Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 of “Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)”. Little Sarah, just over two years old, is growing and her parents do their best to take care of her in all the love they can provide. However, Sarah is about to re-live a time in her previous life (during 1795) that is very emotional, as her acting it out will be for Barnabas & Maggie. Please hit the link above if you would like to read it.

(Author’s notes are in bold before and after.)


Pit Update June 2016

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Most of this was created Monday 6 June 2016. I felt the need to address a lot of the high stress going on. As well as some healing, personally.

There is also a short rant or two for those who enjoy my rants. (I know there are some who do!) Discussion of why sharing files everywhere and buck-passing didn’t work.

More in-depth explanations of how the attention-spans have diminished over the years in so many people, as well as the problems with social media and how I am combating those and have done.

Updates on Pit construction as well as the marriage novel, including some past observations. Solid addressing of why the output for both have diminished, which may not be for the reasons one would think.

Fun stuff about how I and others create more authentic fanwork by dismissing poor advice and following our intuition about it. I go into a little of what I did with the Sailor Moon fanfiction that I wrote in the late 1990’s.

*Most Important*: How my audience can develop a healthy relationship with me for the good of us both. Too much that has happened promotes paranoia on either side and it would be much better if you follow the advice I give in this podcast about it. (i.e. If you listen to this podcast and write to me please address that you listened. I don’t have time for any more random and inane babbling from listening and trying to address these issues while denying you listened. Thank you!)

And, of course, some consideration for two 50th Anniversaries coming up: Dark Shadows and… The Monkees! Enjoy. ^_^


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[And yes, there are tracks behind my voice by Oasis from the album “Standing On The Shoulders of Giants”, which I believe is very fitting! 😛 ]

Episode 15: Intro With Automne Archer

Intro to 15


Lurch’s harpsichord entreats our venture toward a new avenue of this radio drama. The troubles collide and the gratitude extends in name and detail. So much celebration to be had between our faithful listeners who speak, and then? Our Addams Family prodigy reveals why she adores The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, as well as the golden age of cinema.

Discussion in the appreciation of canon, romance, fandom interests, emotional fortitude, our deeper meaning, exploration, friendship, Facebook disconnect, character study, and who we are.

Four alternatives to Facebook and its “Instant God”. Why correspondence is important and the donation account details:

Explanations about knee-jerk reactions from people who can’t see past fanfiction in “text” and never understand this project equates to major effort and money for bills to the post office, podomatic, archive donations, DVD extras, research books, moral support, and the drive for a higher purpose of being.

(By the way, Lurch’s harpsichord is actually from a piece that Emilie Autumn performed to celebrate “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” film. Also the ending clip song is by Nada Surf’s “I Remembered What I Was Going To Say”, which metaphorically works better than I could imagine since I believe many are wanting to tell me what they like but forgot how. So that’s my nod to where I’m lifting goodies. i.e. if you like them go and BUY THEM! ^_^ )

I realize some of you who aren’t downloading my show from iTunes need different links so you can choose what is easier. Here they are for this podcast. (Some people call it a broadcast which I love because I am essentially doing a radio show. Good, good!)

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Any other help you need? Please send me a message: Thanks and take care!


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A Scene a Day, Ep. 13, Julia Hoffman, Maggie Evans, Professor Stokes, & Barnabas Collins


Ugh! Here we go… more hard to do lines of Barnabas Collins, which means there are, like, five attempts I had to perform and figuring out which of the ones to pick. Plus it is just that. Sometimes the microphone will pop at the wrong moment, a tick of saliva needs to be removed from the edge of words, or, as in many cases, if you’ve been a listener of mine, two or three separate performances per line are sometimes melded into one, which is a lot harder to do than one might suppose.

