Bloody Amplification… (More on Episode 15 & 16)


Babe. That’s mostly what we can say here but…

Morticia Addams’ lines for Episode 15 were created in 2013. I made a better go for Victoria in this scene but because of a newer microphone (same make and company) her words seem louder on the test listen, so I have to amplify for Morticia. Then go through all the bother to save the file where I can play it on my mp3 player with a different set of headphones and now? Morticia is too loud.


Can you see in all of this why Facebook like-clicks and graciously sent memes get on my nerves? 🙂

So, how to combat the issue? Well last night was rather lovely but I’m in the here and now, so those thoughts only help a bit to distract me. Then I have fun make-out daydreams about Willie Loomis. That’s a comfort. ^_^

What to do?

Ah, in between audio edits, I can look over what I have for Episode 16! Why am I so looking forward to this? As some thorough readers remember, my Muse is a harsh mistress. I can barely be entertained by any thing not in my own work, meaning all the different fandoms. I’d like to get back to watching Dark Shadows and The Addams Family for more accuracy and enjoyment, the only film I’ve been able to watch in over a year is Clue, but for Episodes 16 & 17 I get to watch ANOTHER movie. Oh!!! The feeling of an ounce of freedom to stretch out!

beetlejuice film poster

Yes, yes, I know. Too much, eh?

I once decided against bringing in The Ghost With The Most; it’s not 1960s. But then again, how long has this guy been hanging around? Our folks bureaucratically running the afterlife seem to know him very well. Also, the fanwork for him is quite good from what I’ve seen. Are the stripes of his outfit a metaphor to once being part of a chain-gang back in the day, but were made vertical when he passed-on? This could range him between the late 1800’s to the mid 1950’s, and picking up newer slang along the way. As for an earlier version of BJ, it looks manageable. I just pray that possible sequel coming out won’t injure what I put together.

As for why? Most of us know Angelique Bouchard gets around. No matter what, she keeps coming back. It is possible BJ encountered her and this did not turn out to his liking. There is no revenge in his purview for her as a witch… but right now? She’s not a witch. She’s a vampire… more corporeal, you see? And being more corporeal, our striped teamster could very well have his revenge on her:

Angelique vs Beetlejuice

As I posted to facebook a while back, “Well, do you wanna effin’ see it or not?”

I’m wagering not since I haven’t even got enough discussion on episode 7 yet, much less all the ones after that. Oh, well. Guess it’ll be me and my grassroots kin for many months/years to come. Vocal support to enjoyment of the scenes can change that at any moment, but I urge my readers not to wait for someone else to do it. If you want to be on the journey more than my updates you’ll have to participate. And there is little fear in doing so. Some reviewers want to plunk down their identities, but no one has to, you know. 😉

As it happens, I’ve found another person reviewing the marriage novel and with wonderful insight. I am adoring that communication to it. It was what I always wanted. When my pattern of creation altered from goofing-off to channeling all the characters, the project changed completely. My adoptees flocked into my psyche and started showing me things. I was giving and they wanted to give back. As with the marriage novel, Barnabas Collins and Margaret Josette Dupres opened a whole new world of possibilities. Things I’d craved but couldn’t isolate in my own life. When I look at reviews I’m only seeing any splendour I own as a conduit. I become an instrument of empathy and they lead the way. I’ve become a spectator, but a very lonely one with the audience around me saying nothing. I’m in that theatre seat with everyone but they rarely chuckle or express themselves. It’s a vacant room of onlookers staring into space. I feel alone among hundreds of people and my adoptees see that as well. So further reviews on “Margaret Josette Dupres” with that reflection to the depth of love and sharing the passion is deeply important to me. I never knew it was possible for erotica to contain so much love, but this one does. And vampire erotica to bring more uniqueness in the discovery!

As for looking over Episode 16: getting the magic of new creation back. Oh, wow! I’m looking at what I’ve got. There are some wonderful scenes here. Maggie meets Caleb who knows all of her incarnations, Lily and Elizabeth are packing for England together and enjoying each others company, Professor Stokes and Dr. Hoffman coming to terms with how she’s feeling and how he’s feeling about her. ❤

And our Ghost With The Most. I approached him about this. And what did he tell me with open arms?


“I’m all yours, babe! Happy to be of service.”

Have you noticed I haven’t said his name once in this blogpost? It’s true. I’m a believer.

So that’s where I’m at right now, what with these blasted voices amplified either too loud or too soft.

But again, I’m dying to finish Episode 15 and move forward to where I left off in 2013 with the 16th Episode. Why? Because now The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows has to be earned, not bestowed. I’ve gone through too much Hell, obviously, and five chunky responses per episode is hardly much to ask for. As I said in my “How Soon Is Now?” podcast, this is not only free-entertainment, but it’s costing me and it’s costing me a bundle. Either way I can do it for me by the time I reach Episode 16. Uploading more will be up to audience participation.

With further episodes only kept to myself and grassroots helpers? It reminds me of the scene in “Anne of Avonlea” when Anne shows Marilla her new book and says,


“It’s mine. It’s all mine.”

For Barnabas Collins and Margaret Josette Dupres? I’m still working on further chapters too, but I’d like to leave this video for my dear couple. I only listened and tried to help, and in return the two of you gave us the love life we wanted so desperately but couldn’t find, until I asked that question at the end of 2013. Thank you. ❤

The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)” [Note 6]

Yes. I am very tired of editing Episode 14 in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. So I thought I’d focus on this again just to make due with all the program crashes and interruptions, as well as weaning myself from facebook minus twice a week. I’d like to confess that I have several more chapters planned for “Margaret Josette Dupres” as well as re-starting “200 Years Away” which is the T-rated version. I’m leaving the old one up because it just got too messy switching things out and when I restart it I want to get a note on it to inform followers when the re-write is going to happen.

One thing I have learned in all this is it’s a nice compliment to get a follow/favourite on a story. You at least have some recognition that someone cares about it enough not to want to miss anything. I do blame device tech for much of the troubles in lack of commentary and the lack of letter-writing ability. I figure if someone can read and speak they have the wherewithal to type down their reflections on material they enjoyed. People blame ADHD, but I see this more as the distract-ability the internet has enmeshed us in. A pen pal tells me even people sending her mail have reduced their skills to things less worthy than greeting cards. OUCH!

Our lives have been simplified by correspondence in bits & bytes. No wonder I’m making so many people angry. For ten years they’ve been trained not to think. Oops. Sorry, I thought that was what the cerebral cortex was for and why we have it to invent all this stuff. Hey, if you can’t hook up a bluetooth keyboard to your device, you could get some time at the library. One of my best supporters did that. 🙂 Especially Chapter 5 of “Margaret Josette Dupres”. Maggie hits on some serious wisdom there and all back in the 1960s.

Chapter 9 of this story is another bedroom scene, but it contains the more vampiric aspect of the relationship. One person who didn’t review said it was one of her favourites, for the darkness and the consideration Barnabas starts to recognize in who Maggie is now considering her memories of previous lifetimes. He also knows that sooner or later her reaction to his harm on her will need to come out, and need to be engaged upon him. Considering how woe-be-gone this man of romance is, he’s looking toward the inevitable. Becoming such a horror himself he feels the need to prove his merit to the one woman he crossed centuries to find again and again.

Yes, I know. In Dark Shadows, this couple was doomed. But… what if they weren’t? Some of us who remain nameless were quite relieved at the goofy 2012 movie’s ending. We didn’t know each other then but a few of us do now and we all walked out of the theater completely stunned! They made it! Barnabas & Josette reached each other! And they’re vampires!

2012 barnabas and josette

All right! Pour some champagne! 

Mind you, this wasn’t why they became vampires for my series. The Wedding Night just threw itself at me in that light. It took a while to sort out why they were, but then I realized, “Wait, we’ve got these lovers reaching each other through her THREE incarnations. It’s a spooky community, and hey cousin Lily (Munster) wanders around in the day. That could be a wedding present. Got it!”

