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Howdy Doo,


Yes, that last show was rather exciting. Looks like a lot of people got excited. Well, heck, it was about time, right? Enough fooling around with a fun movie like “Dark Shadows” (2012) and turning it into “Thee Anti-Christ” for crying in yer beer…


Still, I was working on Ep. 21 this week, and not so much on the new show with the Ep. 15 Retrospective. However, I’m coming to recognize those retrospectives are more important than I thought! I mean the show I’m building is condensed “Dark Shadows” so it moves faster but then adding a bakers dozen other shows makes it that much more intense and wild, and maybe a breather of explaining all the details PER episode is necessary!


I’m also feeling like I’m alive again, which is strange enough. I’m yearning to watch my old Pippi Longstocking movies and not doing that either. I think it’s a good sign, though. I mostly dig the scenes where it’s just the kids playing around randomly. Good times…


But what I’m tripping on big time now, after all the bullcrap is, “YIKES! No wonder we all went koo-koo! No wonder I kept getting treated like some capitalist venture people had to bash. We were soaking, utterly and completely, as some still are, in a tsunami of commercialism brought to the online world and infecting our social lives!” I mean really, those “likes” are meaningless, stats don’t tell ya sh*t, but that’s a business model completely! Numbers and stats and all that crap: For THEM it means dollars, pounds, Euros, BANK… Then WE, the standard citizens, got our (usually) meaningful social lives roped into that! No profit for us, but it sure messes us up!


And I still get spasms here at wordpress too. People scope out their whatever topic, like-click my crap in the WP reader and think it’s gonna get ‘em somewhere. Nope! Maybe it’ll hit some wacky dopamine high, my friends, but it’s a racket and you’re still stuck in it.





And so, for now, I just wanted to relay that scariness. Oh, and I pray to Heaven that people aren’t too thrown off by the wake-up call when I explained the canon-pairing main romance for all of DS in my Chapters 6 – 10 podcast for “Margaret Josette Dupres”. It is continually being listened to and I am wagering that there are a ton of people either feeling some sense of relief, (or trying to combat the obvious information in aligning all versions of company-produced DS toward the Barnabas/Josette plus reincarnation romance-which can’t make one feel very good if they’ve been against it for decades and claimed to be a fan,) or there are other listeners who are probably thinking, “Oh… oh… that’s right… this was the main romance and great love-story and I either forgot or I never saw it staring straight at me.”


Well, for those coming to their senses? I just would like to reassure you of my earlier topic. It took me years to really comprehend that we got ourselves and our social lives roped into a commercial venture that messed many, many of us up, and some people are still there; they haven’t finished their wave of dupe-dom yet. (It all seems to work in a wave-pattern, I notice.)


So, again we can come back to the sound reasoning my Auntie told me a couple years ago about big social media stuff, and this is an echo from earlier days of sharp advertisers,


“They sure know how to get ya.”


They do. It’s their job to “get ya”. They make money “getting ya”. Long-ago it was the reason we “critiqued”: so they would be less likely TO “get ya”.


And once upon a time we had this better known emotion, which we called self-deprecation. Narcissistic tendencies enhanced in people makes them less likely to self-deprecate.


Barnabas Collins is good buddies with self-deprecation. (Angelique Bouchard? Not so much…)


Talk to you all later.


Ready To Go (April 2019)

2019 april part five


2012 Movie Fans: WELCOME!

This is an update for old listeners and for new listeners please get in touch.

Thanks to pen friends and offers to keep in touch from others who got “distracted” and how to get in touch with me. (I did all this for friendship and discussion, not popularity.)

Little touches on something small coming up in Pit # 21. (Willie and Wadsworth)

Pointers on what “The Haunting of Collinwood” is about.

Background music: George Michael and Republica.

Keep on listening and keep in touch!



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“Just Judgey People?”

Remember a while back this month where I got a pen friend’s question of:


 “What do people run away from if they ‘sleuth’ you? Just judgey people?”


I wasn’t sure what to tell her, but I came up with my response today:


You asked about the “sleuthing”. I’d say you’re accurate in the judgey people thought. It’s very “make stuff up” while skimming and misreading. These people see online stuff as gospel without actually fully digesting the information. They don’t ask a source and rely on third-party gossip that also is likely not articulate.

On the odd occurrence of “wising up” they are likely then too embarrassed to admit it. So I’ll have a rant somewhere some third party will repeatedly view and just focus on that as the “true” person.