A sentence or a fragment of a sentence with another spliced together in sound, not text. Today I got to do this will all four of these characters’ lines to get it right. Maggie’s words are so emotional they had to be re-done again and again. Professor Stokes were the same as I’ve taken more pains with his somewhat gravelly accent. But he goes faster as altering his pitch is simpler than Barnabas. Barnabas seems to need variations in lowering of pitch to really get him right, and sometimes per word! Arg! Still, the picks Stokes has gotten today are far better than in the previous demos. Hurray for The Professor!


And so I’ve had to move audio clips from one file to another. In order to get Barnabas to sound better I now isolate my focus on Jonathan Frid’s performances and listen to his voice by itself. “One Man Show, Jonathan Frid? Hi! One Woman Show, Daryl Wor! Nice to meet you!” ^_^

I wasn’t much into Mr. Frid but I’ve been growing a palish attachment to that fellow. I am in this to help everyone in Collinsport, not just Mr. Big Cake. I think that’s why my pen pal told me after some time had passed, “To me you haven’t even been creating fanfiction, it’s like you’re re-writing the show. You’ve got everyone in there plus all these other people.” And it’s true.

I expressed to another helper, who’d given up on finding a fix-it style series, or even just the reincarnation aspects of Josette in a simpler story, that what I was doing was finding a cut-off point and then weaving a new series in that collects all the problems and sorts through everything. She noticed that right away. She’d been watching Dark Shadows for years, making visual creations and cringed a long time saying, “I wish there was some way to make this better… And then I see all your stuff and cry out, ‘We’re making it better! We’re making it better! It’s working!’

Now that was something I’d been longing to hear from someone!

In the Foreword of Anne Jamison’s book Fic:

“Writing and reading fanficiton isn’t just something you do; it’s a way of thinking critically about the media you consume, of being aware of all the implicit assumptions that a canonical work carries with it, and of considering the possibility that those assumptions might not be the only way things have to be.”


Now, mind you, this has only recently begun to change in the world of Dark Shadows. I’m not seeing any DS in the index for this book and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was not something anyone helping to create this book wanted to touch.

I combed enough years and got enough evidence from others, who had also collected stories before the internet, that publicly pairing Barnabas Collins with anyone other than an original character, Dr. Julia Hoffman or Angelique Bouchard would put you into some very hot water. Victoria Winters stories started to catch on, thankfully, and now we have some leakage of Maggie Evans and a non-forsaken, non-dead Josette Dupres. I also recently heard from someone who became very grateful for my work that she was looking for the reincarnation. Now she has the courage to create her own. Doesn’t help me in needed conversation over the radio drama department, but it’s nice!

Anne Jamison continues:

“It’s what David Foster Wallace was getting at in his famous speech, ‘This is Water’: ‘Learning to think… means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience. Because if you can not exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed.’ Fanfiction is about exercising this choice. It helps us not to get hosed.”

Well, I dunno about that yet. I got pretty extremely hosed for 19 months and now with the audio I feel even worse sometimes. My adopted children are doing better but I’m rather ruined for another three years since I can’t stop this madness no matter what I’ve tried. And that exercising of choice seems a little lacking to many who use social network sites. It’s like my ride to church says, “Oh, it’s all being thrown at them at once, it’s too much!” So true.

Who are my listeners anyway? Can’t tell very well with followers from blogs and like-clicks a’go-go. I couldn’t do all of what I’m doing without being so curious and gathering tons of evidence. People online sure have a funny way of giving me any evidence of what they enjoy in my audio work.


“Data, data, data. I cannot make bricks without clay.”

Some are just listening for whatever reason, anything Dark Shadows, anything spooky, anything this, anything that, but there are others who have been waiting up to forty years because they love the characters and craved a better world for them. Sadly them not getting much of it before, and the internet scooping our communication skills toward more robotic maneuvers of trying to do “too much”, making the conversation over this long awaited journey almost impossible.  And the skimming! I’m told a couple people have so much trouble concentrating they read the text while they listened to the radio show! No surprise! I had to do that to get through Isak Dinesen’s book “Out of Africa.”

