Letter to an old friend

Hello readers and listeners,


I just got in touch with an old pen friend I’ve had since the 1990’s and I realized some of how I explained my news might benefit you all. Here is what I’d like to share:



I don’t know anyone who’s caught the virus yet, unless they have it and don’t know it…


On this topic, yes, I have many doubts about all reporting that is going on, including for Covid-19. I have spent this last decade watching a rather large “pandemic” in what social network companies and their designs have been doing to society at large. I’m very grateful there is now a non-profit organization, The Center for Humane Technology, that is also very concerned about that and they consist of people who began to notice what was happening around the same time I did. (2011-2014)


I’ve learned a lot from their podcast, “Your Undivided Attention”, in the last year or so and it is a relief to know and learn about all the different designs used to manipulate the behaviour of so many people. The new shows are a bit too gloomy, but starting from the beginning with each step is something I highly recommend to those who are interested. Not many people I know have any interest. It’s rather scary to see. However, I joined in an online chat during an interview with a co-founder of the organization, and there were quite a few people who admitted that, like me, when they explain the organization, humanetech.com, to friends it is like the friends never hear a word they say. So I know that my experience occurs with other people.


I hope none of that sounded like a conspiracy theory. It’s actually all very straightforward when one learns ”the ropes”. Learning through their website and shows has helped me to understand a great deal about the 20th century designs that gave me much anxiety during my whole life, too, and that is also a relief. I knew a little bit from studying entertainment so much but I had not considered how deeply information technology is rooted in entertainment designs to catch the attention in order to sell advertisement revenue. I was wise to focus on slice-of-life and fluff entertainment beginning in my 20’s.


Anyway, for all of that, I am not surprised, nor have much faith, in much reporting. I believe our newspaper is “fair enough” but there is always something to catch, like an oddly worded article in May. That one gave the impression there might be a garlic shortage on the way after the very poor idea was out that there was a meat shortage when the facts were clear that it wasn’t as a big a problem as the “news” was making it out to be. I kept waiting for a subscriber to write to the newspaper and ask, “Oh, how dumb do you think we are?”


Oh! And my Mum was great when I was last on the telephone with her a couple weeks ago as she pointed out, “Even the weather reports make it out like the world is ending now!” Because wherever she is looking provides eye catching material of some weather disaster that is not her local forecast which is what she is trying to find. I told her, “Yes, it’s to get your attention and sell more advertising.”


I follow whatever rules for mask wearing and shopping, all the distancing on walks, but I find the terror-reporting extremely unhelpful. It makes it out like we are constantly living in a soap-opera show. (As I continue to resolve a fifty year old one!)


[more personal “how we are” news omitted]


I am still doing The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows show. Considering all I mentioned earlier about human behaviour changing it makes a lot of sense I slowed down so much. Everything did with the tech distractions. So there are more podcasts of me simply talking and learning what was happening to us, as a race, than radio dramas. Of the radio play fiction I have Episode 20 and 21 more or less done, not released yet, and am working on Episode 22. I had to return to pen pals to get enough discussion for the shows. Simply sharing online to get enough discussion has not worked for years.


So please recognize that letter-writing and lengthy correspondence is a most important skill! We can see how horribly society decays without enough of us able to do it.


However I do feel like all my interest in the spooky, Halloween, stories, vampires, ghosts and so forth has paid off magnificently. Barely anyone I’ve encountered could understand Barnabas Collins and Josette duPres. For me it was easy to understand. Our versions of Dracula kept changing to reflect ourselves, (even in the hilarious “Love At First Bite”). Many humans don’t like having to kill other creatures to live, we prefer harmony, and reluctant vampires reflect that. We, like Barnabas Collins, reach for a divine entity of love and life, rather than lust, and that would be someone like Josette duPres.


Great to hear you enjoying yourself with some fresh air…


…I am trying to remember birthdays again. It’s a great reason to reach out when one hasn’t in a while. Holiday cards can get monotonous, but birthdays are mostly different from one another. I have an account signed up with “The Birthday Alarm” which is an almost twenty year old email set up that reminds you of birthdays you entered. It still works.


Oh dear! Now this is three pages. I shall send it off and look forward to hearing from you again. And very glad you’re are still there and well! (And suspicious of “the news”. That is also very healthy!)