But it makes me want to tell them, “Gee! I’m sorry. I didn’t know that having deep concern over the clear damage this technology is doing to people’s brains was somehow offensive.”


Hence my utter and absolute joy at being with pen pals again! ❤


There is also some fandom politics trouble with fans gas-lighting each other for at least twenty years that a non-canon romance was canon. Boy! That got bad. They even inflicted it on the kids. I’ve discovered group-think is extremely damaging.

You ever wonder whatever happened to appreciating certain things for being cheesy or corny? I do. Feels like the whole world is a big soap-opera these days.

Anyway, I’m glad you don’t do the hopped-up scandal-sleuthing. It’s about the worst habit I can think of. Really bad for the mind and soul. The people doing it are really messed-up by the social networks that make their platforms highly addictive and don’t play fair. (Google gets approval from me for dumping their version this month. 🙂  ) [I expressed interest in platforms without like-buttons.] “Like” buttons are highly addictive. They cause dopamine highs.



Then I let her know some of the greatest listeners I have ended up not knowing much, if any, Dark Shadows, minus maybe the film. It’s because they aren’t swayed by any group-think or fandom politics. It’s true. Also that the characters they do know along the way makes it more inclusive. ^_^


That’s been the best thing really. A slow dawning to each chatty listener of,

“Ohhh, wait. I know THIS character! Oh my gosh!”


Often in “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows”, you’ll recognize someone slowly. This is kind of funny, actually, because it’s similar to what happened when they were pulling Frankenstein monster moves from the original Frankenstein story as my husband and I watched Dark Shadows. We’d see Adam doing certain things and we’d shake our heads, “Aw, crap! Here we go!”


Or even 1897. Cackling woman upstairs? Oh, it’s Jenny Collins? I could’a swore that was Mr. Rochester’s koo-koo wife from “Jane Eyre”! Oh, wait… it basically IS. Hee hee hee hee…


But yeah, the whole people getting messed-up is pretty sad. A few old friends are back and they tend to be the ones who noticed for years, ”Sheez! People get crazy on that social media. They aren’t like that in person. Not even at the bar!”

Well, what can we expect? Criticizing gets trendy, there are like-buttons giving dopamine highs (rewards) for foul language and name-calling, or saying cruel things. What’ll it lead to? A lot of training to be an outright maniac, jack-ass, and rude mo-fo.


And we’re raising the kids on this, eh?


I used to truly believe growing up in the 1980’s was awful.


I have since had quite the change of heart.

Rehashing: Why Not?

Here ya go peeps:

D. Wor
4 years ago
Hi folks. Yep. I was pretty intoxicated and ticked off when I created this photo show, but at the same time this song is freaking awesome and should have been on youtube a LONG time ago! Please support the most romantic Gothic band I’ve ever known: The Last Dance. ❤


4 years ago
Great song . really goes with the photos. Love the way you share Dark Shadows with us in new and different ways.

Myhrr Cee

4 years ago
luv the band, what’s their name????

D. Wor

1 second ago
The Last Dance

That’s all she wrote! ❤


10 April 2019

Hi people-who-avoid-contact,


I’m working on stuff. Checking statistics. Looks like that last MJD show helped a great deal, eh? Just having things spelled-out as to what the main romance of Dark Shadows is within each production either by Curtis or with his estate’s “okay”, what-have-you. It was puzzling, wasn’t it? I guess a lot of us presumed many fans would figure out Barnabas + Josette’s reincarnation was kind of obvious, but I suppose it wasn’t.


Still, it’s been quite a struggle watching a ton of people so very addicted to social media.


There were a few pen pals who “ran away screaming” since they automatically decided staying in touch with the source of me, Daryl Wor, which IS me, either on paper, through email, via telephone calls, or even comments on this web-log, was just not the thing to do. Instead? They go to unreliable third parties on social media…


Social media: companies with loud brand-names trying to control a majority of people’s communication while distracting them with wasting more time, buying more stuff, and infusing their sites/apps with addictive components to make you dependent on them.


This is where you decided you would find the most reliable information? Not the source?


This is one of the reasons I find all the hullabaloo hard to take seriously. You aren’t using the internet to get in touch with someone directly. Instead you prefer to play “Telephone” with random others I highly doubt you have ever met in person to begin with. Have you ever read any articles on It’s pretty educational, folks.