I think this scene in Episode 13 is going to take more than a day. Barnabas is getting odd ideas, Julia is rushing with Eliot to find Maggie, and with all of the reincarnation swarming around I still have to pick which audio of this wonderful line sounds best when Julia almost runs over a squirrel and says, “Don’t worry. I missed him. He’s likely a Collins, too! Knowing this GD TOWN!


There are still lines to splice in from Barnabas. Professor Stokes seems to be less at ease than usual, but it is a dramatic scene for him He’s getting more information about everyone than he likely ever got on Dark Shadows in one fell swoop! LOL! And, of course, what he sees, he likes. This Doctor lady is really with it. Plus she seems to have a thing for this Collins guy who doesn’t have a thing for her. Hmm! I wonder if she’d be interested in someone like me?

That is likely one of the troubles with The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, there is so much going on, like in Dark Shadows, but it is rather compressed. Well, I’ll try to make things easier when I get to episode 17. I see what word count and time estimate would work better.

Until then, I’ll be editing this stuff, looking for pen pals and people who like to chat, and praying for more money and friendship along the way.


The Promise What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)” [Note 3]


In chapter 3 of “Margaret Josette Dupres” there is some trepidation for our groom and some rather winning allure from one bride, who is often seen as so sweet to be undeveloped. Well, Josette Dupres has been a lady of refinement as well as kind to others, even to one who did her the worst of wrongs and would normally not be friends with someone of her class. But for Josette, even a servant could be a friend. If Angelique couldn’t show that kindness in return to Josette this would be strait Dark Shadows, and not part of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows

In this combination from Josette Dupres to Kitty Soames to Maggie Evans, much can be seen, as well as a lady who uncorked not only her own mysteries but the mysteries of everything in Collinsport. View this woman coming from her island home and  more or less Parisian lifestyle embarking on a journey of three lives. First she travels as a French mademoiselle to step down in Maine, and next a widow from England, previously from Pennsylvania, setting foot again on the same shore and then finally she is born there, but does this woman know boats and nautical terms? As it turns out she does. Is it simply from this third life in a shipping town or having been familiar with ships so much before? And as for the man she finally marries in this novel. Oh, does she know him, and know him well. Perhaps her level-headedness and her determination to have her husbands’ knowledge increased by his servitude to her is what makes him so nervous.

Does Barnabas fight this allure? Oh, no.

I didn’t sit through hours and days and months and years of fricken Dark Shadows listening to that infusion of walking melancholia whine and bitch and moan over not getting this chik for nothing! Unlike other people who wanted to smack him for missing his sweetie, I saw the reincarnation (and I’m not the only one who did) and told him, “FINE! HERE SHE IS! SHE WANTS YOU, TOO! OKAY? Now go for it!

Aaaaaand… oh, dear! Cupid’s arrow struck me in a whirlwind of confusion channeling these two. Suddenly a surprising one shot organically sprouted into an ongoing novel. Will my other couples be as extreme? (Tony & Carolyn woke me up a bit, but not like this!)

So there Barnabas Collins holds his bride in that bed after already experiencing her in the absolute for the first time, and he is still dazzled. Finally having this one he’s ached for (and woe-as-me and sad tales of loss, blah, blah, blah), “Now I get to actually have her?” Think about it. If he got her? After all of that? He better be a combination of grossly terrified and extraordinarily happy!

But, who of us took a peep into the bedroom?

Whoah! Osheen? Wow!