Take care,



thoughts on tumblr and advertising

I noticed an old log entry comment (on this platform) that described tumblr with the words “addictive and disturbing”. I left this comment in reply:


Addictive and disturbing. I think you hit the nail on the head. I made a friend in the last four years, who I meet with in person, and she referred to it as “the nastiest social media site on the face of creation”. I’ve watched some of the kindest people turn into monsters while using it, too.

Sadly it boils down to brain science and advertising. The advertisers get sneakier too. If one has Windows 10 you often get a lovely scenic image when you begin. Even this is an advertisement that, if you fiddle with enough, will lead you to a travel agency to attempt to sell you tickets to a vacation spot. Reliable equipment becomes unreliable for these designs.

This has happened before, of course. Once upon a time you could get cable or satellite television with premium channels that had no product advertising. Along the way they would add in other channels that did have such advertising that were considered “extras”. The extras increased until we wound up paying for television that previously had been paid for by the advertisers anyway.


I think the saddest outcome in all of this is how those of diverse natures, or even rebellious ones, become part of a status-quo and group-think mentality. The worry over “approval” matters more than free will or freedom of choice.

And all of it provided by the competition for profit. :/

Deeply Depressed…

One helper I’d had the fortune to enjoy in fine works of the analytical has blocked me from his email account. I wasn’t sure that was the problem, but then I went and checked tumblr and saw I’d been blocked from him there as well.

I mainly check tumblr to find out if there is either anyone I can make amends to or any other followers that are behind on old posts, as well as linking URL’s to this account.

I am beginning to seriously despise the Dark Shadows fandom. There are wonderful people and so far a few have impressed me with consistent support even when we do not see eye-to-eye on every last little bit, but this loss to one so analytical and so helpful with some of the best advice over all is one that just plain depresses me. It also makes me worry if others I’ve been relying on so dearly will eventually block me as well.

I have blocked a few on facebook although that is not only due to their being un-supportive but becoming anti-supportive. With so much pressure to write, edit, perform a massive array of characters, splice in sound effects and music, pay sums to podcasting sites and not get the kind of support a comedienne truly needs to have the desire to continue forward, next… receiving negative feedback on top of a lack of good is frankly a disgusting purview of the human race.

I honestly do NOT see what is so damned difficult in having a dialogue over enjoyment. My best supporter for the radio drama so far is a man who agrees that this whole lack of communication through the internet has gotten out of hand. Why do I get to work so hard and not have my audience dare share it with me? So far no one has been able to tell me, and so far almost everyone who agrees can’t have a dialogue with me towards my work either. It’s just pathetic and strange and sad.

But in any case, I can’t give attention to those who confuse me or give me the negative.  I do deeply care about people and I’ve tried to tend to them as often as I can. At times what I get in return is a blend of uncertain positives with distinct negatives. Did NO ONE hear what I said in the first intro about constructive-praise and what it means?

It means detailing the good. We already try to say what’s good but we’re used to doing that in bland overtones because those better at detailing good are advertisers trying to sell us something, so they are likely lying. The negative? Easy to detail and with all the professional and amateur critics in the world, we’ve been over exposed that negativity is the way to behave. It’s just so awful and sad. 

But I’ll miss the analytical guy. He likely saw my DS Movie versus DS TV rant and took it seriously. It wasn’t. It was hilarious and ripping and had me laughing for almost 24 hours. The very idea that people could make hate over that thing a vocation and waste so much time engrossed in it’s flaws is time better spent enjoying what one loves. But this analytical type who’s turned away from me was one who did better. He spent time giving it a chance and detailing what he felt were errors and what he felt was good with the kind of attention to detail it deserved, whether I agreed with all of his points or not.

Well… yet again… There’s another potential friend gone… and in this fandom so filled with spite it makes me wonder if anything will truly change in it. 

I’ll plug away on my series tomorrow.

Tonight, I hope to be enfolded into the arms of a generous husband, whose love I could finally feel again because one neglected couple, adoring of their needs to each other and for each other, dared to hope that a girl like me could tell the story of what they shared in a world made better on a coast filled with specters in Maine. 😦

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