Which I guess presents one of the latest generation gaps. Old Dark Shadows fans prefer everyone winding up totally domestic whereas us younger fans grew up with The Lost Boys, Beetlejuice, Love At First Bite, Roger Corman’s “The Raven“, Harry Potter, The Addams Family films, trippy mangas and comics where all this just gets dealt with and most of the time using a sense of humour. A Collinsport working out but remaining spooky isn’t that far of a stretch.

Then weird haters who I think are younger fans… I dunno. They seem really offended by a relief series for Dark Shadows. I have to shake my head. I get called out in announcements, where I’m not likely to read any of it, that I should just “enjoy the ride”. Do they say this to all fanwork creators? What are they so worried about? No one is making them read or listen to it. (I’ve just been ticked-off bizarre behaviour like that scared so many people who love the characters into silence. Haters might at least pat themselves on the back for being that cruel. That’s a rather grievous accomplishment. Could take a little pride in the harm they already achieved. Want some more horror? Pick up a newspaper. It’s all in there.)

Now on to the positive!

Helena, chapter 9 

This was erotic (although I was having nauseous moments with the blood) and a pleasure to read. You know, it would be interesting to know of Laura and Roger’s “fiery” relationship. I bet that would be kind of epic with a bowl of popcorn and eyes glued to the pages. lol And with the 3 or 4 of them (B/ M (J/KF) in bed, it WAS a Collinwood orgy although 2 of them were dormant (or were they?).

Ah, yes, that is the point that he’s finding even more alluring. All those beings are in one. Depending on how much time Barnabas spends in the varying time periods, his bride is older in terms of at least 60 years of memories.

myhrr chapter 9 .
Well you have done it again my friend. Regaling the reader with the most intimate of details captured within a 200 year old love affair.

Yay! Thank you!

Which leads us to Chapter 10:  “Prior Disturbances Come to Haunt”


This is dealing with the kidnapping. 😦

Not a whole lot of data on that as it doesn’t keep to the happily ever after content seen earlier. I knew to make it authentic I would have to channel even further, and it was rough! Barnabas is coming to terms with the knowledge more suffering is coming. Maggie, even as Josette, is not going to magically forget the kidnapping. So with this chapter his friend Julia Hoffman has to come and spend some time going over the details with him. He lightens the conversation with inquiries about Professor Stokes proposal to her, but Julia won’t be distracted.

Helena, chapter 10 
I liked this chapter and Julia :). Ah, congrats to her and Eliot! While I do share her concern, I do agree that Maggie needs to deliver some pay back for her ordeal in captivity (which I mentioned before in your previous uploads). Looking forward to what happens next 😉

Yes, I wasn’t sure where their marriage would happen in the radio drama so I kept things somewhat vague. I’m glad you were aware of the craziness I was going through. Some of those old drafts were downright demonic and weird. I just didn’t have anyone to turn to in what was happening to me.

myhrr chapter 10 
As ever you leave the reader thirsting for more…so to speak!

Thank you! I was surprised how much longer the healing process was going to go on. I’d experienced the Healing chapters before but as “Margaret Josette Dupres” was unfolding more of a story than the romance vignettes it began as, I found unique occurrences I hadn’t seen before. And my being able to was created by the fact people were reading and reviewing the work. ^_^  The previous run was very sparse. I really felt all alone most of the time in it.

the kidnapping

Chapter 11: “A Tender Retreat” shows Maggie contemplating all the horrors, and how to rise from them. She speaks in first person, whereas for Chapter 10 Barnabas was speaking. She recalls being Josette, but she also recalls the terror he gave her during her current life. He was driven mad, but it doesn’t change the fact it happened. So our couple face a very sad loneliness, not spending much time together minus in the hours of their slumber. They both realize this has to be faced and maintain some distance while Maggie works herself through it.

myhrr chapter 11 
So poignant and beautifully written. I felt her anguish fear and dread. As well as Barnabas’ longing to quell the fear that he is still the monster that locked her in the coffin!

Yes! Thank you! Very insightful to read this commentary and that chapter was tough to get out, really. Doing a relief series one doesn’t want to go down this road, but being a study of psychology, one knows it has to come.

Veritas, chapter 11 
Loved it! I don’t like sad MJD though…makes me sad. I think her talking to Willie is a brilliant idea, she’s sort of seeking out a kindred spirit in him, knowing that they’ve both suffered some sort of abuse from our at-times deranged vampire. And poor Barnabas, knowing he’s the reason for her sadness has to be soul crushing.

Aye! Just all this hurt, but the comments on experiencing that with the one putting it out there is incredibly helpful. I realized Willie Loomis would be the confidant she would seek, which was wild because I’d written the following chapter about his Wyndcliff experience a very long time before this one leading up to it!

Helena, chapter 11 
And I agree that she wouldn’t (Too bad the show had Vampire Angelique to erase her memory when Maggie did remember the kidnapping. Ah, YouTube…). I felt Maggie’s hurt and anger, which you expressed well, Daryl. Waiting for chapter 12 😉

Indeed. There actually is a lot of things to sift through when doing Interruption fanwork. If one interrupts Dark Shadows what stays and what goes? For The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows we have Maggie going through regression right AS Angelique awakens as a vampire. I felt it was very fitting considering Josette and Angelique were friends. They’re both going through a major change simultaneously. Didn’t really plan it, but when it happened I was floored. And I must chuckle at the youtube mention, where many of us poorer fans must go to retrieve data.

I give my hearty thanks to these reviews. Ones for the radio drama coming so slowly and sporadically it’s hard to move faster with the series, but this tended to have enough to push me forward and share more.

Not much for The “Healing” chapters but a good show for “Willie’s Wounds” so I think my next note will comprise those four chapters and their reviews. Helena made it through all the suspense with me of each Healing chapter. Which I’m very grateful for as it was tough. I didn’t even want to post the 2nd part with a photo. It was just too dark and painful. I’ll post more about that later.

Meanwhile, I have to edit in music for poor Willie’s confrontation with Barnabas in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. I guess over all things are rather gloomy today. Even the sky is overcast which I normally prefer, but today it lends to the slight feeling of sorrow in such a tale.

Take care, everyone.

Ep. 14: Amplify, alter pitch, clip silence, breath and clicks… repeat…

A look of longing

It is often with deep sadness I muse over how celebratory we could be in this love but choose to reflect on where our own opinions rest in Dark Shadows. The bizarre snippets of ideas and what I’ve heard about in the fanwork brings me to wonder how adept its fans are in understanding the characters or understanding themselves. As one philosopher told me through long ago echoes from a stage I never saw, “I believe that if we are honest with ourselves, the most fascinating problem in the world is ‘Who Am I?’ What do you mean, what do you feel… when you say the word ‘I’? ‘I, myself’? I don’t think there can be any more fascinating preoccupation than that… because it’s so mysterious. It’s so elusive.”

Myself: A Case Of Mistaken Identity

As I spent time in cases of identity I not only explored myself but explored other people. When folks address a factor of not handing out all my personal details nor a “real name”… well. I’ve worn a plethora of names and identities since I was extremely young, just searching out what identity was, what could be done with it, and as such it makes sense as a creator of not only fanfiction but regular fiction from an early time. As I explored that, I found it easier to understand who other people were. Also, the name Daryl Wor was one of the very first ones I chose for myself with the help of The Muse. But what was the first one? “Shadow”. 😉

So now when I hear myself addressed as “Daryl” many of you have no idea how you’ve addressed me in who I truly am from a young age. I had writers block, anhedonia and frigidity for 8 years. Suddenly in this project I came back to who I was. People say Daryl and suddenly I am me again, I’m myself again. Beyond which I’ve changed my name various times so when you call me “Daryl”? There is no greater truth to me than that. Particularly because my voice and identity is so very androgynous. What better name to use than an androgynous one?

