about how people off-set would call out, “Oh, hey! Cool. The Hecubus guy.” And he’d inwardly growl, “I’m not Hecubus! I’m Sir Simon Milligan!”

evilYep! That’s pretty evil!

It also makes me want to go on some kind of radio station tour so I could meet Kevin MacDonald. I’d like to know more about where he’s at and where he was at breaking into comedy. Plus his closer duo-ship with Dave Foley reminds me of what Terry Jones and Michael Palin had before getting together with the rest of Monty Python. Lots of interesting connections in growth with both groups.

So, it definitely looks like Milligan and Hecubus will have to be re-performed. I remember most of Episode 14 had this quiet magic of smoothing things over and everyone being able relax, minus Willie until the end of it. It’s almost like today. The excitement of Halloween came to its crescendo and November opens up to a day of rest or exhaustion. I know I have another performance of Willie’s conflict with Barnabas recorded, but even that I’m sure I’ll have to perform again. Not my favourite. The scene is to make sure the avenues the characters are working in are convincing. Plus it really ticked me off about Willie Loomis getting so many gun shot wounds that weren’t addressed in Dark Shadows later on. It’s the perfect road for a confrontation toward Barnabas, as much as it’s not the part of this episode I enjoy. I know in my listening to it over the last year, it was often a scene I would skip.


Then there’s Barnabas. That is something that has to be re-performed!

The demos of old have Barnabas sounding more like he did in “Episode One: Parapsychology”. I know I can do better than that now. That’s hard. The Maggie lines are much better. Dr. Hoffman’s lines might be fine. Professor Stokes has to be re-done. I got much closer to his voice in Episode 13, so 14 should be done the same. There is a lot of falling on the floor I have to perform… aaaaand…

elongated shot

Here is something I’m looking forward to performing!

My spouse, when I request this, is usually a little embarrassed knowing our kisses are being heard by Heaven knows who, but still he’s more likely to say, “Oh, my!” when I tell him I want to record more of this with him for all of these people.

Sam Evans also needs some touching up, as well as some of the dialogue too. Roger and Elizabeth need some lines re-done. I remember I had a negative that needed to be a positive or vice-versa in something Roger says when they open the mail together. OH! I love that opening-the-mail scene! Hopefully after a whole year of laughing about Elizabeth’s disdain toward her photograph will allow me to perform that one again without bloopers!

Roger Collins and Elizabeth Stoddard

I also finally got a phone call from the fellow who got my CDs. He left a message and kept saying, “More, more, more!” Now, again, like with Margaret Josette Dupres, that’s a good thing to hear. He also enjoyed the singing for “Sweet Transvestite” in Episode 4. AT LAST! Just to finally hear about this stuff from someone reaching out. One of the most incredible things I encountered was weeks ago at a church gathering. I mentioned the coffee scene in episode 2 out of context and the two women I told it to immediately hooted with laughter. Just to SEE THAT! I’d written it years ago and finally to see visual reactions and hear the laughter. It was so wonderful, like one of the many weights plaguing me was being lifted. How many others have reacted like that? There’s no way for me to really know.

Looks like there are a lot of sound effects I’m going to have to record for Episode 14 as well. A few I have. And then that wonderful song for Willie at the end. And Wadsworth’s wonderful expression of so much that’s wrong in all of their lives and how it could work if they managed to change things.

What I’m hoping for in the future is to have a smaller audience that’s simply more vocal as is the case in Margaret Josette Dupres. More attention given to the work and discussing it with me than just me in general. Tracking down the right people has been extremely tough for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. There seems to be a number of people who love the show I create but hate me. I’d rather talk to a small group of people who can tell me what they like about it, but it’s terrible that these negative people are the more vocal ones. It doesn’t make the work go any faster. If it’s time that’s another question. If the people have time to be so invalidating or maligning me, do the positive types who appreciate the work not have the time? In some cases it does seem to be, but at least one fellow has my number now. I eagerly await his phone call.

… And so he has called. Over three hours and he was worried he was taking up my time! Hardly! I need some balance after all of this stress. And wow, amazing guy! Does a lot of helpful things for others and tries to stay involved. Was very accepting of what I was explaining in all of the harsher treatment I’ve been getting. Has also done acting and directing which gives one introspection in to fill another’s shoes.  He made me laugh referring to Twin Peaks in my 3rd Episode! “Some people wouldn’t make that connection but I got it immediately. Of course! Running away from Collinwood and now they’re all worried about getting caught up in a murder investigation.”

LOL! Ohhh, so nice to hear, plus there is so much that I get caught off guard even though I’ve been listening to this stuff for years and put it all together.


