Why Julia/Barnabas was never “weird” to me:

So, yeah… why was this non-canon pairing not scary to me?


I witnessed something MUCH scarier earlier! Here it is!

AHEM! Yeh! I witnessed something WAY WEIRDER! EARLIER! And I kinda like that Danzig asked, “WTF??” and Rollins was all like, “Heh… hmm! Well, whatever!” And that was it. Kinda similar to how Hall and Frid reacted, you know?

Anyway, that’s my take.

Let it go.

Let it be, (as The Beatles might say…)



I found it!

I remember in my podcast of 2020 June, I wondered if there were any non-canon romances that really interested me beyond Jo and Laurie from “Little Women”. Well… I finally remembered today there definitely was one for the two original seasons of “Twin Peaks”. Here is an image of it:

Audrey Horne and Special Agent Dale Cooper

Yep! That was THEE one for me! Of course, with this style of image, one can certainly get the impression this is a canon couple, right? Just like some of the Doctor Hoffman and Barnabas Collins images. Either way? Both couples on the original television series’ were one sided. She was interested, and he was not.

Sure, one can come up with the idea that *maybe* under much different circumstances perhaps an older Audrey Horne might have been to Dale Cooper’s liking, but, for all regards, in the original “Twin Peaks” series, no, sadly enough. I would not be opposed to reading some fanwork that got this couple together, but I wouldn’t pretend it was canon, simply a fancy I’ve had in the past.


With this I feel I may be able to identify a little bit more with preferences for non-canon couples. Took a long time to remember, but I am relieved I finally have.

Stay safe and be well,


Why are there so many Julia/Barnabas stories?



[Edit: Audio reading added.]

Hi there,

Yep, I’m here to provide another solution to a problem. The problem? Confusion.

I keep noticing stats for my Julia/Barnabas inquiry and log entries on that topic so I figure this is an appropriate time to explain something new I discovered about the phenomenon on my journey here.

When I took my grievances to pen pals on paper I got a startling reminder of how wacky things are with fans of Dark Shadows. Several good pen pals confidently told me, “Oh! You’re getting heat for a fanfiction work? You MUST be doing a NON canon romance!”

I had to do my best to put it as mildly and as simply as possible, “Umm… no… I’m getting heat for a much more twisted reason than that.” (I’m doing a complicated canon romance that is actually the main romance for the show, as well as two film versions, a revival show and an un-aired pilot of another revival of it.)

So with the non-canon romance of Dr. Hoffman and Barnabas Collins, I got pretty wiped out seeing the pushing of it in the name of “Women’s Liberation” or “strong women”. I think they missed the point of both. (Or as my Auntie related, “The women’s movement at the time [1960’s] looks in retrospect like a very bumpy road where the critical left turn at Albuquerque could be easy to miss.”) And I believe that is why many fans of Dark Shadows get rather shy in admitting to it, because if they disagree with the non-canon romance fans, who are more loud than numerous, they get this weird demonizing as if they are against Women’s Lib or strong women. Then that gets super confusing to even describe, so they don’t!

Of course, I’m the type to ask, “WTF?!” and actually mean it.

I hate dismissively simplified answers to things. It’s almost like anti-education and will often result in people not being able to take care of themselves. It’s easier to mock and belittle others for a lack of knowledge or experience than educate them and train them to be successful in life. (And tons of kids get this now, which burns my biscuits too.)

So, you may be asking, “Why are these Julia/Barnabas romance stories so numerous?”

People do put them together for a variety of reasons, of course. For some it really IS their “thing” and they enjoy it and do long sagas, get fulfilment, and because they do they don’t really bug anyone to take an interest unless that person already has one. (Like me, they might look for the people interested in something specific and have not a cow or even a calf over rejection.)

Still there are a lot of bonus extras and new attempts to “make it work” between these two characters which gives one the idea it is “popular” due to the numbers alone.

A frequent response to each one of these Julia/Barnabas romances is “Oh, finally!”

However, an “Oh, finally!” of a convincing story only needs a few versions or even just one.

Whereas a non-convincing scenario has a very short life. It doesn’t relieve people for long.

So? Gotta make another one.

And another.

And another…

It reminds me of a very short drug high such as whippits (laughing gas) or crack in extreme cases. One has to repeatedly partake to get “high” and it never lasts long. (I’ve never done crack, by the way, and only laughing gas once at the dentists’.)

This particular non-canon romance story doesn’t satisfy for long because at some point one returns to the original and sees, once again, a total lack of interest in one partner. So? Write another story, or get angry at the character.