As for the work. Episode 13 is out now and I’m still hearing bits and fragments of invalidation that it’s audio, expensive, time consuming, acting, etc. I suppose the reason this is is partially due to having the side project of “Margaret Josette Dupres” which is only text. However, the audio is so much harder and so far I’ve been greatly left out in the cold from those who enjoy it. I have no stage, I have no frame of reference to my audiences responses. There is little fuel to continue, but continue I must. (And I also have haters and trolls which maximize this stress.)

On top of which the radio drama incorporates so many characters, all of whom I have to perform. For the last few days I’ve gone over repeated performances of lines from Wadsworth, Willie, Roger, Liz, Barnabas, Sam, Dr. Hoffman and Professor Stokes. It’s such an intense struggle to do this because there are parts I need to amplify for sound quality as well as deepen pitches for male voices, or picking out two or three performed lines, find the inflections between those and splicing them together. As like most entertainment, the story moves and the understanding of how difficult it was to put together likely doesn’t find you unless you’ve done such work yourself.

And as many of us know in Dark Shadows fanwork, text is mostly what it is. For some reason ones ears are interpreting this as the same thing because that is what one is used to. How I can alter anyone’s understanding of the difference? I don’t know.

thoughtful willie loomis

What I do know is as I have worked repeatedly with Willie’s performances. What he and Barnabas face together in my next episode brings me to tears again and again as I go over the audio work. It’s that profound to me. The man is falling to pieces and so am I. He doesn’t understand how everything changed. As we remember from Dark Shadows and his return from Wyndcliff? He wasn’t unaware of what had happened. He was covering up what he knew to hopefully return in all innocence and wield a shotgun at Joe Haskell getting in his way of Maggie Evans, as well as the crap with Adam that I skipped in my series.

So what kind of Willie Loomis do we have now? One that is forced to recognized not only his past in Collinsport but his past from somewhere else:


Mr. Loomis is so shocked to see someone from even longer ago, 1954 to be exact, he ain’t gonna play naive! (I’m discerning he was about 14 years old when Wadsworth hired him but I’m leaving it open-ended until more research and discussion can be obtained.) Dear God! It’s that guy who hired me to chop wood for the fireplaces, hide outside and keep my mouth shut about everything? I have no way of covering up what I know at this point. I am in far too much disbelief! And now he’s telling me everything at Collinwood isn’t how I remembered it anymore? This butler? I can never fathom how he knows as much as he does about people, but all I do know is: he damn well does. I better watch out, is all.

So the complexity of this project continues regardless of how “sleeper” it’s function might be. Remember, if you will, how the film Clue itself was so entertaining it likely went over the heads of most in North America. Such seems to be the case with The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. How I can speed up the process of discussion about the jokes with people? I don’t know. I keep trying out the people who enjoy that movie and now the people who enjoy Elvira, Mistress of The Dark. Somewhere in this crazy train of spooky love have got to be some people who remember how to speak out and say what the hell they’re laughing at or enjoying.

As for what I’ve seen in the Dark Shadows crowd? It’s mostly the spiteful who reign vocally supreme. But many creators of all of these shows, fanwork in some cases, and otherwise, keep hoping for the best.

Still, if you keep hoping for the best from someone else? Well, it’s like the philosopher asks as stated earlier in this article,

“Who am I?”

All I have to ask is, “Why not you?”

Peace, clarity, and reflection,


barely tardis


Our Baby Sleeps, But We Do Not…

So, while I was channeling the happy couple I was starting to realize the chapter was getting too long. I mainly get troubled by this because the longer a chapter is the harder it is for people who enjoy it to express what it was they enjoyed, as far as certain details go. It’s fun and very nice to get, “wonderful job”, but I’m digging the characters and definitely am curious at what brought smiles to peoples faces or made their hearts fill with joy.

As I was working this out I posted on facebook:

barnabas and josette kissing

“ARG! Over 4,000 words of utter bliss! I have never channeled anyone who was THIS romantic. (In my original material it was only 1 century, not 2 and no previous meet-ups.) It’s that long and they STILL haven’t made it all that adult. Barnabas is too busy trembling in utter happiness. He’s got Josette AND Sarah back now and can’t stop describing it all. Why not explode into a flock of silvery bats and reform to let it out of your system, old man?! Just get it over with. *sigh* I think this is going to be another two-parter.”

barnabas and maggie in wedding clothes

A beloved and fellow writer saw this black and white photo in my post and confessed, “OK, this picture is just so ultra-romantic it’s absurd (in the best possible sense!). It definitely goes well with what you’re saying about Barnabas turning into a flock of silvery bats!”

I responded, “LOL! Thanks. I think he’s finally settled down from believing if he touches her she’s going to disappear to just, “Good Heavens, I can touch her! Damn!”

Chapter 36

Above is the link to chapter 36 of “Margaret Josette Dupres” in which baby Sarah is adored, caressed, admired, and eventually placed in her cradle so her parents can “get busy”. Still, the psychological blow-aways come in to haunt and mesmerize Barnabas. However, Maggie, after her own reincarnation, and giving birth to a reincarnation, has to explain she’s finally accepted how weird Collinsport actually is. Being a half-light vampire can’t be such a massive destruction on the soul. Besides, she hasn’t had blood in over 9 months and is starved.

Maggie Evans as a Vampire in the moonlight

So, this is [ADULT]… at least… I *think* it might be. I’m not even sure. All that adoration and so far it’s mainly description and sensual touching. Maybe it’s PG, or PG-13.

A look of longing

One Step at A Time


Phew… I remember this being a pain in the hiney. Having to provide all of the Sir Simon Milligan & Manservant Hecubus’ cheering and applause. It’s so hard to believe how long I’ve been working on this thing and how marginal the (known) enthusiasm for it has been. That’s why I speculate The Powers The Be feeling perfectly swell that shy folks with a desire for better things and the creativity for change are sapped into not finding their people and content in the idea that like-clicks are the best form of support. I have to wonder about these things.

There is a gross amount of negativity, especially in the world of entertainment. Much that is entertainment now is practically free, but the kind that gets more attention is what we have to pay a lot for. That’s why I’d like to support what I do like. I was shocked the other day to go to IMDB for the 2010 Alice In Wonderland film and find a slew of angry messages beneath it. I had no idea that film had outraged anyone. One person asked, “Why is everyone hating so much?” The response came, “Because no one is satisfied with anything and that’s all people can do is hate on stuff.” Pretty much!

So I only post a few of my blog entries on to facebook to share. This one I have no plans to share anywhere but here. I asked the things that move me, “Willie’s coming back again. What are we going to do now?”

One scene per day. That is your only goal from now on. One scene a day. Which means today’s scene is Barnabas and Julia yelling at each other over why he loves Josette and how disgusted with himself as if to say, “Maggie Evans is Josette Dupres? Well, I feel like a big prig. She’ll never forgive me for all I’ve done to her, and I’m not going to forgive myself! Screw it! I’m throwing it all away.”

Then we’ve got Wadsworth and Willie, Then Josette and Andre as Maggie and Sam. I added more to that because I wanted it well understood that they both knew their own histories, recognizing, “You know, Barnabas really didn’t want to be such a crazy jerk. Someone we knew did him wrong, she did us wrong, she did everyone wrong, and that long a time cooped up could make any person batty.” Just addressing that there is more to it than Barnabas and Josette, there are reasons behind it. And that’s what I found in the people who finally came to me and saw that this was the crux of the puzzle. Why it was harped against by fans for so long is intensely sinister in scope, and many of the new official creations that came after Dark Shadows went off the air supporting that popularity against it, that creeps me out as well.

Next there is the scene with Caleb, Elizabeth and Lily, Stokes and Hoffman on the phone, Morticia and Victoria, and the wind up crazy car driving scene that gives it that climactic air. One scene a day if I can.

