Episode 22 is released!

Yep! I just thought it out, don’t have *quite* the needed commentary yet, but I figured, “Why not? It’s Halloween! ! !”


(But I’m too pooped to put it up on the other WP right now.)

Man… I’m so happy I finally got to say, “To boldly go where EVEN Bella Heathcote’s Josette has never gone before!”

That chik had the moves and pulled it off, gave us the key to Josette having astral powers too, as did Seth Grahame-Smith, etcetera, and now look! We can let Maggie Evans test the astral waters! How damn cool is that, folks?


Also, dude, I told a friend today about the Rollins/Danzig pairing and she tripped-out laughing! “How was that even possible as a comic book?” she wondered.

“I don’t know!” I told her, “But it makes the fricken case for MOST non-canon pairing. Those men are straight as boards and have NO warm feelings about the creation.”

(I got some good giggles out of another friend, Clover, who remembers the comic, too! She affirmed to me, “Yep! Those two *are* straight as boards!” XD)

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