Added to “About” page

I put this in as a comment on the 8th of November, so I figured I’d create a new entry for it. I felt it was appropriate after all of this time:

Now that I’ve thought of a better way to express the purpose of this online journal, I shall.

Beyond everything else listed, once upon a time I began, per advisement, using various sites to advertise my story and show content, and also to have something to do while I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited for folks to speak up about the radio drama narrative, episodes, and what they were enjoying.

I was also attempting to look for answers of why they had not done so for years already.

As one can see? I was waiting a LONG time. Meanwhile I got to experience the ineffable time-wasting via what is termed as “social media”, which managed to whisk away good friends and companions I’d had for decades, and also the various contacts I began making in 2014, with it’s addictive and dependent methods.

At this time I have had the good fortune that ethical technologists in computer electronics, who are deeply concerned, came forward to form The Center for Humane Technology and I began to get the answers from them that I was seeking for years. (Bless their hearts!)

I also decided, “Sod this for a lark!” and went back to Square One in communication: pen pals. It’s all been a bumpy road with storms mightier than even our good Captain Gregg can conjure. But I suppose ones’ Providential purpose in life is never apparent until they are nearly half finished with their presumed life-expectancy. (((relieved sigh))) ❤

As Annette Henshaw likes to say at the end of every song, “That’s all.”

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