I got some more misconstruing on tumblr but at least the person responding was trying. There was a whole lot of anger spewing out which is odd because it was under the regard that I’m shoving stuff down people’s throat. Did freedom of choice lose out entirely? Why go hunting down things I’ve written and getting all bent out of shape about them? If someone wants to help, having a bitch-fest with others isn’t going to provide much. But it’s like I told her: I’m worried about lower comprehension in people. And the other creators have been far more understanding. They strive for details and we understand each other in that. One of my readers said, “I had no trouble at all with Margaret Josette Dupres. If something seemed off I would have told you.”

But why did I start any of this? The idea seems to be Barnabas/Josette for days. Well, folks responded to that material in droves so more came out. People don’t respond to the radio drama so much so less comes out. But why any of it? Not for Barnabas/Josette…

sam and bill

Sam Evans

And as seen on the left, why did Osheen begin her work? Bill Malloy. For me I wanted what it would be like for everything to work out and for Sam to remain, hearty and healthy. And I looked for what I wanted. No one had created it. Osheen looked for what she wanted. No one had created it. And she works in theatre too, channels Bill Malloy very well. From what I’ve seen gets everyone down fabulously. I hadn’t seen that in the fan work I’d combed through. Same with Magical Irish Dolphin. In ways she’s looking to improve things. I hadn’t seen that before either.

Helena signed on January 2013. Osheen has been there a long time but it was for other stories that did remarkably well in other fandoms. She didn’t start her Bill Malloy story until December 2013. Mad Margaret joined September of 2012. I showed up at the site February 2012, though I’d combed it longer. I also had a hard time reaching it with bad equipment and after all I’d combed through in feelings of further despair? I hardly was up for reading anything new! ecinspired “The Third Option” was a shock to find.

I’m hoping those radio stations air the program. Perhaps some already have. All I know is things are settling down. Some said they were too busy to send commentary due to the Summer time. Now? We have three holidays in a row coming up. Well, if they want more someday they can have it. I’ll focus on the radio stations.

Perhaps no one but me will enjoy more episodes from The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. It looks as though everyone is content with 12 episodes and the post marriage novel and helping me out on facebook for more information in accuracy about the program. If a radio station gets enough call for it and reaches episode 12, I can mail them episode 13 and more. I think I’ve spent enough money, explained myself enough times very specifically, that a few people might get it.

But if they don’t?

Well, they keep saying, “Do it for you.”

In which case I will. There is no reason to give to an audience that won’t express what they want or like. I hear some good and some bad about the intros. But either way I don’t hear much.

“So, Daryl”, The Muse, finally says, “Do it for the characters and do it for yourself.”

“All right,” I tell her, “Sure… Which means there is no reason to share it, right?”

The Muse smiles at me, “No… no reason at all.” ^_^

One scene a day, then music and sound effects. Episode 13 of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows will be finished, saved to various drives, burned to CDs and won’t be uploaded anywhere. Then I’ll work on Episodes 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 that I see vaguely in the distance one day with Sam driving out to the Stephens home since Captain Gregg’s attempt there didn’t go down so well.

A person who really loves my work gave up on Dark Shadows… I think it was that desire for an upswing that just never happened… We’re still friends, amazing friends, pen pals. She’ll still get the episodes when she wants them… by mail.

A helper of mine asked, “How could anyone give up on Dark Shadows?”

I answered, “Because they loved the characters and things kept getting worse for them. With some the conflict is all that matters. With others, such as myself, that longing extends to a creative force for change. As you may witness on some of these fanpages many try to sort out all of the problems, as human minds are developed to try. But Dark Shadows goes in so many directions a staggering array of preferences and opinions fly about, and much like debates in the political arena, ‘full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’ But those who give up had that longing to make a new fiction world that resolved things. The problem was, again, DS goes in so many directions. Me? I’d studied a million fandoms prior to Dark Shadows, and as a wee tom-boy I’d always wanted a story incorporating all of these spooky characters. The complexity of my life? It made it possible for me to absorb all the characters AND add more. (And this is likely why, at least for romantic pairings sake, I have had to hunt down the people who wanted my work. They weren’t coming to They’d given up a long time ago.)”

Also, you get to a point where you’re spending so much money and feeling worse you finally figure, “I think I’d rather have the money instead.”

For me? I’ll hopefully find some money somewhere after all of this since I’ve spent so much. But there is no reason to lose my life and that would likely happen if Willie Loomis comes back and gets more silence. I channeled him last October and he was angry right along with me, wildly angry. I cared about his needs and wants and we showed that together last October. So far as he and I could see, no one cared enough about that or either of us. So we found each other. We raved together. We are angry together, and by holding it all back from the creeping silent, we protect each other.

Willie scared

The tenderest in my adopted nursery, Willie Loomis.

Barnabas Collins: “They want to hear him stop complaining… and *I* am no exception.”


If anyone has listened to my intros, they’ve heard that I don’t creep into the minds of these characters slightly, I channel them, get in touch with who they are, how they feel, what they’re motives are, reenact their behaviour, both in voice, but since you haven’t seen me, you likely don’t see the change in how I look when this happens.

Back when I had a cold for over a month and couldn’t voice act but was looking for ways to promote The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows to possible fans of it, having less of an idea that the problem was romantic pairings, “Margaret Josette Dupres” started to happen. I’ve explained how that did in the novel itself. But what no one knows is that as it was happening I was going into realms of channeling I’d never gone through before and it shocked me.

I had no idea there was so much M-Rated material at until I couldn’t find my “one-shot”, then when I did… WOW! The entire idea of adult material for screen characters was a weird concept to me. I had a rough-draft of “The Wedding Night” and thought, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” I hadn’t opened my facebook account to find so many Dark Shadows fans so all I had to rely on is friends who didn’t know Dark Shadows much and ask them what they thought. They thought it was damn good and beyond what they’d seen before. What I was dying to ask someone and kept on trying to ask is, “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME???”

Okay, channel Roger, I get it, channel Pop, wise man, everyone gets a turn, no one takes over… until… Willie Loomis in which case I go ape-shit as he has a tendency to do.

Now here I am writing erotica for Barnabas and a reincarnated Josette. What the HELL??? I’m not in love with Barnabas Collins! Everyone around me seems to be. I empathize with him. Listening to him go on forever about Josette… well, most people want to smack him and throw him at Julia or Angelique or an OC character. Me? I finally sat down to write more of “Margaret Josette Dupres”. With all of that whining and moaning Barnabas does for her, one hand went over my heart with that concern.

The other hand? I got so aggravated by the excessive story telling and woe-as-me jargon, that other hand turned into a fist and I almost growled, “I’m… going… to… make… you… shut-up! HERE! Have at her! How about her breast in your mouth?! Will THAT finally appease you, old man?! … oh… my… ah-hem… I see that it does.” ^_^

But what was happening to me? Well, I’m not in love with Barnabas Collins, but I did fall in love with another character after channeling him: Willie Loomis. He made the first crack in my 8 years of ice. Another shock about which more later. (This is why he got his own chapters as well.)

Now, as I analyzed this love between Barnabas & Josette it certainly was excessive. Any screen time showed an incredible tenderness I had never seen before. If I didn’t understand why so many people drooled over Jonathan Frid’s abilities I certainly saw it now. And that marriage to Jeremiah or Barnabas’ marriage to Angelique? Hmm, everyone is wearing black, there’s been a lot of deaths around here… but then what’s going on now?


Kissing in full-mourning regalia.

This was the thing that told me, “Wait… she’s a widow… and one of the reasons she’s a widow is because of him!” So how much more of an intense love do you want?

Then the vampire curse… but can this guy stay away? Nope. Gotta go say one last farewell… Is she going to stand for that when she finds out? Hell no. And what does he give her?