Osheen Nevoy chapter 3 . Apr 28

Beautiful. Both the physical aspects and the non-physical. And I love the line about her own ghost calling to her.
Oh my! Very nice! I’d love to have her review more! And yes, I felt both Kitty and Maggie would have that trouble on the inner turmoil of Josette. 
Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 3 . Apr 12

So how did they wake up the next morning? 🙂 This was romantic in their bonding and reminisces of the past. And sensual!
I thought so. ^_^ I think that’s why this erotica is so different. It leans towards more sensuality than sexuality. Every part is glorified rather than the baser areas normally seen in work of this kind. Loved notes of romance and bonding which for them should be celebrated. And waking up the next morning? That is asking for more. Always welcome!
myhrr chapter 3 . Apr 23

Can’t stop reading it…this should have been in the movie, but I guess it would have gotten an R rating in 1970…you write exquisitely, and the reader hangs on to your every word to see what is going to happen when we turn the page (so to speak) and happen upon the next chapter.
My dear madam, such a delight. Perhaps I don’t write exquisitely, though. Perhaps Barnabas does. And I tell ya, channeling that man; the thesaurus gets some overtime use. He is so picky. 
And so we move on to Chapter 4, when our bride awakens a married woman to speak for herself, albeit a little fumblingly.
Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 4 . Apr 13

I think the chapter is alright. It’s sweet to show Barnabas comforting MJ’s fears and reading of the intimate thoughts of the world-wise (or centuries-wise) Josette Dupres. And perhaps you could replace Heaven with “Paradise”? It’s a glorious setting, too, but it’s just my suggestion 🙂
The suggestion I took! It is perfect. Thank you. That one’s always been a little uncertain. And the comforting is sweet. I can’t see him being any other way with her. This couple is satisfied. Thank you for the insight!
Liz chapter 4 . May 9

Praise be to the Collinsport Afghan! Dark Shadows characters, besides Jeff Clark, are finally acknowledging their past lives. Now why couldn’t the show’s writers have penned such a simple idea? It makes me want to rent a time machine, barge into Dan Curtis’ office, and scream, “If you introduce a plot point like reincarnation, follow through and finish it!” But no, that would’ve been too easy. Instead, they thew Maggie aside as Nicholas Blair’s love interest! Was there ever any long term planning involved with Dark Shadows’ writing department?
Now this is something I love about making these new friends online. We all know exactly what these items are and who the characters are. We all just get one another almost instantly. Another reason why I wrote the pairings analysis. Like greets like. And again we have one of the few listeners I found. We just felt the pairing made sense and didn’t besmirch the 2012 film of humour for at least trying to get the Josette issue squared away for once. And yes, Nicholas Blair… huh? But then there are more “huhs” in Dark Shadows than one can shake the proverbial stick at.  I think Dan Curtis did want this with asking K.L.S. to reprise her role so much but considering it was a soap-opera would it have gone down well?
ring pop art chapter 5 . Apr 29

Ooh La La!
Very sweet and romantic…
Also, I was quite amused with the bit about fake pockets.
Yay! Someone new comes in to review, and a non-bedroom scene. And yes, that fake pockets thing gets on my nerves, too. I can see where Barnabas was coming from. What I felt was the sweetest and most romantic part was where she squeezed his hand on the bench making him ask why. She was thinking of the previous night and her knuckles crept in blushing remembrance to her face. Maggie was correct; if one thinks of these memoreis and writes them down? More splendour can be enjoyed and it grows.
katie chapter 5 . Apr 24

Tender, sweet, romantic and oh, so poignant. You channel the Josette and Barnabas that should have been. Those who will never be separated, by time or what life has dealt them. Bravo!
Thank you, Katie! Another new friend who’s come to mean so much. A that’s the funny thing about fanfiction, isn’t it? Since it’s based on fiction it’s either nearly as believable or more believable for where we see the most sense of the story going. I realized this when watching an episode and noticing Tony & Carolyn separated for some annoying reason. I found myself not worrying about it anymore. I’d fixed it already. ^_^ And thank you so much for using the word channel and how they’d never be separated. Josette said it herself, I mean, you know, back when the show had less continuity flaws. 🙂
myhrr chapter 5 . Apr 23

