I am fricken *tired*

Good heavens. Emailing for days and days… looking up college stations, etc. The perfect one seems to have the strictest security and then barely any regular programming. They could play the episodes for filler all they wanted. That would be something… if I could just reach them. 

I think what’s the oddest part of all of this is I’d hope there would be one kindred soul out there who was like me when I heard my Aunt’s radio show and became steadfast to it and wanting to get to know her, and tell her about what I enjoyed. I listened to them so much I was able to tell her a week ago all sorts of lines I still remember. Where are all those lonely kids who actually want to chat and hang out?

Then again, I often get, “Hey, did you see that new movie or read that book?” and it’s like, “Um, no… I’m locked in this multi-fandom. It ain’t only a single show. We’ve got plenty to discuss if you want to go down that route.”

It’s like total miscommunication. Tell me what you enjoyed, don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong or tell me what to add. I have a request list on that score and I rarely get those answers. Why is Providence pushing me so hard and sending me so little of the help that I need?

Crap. There goes the neighbours with their rude booming noise again. I wish the newer neighbours next door to them would get fed up and give them heck. 

I printed out the dialogue I copied from DS Episode 884. It’s hard to believe how slow this 12th Episode is. What’s harder to discern is even my pen pal who is usually so descriptive about what she likes can’t give me that benefit anymore. It’s as if everyone thinking their part in this is to listen and hope their reactions some how telepathically reach me. And that file sharing… what? Just passing along the information in the hopes someone ELSE will do something? 

This could be a fun project for me if people who simply respond with more than like clicks and have a dialogue like Pat’s been able to do. I guess they don’t want it to go faster or something. Has a majority of my audience gotten complete brain fog? Perhaps it’s too late and they’ve lost their ability to pay attention to anything but short-attention-span distractions.

Weird considering the wealth of complexity Dark Shadows is on it’s own.

I hope these emails to college stations manage to find me some DJs.