Y’all let me know if anyone else wore that ring.

This is why I say Josette Dupres is not under-developed. If anything she’s over-developed into a plethora of facets. 1795 is merely one of the areas she’s developed. Another is the ghostly persona helping others. Then we have Kitty Soames, the strait reincarnation who recognizes someone with no aid from her paramour and… does… this:

Kitty Strangles Angelique

If this dame wasn’t so ticked off at being screwed over I can’t see why she would bother strangling her old chum. And yes Josette likely showed Angelique the most kindness back in the day which makes what Angelique did to her even more horrendous. (But I do want to see Angelique happy, too. Mind you, Angelique and I share a problem in common: neglect.)

Then another clue I saw in analyzing Maggie Evans was the earrings that belonged to Josette.


She’s so into these things she’s hardly interested in going on a date with Joe when he finally brings them back to her after having them secretly appraised. Sure, she’s ready to go to the restaurant with him… if they serve baby-food.

Pretty cheezy, but he sure left in a huff. I blame neither of them.

For me I saw these clues. To solve everything what is going to make the most sense? Maggie = Josette. Even other writers appeal to this sense in the long-run because they analyze the show as well and they see the evidence. Why it was never done before I have only deduced from what I’ve heard of the bullying against such stories as far as sharing them. So I’m sure those stories have existed but likely resting in a shoebox in several dark closets and collecting dust. (In fact one fan of my work still writes about this pair. I’d like to view her material but I respect her privacy on that because she, herself, has gone through far more than enough of said bullying from other fans.)

So there I am channeling this end result of my series in perplexity. Channel Barnabas Collins in his intense desire for this dame he goes on about so much that it sickens people? He’ll go on about her wonders to excess:

I exhaled with her and responding to her embrace with my own, fed myself with her kiss as she fed from mine. Something there created an echo of the ocean waves so much farther than either of us could usually hear and I remembered what we’d been given to make it permanent: Everlasting Life. The possibility of joy beyond centuries of time, as we’d been waiting so long for this upcoming day. Her breath pushing on my face as mine did toward her. These sounds and moist expressions of love began to create a longing and I knew what she meant. To wait for tomorrow…

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter One]

The incessant love I felt for my once lost Josette, was imploding on destiny toward this new bride, who was both her and Maggie Evans. And I sensed an unknown temptation of scintillation upon every aspect of my skin. What cared I for the blood of other mortals… when the blood of her inner soul was all that mattered to me?

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter Two]

I had known the frightening, though delicious enjoyment of removing Josette’s wedding gown, even suffering to destroy the undergarment of it as she had allowed. This was a bold mixture of torrid agony and blissful excitement. In all her passion the sweetness never left her, but her other components, as lovely as the original, were there.

Ah, of something new, it was helping her to dress. She showed me all of the new methods to lace her up or latch her clothing. And Maggie did something unique as I watched her in front of her vanity table, now as the mess had been cleaned, that is. She beckoned me to stand closer and then put the hair brush into my hand. I looked at it and then at her uncertainly and she almost laughed, “Go ahead, I’ve worked through whatever tangles at the end we managed together last night.”

I began slowly at the top and then felt the thrush down, not wanting to mar a single filament on her head. I saw through the mirror, (which yes, did reflect us,) that her eyes closed and she was experiencing a certain pleasure from this simple custom. I stood and gathered her tresses underneath, feeling the prickles against my hand as I went down with the strokes from the brush. It strangely enticed me. Could all of this be so? I’d always wondered what would happen but my imagination failed me to understand the possibilities as so many obstacles kept steering us away from this bliss.

As I continued her scent floated to me and I found myself drawing the brown locks away, putting the brush down and pressing my lips to her neck. She took my arms and guided me in the embrace of her.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 5. He’s so in love with her that merely brushing her hair is a bloody turn-on!]

Kitty, my beauty, for who I both mourn and am grateful to have again in this Margaret, dazzles my interest. And if it were not for her, it may not have been so obvious what was happening to us. Something was trying, and when one looks at the chronology of our history, to keep us alive, and to gather us together at that alter of union. And she was brave to come out and say so. Of course it tickles me that she recognized our tormentor, Angelique, and immediately went to throttle the life out of her. For this… Kitty is the name I often use when I see that sweet justice again, in my Maggie.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 8]

The lovely thing of all this is, she knows what ought to be and does it with exquisite divinity. As always, in all her lives, she is not one who likes to idle, and that is the sadness for those who cannot know her. Others see her as sweetness only, a trifling happiness and without any complexity. But *I* know better, as do her entourage for which I take up my pen to explain these things.

[Y’all think Daryl made that up on her own? Barnabas just keeps going. Damn vampire… Even when she beats him he’s still in love:]

I moaned and wasn’t sure if it was agony or ecstasy. Maggie Evans… Josette Dupres… she was having her revenge on me and she was gaining her compensation as well. Exerting what I needed to be forgiven. The blows to my face were at least some small distraction to the icy chill surrounding me. As well as my pride coming up in all of this. Yes. I was proud of her.

I could feel Josette’s anger towards me and her love. And in this new bond she noticed that I did and her hand slowly went down to her side at first but then came up and produced one more resounding strike across my face. She had strength and my cheeks burned with that strength. We both took a deep breath together and a deep exhale. I looked at her in loving appreciation, hoping she was sated.

My sweet angel that I had turned foul… please… let everything out.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 14]

I looked into her eyes and thought of that night. There we were again in that bed but sharing that memory at the table she waited on. Sitting side by side once more in total ignorance that we’d met again. We thought of that together as we lay there, the dampness beneath me on the sheets, the dampness on my thumb as it slid across her cheek. All the turmoil we’d suffered and here we were, our passion having been so strong, now our love was made that much stronger by what we’d overcome.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 15]

There are even certain descriptions of their intimacy that came out of my latest run of the story where I discuss them with Barnabas. Certain things I was worried would offend people because they were so intimate, at least to me. Internally I’d ask, “Do you TRULY want to say that, Old Man?”

Yes, he did. Ugh! All right, all right, all right. Ever try writing Barnabas Collins in first person while tapping into the mans’ mannerisms? If you ever have then you know he’s a heavy pusher of the thesaurus. That guy is PICKY! (And it’s a bit irritating that he is.)

And in all of this… did I really… finally make him shut-up about her? NoGarrr! He just goes on and on about Josette, he won’t stop. He finally has her, he’s making up for all of that lost time of not being able to appreciate her up-close and personal. I, myself, get tired and ask him, “Can’t we describe the room? Can’t we do something more with the background, the setting, don’t you love the damn house as much?” >_<

“No!” he seems to scream, “The orange-brown glow of her eyes, the elation I have in touching her skin, the talent she has for delighting in things both large and small!”

“Okay, fine! Dammit, Old Man, you’re gonna put me in a hospital.”

But... at least he’s not complaining. ^_^

And Josette? She’s barely any different. She fought like hell to reincarnate ad nauseam and she won’t shut up about how she feels toward Barnabas. She’s happily got him and got him by every last nerve of his being. She enjoys that far more than a cowboy at a steak and potatoes supper. The fun part is Barnabas Collins does not like Clelland’s novel “Fanny Hill”. Josette Dupres? She’s amused and entertained, the little beast. (Me? I’m with Barnabas. Not really my thing.)


So imagine my relief when Sam Evans had a ton to say! Getting him down, particularly as the reincarnation of Andre Dupres was no little task. I love when he’s in that bedroom and says he chooses NOT to dwell on what goes on there. Good job, Pop!

Still, the novel keeps going and Barnabas, as per usual, hates himself for far too much. It takes Josette to see this. She’s forgiven him but he hasn’t forgiven himself and she cares about that. It isn’t until he does forgive himself they can conceive a child, in whatever terms this lighter vampirism can produce offspring. Now that he’s forgiven himself it is safe to do so. And in all of this, what’s he the most interested in? His bride’s joy, what she likes, where he can provide the most to her. It’s why I want this published. If lovers could tap into that empathy can you imagine what love lives would improve?