If you are plum flummoxed as to how I could garner the friendships of so many others, well… I looked for people who actually made sense;  They didn’t jump to conclusions, were honest with themselves about what they liked, why they liked those things, and didn’t feel the need to pander to any kind of a status-quo other than for practical purposes of home and hearth, as well as their own needs for companionship.


They’re book-readers, learners, doers, makers, listeners, and above all, they think for themselves. They don’t look for massive group-approval. They prefer to reach the heart of matters, ask insightful questions, and don’t make any snap judgement from bare-shreds of unreliable evidence.


These people know how to do what I believe are simple things:

Write letters

Compose emails

Make telephone calls

Attend community gatherings on their topics of choice.

Vote (okay, not always a simple skill.)


Slap-dash “sleuthing” online is not one of their trademarks. One pal did admit to looking a bit and then confessed to feeling “intimidated” so she decided to “log-off” and begin responding to my letter. Another pen friend said, “Yeah, I looked around online to check you out. I didn’t find anything bad.” He did that years ago and we’re still in touch. Then there is Helena who I’ve known since 2013, Osheen Nevoy and Lisa Weyenberg who I’ve known since 2014, then Melissa who I’ve known since 2015, and several others who agree with me that social networks are addictive and they wish there was an alternative to them that worked better and wasn’t such a mess.


I received a letter today asking, “But what do people run away from if they ‘sleuth’ you? Just judge-y people?”

It’s hard to know how to answer her simply. I’ve had this question before. When people stop talking to you, well, you can’t ask them why they stopped talking to you, can you? You get blankness as a response.

I think that’s been one of the worst elements of our plight. Rather than finding accurate information people pull random assumptions (crap) out of their rear-ends. They don’t have an answer so they make one up! Sherlock Holmes would not approve, would he?



Anyway, I am working on another show and LV chapters. I’m just letting myself relax these days. If you’re curious for more specifics, get in touch. I don’t expect it, but I am allowing the chance that someone reading this will or can possibly make that choice. It’s up to you.


See you later.

thoughts on tumblr and advertising

I noticed an old log entry comment (on this platform) that described tumblr with the words “addictive and disturbing”. I left this comment in reply:


Addictive and disturbing. I think you hit the nail on the head. I made a friend in the last four years, who I meet with in person, and she referred to it as “the nastiest social media site on the face of creation”. I’ve watched some of the kindest people turn into monsters while using it, too.

Sadly it boils down to brain science and advertising. The advertisers get sneakier too. If one has Windows 10 you often get a lovely scenic image when you begin. Even this is an advertisement that, if you fiddle with enough, will lead you to a travel agency to attempt to sell you tickets to a vacation spot. Reliable equipment becomes unreliable for these designs.

This has happened before, of course. Once upon a time you could get cable or satellite television with premium channels that had no product advertising. Along the way they would add in other channels that did have such advertising that were considered “extras”. The extras increased until we wound up paying for television that previously had been paid for by the advertisers anyway.


I think the saddest outcome in all of this is how those of diverse natures, or even rebellious ones, become part of a status-quo and group-think mentality. The worry over “approval” matters more than free will or freedom of choice.

And all of it provided by the competition for profit. :/

Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapters 6 – 10 (March 2019)

collage mjd 6-10d

[Adult Content]


Again, “Explicit” while being fairly clean for all that! This entry is the second podcast about the marriage novel, and exploring the chapters of it; six through ten.

I address one pointer of how to encourage me to share more of the novel so far. No high hopes on that score, of course.

This audio session goes through, step-by step, discussing what occurs in each chapter, my personal struggles and triumphs through this journey as well as the wonderful discussion that arrived from wonderful friends and kind strangers.

Chapters discussed are as follows:

Chapter Six – “A Broken Bed” (including the hilarious consequences…)

Chapter Seven – “Other Reactions” (Characters outside the marriage making the best of it.)

Chapter Eight – “The Whom of Many” (Yes, tons and tons of discussion from all sides about the author’s notes in the details of the big non-canon pairing of Julia/Barnabas.)

Chapter Nine – All of Us

Chapter Ten – Prior Disturbances Come To Haunt

Background music (which I would love to know that you purchased) for this podcast is:

Stoa’s “Maare” & “Hanuz Nitz” + Madonna’s “Human Nature”. (Although if you haven’t purchased a copy of “Human Nature” by now? I shall wonder what rock you were living under that was even farther sequestered into the ground than mine.)

Happy St. Patrick (McGoohan)’s Day!

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