Please dont stop at this chapter…leaving the reader hanging, is in some ways, a good thing, and brings us back wanting and waiting for more. Yes it has brought a certain peace to my psyche, knowing that Barnabas and Josette/Maggie can experience some of the things that so many of us take for granted. The simple things that make one’s life complete. Thank you for writing this for us, the readers.
You’re welcome! Finally, to FIND some readers! It was rather dismal during the test run. Later on, WOW! Did I have readers! I’m not sure the first run of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows did this well! No worries on more chapters, though. Where are we now? 33? I don’t think any of us take this for granted. Still wonder why it is our stories get the flames. All I can figure is there is a taboo truism some people are threatened by. For this Dark Shadows there are about 409 stories at that site now. One would think that would retain the needs of such rude people, but I guess when you’ve got something convincing it shocks the meanies into action.
Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 5 . Apr 14

Seriously, I thought that Barnabas and MJ were going to get down and dirty in the mausoleum when she loosened his collar, but I don’t know how I would had reacted if they did in front of Naomi’s crypt (or on it :D). Second, I can only imagine Tony Peterson, Carolyn, and the other family members and friends watching them and thinking, “They make such a cute couple, but why is she wearing THAT outfit?!” Wouldn’t you ask that, being on the outside looking in, Daryl? No criticism at all, but just an immersed observer. It was sweet, lovely, and it was…don’t know how to say it, but it was interesting that MJ also saw their journal writings as resourceful for future, possibly troubled couples. That’s actually pretty interesting andd progressive of her (if that’s the right word to use). I liked it. What’s next? 🙂

Nope, he was getting nervous and yes, the whole family crypt thing. They were considering the secret room but later on we discover that doesn’t have the greatest of memories for this particular couple. Some confidence is lost in the fear.

I was seeing this dress from the late 60’s on her. She kept showing it to me and I was like, “Okay, yes, that’s one of those old Simplicity or McCall’s dress patterns from back in the day when women started wearing those revamped pioneer style dresses or whatever.” I guess Carolyn might raise an eyebrow to it but only because I can’t see Carolyn wearing one herself.

As for “Margarette’s” wisdom, that rather came out when I saw what was happening to this book. I’d read it more, and more would come out. Then THEY’D want more and that would come out. Now it’s suddenly spiraled out of control and I’m planning on selling it! Those two Love-Bats did me in, but good! I figured if it worked for them, then worked for me, maybe that could work for a lot people’s love lives. Heck! I think some couples even make videos of themselves and watch it for thrill! (Not me!) But yes, write it down when it’s good. Re-read that when your hungry, go have at it with your lover, write that down, read it, get turned on again, make some more love, shower, rinse, repeat! Good advice. 🙂

What’s next? Should be an enhanced version of busting up the bed again, unless they send me another curve ball. (That’s why she asks if it’s time to go home. So far they’re rushing back to The Old House in Chapter 6.)

Thank you all, including this couple:
stop that

The Promise of What Praise Can Do [Note 2 for Margaret Josette Dupres]


I apologize for not getting back to this project what with emailing a zillion radio stations, getting over a cold, juggling lines between Wadsworth, Willie Loomis, Sam Evans, Maggie Evans, Professor Stokes, Doctor Hoffman, Caleb Collins, requesting help with Morticia’s lines from Cara Mia, tending to buddies, having bits of inspiration to continue this addictive side project and dealing with some ridiculous negatives it all became rather jumbled.

Lover of the written word, Helena expressed: “This was a nice preview into what is to come (as I read in the previous version ;)), especially to the allusion Josette/Maggie made to expressing her pain on him. I think a little more could be said about the chapel (I know the family had to be Protestant from Abigail’s previous disagreement with the DuPres family being Catholic, I believe, but as for branch of Protestantism, I guess you can pick which ever was popluar during that time. Just a thought.), and a brief guest list, and Barnabas’s wardrobe. Was his wedding suit similar to the one he wore in 1795? Yet, Maggie/Josette was right: they have a long way to go in healing. And I cracked up on the quote from Mrs. White. Ha ha! Nice touch :)”

This helped a lot. Much of any “critiquing” has been fairly rude of my guests in the main which is why I started deleting so many. However, Helena reflects on wardrobe and how that might help. It’s been something I’m not sure would halt the flow of the story itself or bring more to light. I’m still curious as ever if further description of wardrobe, physical looks, or setting would improve on all of this or distract from it.