However, I am getting wiped out on this pair. I’d love more address to the characters in the radio drama so I can move on to all of the other pairings and explore their passions. Likely not to be nearly as intense as this one, but I could use the relief. Wait. Scratch that, I think Angelique’s Klingon style with who’s in the wing for her will likely make me explode. I tried channeling that once. YIKES! Scary woman. But for a relief series and one in the 1960s mostly, Maggie=Josette & Barnabas was what came out in what I studied. Discovering why it was kept out of fanwork was one of many reasons I blew my top for which I, again, apologize.

All I’ve had to keep me from going to Wyndcliff myself is humour, and humour is something Barnabas loves about his sweetheart.


I guess it’s as I’ve heard. When you find Dark Shadows it pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Let me know if there is an actor/writer/channeler forum I can sign up for. They might be able to help me endure all of this struggle a lot better! Thanks.

Awaiting the soundtrack for the film “Clue” (1985)


If I had Photoshop I could do better than this, but for now this is as close as we’re getting to Wadsworth and Willie. Two men of service, but one is menial while the other is aristocratic. Wadsworth is a wonderful go between for Barnabas Collins and Willie Loomis. He can understand both of them easily. If anyone heard my intro to episode 13 for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, you might have caught my husband and I squaring away a few details on this pair. I finally got to editing that today. And ohhh… Willie sounds soooooooo much better than last year!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Magical Irish Dolphin for detailing various Big Finish Audio productions of Dark Shadows. I wanted to hear Andrew “Barnabas” Collins voice to see if I could get a better take on Jonathan Frid. She steered me to “The Christmas Presence” as short, affordable and what I might enjoy.

I hope I don’t get put into the dog house to confess that Andrew Collins made me see Barnabas Collins in Arthur Dent’s robe. The voice was too British slick, not that I wouldn’t wish him to perform an audio version, with certain others, of “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)”. However, the purchase was not a waste. I don’t mind visualizing Maggie Evans kissing Barnabas Collins in Arthur Dent’s robe under the mistletoe. I almost feel like The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is closer to the original show because of my recording flaws, whereas Big Finish audio productions are far too smooth. It seems the most elegant creme and with Dark Shadows I’m used to a nice homemade pudding.

Better, though, and back on topic, was John Karlen’s performance! Yes! This I CAN use! Although here I am struggling to find a gentler Willie Loomis. John Karlen wanted him to get crazier according to his interviews. So in “The Christmas Presence” I heard Willie Loomis hurting and I want to writhe… and then I hear John Karlen having a blast and… I’M SO TORN! Ahhh!!! But his voice is as good as ever in “The Christmas Presence”. And Angelique is no where near the redeemed place I want her after all of this time as she’s giving Willie shit. Grrr!!!! *shaking fist* I’ve gotta get Endora to whip you into shape, WOMAN!

But I only use this audio to get the voices down, not to obtain story lines to fix. The daytime drama of Dark Shadows over one thousand episodes is more than enough for me! Phew! And there is that annoying bit of Maggie saying, yet again, “I don’t know, Barnabas is just so familiar, as though I’ve known him forever.” ARGGG!!! Why is this reincarnation thing so obvious but so damned unpopular that I have to bulldoze through it with a multi-fandom?

So there I was at the microphone and in one ear I’ve got “Clue” playing so as to listen to Wadsworth. On my mp3 player, I have “The Christmas Presence” and Willie Loomis freaking out in my other ear. Yes, I wear two sets of headphones sometimes. Switching between voice performances was tough with those different accents and inflections! Yeesh! And some snapping effect happened some of the time so I may have to re-perform a few lines. Ugh… But as I listen to it, I began to hear the quirky background music to “Clue”. Uh-oh… Oh! I have got to get the soundtrack! I just have to. It ain’t cheap either. So I await it’s arrival. I have plenty of work while I’m at it.

I still have about fourteen states of college radio stations to email. I need to buy more postage stamps. I’m out of the whole dollar ones already. Not as many stations as I’d hoped but more than I expected. One already let me know they’re going to cut some stuff or maybe fade it out but I don’t mind as long as it gets played. One can’t have everything. I also made it a point to announce the P.O. Box address on air because people who like it and are going online to soak up freebies anyway will do that regardless so they don’t have to be told. I’d rather this was a pen pal community in all honesty.

I’ve also found myself getting rather bored of facebook. If people can be so bloody chatty about Dark Shadows in general and all of the topics that come up, why can’t they be chatty about my show? Should I actually make a group page for it? How would I describe that? A Dark Shadows with extras page and summarize it as, “For fans of the radio drama The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows with exclusive preference to pairings so we can all shelter amongst us precious few?” Should I just make a Barnabas/Josette page? A Barnabas/Maggie page? A Barnabas and the many lives of Josette Dupres page? An exclusive page that promotes inclusiveness? If I had just come up with a U.U. Minister for “Margaret Josette Dupres” I guess I could make it his page. Heck, if I’m saving Ezra Braithwaite, maybe he’s Unitarian and he could be the minister at their wedding! The Ezra Braithwaite, Unitarian Minister page?

But while I’m editing, which is boring, facebook is a fairly decent go between as far as bitty breaks between saving files and what not. I’ve actually found myself like-clicking less because I’m just so bored by the concept. It didn’t take me long, I’m glad to confess.

Meanwhile, I shall await some lovely background music, never before heard at Wyndcliffe Sanitarium.

Clue_ the Movie

The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)” [Note 4]

her room

Ah, yes! At last! The chapter we’ve all been waiting for: Chapter 6, A Broken Bed, hence this purview from the bed which our couple is about to break. Barnabas and Margarette throw us for a loop indeed and sure did with me. I didn’t shake like I did when I saw the portrait fall off of the wall when they rammed into that paneling you see at the right side of the fireplace here, but my eyebrows were rather higher than normal for most of the night I saw them so in love as to wreck suspension bars on the Colonial framework of Josette’s reclaimed berth. Mmm-hmm!

Was it solely from them or did David and Sarah jump on this bed too in our precursor: The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, Episode 11? I have my doubts on the latter. I believe David and Sarah knew this was a sacred room and likely didn’t cause a ruckus there. But my, my, our Barnabas and reincarnated Josette sure did!

ring pop art chapter 6 . Apr 29

Very nice… I enjoy the passion especially with your bits of humor thrown in (such as the bed breaking).
background square
Thank you, it is rather humourous, passionately humourous. They are very amused as well as quite sated!

myhrr chapter 6 . Apr 28

Amazingly written! I almost felt as if I were some kind of deviant voyeur gazing excitedly thru a peephole waiting for the show to commence…and Wadsworth was absolutely magnificent! Now I know who the character is based on I can just imagine him sweeping the porch waiting for the newlyweds to come home…with an “Aah haa” look in his eye!
background squareOh blessings to see these words. Yes, as we know, Wadsworth intention in helping was to sort out the mess with his employer and that mademoiselle his employer had been longing for. He knows much, appreciates love & justice. For Barnabas Collins? The answers were more obvious to him than to me, I’ll wager. And that excited wait as they rushed back to the house, not in the original draft. I was told by my friend who enjoys adult material that build-up is very important!
Anyone remember the rather out-of-it guest reviewer who seemed to get the idea speed-reading these chapters would cut it and expressed concern over adult-material when it was clearly labeled on the summary, and posts elsewhere? She questioned my asking people to express themselves and not repress themselves. This was in italics under a line when the chapter finished as a fun way of encouraging the shy readers. One beloved reader saw this and was not shy!

