Steady On

Hi folks!

If you have managed to find this web-log due to leftover links from several years ago, I’d like to update you that much in these troubling tempers of mine (and hopefully many other peoples’ tempers) have settled down!

It is true that there is plenty of baggage galore from these gadget designs making us all crazy at each other, but solutions are at hand.

One thing I would especially like to encourage is that you request information from other humans in the form of polite dialogue and conversation. This is extremely important and was granted to us by our elders who invented children’s shows on PBS like Sesame Street and Mister Rogers Neighbourhood. (It is no surprise Mister Rogers postage stamps sold-out so quickly!) These things helped us to get in touch with our emotional states, which is a big, important thing considering the emotional creatures we humans happen to be.

Now, I encourage you to politely request information from me, if you can. Of course, I will do my best not to be alarmed by hostile remarks given for reasons that are not apparent to me, in the hopes I might manage to get something a little more in sound reasoning and structure as we move along.

Then again, I’m not sure how many people are even in touch enough to have any anger. A lot of times folks are just coming to this web-log to drool over photographs of “hot” actors, and don’t really care about anything I have to say or the purpose  that any photo was posted at all. I believe this is possibly why some of my haters might be getting quite disappointed. I perceive there is a realization slowly happening, with some of them, that their own hater-audiences don’t actually understand what they are saying either. Those audience members are just like-clicking happy colours on their screens. (It’s a bit of a let down, isn’t it?)

Now, if you would like to peruse the web-log entries here a bit more, you will find several fun podcasts and, most recently, my New Years show that includes a workshop with myself, Osheen Nevoy and our loving husbands, too.

Please remember that it is a nice extra to have the internet to look up information, but some of that information will undoubtedly be very false. This is caused by heightened stress, human fatigue, and human emotions, too. It’s a very wise detail to remember, if you can. I have even noticed Snopes dot com doing far more work than they ever did before in debunking things thanks to the wonders of social networks and their addictive elements.

Please enjoy your morning/day/afternoon/evening/night/wee hours, enjoy your entertainment, and try not to hurt yourselves or each other. I’d also like to add that you might enjoy giving your eyes a treat of relaxation and try reading something made of paper.




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