3 thoughts on “For Shadowy Friends…

  1. I enjoyed the Beetlejuice stills, especially the one with V’Angelique! I actually yelped, “Cat!” when that black cat still appeared. Was that a reference to Joshua being a cat? Was that a photo of a younger Yvonne DeCarlo next to the younger one of Joan Bennett? I had to look at her eyes to see, but it looks like her with make-up (I had to think about her looks on “The Commandments” to really see her.) Thanks for the clip show!

    • morlock13 says:

      Oh, Joshua kitty was grey and white, I think. The black cat was simply a black cat image from Heaven knows where. But! One could think of it as the kitty on The Munsters, who I think was just named Kitty but had a lion’s roar.

      Oh, yes! That was my piecing together glamour shots of Joan Bennett and Yvonne DeCarlo to represent how Liz and Lily looked on their previous trip and may look on this one a bit. (I almost forgot DeCarlo in Ten Commandments!)

      Glad you dug it. I realise some people come back to peep at the top of this so I pulled out something I made a wee while ago. Gosh, I’m surprised some of the images seemed new to you as I’ve used most for the episode collages. Well, groovy! Happy Thanksgiving, my dear! ❤

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