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 6 . Apr 25

And I shall freely express myself, my dear! That…was…EROTIC! 😀 So no kids? No possible Bramwell to complete the unit? Well, I suppose with them being keepers of their families (Collins, Evans/DuPres) that it wouldn’t be such a big deal. And the bed breaketh! Ha ha! When Barnabas had Josette’s room remodeled, he should have had Willie to upgrade the bed (stronger frame stronger support 😉 ) Great work, Daryl!
background square
Thank you! And yes, I did finally realized what with reincarnation swarming all over Collinwood, there was one child who would be of great importance. Her birth is still being channeled. The POV is difficult to determine. It almost feels like it should be multiple POV’s with line splits and names above. For chapter beyond 6 the bed will be upgraded. Willie Loomis and Wadsworth understand the dynamics of good craftsmanship. If the canopy shook before I doubt it will shake much later.

Now here is the one I was longing for!

katie chapter 6 . Apr 25

Oh, Josette, you lucky devil! Do you even know how many of us women and even a significant minority of men would love to have Barnabas as you have had him…

Well done, Daryl. Love, sex, courtly passion, vampires to spend all eternity together, and the subtle humor of a broken bed. It makes my heart sing to see these two finally together and happy. Long may it continue.

That is just letting it ALL hang out! It’s like one I saw in “Forever Mine” that expressed: “Barnabas must be a smoothie (not the berry kind)” So yes. I was looking for reviews like this! Especially noticing a significant minority of the men! I hadn’t thought that far ahead but it should have been obvious. I can never figure out for the life of me why this couple makes so little sense to most fans. Or maybe it makes TOO much sense and they’re not used to that what with DS flipping all over the place in what the heck is going on. It’s true, I could likely write this stuff for a long time and I maintain I ain’t in love with the man, but if you listen to him, and let him take over, his desires are a surge! (Scary dude… but in a good way.) Again, with fanfiction, if it’s convincing it’s the path we prefer. I’ve been living it and I believe in it. (For fiction’s sake, of course.)

Veritas chapter 6 . Apr 24

This, my dear friend was definitely worth the wait! And the bed breaking just makes it all the more enjoyable, knowing that it barely distracted them from one another. I loved it!
background squareSo much love and it all spreads around! I am so pleased I finally found people online who would enjoy this. And yes, that it barely distracted our couple was a key point I’m happy was taken note of. They were in it. The mattress has crashed, they had crashed, but their adoration was enhanced entirely by what happened. They’re not thinking, “We did this?” Barnabas and Josette instinctively know they did it and aren’t too surprised. Almost two centuries of longing, affection and adoration? It’s a long time to wait!

The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)” [# 1]


So, as you’ve heard me go on about what I’ve needed to not wipe out on the radio drama I will present you with my unusual but absolute delight in how we come to what the results could be: A passionate marriage that starts our story on the wedding day? How odd! Don’t these stories usually end in a wedding with a curtain close? Well, I suppose you’ve heard the intro to my first podcast. I sure wanted to look behind that curtain… but I never thought I’d get so much when I took a peep!

The good of chapter 1a

From Liz I even got some surprise and beauty on the radio drama! “I am not the biggest fan of cross-overs but I took the plunge and listened to the first episode. To say I enjoyed it is an understatement.” YES! At last! Still, I maintain it to be multi-fandom as cross-over usually means two lines coming together, but even when I’ve heard things from people about it and the details are a little off? I DON’T CARE! *smile* I love to hear ANYTHING! I listen to the episodes repeatedly and I’ll know which line comes from where. Even enjoyment of the voice acting. Anything at all.

Next Liz writes: “Cue my confusion at a repentant Barnabas and Maggie voluntarily referring to herself as Josette! Things I always wished for but never hoped to read, especially this line: ‘I knew they’d worked a long time on recreating Josette’s wedding dress and considering its sinister history, I was happy for a re-creation… such as my bride, Maggie Evans was.’ ”

What I know of this reviewer is she has an intensity at scholastic skills and takes pieces of this entire relationship in The Dark Shadows saga to the point of blowing my own mind. For me? I listened to the characters. This was what came. I don’t make a lot of personal decisions for them. I ask them what they want. That’s why when I saw all the hell they were going through, I thought, “Okay! We gotta call for some BACK-UP!” Hence all the bonus characters… and oddly many from the same time period. I still wonder why these gals are so hesitant to speak, there must be more, but we have two passionate and younger types who also saw this specific triple reincarnation. That’s better than none!

Next up we have Taryn:

“I adored this! This is exactly what should have happened, and I’m so glad you’ve posted this. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more. Keep up the fantastic work!”

I knew she had had more to say because we found each other on another site I’d posted to and she saw my rant after saving my husband from that cold walk home. When I hear “This is what should have happened” that’s where I finally exhale, “Yes… I have found one. At last!” She had also told me on another site: “To me… this is what DID happen.” Even better! I firmly believe the original daytime drama (which calls for downfalls left and right) having a weaving into a mini-series that allows humour and more characters over could produce something of this nature. In essence The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is a series, but “mini-series” tend to have an end goal. In North America we often drag it on unnecessarily which gets in the way of good story telling for that obnoxious need to advertise junk.


Guest chapter 1 . Apr 6

“Great first chapter, look forward to reading more.”

No need to be a stranger, upon writing this I’m certainly not shy! But if it makes you more comfortable, I understand. Either way? AWESOME SAUCE!

Now for the long one by Osheen:

Osheen Nevoy chapter 1 . Apr 6

—Very well done indeed. He completely does seem and sound like Barnabas – like the sweet, concerned, honorable and loving man that we know from his most positive moments in the show. Both of them are strong, fully-developed characters in this, completely able to make the right choices based on the knowledge and acceptance of all the wrong choices they have previously made. I loved Sam’s line about neither giving away nor losing his daughter; that was definitely the right thing to say, it completely does sound like Sam as he is at his best moments in the show. Lovely to see Sarah there, too. In answer to your question of what (if anything) there should be more of, I suppose I would like to see more mention of the people who were there – I mean, it doesn’t need to be some huge, clunky cast of characters listing, but I would like to know – Roger, Liz, Vicki, anyone else? Considering the close interaction of all those characters with our hero and heroine over the years, I’d like to know that they’re there and to learn something about the looks on their faces, as they’re watching the ceremony. As for the question on the minister – all I know for certain on that is that when Liz was about to marry the vile McGuire, it was a “Judge Crathorne” who was going to perform the ceremony, in the drawing room at Collinwood. Suggesting of course (as do the facts that we never hear them mention church or really anything religious at all) that the Collinses are not a particularly religious family; though of course Liz may have also felt that marrying Jason should not be sanctified by taking place in a church. Josette, of course, certainly was religious; she presumably was Catholic, and we see her with those saints’ medals and so on. But maybe what would make most sense would be for them to get married in a Unitarian church – Unitarianism is very strong in New England and has a long history there, and the somewhat more open and accepting attitude of Unitarianism as opposed to some other denominations would seem, to me, to speak well to Barnabas and Maggie considering their multi-faceted and multi-troubled histories! A lot of Unitarian churches in New England (well, at least in Massachusetts, but I presume there must be at least something of the same history in Maine) are the direct descendants, often in the same buildings, of the original town churches. So if the Unitarian church in Collinsport is in the same building as the church that was there in the 18th century, that would give another powerful reason for Barnabas & Maggie to choose it as their wedding location.—

This one helped me so much! And there are more I’ll go over in my notes. Anyway, I was deeply impressed with Osheen and she helped me to see that it did sound like him. I was coming to realize no one had done this before. Like I say, I channel these characters and become possessed by them.

Osheen saw this chapter when it was still up for rough draft comment. I had also been considering a Unitarian holy man and she helped confirm my suspicions. I laughed heartily at her, “it doesn’t need to be a clunky cast of characters…” Just the way she conversationally describes things. She even came back later and had to say she loved Carolyn belting out, “Get them married already for heavens sake!” ^_^

I appreciated she heard Sam speak in his own lines. I keep wondering who saw Sam speak in “A Candle For Sarah”. It was very hard to write Sam Evans in first person. I did get one tip that it sounds a bit like Andre Dupres as well. From that person with “A Candle For Sarah” I heard, “Yes! It was deep. Very deep. I loved it!”

