Massive House, Mini-Dining (WTF?)

We just watched episodes 140 + 141 and very much enjoyed them!


As many fans of “Dark Shadows” realise, and have a clear understanding of, this is a BIG place, REALLY big. The estate itself is rather huge to the point we’re not sure how darn many houses and dwellings are actually on it, yes?


Or here is a clearer, in-colour version:

And that’s simply The Great House, by itself.

Big, right?

Where do they have dinner in this hugely, vastly, mind-bogglingly massive home?

WTF? How does this make sense? This is where the STAFF has dinner, not the residents!

Anyone out there still wondering why I incorporate so much humour into my “Dark Shadows” themed show?

(It’s kind of hard not to…)


Anyway, I highly recommend these two episodes of “Dark Shadows”… and if anyone can explain the miniscule dinner arrangements, I’d love to know.

And now: Back to “Doctor Who”… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Massive House, Mini-Dining (WTF?)

  1. THAT was their dining room table?! What? Were the ghosts of Collinwood having their dinner in the main dining room instead? XD

    • morlock13 says:

      I KNOW! Honestly? That is the kitchen… they’re eating dinner in the kitchen. One camera angle showed that intricate window where they’d have breakfast, and the breakfast area makes sense, but no! This looked like some card table from David’s room with a cloth and flowers thrown on it or something! (This is more like the coffee and biscuits arrangement Mrs. Johnson and Sophia Petrillo shared in my #3, man. smh)

      Then my sweetheart asked, “Maybe it was lunch?” But I watched it again and Laura definitely said, “Are we late for dinner?” So it made no sense. At least “House of Dark Shadows” gave them an appropriate dining room! (But I don’t remember anyone even eating anything in that portion of the film. I think everyone was just sitting there looking gloomy and rich. XD)

      However, the episodes were great with lots of Laura fun, and Liz getting up Laura’s nose about Burke Devlin and Laura admitting she has *no* interest in helping Burke. (Yay!) Oh! And this very table scene we got another wonderful Louis Edmonds flub-save! Him and Joan start saying the same line and he quickly adds, “I was about to say the same thing.” I pointed at the screen and I said, “That man is GOOD. He is GOOD!” ❤

  2. morlock13 says:

    THE WALTONS have a bigger table! XD

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