(2021 February): Letters, Writing and Sending Mail

This podcast is in a theme: Letter writing and sending mail…

We start from Episode One with Wadsworth’s letter to Barnabas Collins, the two discussing that, and go right on up into what has already been released. (Be a’skeered… be very a’skeered… Or… not…)

Stepping through each episode to reveal what is available in letter writing, my listeners shall see where this leads, including why episode four ventured issue with Seattle’s Space Needle. *wink*

Episodes: 5, 6, 7, and 8 explaining all the letter writing aspects of those…

Continuing on with further episodes up into #12 and why the mail is important with the cheque for The Parapsychology Foundation for Reincarnation Research…

As for Episode #14, it’s almost ALL about the mail…

A bit more about postal sendings in #15… then #17 between Willie Loomis and the Ghost of Sarah Collins. ❤

“That evil is wicked is well understood. The wicked are punished so you must be good.”

Then #18, #19, and #21, what little we have for this theme…

Updates for Osheen Nevoy’s fanwork and my own…  Special thanks to pen friends getting me out of the madness…

Thanks to humanetech.com, etc.

How hate has been manufactured for the 2012 ‘Dark Shadows’ movie… and:  for me. And then: How to deal with that. (I express in this podcast that the guilt is “preferable” for the sake, in this situation, you’d be’ responsible’ rather than ‘helplessly tricked’. Which is the better choice? Having no recourse or having been a little responsible?)

For pen friends and friends, in touch, who still read books and old books: Listen…

Long-Term-Narrative is far more important that we might have ever considered was important. ^_^

Ending with this Aztec Camera song, “We Could Send Letters”,  dedicated to my pen friends, (please purchase it if you enjoy it):

Just close your eyes again
Until these things get better
You’re never far away
But we could send letters 

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Discussion with the postman ^_^ (More packages for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows to college radio.)

The postman came by and picked up another package to a college radio station. “Still workin’ hard, eh?”

“Oh, yes,” I told him, “And all just to get the chit-chat.”

We discussed various nuances in my work to find the fuel I need. I expressed to him I had to hunt down the people who specifically wanted what I was doing because so many had given up even looking for it. He pointed out that it was a very good thing for me to offer so much to others and that importance of understanding it.

I said, “I do, but all I want is the discussion over it to enhance my motivation. If I had had 5 people in this neighbourhood to share it with I likely never would have posted it online. I just don’t have that support. Plus with the type of people these are there is a fear of the word ‘review’. I’m not looking for bolstering so much as wanting to be a spectator with them. On top of which the positive types are extremely shy online these days. It would be good to bring back a positive influence since there is so much negative online now. That’s what I really want to encourage. Also, a comedian on stage has the benefits of seeing and hearing the reactions. All I need is the discussion. Five people would be sufficient. I’ve got more downloads, though, than I ever could have dreamed. It’s a little scary.”

“Well,” he said, “keep trying! It sounds like a good thing you’ve got going.”

But what did I get in the mail? Yay! A card from a pen friend, who isn’t a listener or reader of my work. She explained it all beautifully (and likely decorated this card herself). She writes: “Silence, especially to ones creative efforts/humor is, at the very least, alienating and isolating – at worst a killer. I wish for an end to that for you and much appreciation for the encompassing world you have created.”