I Am Your Host Sir Simon Milligan… (Adding Sound Effects & Music, Ep. 13)


Oh, boy! The fun part of never really knowing how well blended the music and sound effects are. Are they overpowering the dialogue? Any sound effects too loud? And now… what about CHOICE? Oh, look! “The Complete Dark Shadows Soundtrack Music Collection”. Ah… What shall I add? Hmm… should be easy enough, right? I mean… There is only EIGHT CDs; SEVEN HOURS AND FORTY FIVE MINUTES TO CHOOSE FROM!  Okay… hee, hee, hee… I’ve only uploaded one disk… maybe two. This is why I posted a photo of the collection to fanpages to deeply thank whoever the heck went through all the trouble of adding the insanely large track listing to Grace Notes via iTunes! And as far as I know it reached the hard worker who did it. He said, “Oh. Pretty sure that was me! You’re welcome. It did take a long time.” Sweet ^_^

But Milligan and Hecubus’ audience, also performed by me, sounds a little sparse. Let’s find an old episode with no music and add some more me-audience. All, right, after the theme song, I shall not go with more opener “My Name Is…” music. How about something more creepy? Ah, yes, this will work well in contrast to Milligan and Hecubus being completely goofy! And one of my favourite explanations by Sir Simon Milligan for Episode 13:

hello I am your host

“But now, we must endure more drama and perhaps a few platitudes, as Hoffman and Barnabas are in one of their usual uproars about who he loves and why. This of course, has to do with the shocking discovery that not only are Maggie Evans and Josette Dupres the same, but that he managed to injure them both due to his transformation of being one of the undead. What with being fairly out of his mind both times… this series of events is beyond embarrassing.”

And the drama continues. I think for the beginning we’ll have that cello poignant, but the rest of the argument doesn’t really require more. We’ll see as I save the file for the 7th time right now. Whew! Ten minute mark now… Got the chills listening to Julia case on Barnabas and her confusion about the whole thing. Excellent. I know the file was about 57 minutes without all the extras so we’re at a fifth now depending on how well it mixes. Kind of want to put some pacing footsteps in with this sort of melancholy versus irritable discussion, but… hmm… Maybe it’s not necessary.

And up to the point of why Barnabas loves Josette? Well, here is a 16 second clip of music… should I use it? Hmm… Bleh… 16 seconds needed to revert to less and faded in and out again repeatedly to make it work with the dialogue. Dang… that flute music over there is so… It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. What is it about the 1960s and spooky flute music? The real question is if it works with what Barnabas is explaining now… Nope, this is the part where Barnabas notices Julia is wondering and he has to tell her he doesn’t have the same feelings for her as she does for him.

(Sorry, people! Yes, I get it! Barnabas should love Julia, he ought to love Julia with all that she helps him with and puts up with… but I never saw him reciprocating. Excuse me for being observant! Oh, and, excuse everyone else for having a blasted knee-jerk cow over the whole damn thing! I just listen to these poor people. I do not pick for them. Now get off of my blasted back! I’ve had enough friggin trolling. GAWD! Can I formulate out some more sound effects? Thanks. Y’all noticed I’ve been through the ringer with this fandom, eh? ^_^ )

Okay, this will need some footsteps… let’s see… The Old House is carpeted so I’ll have to muffle the footsteps. Now… how to do that… Got it… Now let’s have some strings in the background for some discussion over their friendship. And abrupt music fade out since now Julia’s asking about Angelique… Touching strings don’t enter the picture in this instance…

Ugh! I’m only at minute 13? I need a break! But I have to get to another 10 minute mark. Now, they’re discussing Josette as Maggie and how important that is. Well, none of this music is working. Let’s go back to some George Shearing I used for part of the regression therapy in episode 12. That sort of makes those areas of [awkward silence] not so silent… Well, Mr. “Big Cake” is being so melancholy I think it all should be there.

And him wanting to be alone again… Hmm… let’s grab those muffled footsteps and put them over there before she asks if he’s going to be all right. Then… hmm, raise the pitch for her footsteps. Julia needs a lighter tread. How about raising the pitch on his voice? No… it was fine. Undo changing the pitch on his voice again. Meh… Ugh… 15:30 on the time index. I have to get to 20 minutes before I can take a break. Wait… next scene is coming up with Wadsworth and Willie, which means I have to find more footsteps and door noises and… Seriously? Are you shitting me??? The neighbour on the other side is doing the bass boom? Come on! Blare some Journey or Iron Maiden for all I care! Do some screeching guitars or something! Play it! Fine! Just play it treble. Screw this. I’m taken a break…

Oh, goodie. I responded to Cara Mia and my husband called me back. After all this pairings weirdness trying to hook up everyone in Collinsport with each other, it’s nice to have a pairing of my own!

Here we go… Professor Stokes taking Wadsworth to Wyndcliff Sanitarium to meet Willie Loomis… Hmm… we need some footsteps. All right. Wadworth is likely going to have a lighter tread so lets redo all this and lower volume on those and heighten the pitch on some others and...

13 footsteps

The purple arrow is Professor Stokes footsteps, the black arrow is Wadsworth’s footsteps.

Checking the text… am I getting all of that right? Good, good. A few of Stokes lines aren’t low enough. Change pitch but not of all the words.

       clue_01_jpg_594x334_crop_upscale_q85 (1)stokes facing left crop

WADSWORTH: Sir, are you sure this will work?

STOKES: I have little doubt about it. You have managed to perform some miraculous feats since you arrived at Collinwood, Wadsworth. I think Mr. Loomis being able to see you might do the trick, indeed.

Door opening noise, let’s slow that down… kind of want to give it a creak but… mmm…

“Ah… Mr. Loomis… you look, well.”

Willie pretty

“Why… why… thanks, Professor… I am… a little… weary… of the pen, though.”

Yep! All of that work and many hours with breaks and I’m only done with seventeen minutes of completing Episode 13 with music and sound effects.

Told ya it was a pain in the arse!