I keep wondering if Abigail phrased Catholics as the dreaded “papists” that many Protestants who dislike Catholisicm tend to do, at least in some older stories. And I blush at Helena’s referring to the previous run. It took a while before anyone confessed to reading those original drafts. I was embarrased to be doing it and then having no one to discuss it with as the entire concept of erotica fic for screen characters was a weird concept to me. I was shocked at what was happening. (Without a car one can hardly rush to a sex-therapist to pour out the confusion.)

As for embarrassment I think someone saw that I was begging to hear something when I enhanced and re-released “The Wedding Night” as they quickly wrote:

Guest chapter 2 . Apr 11

1: YO

2: dude you can really write!

I appreciated that. It is good, and it healed my marriage but I might as well have bitten my fingernails to shreds from the nervousness of finally finding the people who might want “The Wedding Night” in all it’s severity without hearing anything. Sometimes, well what are the words to the song Wild Thing? “But I wanna know for sure.” It’s all a little like that. The next day? I did know for sure:

Liz chapter 2 . Apr 12

Move over Angelique Bouchard! We have a new alpha female in Collinsport. Seriously though, this chapter puts Tim’s Burton DS love making scene to shame. Tries my best Oliver Twist impression: “Please sir, I want some more.”

THANK YOU! I rather felt that way myself but wanted to hear someone else say it. The DS 2012 scene was a bit much and rather unbelievable, but this Wedding Night scene that made me literally shake in my seat when I saw it before work one day? It was somehow believable. I didn’t knock that portrait off the of the wall; they did.

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 2 . Apr 8

YIKES! Ha ha ha! Oh my goodness, Daryl, when Maggie had what appears to be fangs and bit him, I thought that this honeymoon was about to change into a horror movie that Barnabas would NEVER forget 😀 So was this his imagination or did she really have fangs and just went at him for what she suffered as Maggie?

It rather was. Not his imagination. What I saw happening here was like I’d just switched from DS disk 50 to DS disk 90 and wondered what the heck was going on for my own series. As the pieces fell into place I realized it all made sense to stretch that far, and a less cursed form of vampirism would give them time to heal for all of the loss. However, a reincarnated Josette twice over would have a lot pent-up sexual energy from getting about as abused as the man himself, if not more so. He was in agony when she put her foot down back in 1795 and he could not tell her he didn’t love her. She tried to get him to say he didn’t love her. He failed. This lady has more hold on the guy than any other dame I’ve witnessed with him. She’ll make some punishment out of her passion, no doubt.

myhrr chapter 2 . Apr 23

Excellent! You are a true bard!

Thank you! And I thank them. Quite complimentary. ^_^

trina schuler chapter 2 . Jul 23


Simply put but so true. I’ve sure felt the magic wonder of it! (And still do.)

Mark T chapter 2 . May 25

really cool. . .everything flows together. it’s sexy in a way that is direct and cool and romantic in a way that isn’t a gimmick to avoid blatant expressions of carnality. vampire love baby. . .yikes indeed!

Ah, the old friend we miss. It was groovy to get this familiar tone. I’m guessing delving further would be a bit much so I’m more than happy to hear this from him. We’ve all been some crazy artists together. He also had this to say for chapter 1:

good chapter here, economy of words but also hitting the right cliches. there’s the back and forth between confidence and doubt that creates tension. “looked for me in so many other women”. . .great line there. . .

