I feel like an altered suit…

As I look down at my arm, now free of bandage and tape, I wonder where the stitches are… Hmm… there doesn’t appear to be any… Hmm… Oh… oh dear… is this what my Mum told me about? Did they actually use Super Glue? AHHHHH!!!

Well, one more week before I dare to ask that question. I’m not sure I do dare. Plus it’s one of THOSE weeks, ladies. Which means I have to keep reminding myself of what I post and where and if I do will I have to delete it because I’ll be embarrassed that I might have spilled too many beans out of the package?

I can’t believe how long this episode is taking, well… I mean I do believe it because I’ve had to alter so much to get the reincarnations accurate in what happened to this 3-in-1 girl. I’m glad when I finally let loose the man I’d added from vexation of having to do so much more than I thought, I came up with what he looked like, posted it around and my pen-pal, as behind this project as she has been from the start, saw Mr. Bachmeier and her head dropped on the desk. Ha-ha! I love that. 

hansel bachmeier

“Yes,” I said, “Josette Dupres was rather hot as a man, wasn’t she?” 

Thankfully, for him, he’s an add-on, which means if I want to develop him more I can stay within the bounds of vagueness and just reach into 1914-1918 historical reference. He was a smart guy, and a little evil, but he didn’t live that long. 

Man, but I can hear in my intros how, not only the silence had been shattering me, but also then flying into a wild MEGA-LOAD of Dark Shadows fans on facebook. And at that point NONE would discuss my work with me after the big broo-ha one fan managed to create. I hope I can get to better intros and maybe delete a few of the extra pod-casts for space when the time comes. Man, was *I* shaky! (tumblr didn’t exactly improve this either. Yeulch!)

But, MY GOD… I have had to deal with more negativity from people who are sooooo up in arms about how much they know and how involved their ego becomes with that supposed knowledge. I have dealt with an entire life of people thinking they know all about something, and then as soon as you show them the evidence that they are wrong they fly into a rage! Jeeeez! Hold the phone a minute, people. Take a breath and do a little research. 

“No! Then that might show I’m WRONG! AH!”

Um, okay, so you’re wrong about something. If you can’t live with a mistake than you’re talking to the wrong artist. I’ve had to live with a ton of my own mistakes, many in the last year because people were NOT communicating. Little did I realize that the internet had spent a decade depleting their ability TO communicate. 

CRAP! I just wanted to help Collinsport and all the people there! Now it feels like I have to save all these real people from turning into complete morons because the 21st Century began its incursion by melting their brains away from being able to build any relationship online! *sigh* I wonder if it’ll take me ten years to undo what The Powers That Be did to these people in the last decade. 

Well, I hope I can teach them and get my own needs met in the process. Seems a fair exchange.

And all I ask of everyone is not to “Be yourself”… No… ASK yourself, “Who am I? What in my life made me who I am today? And is there anything about that I want changed? Who do I want to be?”

That’s all. ^_^