I, myself, become most grateful for Louisa May Alcott, Little Women and Jo Bhaer née March when I see this. It was an uncomfortable lesson to learn with Jo March but I learned it and Professor Bhaer is a pretty groovy dude.

So if you’re wondering why the Julia/Barnabas stories are so numerous? That’s pretty much it. Short-lived satisfaction. And I would love to hear from once-upon-a-time Julia/Barnabas fans that they came to this conclusion too a long while ago. I think it would relieve all involved to hear it.

Take care.

Julia/Barnabas: Non-Canon Romances

Yes, we’re going into this topic yet again!

It really is absurd how much I seem to feed various guilt-ridden gossip streams out there. I suppose it’s that awful case of the technology designs ability to disjoint so very many people from making sense. No direct communication, no dialogue, so I had to take a few steps back in technology and get discussion from the much more reasonable source of pen friends. (Pat yourself on the back if you are one!)

I can only deduce I am seen as some total Anti-Non-Canon-Romance Monster or something equally as ludicrous, but I tell ya, folks. You’ve been throwing me a lot of nonsense over the years and, when this nonsense is the majority of what someone has to deal with, it gets pretty effing tiring! (It’s like watching people be surprised that abusing a pet or friend brings unfortunate reactions, you know?)

So here is the deal. I deduce I’m seen as this total anti Julia/Barnabas monster, right? No. I am not.

I’m tired of people having fits over the stupid idea that this thing that didn’t happen needs to have happened. That people somehow desperately need to convince each other that it was possible. Well, why wouldn’t people who ain’t seeing the darn thing on the screen as they watch the program get their knickers in a twist? Their neighbours are constantly attempting to convince them it happened when it didn’t! So what’s the next step in this behaviour? “Oh! Blame the character!” (((shaking my head)))

How about you start blaming the people giving you the useless information? How about you start just enjoying the darn thing for what it is: a non-canon romance that is displayed endlessly in the Dark Shadows fanfiction. How about some of you realise you read the fanfiction before watching the television program and didn’t quite understand that whatever you read was this completely different path from how it worked out five days a week back in the 1960’s up into 1971?

I think you’d feel a hell of a lot better!

Now, what some of my detractors out there seem to completely not understand is: not only do I support some of the Julia/Barnabas fans and their desire to create this stuff, but I also happened to be responsible in helping to create a Julia/Barnabas romance story. Yes! I, Daryl Wor, helped to inspire a Julia/Barnabas romance.

Here it is!

Helena Clara Bouchet, the perfect Dark Shadows friend to make first on my journey, was having some trouble working on a Julia/Barnabas romance for a number of months. She read the notes I had in my 8th chapter of “Margaret Josette Dupres” and became inspired by that. She dumped the ideas she’d had that were going nowhere from her previous attempt at a Julia/Barnabas romance and started to write “Complications”.

The thing that’s really been bothering me about the whole Julia/Barnabas phenomenon is how damned Unhappy people keep getting over it, whether they are for OR against it. Not only is the length of this phenomenon grown to the point of angering fans of the original romances, it’s sure as hell not doing any favours for the people who enjoy the non-canon stories.

It’s not helping new fans understand the characters, it’s not helping people enjoy some time off of their workloads and their errands, it’s not helping anyone on any side. (Well, except maybe the sociopaths who get a major kick out of seeing a lot of anger and suffering. THEY probably enjoy all of this.)

Like I’ve expressed in “The Love of Dr. Julia Hoffman” entry on this web log; the fans of it that understand it didn’t happen, that understand the non-canon romance stories are an exploration of what never was, the fans who appreciate what it is by it’s own definition of being non-canon are great! They get it! They aren’t running around trying to proselytize anyone! They offer their stories to be enjoyed and usually put in some kind of note about how it never did happen! (Or maybe they used to and started to forget?)

By the same token, Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine also never had a romance on Star Trek: Voyager, you see? You get to the end of Star Trek: Voyager and much of the romance that Janeway is concerned about protecting is one that’s going on with Seven of Nine and Chekotay. Does this Voyager canon pairing mean the folks building tales about Janeway and Seven can’t have fun? No! It doesn’t mean that. It means that Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine never had a damn romance on the show! That’s all!

So! I hope people can comprehend these words and can digest them slowly. Most of what I keep seeing with all this fancy, expensive equipment is paranoid delusions of what is and what isn’t. Not to mention so many people being in a state of constant upset that it’s about their turn to pop and deflate into a vegetable entirely.

Now, get some education, make a nice meal, have fun, and stop gossiping about me. I’m super easy to talk to as a source of who I am. You know, going to the source? Where folks get better information than the tabloid news this internet has become? Thank you!