I told her, “Oh good! I had this terrible feeling everyone read it and thought… “uh… I feel too w-e-i-r-d about this… I don’t wanna write anything…”

LOL! Anyway. If people like this, or like-click, whatever, I’m up for doing more. It’s nice to see the good stuff for a change, right? ^_^

Maggie and Barnabas

Lack of Communication Creates Surge of Desperation

I began posting at 14 Feb 2012. My first review ever posted happened on 20 September 2013, nineteen months later. It was mine. I wrote: “test”.

i.e. “Doesn’t this damn thing work???”

doesnt this damn thing work


Five days later my angel waltzed in. The first person to ever say anything in nineteen months. Helena, who arrived in May of that year after I’d been there the two Februarys before her. How long did it take her to get reviews for her work? A few months, perhaps sooner.

this is pretty good

Little did I know my audience was large the entire time. I checked my email regularly and would have been notified had anyone bothered to repeat a damn line or post a review. They’d been reading and laughing for all of that time and not expressing it. I do not believe such things are right, do you?

What I’d built in well over a year and researched heavily Helena enjoyed with gusto and speed. It’s likely how people listen to the podcast. One hour of their time for over one month of my hard work and effort in revising the script, audio, acting, sound effects and music when it comes to Episode 12. When it was only text, which is difficult enough, her arrival boosted my ability. I’d been coming home from work with a bottle of wine to perform audio episodes before posting them in text by this time. Helena read the old Episode 12 and wondered if I was alright after all the crying and screaming. Did anyone wonder this time around?

The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

It was October 2013, a time of many tragedies or so I’ve heard from various sources. Mine was coming close. I had to bring Willie Loomis back into the fold and I’d already begun the demo recordings and more character channeling of various fandoms including the abused inhabitants of Collinwood. I’d been listening to audios of old DS episodes on my long walks to work or to the bus.

The kidnapping has to be dealt with. This isn’t a farce like I kept shooting for and missing. The new components merely allowed everyone to be more open and honest but it was their own humour that was coming out of me, and the more I listened to the demos, the more I made the recordings, the better the voices became and for the first time in my life I could no longer hear it was me. It was them. They were working together, they were taking over.

Creepy? Spooky? Altogether ‘Ooky?

I also kept listening to the DS audios of original airings, unraveling old pieces, listening to their own voices. Willie was shot by the police how many times? Poor Willie! And that happened because he was trying to warn Maggie? That’s right. Wait… why didn’t they deal with that when he came back? Well Mr. Loomis, you’re coming back now and we’re dealing with that shit, that’s for sure and certain! No Adam around to spit chicken at for you. You’ve been at Wyndcliff longer, long enough for a lady there to take a fancy to you. And this new butler sets things strait where he’s employed. You’re going to have a confrontation about that pain.


It became the one scene in the fun and harmonious 14th Episode of The Pit… that scared me. Barnabas saw his chance for happiness by the time Willie came back home again to confront him about those bullets, and when it came to me looking from my old simple tablet to read what I had in the recliner, the answer came to me, I stood up to alter it in the word file… and got the chills and creeps. (And I’m not telling what happened in that foyer here.)

And then acting it? Living it? Knowing the confusion and the consternation. How could he change like that?

How is this not more than writing?

“The visual pathway is not a one-way street. Higher areas of the brain can also send visual input back to neurons in lower areas of the visual cortex… As humans, we have the ability to see with the mind’s eye – to have a perceptual experience in the absence of visual input. For example, PET scans have shown that when subjects, seated in a room, imagine they are at their front door starting to walk either to the left or right, activation begins in the visual association cortex, the parietal cortex, and the prefrontal cortex – all higher cognitive processing centers of the brain.”

Or so says “A User’s Guide To The Brain” by John J. Ratey on the topic of a concept known as “The Mind’s Eye”.

Channeling conducts these visuals to enact what my adopted children are experiencing. Or in Japanese, the kokoro: “heart; mind; mentality; emotions; feelings.” What I had to put Willie Loomis through and go through as him hurt. Then when Wadsworth explained to him the base facts of what he couldn’t come to terms with: “Can anything be accomplished by a single individual all alone?”

And thus he speaks the truth in my story. A long and nerve wracking road put into place several years ago which brought a madness into my life in October of 2013. Sounds like a crazy time on it’s own doesn’t it? A time when the veil is thinning, and a number of bewitching servitude. Perhaps blessings and curses go hand in hand. As this butler interrupted the story-line of “Dark Shadows”, many polite demons came along for the ride.

But even then, the stat numbers, the readers, climbed for weeks and said nothing, laughed at nothing I could hear, were touched by nothing I could find. “Why were they doing this to me?” I continued to ask, and I asked them. Was it too true? Was it too thought provoking? Was it laziness? Couldn’t they see the hurt in my words as I asked, begged, wondered. And finally posted ephemeral rants and philosophical explanations, or question as to why this entire internet universe had fallen to a decay in communication over hard work made not just for free, but for so much money and effort on my end.

I couldn’t live with that pain or that silence. So I gave it back. I copied everything, stored it away, picked chunks of the text to leave behind to keep evidence I’d been there and the statistics of what had happened that only one enjoyer would discuss. And then I started the podcast, revised, re-performed and went through the whole of what I had of this neglected Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows all over again. I seek out help: Magical Irish Dolphin, Mad Margaret, Osheen Nevoy, other writers, other creators, Josette Dupres-Barnabas’ One True Love page on facebook first and foremost with withered results as of now, even fan letters to cast members, something I could never believe I’d do.

Now? A bigger audience, an audio audience, text to more fandoms and more websites, extraordinary help from John Mountain to get the word out, a facebook page, a tumblr page, a wordpress account, my email address visible for all to see, a Skype account, a google account, 500 postcards scattered on the East Coast, West Coast, various spots in between, more fandoms contacted, more facebook groups, specific pairings videos on youtube, art pages… It’s gotten to the point when I LOOK on google for images of these many, many characters I’m finding my own websites, my own areas, my own transfiguration of melding these many worlds into one.

Squeaks of sympathy start eking out and then turning to halting results. Everyone who loves it are afraid of me because that madness in silence exploded. But what shall more silence do? This is in sound now. Turn it down, turn it off, but it isn’t just text anymore. This is the hardest endeavour I have ever created. Thousands of downloads, hundreds of people, all spreading the word and looking for others to communicate with me about the episodes. Who can she find to speak up? I can’t express my own enjoyment or insight. But why?

As all of my listeners, including friends and family, tune in, they drop out of speaking and seem to shift their eyes about for who… whoWHO will be the crowd to finally speak up and communicate with Daryl Wor about her hard work, at last, so perhaps, they shan’t need to?

I leave these lyrics as my question and answer to all of this:


    Don’t tell me you can’t tell what’s wrong from right
that it’s alright, that I can sleep at night
don’t tell me you can sell me peace of mind
don’t look behind, ’cause I can see the signs
read between your lines

it’s outta control, but there’s a way
for us to change, it’s not too late
we need to show, there is a way
to bring our world a brand new day

we know in times like this
if it’s a hit or miss
we still can’t walk away
we’ve got to turn around
don’t be afraid to sound
all that we need to say
to bring a brand new day

it’s outta control, but there’s a way
for us to change, it’s not too late
we need to show, there is a way
to bring our world a brand new day

it’s outta control, but there’s a way
for us to change, it’s not too late
we need to show, there is a way
to bring our world a brand new day

we know in times like this
if it’s a hit or miss
we still can’t walk away
to bring a brand new day

Simon Collins- “Eco”