I am glad of this review as Barnabas comes out with the Regency or Colonial language but adding in these new time periods that gives him a very anachronistic style of expression. This tension comes out from his character on the program that does go between confidence and doubt. It’s that sensitivity many fans find alluring, charming, but unfortunately easy to pick on. So fans that empathize with him hold those traits quite dearly in a loving way, which is absolutely glorious to finally discover in this fandom. (And the review is from one who knows only a little of Dark Shadows. It proves to me this is definitely channelling.)

DS chapter 3 . Apr 12

Lovely! Can’t wait for more.

Whoever this was it was awesome. When people say they want more it gets one moving. No question about it.

Liz chapter 3 . Apr 20

Three chapters in – and they’re still going at it?! Vampirism must do something mighty powerful to one’s libido. This is my scientific theory and no soul (living or dead) can persuade me otherwise. More in-depth reviews to follow… I pinky promise!

I do await them with longing, even if it takes months. And this one, yes, they just kept going, although it was the same night and it has been almost 200 years. More for her than for him really but all of the stress they have gone through (and have yet to endure in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows) it is rather a blend of erotic vampirism with 3 lifetimes of waiting and him stuck in limbo; all the previous agony going along for the ride. I believe this was the same lass who wrote: “You’re publishing chapters faster than I can review them! *shakes fist*” to which I answered, “That’s because they’re going at it faster than I can write down.” I remember a few someones around here enjoyed that bit. ^_^

I think that’s good for now as there are so many more, and one from Chapter 6 that is still my favourite as I was hoping to get something like that. It was similar to a review in “Forever Mine” that I saw and I thought, “Wow? Where did these other ladies go? They let it all hang out for this couple!”

Glad to find some readers who were the same!

post ring

The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)” [# 1]


So, as you’ve heard me go on about what I’ve needed to not wipe out on the radio drama I will present you with my unusual but absolute delight in how we come to what the results could be: A passionate marriage that starts our story on the wedding day? How odd! Don’t these stories usually end in a wedding with a curtain close? Well, I suppose you’ve heard the intro to my first podcast. I sure wanted to look behind that curtain… but I never thought I’d get so much when I took a peep!

The good of chapter 1a

From Liz I even got some surprise and beauty on the radio drama! “I am not the biggest fan of cross-overs but I took the plunge and listened to the first episode. To say I enjoyed it is an understatement.” YES! At last! Still, I maintain it to be multi-fandom as cross-over usually means two lines coming together, but even when I’ve heard things from people about it and the details are a little off? I DON’T CARE! *smile* I love to hear ANYTHING! I listen to the episodes repeatedly and I’ll know which line comes from where. Even enjoyment of the voice acting. Anything at all.

Next Liz writes: “Cue my confusion at a repentant Barnabas and Maggie voluntarily referring to herself as Josette! Things I always wished for but never hoped to read, especially this line: ‘I knew they’d worked a long time on recreating Josette’s wedding dress and considering its sinister history, I was happy for a re-creation… such as my bride, Maggie Evans was.’ ”

What I know of this reviewer is she has an intensity at scholastic skills and takes pieces of this entire relationship in The Dark Shadows saga to the point of blowing my own mind. For me? I listened to the characters. This was what came. I don’t make a lot of personal decisions for them. I ask them what they want. That’s why when I saw all the hell they were going through, I thought, “Okay! We gotta call for some BACK-UP!” Hence all the bonus characters… and oddly many from the same time period. I still wonder why these gals are so hesitant to speak, there must be more, but we have two passionate and younger types who also saw this specific triple reincarnation. That’s better than none!

Next up we have Taryn:

“I adored this! This is exactly what should have happened, and I’m so glad you’ve posted this. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more. Keep up the fantastic work!”

