“Should” loves?

There it is folks. I don’t know what you want me to tell you.

Don’t come to me…

I mean… if you feel the need to argue with fictional characters about who they love or who they “should love”. Well? You don’t need me.

You need professional counselling.

Wish I could give that to you… but I think I’ve done all I can.

I don’t spend my time arguing with fictional characters about who they “should” love.

I tend to just listen to who they do love.

Same goes with real people.

I really don’t know what to tell you.


Maybe it’s like my siblings kept telling me: “I think you have too much time on your hands…”

[This could be true… especially when certain tech companies are doing their utmost to get you to waste time so they can use your time to sell advertisement revenue.]


4 thoughts on ““Should” loves?

  1. Pinocchio says:

    Bravo. Especially your last paragraph. The tech world and its duplicity and mendacity is worth another blog!
    I concur with your statements about characters and who they tell us they are and who they love.
    With regard to the closing episodes of Dark Shadows… How does one resolve the uncertainty and disillutionment that results from comparing the “canon” the writers have fed us over 4 years, with what they are now telling us about one of the most conflictual relationships on the show? Although we have been shown and convinced that there was once a physical attraction between Barnabas and Angelique, he never professed to be in love with her. Her ” love” presented a lot more akin to lust, obsession and a desire to control and manipulate. What to make of these two? Are there compelling reasons for these two to be together? From their own words and actions, they do not convince.
    How can his character declare Angelique is his own “true love”, after enduring years of abuse, danger, and conflict with this woman? There has been nothing to support this revelation which seems to come out of nowhere. Only days(weeks?) before, she has both tortured his best friend and killed his other love (Roxanne-well, that’s another incongruity and another post) and now all is forgiven? What has really changed anyway? She has lifted the curse which was supposedly unliftable by her original accord, and somehow this action has proved her love? Huh? Record scratch! How about that she never put it on him in the first place? As his friend, the bare minimum she should do is to remove it and beg forgiveness, not expect his love!

    This is depressing for those of us who like and respect Barnabas. Did we really misunderstand him after all?
    This decision to love and forgive Angelique, calls into question his judgement and intelligence and possibly emasculates him.
    Perhaps, in time, one could argue, they could have reached a new understanding or a truce in their constant antagonism
    . In this case, however, the writers haven’t given us enough justification for this turn of events. On the contrary, should we believe this unearned twist, or our “lying eyes” and what we have seen before? As a devoted audience, it’s hard not to feel a sense or betrayal.

    • morlock13 says:

      Aye-aye! Nice to get a response. Oh gosh! The alterations are pretty easy to understand, actually. It’s a daytime drama and that alone can drive some inconsistency. It makes one wonder if someone watching believes the obvious bloopers are part of the story canon. Like, “Oh my gosh! Barnabas picked his nose! It must mean a specific slur to Adam!” or perhaps, “Burke wants Victoria to get off her hickory kick? Does Victoria Winters have a Hickory Farms obsession???” XD

      The main thing killing me is how insecure folks get over this rejection stuff. It’s just a television show. But for whatever reason when a fan clearly sees that, along with who-loves-who, some of these folks start taking it out on other fans. You just want to say, “Whoah, there, Red Rider!” or the better phrase might be, “Steady on.”

      It’s actually very good practice to keep track of which writer is credited for which episode, which Kathryn Leigh Scott’s Dark Shadows Memories book actually does list, as well as the directors. Time moves forward and the staff gets skeletal. I remember a fan watching the one with Barnabas expressing love for Angelique when it aired and he felt his head was going to explode… as it was antithetical to who Barnabas was as a character. (Then made jesting Kathy Bates remarks of wondering who wrote the episode and maybe where the writer of it lived.) To my knowledge it was written by Sam Hall, as was the article claiming Barnabas and Dr. Hoffman wound up married after the show ended, and he also expressed not understanding Barnabas as a character, that he was “a romantic fool”. So yeah, Hall probably needed more help writing stuff for Barnabas, a character he doesn’t “get”. Great writer in other regards, but he’s no Bob Larbey.

      So for me it’s squared down to that. Inconsistent writing, or sloppy writing which is about equally fitting. Why get ones knickers in a twist over fictional rejections? Why need it reach the level of making fun of a real person for the sake of feeling threatened? That’s pretty extreme, and rather poor behaviour. (Again, social media does not mindfulness promote. It does the opposite.)

      So with the 1840-Angelique it was already a mess with them hitting the reset button and creating an Angelique who had no memory of the 1960’s and 1890’s, etcetera. (Actually, my friend is writing an 1970’s/1840’s fanwork for DS and having the worst time trying to keep it all consistent with simple locations, distances, and geographical descriptions! Even those details were suffering by 1970 on DS.)

      (((Sigh))) Where has the geek-love gone? That fun in the trivia and (in)accuracy? Even our silly escapism becomes some battle ground. Truly the sign of the times, yes, but darn it, this show does something to some people! One could really get some fascinating analysis from viewers reactions to it. (I already know my own, though. It’s pretty easy. Ha ha.) I envision a Jungian uncorking some extremely revealing stuff with how people respond to it.

      I do long for the days of proper analysis over Rx. I surely do! ❤

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