I knew she had had more to say because we found each other on another site I’d posted to and she saw my rant after saving my husband from that cold walk home. When I hear “This is what should have happened” that’s where I finally exhale, “Yes… I have found one. At last!” She had also told me on another site: “To me… this is what DID happen.” Even better! I firmly believe the original daytime drama (which calls for downfalls left and right) having a weaving into a mini-series that allows humour and more characters over could produce something of this nature. In essence The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is a series, but “mini-series” tend to have an end goal. In North America we often drag it on unnecessarily which gets in the way of good story telling for that obnoxious need to advertise junk.


Guest chapter 1 . Apr 6

“Great first chapter, look forward to reading more.”

No need to be a stranger, upon writing this I’m certainly not shy! But if it makes you more comfortable, I understand. Either way? AWESOME SAUCE!

Now for the long one by Osheen:

Osheen Nevoy chapter 1 . Apr 6

—Very well done indeed. He completely does seem and sound like Barnabas – like the sweet, concerned, honorable and loving man that we know from his most positive moments in the show. Both of them are strong, fully-developed characters in this, completely able to make the right choices based on the knowledge and acceptance of all the wrong choices they have previously made. I loved Sam’s line about neither giving away nor losing his daughter; that was definitely the right thing to say, it completely does sound like Sam as he is at his best moments in the show. Lovely to see Sarah there, too. In answer to your question of what (if anything) there should be more of, I suppose I would like to see more mention of the people who were there – I mean, it doesn’t need to be some huge, clunky cast of characters listing, but I would like to know – Roger, Liz, Vicki, anyone else? Considering the close interaction of all those characters with our hero and heroine over the years, I’d like to know that they’re there and to learn something about the looks on their faces, as they’re watching the ceremony. As for the question on the minister – all I know for certain on that is that when Liz was about to marry the vile McGuire, it was a “Judge Crathorne” who was going to perform the ceremony, in the drawing room at Collinwood. Suggesting of course (as do the facts that we never hear them mention church or really anything religious at all) that the Collinses are not a particularly religious family; though of course Liz may have also felt that marrying Jason should not be sanctified by taking place in a church. Josette, of course, certainly was religious; she presumably was Catholic, and we see her with those saints’ medals and so on. But maybe what would make most sense would be for them to get married in a Unitarian church – Unitarianism is very strong in New England and has a long history there, and the somewhat more open and accepting attitude of Unitarianism as opposed to some other denominations would seem, to me, to speak well to Barnabas and Maggie considering their multi-faceted and multi-troubled histories! A lot of Unitarian churches in New England (well, at least in Massachusetts, but I presume there must be at least something of the same history in Maine) are the direct descendants, often in the same buildings, of the original town churches. So if the Unitarian church in Collinsport is in the same building as the church that was there in the 18th century, that would give another powerful reason for Barnabas & Maggie to choose it as their wedding location.—

This one helped me so much! And there are more I’ll go over in my notes. Anyway, I was deeply impressed with Osheen and she helped me to see that it did sound like him. I was coming to realize no one had done this before. Like I say, I channel these characters and become possessed by them.

Osheen saw this chapter when it was still up for rough draft comment. I had also been considering a Unitarian holy man and she helped confirm my suspicions. I laughed heartily at her, “it doesn’t need to be a clunky cast of characters…” Just the way she conversationally describes things. She even came back later and had to say she loved Carolyn belting out, “Get them married already for heavens sake!” ^_^

I appreciated she heard Sam speak in his own lines. I keep wondering who saw Sam speak in “A Candle For Sarah”. It was very hard to write Sam Evans in first person. I did get one tip that it sounds a bit like Andre Dupres as well. From that person with “A Candle For Sarah” I heard, “Yes! It was deep. Very deep. I loved it!”

I told her, “Oh good! I had this terrible feeling everyone read it and thought… “uh… I feel too w-e-i-r-d about this… I don’t wanna write anything…”

LOL! Anyway. If people like this, or like-click, whatever, I’m up for doing more. It’s nice to see the good stuff for a change, right? ^_^

Maggie and Barnabas